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Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL


“Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.” Samuel Butler

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

Focus on the positives and be grateful. Katrina Bowden
A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being. James E. Faust
Most of us never stop to consider our blessings; rather, we spend the day only thinking about our problems. But since you have to be alive to have problems, be grateful for the opportunity to have them. Bernie Siegel

In the nine years since I started this blog, I’ve found myself coming back to the subject of Being Grateful – by reflecting on gratitude, again and again. Why, you might wonder? An easy answer would be that it is a fascinating topic that buoys us up in difficult times and makes us thankful when the going gets good. But, it is not so simple. To be grateful is a conscious act that, like a muscle, needs to be nurtured and fed and replenished over and over. Without a spirit of gratefulness, we become motivated by our base needs and forget the things that truly matter. So, as we enter the holiday season, which can be an incredibly challenging time for many folks who are struggling with all sorts of problems, let us remember to be grateful and kind.  I have shared some ways/ideas we can use to express how grateful we are on a daily basis.  Our expression of gratitude opens more doors to our abundance and then we must go out and share it.

Be Grateful for Life: Without life we have nothing. To be grateful for the Life we have is a great gift, and we need to see the preciousness of our life and the lives of others. When we value our life, we are spurred on to sustain it and protect the lives of others. If you are going through difficulties, it is hard, sometimes, to see the point/value of life, but I encourage you to hold on, seek the help of a trusted family member, friend or a professional and know that you are not alone.

Be Grateful for Family: Our family knows us best and they love us even when conflict arises. For those blessed with a supportive family, it is a treasured gift. Do not take it lightly. There are all types of families and we can create a community of supporters who are essentially a form of family. Yes, I commiserate with folk who have problematic families, however, don’t give up on the fact that you can become that candle in the dark and you can bring about needed change to the hurt in your family.

Be Grateful for Friends: True friends are golden and when we are blessed with such people, we should remember to honor them and acknowledge the blessing they represent in our lives. We have all read stories about good-time friends and should recognize that it is the quality of our friendships that count not the quantity. Rejoice if you have even one friend who will climb a mountain to help you, support you, and will celebrate all your successes with a joyful heart.

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Motivation Mondays: GRATITUDE


“When you are grateful – when you can see what you have – you unlock blessings to flow in your life.” Suze Orman

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

I’m looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past. Mike Rowe
I’m grateful to intelligent people. That doesn’t mean educated. That doesn’t mean intellectual. I mean really intelligent. What black old people used to call ‘mother wit’ means intelligence that you had in your mother’s womb. That’s what you rely on. You know what’s right to do. Maya Angelou

How can Gratitude find a place in our hearts and homes? When we open the door to allow gratitude a place at the center of our lives, it will rise up to meet us. We must start wherever we are. It is neither forced nor feigned. When we feel compassion and kindness for those in need, it is our spirit of gratitude shining through. So on this special World Kindness Day, let’s consider as many solid reasons as we can think of to help us get out there and make a difference; begin with a random act of kindness to your fellow man/woman. Gratitude is always around the corner waiting for us to acknowledge and share it.

Be Grateful for Love: Love is expressed in multiple ways and we experience a form of love daily that we must remember to be thankful for. The smile of a store clerk, the help from a friend or stranger, the hug from a child and the support of loved ones are all gifts of love… We must appreciate love, give it back to others, and share it freely with those who are hurting and need it.

Be Grateful for Health: Like life, our health is paramount to our ability to complete our tasks. Good health is a precious gift. As time goes by, many of us develop aches and pains and scars from a lifetime of hurts; we can renew ourselves by simple exercises. Walking, yoga, dance, swimming, and other sports can get our endorphins rejuvenated so we can maintain our health. Even people with chronic conditions can find a safe way to keep body, mind and spirit uplifted. Seek help from a professional when needed and keep your body moving.

Be Grateful for a Sound Mind: The mind is a powerful tool and protecting it from stimulants and negativity is a gift we must give to ourselves. We live in a world that is linked to a super highway of accessible information flying at us from many directions. We need to pay attention and be selective about what we are exposed to; the more judicious we are about the kinds of information and opportunities we subscribe to, the better. There is nothing wrong with information – just be vigilant and feed your mind good messages, great music and healthy foods.

