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Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms


“If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm.” Stephen Covey

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Definition: Paradigm Shift an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way. This discovery will bring about a paradigm shift in our understanding of evolution. Merriam-Webster dictionary

The first time I came across the phrase – Paradigm shift a term coined by an American physicist and philosopher, Thomas Kuhn, it spoke to my teenage heart and prompted the reactionary in me to push the boundaries of the strict, conservative home I grew up in. The notion that each of us had a responsibility to make choices that could be both creative and liberating seemed so refreshing, and the rebellious youth in all of us would have seized the message and set off into the sunset transforming our beliefs and behaviors along the way. I did. I had to disrupt the existing paradigms of my upbringing to embrace a new perspective that was fraught with possible mishaps. I had to stifle the hypercritical voice that fed me an endless diet of my Catholic school Dos and Don’ts list and what could get me years in purgatory or potentially a permanent spot in hell.
You see, I was a shy child, bookish, observant and a day dreamer. It took my teen years and exposure to a wide range of new age thinking and old world philosophy to snap out of it … and try on a new exuberance. I liked it. It was a deliberate mental shift to be positive, passionate about life and adventurous that led me from the comfort of my upper middle class life in the UK to the uncertain, uncharted waters of life in the US as a student, immigrant, and minority female. It was as disconcerting to be in a new country by myself without my usual safety nets as it was exhilarating to possibly imagine what it could mean to reinvent myself. Yet, I threatened to leave many times during my first six months here. It took some time to embrace the idea that my move to the US was part of my effort to make a few mental shifts including the ones shared by Benjamin Hardy in the article below. Shift 1: The power of choice which is self-explanatory, and Shift 2: The power of context which recognized that with the right allies and a set of positive strategies, I’ll be just fine. And so would you. More later

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“Your paradigm is so intrinsic to your mental process that you are hardly aware of its existence, until you try to communicate with someone with a different paradigm.” Donella Meadows

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Paradigms are like glasses. When you have incomplete paradigms about yourself or life in general, it’s like wearing glasses with the wrong prescription. That lens affects how you see everything else. Sean Covey

How do we Disrupt Our Paradigms?: Over the years, I learned many lessons that made my geographical move bearable; even enjoyable. In life, we don’t always know everything that might cross our path but with effort, grace, patience and a stick-to-it attitude, we will get to a place within that is richly rewarding. While our external circumstances might not be filled with glitter, the support, stability and miracles of life will fill our homes and hearts with  gratitude. But enough with my sermonizing, here are a few concrete steps we can all take to make that  disrupting shift; a shift to get us out of a rot, out of old hackneyed beliefs and habits and on a path to self revelation and awareness. 1. Be careful of using limiting labels to describe yourself and your condition. I hear people use their age as a reason to not try new things or go on adventures. We are as old as we choose to believe ourselves to be. In this century, there are so many life-changing medical and wellness options available to us and with discipline and a passion for living life fully, we will thrive. Disrupt the belief that because you are …. you should be doing …

Act with Clarity and Confidence: 2. Fill your head and your heart with positive action driven affirmations. They don’t have to be filled with superlatives. Start with affirmations that fill you with life, love and laughter. Call yourself by your name with pride and gratitude. Being dismissive about who we are is not self-affirming. We can only disrupt our paradigms if we disrupt the labels and diminishing names we’ve held unto for years. 3. Be Preemptive and reject any negativity or hypercritical feedback by the toxic people in your life and limit their access to your space. Sometimes we allow people in our lives who serve to hurt us and instead of being clear about our line in the sand, we accommodate their behavior. Disrupt that people pleasing pattern for it will be a key factor to your survival.  4. Don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know and ask for help. If you read the article below, you’d learn that the many folks who found success after a certain age were not embarrassed to solicit the help of others, nor were they afraid to face the possibility of ridicule in their new venture. To disrupt our beliefs, and others beliefs about our limitations, we must be open to failure and to fail publicly. It sharpens our resolve and strengthens our backbone. What have you done recently to counter the expectations others held about you?

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The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for DEC 2017/JAN 2018 are:


12/01 –  World Aids Day,  12/02 Abolition of Slavery,
12/03 –  Start of Advent,  12/7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance, 12/8 Immaculate Conception,  12/9 Anti-Corruption Day,
12/10 –  Human Rights Day,  12/11 Green Day, 12/12 Start of Hanukkah,
12/17 –   12/18 International Migrant’s Day, 12/20 End of Hanukkah,  12/21 Winter Solstice,  12/23 Super Saturday
12/24 –  12/25 Christmas, 12/26 Start of Kwanzaa, 12/31 New Year’s Eve


01/01 –    01/01 New Year’s Day, 01/04  World Braille Day, 01/07 Orthodox Christmas, Golden Globes Award
01/08 –   01/11 Human Trafficking Awareness,  01/14 Orthodox New Year,
01/15 –   01/15  Martin Luther King Day,  01/21 World Religion Day,
01/22 –   01/26 International Customs Day, 01/27 International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
01/28 –   01/28  Grammy Awards,


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More Below!
“It’s a struggle for anybody to take their paradigms and set of beliefs and understandings and completely flip the script.” Matt Bomer

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms

Motivation Mondays: Disrupt Your Paradigms


Who is the ideal candidate for a disruption of paradigms? If you are the rigid type who can’t see a way out/in but your own, you need to disrupt your patterns. When people feel powerless unless they are hurting others to prove a BS point, a paradigm disruption is in order. Some wounded people like to wound others to make themselves feel better. If that is you, seek professional help and heal your wounded child. Disrupting the pattern will open new doors and ways of thinking about situations. Let it GO!
What more can we do? 5. Ask questions, seek answers and believe that you will find solutions: Sometimes we put off finding answers because we think no one cares or will listen. The great thing about the internet is that we have access to a global database of information that can also lead us to others who can help. So don’t give up on that idea percolating in your head. Act on it. 6. Don’t shut the door on that creative impulse or small still voice that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try new, positive, life affirming things  to do. That voice is your joyful spirit wishing you on to be bold and creative and not timid. Take a chance on yourself. You’d be delightfully surprised along the way.  Most importantly, to disrupt your paradigms you must learn to stifle your inner critic and coax it with positive  affirmations. Give these a try and come back later for more tips. What tips would you recommend?


This post was partly inspired by a WP Daily Post – Stifle – Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.

Have a peaceful and productive week ahead!

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Positive Motivation Tip: To disrupt your paradigms you must stifle your inner critic with positive  affirmations

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  1. Gladys S Parker (@momtograndma) permalink
    29/01/2018 3:44 pm

    I don’t know if I have ever disrupted my paradigms. I’ve never been one to take chances or go out of my comfort zone. Maybe when I woke up half with it in the hospital on a ventilator, although I did not shift anything. My life was definitely shifted though never to be the same again.

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