January 11

Photo Challenge: WEATHERED

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“Every conquering temptation represents a new fund of moral energy. Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.” William Butler Yeats

Photo Challenge: WEATHERED
Photo Challenge: WEATHERED by the Elements

It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it. Amelia Barr
The whole climate is changing: the winds, the ocean currents, the storm patterns, snow packs, snowmelt, flooding, droughts. Temperature is just a bit of it. John Holdren


For this week’s challenge on – Weathered – I chose to go with the impact of the elements on my immediate environment. The snowstorm, last Thursday, left the landscape covered in mounds of white snow and blocks of frozen ice in some parts. As temperatures dipped well below zer0, the Hudson River froze over and created jagged shards of frozen river water. In parts of the Hudson River, where the tidal current moved inland as temperatures plummeted, a platform of frozen ice separated and divided the river into 3 segments; each segment displayed some degree of freeze.
The segment closest to the river’s edge and land mass was a frozen, shiny table with striations of waves frozen in place. Next, came the jagged shards of frozen waves and tidal current, seemingly angry, as they fought their way through the river in a futile battle against the Ice and Snow Queens. Last was the center of the river that still flowed with chunks of floating ice here and there; its fluidity maintained by virtue of being surrounded, and thus protected, by the two outer parts that absorbed the cold and extreme conditions. A tug boat or two helped carve a pathway through the center of the river, slowly and cautiously… Frozen water is, after all, like glass and can even take on the sharpness of a diamond.



“I have weathered many different storms and I know who I am and my friends know who I really am.” Delta Goodrem

Photo Challenge: WEATHERED
Photo Challenge: WEATHERED
Photo Challenge: WEATHERED
Photo Challenge: WEATHERED by the Elements

A few of us who chose to brave the cold did our morning exercise rounds, the day after the snowstorm, walking around the Hudson River Park. It was minus 10 and, when I stopped to capture some photos, I had to move quickly to get my gloves back on. My fingertips burned and the pain lingered longer than I would have cared to admit. Again, and again, I was drawn to the massive sheets of frozen snow and ice on my beloved Hudson River and I took a few more shots. Frostbite beckoned me to dare keep those gloves off longer than a few nanoseconds … I rejected the bait.  The geese that usually cruise the river were smart. They all took to land and I included them in my shots. After my walk, I felt as weathered as the river… stiff, a bit frozen and needing to thaw my toes.
A day later, I drove into the city and saw the sculpture I featured the week before, One Holding Small One by Joy Brown, now dressed in a snow cap and cape. The snow settled in strategic spots as if Mother Nature was reminding us to nurture our earth and one another. I could feel the protectiveness. I thought she and her baby looked weathered in the cutest way.

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“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” Frank Lane

Photo Challenge: WEATHERED
Photo Challenge: WEATHERED
Photo Challenge: WEATHERED
Photo Challenge: WEATHERED

I believe that every form is infused with a life force that dissipates over time. We revive and sustain many through our constant interaction and commitment to keep things alive; be it our art in museums, our memories/objects of lost loved ones, or our rituals and our faith… Some might call it animism and others will recognize it as a universal acknowledgment of the diversity and range of what we call — Life. From the weathered to the well, all are beneficiaries of the magic of nature. Like the elements, we must weather the changes in life and move forward.

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post:  – WEATHERED –   This week, show us the effect of time and the elements. How will you interpret weathered? Will you capture a lined, smiling face as you practice street photography? A piece of beach glass worn smooth by the waves? A snow-covered path carved by the wind? Have fun with your interpretation!


Positive Motivation Tip:  Like the elements, we must weather the changes in life and move forward

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos from my personal collection.

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  • I usually think of weathered as something beaten by weather like outside furniture or roads, bridges but, I love this quote as I surrender to winter. I stay in from first snowfall to last snowfall. It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it. Amelia Barr

  • Great photos and great writing. “It was minus 10 ” For sure taking your gloves off for any length of time would have been very challenging. As it turned out, some marvellous photos of yours were the result. Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

  • My interpretation of the word “Weathered” is similar to a piece of metal forged in fire. It may be shapeless and meaningless at first but with the effect of heat, that piece of metal can be molded into a beautiful work of art. People may seem to be wrinkled up with age, but with every gray hair, every tiny wrinkle can be a symbol of beautiful memories of a life well lived.

  • This is such a unique photo topic! January is perfect for the weathered photo challenge.

  • These are so good! I love the cardinal one! And the boat and the geese! You did a great job of capturing the theme in so many different settings!

  • Looking at your photos, I had to wrap my shawl around me more tightly. Brrrrr. We are weathering storms here, too. Today was 59 degrees and Sunday it is to go down to 4 degrees at night. Surely the sun and Spring will come again.

    • Our weather has been equally neurotic… one day 6o then 15 the next…. it’s making us all sick. 🙁

  • Such a beautiful comparison you draw! And I think the things that are weathered are even more beautiful than things that aren’t!