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Be grateful and be kind. We need both to propel us all forward in this world. I remember a favorite teacher saying that the world is sustained by the good and kindness of grateful and mindful people. Even with the darkness and hatred that we see globally, there are many who send out showers of kindness to the world and those souls sustain our planet…. Think about it. Our actions don’t have to be huge. A kind and caring effort or word makes a difference too. Something more…  Join the #CAPTUREKINDNESS photo contest going on now! 14 weeks of inspiring others & spreading kindness through photography.



Where we all pay it forward
Where we look out for each other
Where we focus on what unites us, rather than what divides us
Where kindness is the philosophy of life


I pledge to be kind, to be the reason someone smiles today, and to be the change I wish to see.

I pledge to #CaptureKindness and share moments of compassion, love, and generosity from World Kindness Day, Nov 13th to Random Acts of Kindness Day, February 17th.


I stand for kindness.



It kicks off on World Kindness Day (Nov 13, 2017) and culminates on Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17, 2018)! Sign the Kindness Pledge above and then do 1 act of kindness each of the 14 weeks.

Download our handy 14 week #capturekindness guide showing the weekly theme so you can get excited about each week.



The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for OCT/NOV 2017 are:



10/01 – World Communion Sunday, Int’l. Coffee Day, Nigeria Indep. Day, World Vegetarian Day, 02 Child Health Day,
04 Feast of St Francis of Assisi, World Animal Day,  05 First Day of Sukkot, 06 World Smile Day
10/08 – 09 Leif Erikson Day, Columbus Day,  Indigenous People’s Day/Native Americans’ Day, 10 World Mental Health,
11 Int’l. Day of the Girl, Come Out Day, Sukkot ends, 12 World Sight Day, 13 Friday the 13th
10/15 – 16 Bosses Day, World Food Day, 19 Diwali, Spirit Day
10/22 – World Mission Sunday, 23 Mole Day, 24 United Nations Day, 28 St Simon/St Jude, Nat’l Chocolate day
10/29 – Nat’l. Cat Day, 31 Halloween


11/05 — 05 Guy Fawkes, 7 Election Day,  10 Science Day, 11 Veterans Day
11/12 —  13 World Kindness Day,  14 Diabetes Day, 16 International Day of Tolerance, 17 National Unfriend Day
11/19 — 20 Universal Children’s Day,  21 World TV Day, 23 Thanksgiving Day
11/26 — 27 Cyber Monday, 28 Giving Tuesday


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“I’m grateful for always this moment, the now, no matter what form it takes.” Eckhart Tolle

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

Motivation Mondays: Be GRATEFUL

Whatever we are waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. Sarah Ban Breathnach
My life has been a blessing. I’m grateful for everything I do have and the places I’m going and the things I’ve seen. Leah LaBelle

Be Grateful for Faith & Food: To have faith is to trust that no matter the circumstances, we will overcome and have food to nourish the body and feed the mind. Faith is needed for everything we do but I will focus on food here. Food is medicine and if we stop to think about it, there are people in countries around the world who have little or no food to nourish their bodies. I think of Mother’s Kitchen and the array of soup kitchens around the country that feed the homeless, and I encourage you to offer your help at any near you. It is a great way to give back and to learn an appreciation for the food we eat.

Be Grateful for Choice: We choose how we respond to events in our lives and our attitude is a key factor in the outcome. We have freewill to choose our mood. I find that when we focus our attention on choosing to see the good in events and to look for solutions, our mood and circumstances shift. Problems don’t automatically varnish, however, dwelling on the negativity doesn’t improve anything. Make a decisive choice and follow the path of light. Uplift others and see yourself uplifted.

Be Grateful for Community & Service: At the end of the day, all of us want to be appreciated and heard. The gift of community opens the door for us to hear/listen and be heard. When we offer our talents and services to others in need, we are lending our hearts and ears to them, and in turn, they share theirs with us. When we build or join a trusted community of people who believe in our well-being and support us, we thrive. A community can be a small group of supportive friends or a larger entity. The size of the community we join doesn’t matter as long as we are comfortable and contribute. What matters is that we care and others care. Reciprocity is important.

