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Motivation Mondays: Stumbling Blocks


“Are you going to let the obstacles in your life be stumbling blocks or stepping stones? Choose the positive. You are the master of your attitude.” Bruce Lee

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Ultimately, success is not measured by first-place prizes. It’s measured by the road you have traveled: how you have dealt with the challenge and the stumbling blocks you’ve encountered along the way. Nicole Haislett
There’s so much happenstance, so many accidents – stumbling into something and finding it interesting and living with it over time and building on it. It’s okay to work from doubt. You need to be willing to not know. Ellen Gallagher

What are YOUR Stumbling Blocks? What is your most persistent Stumbling Block? We all have them or have experienced them at different points in our lives. They are barriers that we either come up against, create in our minds, or allow others to pass on to us and they stop our movement forward. The most ubiquitous blocks we have tend to come from a number of emotional upsets; REGRET over actions we took that derailed our plans and now we are stuck. PEOPLE we have in our lives who have a frozen image of who/what we are and these folks could include those close to us who are well meaning and those toxic people we need to lose. CONFUSION that mars our ability to make clear choices and this type of stumbling block creates chaos and indecision in our lives. EXPECTATIONS we hold about how others perceive us or how we wish to be perceived and sooner or later this creates a dichotomy in our thinking that leads us down a path of self delusion and not speaking our truth. DEFEAT over promises we made to ourselves or others and the deep sense of paralyzing failure that lingers. The most pernicious of all is FEAR or the unknown, of failure, success, of life and of all sorts of imagined and real adversaries that create blocks in our path. But we do NOT have to stay down or live in that space permanently.

A Story: The Headache & Halo by Anon
One day, a man walked into his doctor’s office complaining… ” Doctor, I have this awful headache that won’t go away. Please, could you give me a prescription for it?”
“I will,” murmured the doctor, pondering what had set off his usually calm patient. “but first, I want to check out a few things and ask you a few questions… Tell me, do you drink a lot of alcohol?”
“Alcohol?” the man shouted back indignantly. “I never touch that filthy stuff. Nor do I go near people who drink it. All filthy!”
“How about smoking?” the doctor calmly inquired.
“I think smoking is disgusting. I’ve never touched tobacco in my life.”
“Okay,” the doctor continued, “I’m a bit embarrassed to even ask this, but… Do you run around at night seeking dangerous pleasures?”
“Of course not! What do you take me for? I’m a highly spiritual and disciplined man, and I’m in bed by 10 o’clock every night.” The man spat back.
“Then, tell me…” said the doctor, “This pain in your head, is it a sharp, shooting kind of pain?”
“Yes, yes!” The man eagerly replied, his eyes lighting up… “It is… a sharp, shooting kind of pain.”
“Well, that’s simple, my dear fellow!” the doctor replied with a smile on his face. “The trouble is that you have your halo on too tight. All we need to do for you is loosen it up a bit; loosen you up a bit! Avoid the bad habits I mentioned earlier, and enjoy some innocent pleasures in life – Create some balance. Let go of the rigidity. Live!”


“A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping-stone to the optimist.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

What we sometimes consider a stumbling block is rather a rock we can step on. Mother Teresa
The right attitude can transform a barrier into a blessing, an obstacle into an opportunity or a stumbling block into a stepping stone.
Cory Booker
What are stumbling blocks and defeat to the weak and vacillating are but stepping stones to victory to the determined soul. Orison Swett Marden

How Can We Overcome our Stumbling Blocks? According to the article below, we can make great changes to our fears, challenges and stumbling blocks by taking a number of crucial steps along the way. Preston Ni offers 8 ways we can change that barrier to our growth and it begins with 1. The power of perspective – our attitude and beliefs about events in our lives make a huge difference. If we face them down, we can break them down. The others are listed and do come back for the details 2. Don’t focus on the mud. 3. All you have to do is ask…the right individuals 4. Thrive on your strengths while exploring new potential 5. Keep the fun and enjoyment 6. Keep your options open 7. Keep the faith 8. Resolve to never, ever give up.

Read Psychology Today: Turn Your Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones! by Preston Ni M.S.B.A.



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“Our wounds ultimately give us wisdom. Our stumbling blocks inevitably become our stepping stones. And our setbacks lead us to our strengths.” Robin Sharma

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Motivation Mondays: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

The little troubles and worries of life may be as stumbling blocks in our way, or we may make them stepping-stones to a nobler character and to Heaven. Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things. Henry Ward Beecher
The difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks is not in the event itself but how you think about it and what you do after it. Every failure and setback can become part of your success or an excuse for quitting or failing. People who develop the discipline of positivity are both happier and more successful. Michael Josephson

What more can we do? Choose to focus on what strengthens you instead of what weakens you. Stop the blame game and get on with making necessary changes to help you move forward. Get Up and get moving… it works.
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Have a peaceful and productive week ahead!

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Positive Motivation Tip:  Choose to focus on what strengthens you instead of what weakens you. Live!

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  1. Our Mini Family (@ourminifamily) permalink
    08/01/2018 4:59 pm

    I have a few things that I consider to be my own ‘stumbling blocks.’ I try my best to overcome them on a daily basis and a long-term basis, and do my best to not let it stop me from achieving my goals


  2. Jessica Hughes permalink
    08/01/2018 5:32 pm

    We are all going to come up against stumbling blocks in our lives and we all need to learn how to deal with them without letting them throw us off of our paths. We can choose to let them break us or to let them strengthen us!


  3. bestiesnotepad permalink
    08/01/2018 5:51 pm

    Such a great post! Love your blog and the motivation it brings 🙂


  4. Cassie permalink
    08/01/2018 7:48 pm

    This post was very motivating for me. I love this idea and I feel like you are truly helping so many people. I will start following along with your Monday Motivation posts. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Marissa permalink
    08/01/2018 7:51 pm

    I don’t have one set stumbling block. I feel like they’re constantly changing as I go through life, but each one gives me the strength to conquer it if I run into it again!


  6. nicoleflintkontrol permalink
    09/01/2018 7:33 pm

    Definitely needed this motivation! Especially for the new year. I have had some some stumbling blocks in 2017, but I’m happy it’s the new year for a fresh start and I’m a whole lot stronger!


  7. Sasha permalink
    09/01/2018 8:29 pm

    This is good stuff. I’ve spent years trying to overcome fears and I’m trying to tackle wacky expectations (meaning not trying to meet everyone else’s!)


  8. Karlee permalink
    09/01/2018 8:47 pm

    I think the majority of my stumbling blocks are the problems I make up in my head or things that I make worse for myself by thinking them worse. I guess the first part of getting over them is to acknowledging them!


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