  • I love your winter photos! Weathered is really an appropriate title. I also love the sunshine effect on some photos.

  • Minus 10! You are really dedicated!! I remember seeing a picture of that sculpture last week – it is cool to see it covered in snow now! Perfect for this prompt.

  • Love this post – it is a portrait of life! When I think of weathered, I think of aged…and that brings me to fine wine, and as applied to a human being – wisdom. Your visuals are stunning and I will take them with me and be with them for the day for deeper contemplation. Thanks Elizabeth <3

  • What an interesting prompt, especially with the weather we have been having in the North East (US). I really enjoyed reading this quote from your post – “If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” Frank Lane

  • There is so much beauty in the aftermath of a winter storm. I love your pictures of the snow meeting the water/ice. Beautiful.

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  • Love the quote you mentioned. For me to see sunshine, I have to weather the storm. So fitting with my situation.

  • The weather where I live has been going through a lot of changes, one moment it is in the 80’s then it is cold in the 30’s. I am always happy when its cold but that just me.

  • I love how you interpret and expand on the writing prompts! The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful red cardinal on the snow (a common sight here in Maine!) When I think of weathered, the first thing that comes to mind is the oceanside: rocks, driftwood, lighthouses, docks, and anything else that is in constant contact with the ebb and flow of salty water and waves.

    • Indeed, I wanted some of what you described but alas they were none to see. 🙂

  • Love all of your photo challenges. So fun 🙂 You pick really cool photos too.

  • The weather has been a little harsh and it’s like a test on how we’ll with the challenges that comes our way when it comes to talking about life. We should learn how to get through it all and come out even better!

  • I relate so well to this post. We went through a lot of storms last year from the start of the year with my husband’s surgery to moving twice and to a new state in search of job securities. Those were some pretty big storms for us, but now we are on the other side of that storm, sitting in a beautiful house in Northern Colorado. We made it through.

  • Love that Delta quote! And beautiful photos that would have been completely missed had you let the weather keep you down!

  • I haven’t experienced snow. Hopefully this year. It is such a joy to see the photos and collages. Looking forward to the next series 🙂

  • I think you did an amazing job at capturing the images and poses. The cardinal has to be my favorite, I love how vibrant and beautiful those birds are.

  • Oh my! I simply can’t imagine that kind of cold (Floridian, here!). You’re brave for venturing out in it, but the photos are wonderful!

  • This is a meaningful post. I do believe that we are tried during adversity. But, it is also during those periods of “bad weather” that we find out what we are really made of. Thank you for sharing this reminder.

  • Love seeing those photos. We don’t have snow here but still, I feel so cold because of the cold weather. and we must endure it.

  • I love the meaning behind this post. When I think back and look at all the storms I’ve weathered, im amazed!

  • It looks so cold there! My favourite picture is with the red bird. I think it’s stunning. I hope the elements get a little bit better where you are!

  • Those are some beautiful photos. I personally cannot stand the winter, even though I live in upstate NY. I don’t know why I don’t move south!

  • I surely agree with this, we have to endure winter before summer arrives. The cold weather is not easy, especially for mothers.

  • IT amazing how the weather can change the appearance of things. I’ve seen the statue photo before on your page, but it wasn’t covered in snow, with it covered in snow it seems it’s a person trying to seek warmth but when you showcased the same statue out in the sun it appeared as a person enjoying the rays of warmth and allowing the child to get fresh air.

  • Your photos are beautiful and so are your words. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live where is snows. You are very brave to go outside and exercise when it is that cold outside.

    • Yeah, we were experiencing cabin fever and it make us nuts! I was very cold out there.. brrrr.

  • I love this post! What a wonderful interpretation of the term. And Lane’s quote you included at the end: “If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” is so powerful. Thank you for sharing that.

  • Sometimes life struggles sound just like the weather change you have described, we just got to remember and keep hope alive and knowing that every storm situation shall pass and better lays ahead.

  • I was thinking about this word a few days back, esp when looking at the hands of my mom, my daughter and myself!

  • I love the note that if you want to see the sunshine you have to go through the storm. The sun really does look brighter after it’s been dark.

  • You were very brave to get out and take these pictures just after the storm. They remind me of the snow storms in my home country, when the level of the snow reaches 1 meter easily and a few days after temperatures of -28 come and freeze everything. Winter is not an easy season there.

    • I concur… winter is brutal and a reminder how much we ought to appreciate the changing seasons

  • My grandmother is proud of her “laugh lines.” Deep wrinkles running alongside the corners of her mouth. She grew up during WWII and despite the chaos, I guess she was generous with her smiles. She may have been weathered, but not defeated by the circumstances around her at that time.

  • I really love the different photos that you used for explaining this. There are so many different ways to feel or see weathered times in our loves.

  • The elements have definitely weathered our area of the country so much. These pics explain exactly how we feel!