Be Grateful for Grace: There is grace in everything we do if we believe it. Divine Grace is available to all and cannot be bought. Everything we accomplish requires a measure of faith, knowledge and the grace of God. We must also remember the grace of people who help us achieve our goals. I believe in prayer and a thankful attitude and we can all benefit from remembering to see the grace of the many helpful hands, seen and unseen, that have contributed to our lives…

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Happy Holidays: Grace & Gratitude to All!


Have a peaceful and productive week ahead!

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102 Comments leave one →
  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra permalink
    13/11/2017 5:17 pm

    Thank you for this reminder. It should be habit to give thanks for even the little things. I am grateful just of being alive, and I thank God every morning for waking me up to a new day with new opportunities, new chances, new beginnings. And I thank Him before I go to sleep, for the blessings I received and the lessons i have learned from the day that passed.


    • 15/11/2017 11:54 am

      I do same when I wake up and I am grateful that it is the first thing that comes to mind… even if my cat is trying to kick me out of bed to feed him. LOL! 🙂


  2. MeganSays permalink
    13/11/2017 5:42 pm

    You’re just right. It’s important to take a step back and take stock of what great things you do have in your life, instead of focusing on what you want and don’t have! x


  3. superglammoms permalink
    13/11/2017 6:18 pm

    This is such a beautiful post. There are so many things to be grateful for and we should always remember that.


  4. Kelly Reci permalink
    13/11/2017 6:33 pm

    I’m grateful for my ability to find and learn new things.Being Grateful always taught me the importance of always finding the good in ever ways of our life.


  5. ktmommyscene permalink
    13/11/2017 10:54 pm

    I’m grateful for family, freedoms in America, colorful flowers, and good food. I’m thankful for opportunities to serve people and to create friendships. Gratefulness can overcome so many other negative emotions.


  6. 13/11/2017 10:54 pm

    I agree with you, we must strive to be grateful. I’m grateful every day for the people who love me, for enough food in my belly and a home. I’ll never be wealthy, but I get by and I’m generally healthy, I have much to be thankful for. Blessings to you dear Eliz!


  7. acraftymix permalink
    14/11/2017 12:35 am

    You’re so right Elizabeth. Each and every day I find myself feeling grateful about something. Just yesterday we had a huge thunderstorm, I thought I roof was going to blow off, which it didn’t 😀 and I’m grateful for that but also how beautiful everything looks this morning. All the dust and grime has been washed away and the air feels so crisp and fresh.


    • 15/11/2017 11:48 am

      Oh wow! I had the same experience during our last scary thunderstorm. So many lost power and the gratitude was palpable. I had my health to contend with as ell… YES!


  8. Carol Cassara permalink
    14/11/2017 1:56 am

    Such a beautiful message to start the week! I love this. It’s always a good thing to think about all the things that you’re grateful for. It’s the kind of mindset that I use especially during times wherein I feel down.


  9. Garrile Blog permalink
    14/11/2017 2:04 am

    I think practicing gratitude should be much more included in our daily routines. It’s easy to get lost in less positive thoughts as we live our lives, and it’s also easy to complain about what we don’t have or what we want to have. But being grateful for what we do have is so important! I wish more people would realize how blessed they are for being loved, for having family and friends, for being healthy…


  10. keisha1989 permalink
    14/11/2017 4:21 am

    I love that quote by Samuel Butler on Gratitude. I love this week’s Motivation Monday post. There is just so much to be grateful for in life.


  11. Belinda permalink
    14/11/2017 4:44 am

    What a lovely thoughtful post! It really does make you think how lucky we truly are.


  12. 조이 Czjai (@RebelSweetHrt) permalink
    14/11/2017 6:07 am

    A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness – I could not agree more! Gratitude can take you to greater heights and bring you bigger blessings! 🙂


  13. Words of a Texas Nerd permalink
    14/11/2017 6:27 am

    I find that all too often, when things are not going well, I forget the things that I have to be grateful.I forget that I’m alive, my children are healthy. That we are taken care of. I think we all need to be reminded at times.


  14. Joanna permalink
    14/11/2017 6:42 am

    Even if our lives are busy, we leave in the morning and come back home in the evening, exhausted and ready for bed, we should find a moment to think about what are we grateful for that happened during our day. Someone once told me to write down three good things that happened to me every day, even if they are simple, like seeing a beautiful flower, and be grateful for it. And that will make us smile and go to sleep peacefully.


  15. Alicia Taylor at permalink
    14/11/2017 7:09 am

    Being grateful is much easier when you are living in the moment. When you look at everything in front of you, sometimes, how much we have to do can be overwhelming. I realize that geing grateful is more on our minds with the upcoming holidays, but it’s an attitude that I try to carry forward every day.


  16. Corinne and Kirsty permalink
    14/11/2017 7:57 am

    Gratitude is so important. It shows that you are not entitled and that you care. I am super grateful I have an amazing boyfriend, family and friends coz when I needed them the most, they were all there for me supportive and amazing!


  17. tanviidotcom permalink
    14/11/2017 8:00 am

    I too have been thinking about being grateful. I started keeping a gratitude diaries. Makes me thankful for everything things from daily life which we sometimes might take for granted.


  18. Marnie Bonafe Torro permalink
    14/11/2017 8:33 am

    Being grateful is something that I should continually practice. I tend to forget to be grateful especially when everything in my life is in place. thanks for this inspiring message!


  19. Jazz permalink
    14/11/2017 9:28 am

    Gratefulness is so important and really a mind shift that opens you up to things you didn’t see before.


  20. mommalikeme permalink
    14/11/2017 10:10 am

    “A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness” – I love this! Such a powerful post, thank you for sharing! Amazing that you’ve been blogging 9 years!! X


  21. balanceandblessings1 permalink
    14/11/2017 10:10 am

    Thank you for this inspiring, uplifting post. Being grateful is something it seems many people do not practice these days. I like all your quotes!


  22. Rebecca Swenor permalink
    14/11/2017 10:30 am

    This is a great post on being grateful. It is so true that so many forget the little things. I have never had much but I know it has made me more grateful for what I do, and more important for my family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  23. Carley A Clagg permalink
    14/11/2017 11:21 am

    Being grateful is a great topic to speak about frequently, especially this month! I try to self reflect on things that I am grateful for each morning before starting my day. It really helps me enter myself and set new goals.


  24. Cindy Gordon permalink
    14/11/2017 11:34 am

    Anymore it feels like I have so much to be grateful. This is the month to reflect on that stuff, too!


  25. Ithfifi permalink
    14/11/2017 12:59 pm

    I did not know you had been blogging for nine years, that is truly incredible! I agree with everything you’ve said. Being grateful is SO important and I believe it plays a huge part in our overall happiness. Its good to sit back and count the blessings or for certain aspects, people in our lives who truly make things special for us.


  26. The Florida Nauni permalink
    14/11/2017 1:21 pm

    Very well written post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on gratitude. I try to make sure that I bring it into my life on a daily basis. Thanks again for sharing.


  27. lucicoo permalink
    14/11/2017 1:39 pm

    I am really grateful for everything that I have because I know that in different parts of the world they have those that are less fortunate.


  28. Bhushavali permalink
    14/11/2017 1:56 pm

    Being Grateful and Thankful, esp towards relationships is so necessary in this fast-paced world of today. Without our family & friends who keep us rooted, we would be nothing!


  29. Ellie Plummer permalink
    14/11/2017 3:03 pm

    I really enjoy these pieces. I think people often concentrate on the negatives but it’s so important to remember what you are grateful for as this really puts things into perspective.


  30. Kristine Nicole Alessandra permalink
    14/11/2017 3:17 pm

    Revisiting your blog, Elizabeth. It is early morning in my side of the world, and I am grateful to witness another sunrise. Life is so good! I am grateful I have your blog to read everytime for motivation and inspiration!


  31. Bea | A Cheery Mind (@acheerymind) permalink
    14/11/2017 4:08 pm

    Unfortunately, lots of people forget how lucky there are and to be grateful. Nowadays, there is so many things to be grateful about. For me, to be surrounded by people I love, to be alive, to be able to make my own choices, to be free. All those things I am grateful for !


  32. Shubhada Bhide permalink
    14/11/2017 6:23 pm

    Wow such a really beautiful article, I’m grateful for an article like this which serves as an inspiration to all. I’m grateful because of my family and our wonderful relationship also with my friends.