  • To see some good times you have to get past the bad which is hard for us sometimes, but is totally doable. I enjoy looking at your picks. I need to explore my area more and see what I am missing.

  • The ‘weathered’ is such a unique photo challenge and loved all the pictures that you have captured! My favorite is ‘One Holding Small One’ by Joy Brown and the snow settled at those amazing spots make the sculpture more powerful! I just wish the winter goes away soon as I can’t wait for summer now!

  • Your posts are always so motivational and inspiring. We have had crazy weather here lately, and your posts make it look beautiful!

  • I love the winter pictures. I think I would interpret “Weathered” the same as you.

  • I agree in order to experience sunshine in life you must weather a storm. Those photos reminded me of a sad place when all I can see is white background everywhere.

  • Yes – nature can be very hard but also gentle. With the greatest power and the soft touch of a gentle breeze. I see weather as I see tumbling rocks in all different ways – whether by the seaside, the river, hills, and mountains. All show this element in progress Thanks for your courage to brave the elements to show some photos in torrid weather.

  • To be honest I am waiting for my neighbourhood to freeze and for some snow falling! The winter hasn’t started yet for real… in my home country. When it’s -10 and you go for your morning excersises, how brave is that! Lovely photos! I would like to see the frozen waterfalls oneday…

    • Please tell me you are kidding! In temps like that, everything hurts and you worry that if the heat doesn’t come on you’d freeze. <3

  • These photos are all so hauntingly beautiful! Incredible job capturing them. 🙂 I can’t wait to see more int he future.

  • You took some interesting photos and I’m glad you didn’t get frostbite in -10! The weather is a great analogy to life, this season will pass and new buds will appear.

  • What beautiful pictures! The snow was pretty brutal but it’s true that good comes after. That statue is such a nice reminder to nurture each other! How amazing! I love it and it really makes me think!

  • What an amazing concept and pictures for weathered, weathered to me mean well worn. I really like the quotes you shared, they are so realistic.

  • Wow! Its very uncommon we get weather like that where I live and if I had been in your situation I’d have braved the cold too, everything looks so different when its powdered over with snow, the statue to me somehow looks different like this, like the parental/bigger one is being protective over the little one and trying to keep him warm!

  • “Like the elements, we must weather the changes in life and move forward” your this motivation tip is the crux of life if we understand and apply this we overcome may stresses of life.

  • Those are fantastic pictures! I especially love the one of the cardinal in the snow. The red really pops!

  • The title of this made me laugh, as I actually feel weathered, as I have been hectic. thanks for brightening up my day with this x

  • These pictures are gorgeous! I love the thin layer of snow. Reminds of winter but at the same time says that we are getting closer to spring!

  • This post reminds me so much of Amel Larrieux’s song and the message. Yes, we must learn how to Weather the storm, no matter how bad it gets.

  • This is so beautiful and atmospheric, I admire your analytical nature. When I take pictures (I am not a pro) I go with the flow, there is not much thinking and analyzing behind the process, just pure emotion on the spot. As a designer, I am very visual, so when something speaks to me: a good angle, light, element I simply try to capture it as I see it.

  • I enjoyed the pictures in this post. I personally think there is something very soothing about the snow. I wish we had more here this winter.

  • A great challenge..i would personally interpret it with a that shows how the nature is suffering because of some human activities..but still it smiles on us like a mother does on her children and gives us bountiful resources to use every day..

    • Yes, Mother Earth is so generous with her children… the selfish lot we are!

  • Thank you for such a lovely account of your time. You most definitely have to weather the storm to see the sun. Beautiful post thank you

  • Your post came just in time as a source of inspiration to look at troubles as things that strengthen us. I love how deep and inspirational your site is! Always a pleasure to read.

  • You managed to capture some really amazing shots which really express the impact of the elements on your environment. I can’t even begin to imagine how cold -10 must feel!

  • I’m from South Africa, and here show is a myth, a dream, a wish. I honestly would spend my entire day outside if it were to snow. It looks absolutely stunning with all that white everywhere.

  • These pictures are so wintery and cold looking but very beautiful at the same time! Love the collages where you put them all together – very effective.

  • I love your pictures…the landscape with the boat is definitely my favourite….there is something melancholic and old fashion about it….as if it is trying to remind of older times….like a movie of 50 years ago….it is very poetic.

  • Yes, weathering the storms of life as they come will definitely lead us into the sunshine of goodness. The most important thing is to keep moving on in whatever situation we find ourselves.

  • Wow, all those photos are amazing. I always look forward to seeing your posts as you always include the most amazing photography.

  • I love the snow and these photos look great! It is great that the weather has improved now, I was not very happy when it was -10. 🙂

  • The word “weathered” gave me images of my mum’s hand and feet… how they had “weathered” over time due to the long hours of work and washing, becoming rough instead of slender like most ladies…

  • Very nicely put. It’s all around us, we just need to look and understand. Some choose to ignore, some rely on it for support when weathered and some get inspired by it.

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