  33. Beola Lawal permalink
    14/11/2017 6:24 pm

    Being grateful is something I have always taken seriously. I believe when you are grateful you get more. I am grateful that myself and my family are alive and well, being grateful for being alive is the most important to me, anything afterwards is secondary, It is beneficial to be grateful!


  34. Jacqui Odell permalink
    14/11/2017 7:51 pm

    This is a post that a lot of people need right now. I think it’s important to remember to grateful and thankful!! You never know when things will change.


  35. sodapoplove permalink
    14/11/2017 8:14 pm

    Gratefulness is in itself very empowering. This is a great article just before Thanksgiving. Running around in the world, people forget to step back and appreciate all that they have.


  36. Agnes permalink
    14/11/2017 8:31 pm

    Love this! This is so timely as we enter the holiday season. I’ve learned over time to count my blessings and be grateful for life. Sometimes we lose sight of how blessed we are compared to so many around the world. Thank you for reminding me to take time to appreciate the things that really matter.


  37. rochkirstin permalink
    14/11/2017 9:28 pm

    I’ve actually recently taken an exam about gratefulness and the result said I’m grateful most of the time (as expected). I feel blessed having a good family, a stable job, a wonderful marriage, and friends who are always supportive.


  38. Truly, Zipporah permalink
    14/11/2017 9:42 pm

    This is a great time for this Post. This month I decided to write the things I need to be grateful for. 🙂


  39. Melanie permalink
    14/11/2017 9:54 pm

    This year we’ve got a little more to be grateful for as my daughter’s health has finally improved and schedule procedures postponed. I think it’s important we come back to gratefulness again and again, lest we forget all we have.


  40. Jagriti Roy permalink
    15/11/2017 12:38 am

    Being grateful for what one have is the greatest pleasure one can have ever.. If look around everywhere then there will be a large section of people who have nothing to rejoice in their life.. Many child sleeps beneath the sky with hungry stomach..


  41. Eileen permalink
    15/11/2017 1:01 am

    Sometimes I feel so full of wants that i forget to be thankful for what I have, little as it may seem, I am still fortunate than a whole lot of people living in dire straits. Right now, I am grateful for the food on the table. I just made crispy, deep fried breaded pork chops for my family. I am grateful oh Lord, for giving me blessings more than I ever deserve.


  42. Courtney Blacher permalink
    15/11/2017 1:39 am

    There’re so many things we should be grateful for. But we like to look at people who have more than us, and be ungrateful.


  43. Kristi permalink
    15/11/2017 1:58 am

    I think so many of us, myself included, get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday life that we forget to look for all the things we should be grateful for amidst all the chaos. I have to admit that I’ve been that person recently. Thanks for a new perspective!


  44. ankit permalink
    15/11/2017 5:22 am

    we should be grateful to god for giving us a wonderful life…your motivated post really boost my moral.


  45. Elisha Fernandez permalink
    15/11/2017 5:49 am

    Being grateful is a key to success. I have always been taught to thank God for my blessings and share them with others.


  46. pinkrimage (@pinkrimage) permalink
    15/11/2017 6:15 am

    I really love this series as it reminds us of which things have helped us come this far in life. It is so important to be grateful for the blessings that help you in life.


  47. flora_the_sweaterist permalink
    15/11/2017 7:35 am

    Gratitude is a sublime thing. I find that we take so many things for granted, it’s always useful to be reminded to stop and realise how lucky we are, how grateful we could be even for the tiniest blessings in our lives. Thank you for reminding me of that today!


  48. Preet@thevelvetlife permalink
    15/11/2017 7:57 am

    Be grateful, we hear this phrase a lot but we forget to implement it sometimes. I adore your perspective on this. Being grateful is a blessing, as per my experience, the more I am grateful, the more I feel positive about life.


  49. RonRon permalink
    15/11/2017 8:05 am

    I am truly grateful for what I have right now. Your post reminds me to always think about that.


  50. Venus Fitness-Shannon permalink
    15/11/2017 8:24 am

    I grateful heart is a happy heart. Although it can be hard during the day when the little push me to my limits, i count my blessings each night.


  51. Brittany @October Acres permalink
    15/11/2017 11:46 am

    This is a great reminder to stop and think about all that we have to be grateful for. I definitely get caught up in the day to day tasks and miss out on a lot of what I have to be grateful for.


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