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Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION

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You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” Ralph Marston

Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION - Angry Smilies
Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION – To let go of Anger
Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION - Female Anger in Art
Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION – Female Anger in Art

Determination To Change: We must be especially careful about controlling our anger, which is like a double-edged knife — it injures both the angry person and the one to whom the anger is directed. Whenever we feel anger, how turbid our mind becomes! The mind becomes so restless that we are not able to sit, stand or lie down peacefully. As a result, our blood gets heated up, leading to many diseases. However, in the heat of our anger, we are unaware of the changes taking place within us.
Many smile at others only after much thought. Smiling at someone will make us familiar to that person. What if he or she asks for something in the name of that familiarity? Is that person in need of money? Only after such considerations are many people prepared to smile at someone. However, with anger, the case is totally different. Forgetting everything, we express our anger totally.
And yet, there are times when we are careful in controlling our anger. Usually, people do not ex¬press their anger towards their superiors because they know that there will be adverse results such as a transfer to another workplace or a delay in promotion. We might even lose the job. Therefore, under such circumstances, people usually exercise utmost self-control. The problems encountered by those who did not control themselves are considered lessons by others.
But when it comes to subordinates, no one bothers to control his or her temper. Actually, this is where one should check oneself, because our subordinates cannot retaliate; they depend on us. Via AmmaShop/Immortal Bliss

Determination to Change: What does determination mean to you? What are you determined to let go? To accomplish? To overcome? I was reading an article over the weekend, (see excerpt above), about how we use anger to destroy and hurt ourselves and others, and how important it is for each of us to find the determination to let go of destructive behaviors. The article got me thinking about the type of emotional bondage we create for ourselves when we are determined to stay angry, hateful and hurtful towards others. Determination can be used in many ways and for so many purposes; both good and evil. As I worked on this post, I couldn’t help but think about the terrible acts of violence we read about and witness in our world on a daily basis. I thought of the 9 lives lost in South Carolina at the hands of a gunman who was determined to let his rage get the better of him. Dylann Roof was determined to make news, and his rage contributed to the zeal with which he carried out the attack at the AME Church. When we are in a position to inflict harm on others, we must stop and think about the reverberations, the destruction and the consequences our actions will have on our lives and the lives of our loved ones for years to come. What are you determined to let go? Let’s start with anger, hate and all forms of prejudicial thoughts.

“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.” Denis Waitley

Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION - Angry Mob
Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION – Angry Mob

A Story: The Angry Court Jester: A court jester was narrating a story. From time to time, he would crack jokes. The king did not understand the story clearly. Mistakenly thinking that the court jester was mocking him, the king angrily slapped the jester, who recoiled in pain. He gnashed his teeth in anger. But knowing that the person who struck him was the king, no less, the jester was unable to utter even a word. No matter how much he tried, he was unable to control the fury he felt for having been slapped for no reason. He slapped the person standing next to him. That man asked the jester, “What did you do? I didn’t do anything to you. Why then did you slap me?”
“What’s the big deal? Just slap the person next to you. Life is like a big wheel. When it turns, we can see everyone getting what he or she deserves. Now, don’t hesitate. Give it to the next person.” This was the court jester’s answer.
This is exactly what we see around us today. We vent our anger and hatred on the people near us. In fact, they might be totally innocent. Without doubt, sooner or later, we will get back what we gave. Via Immortal Bliss

Determination to Overcome: What emotional stumbling block are you determined to get rid of? What positive traits are you determined to cultivate? What negative traits are you determined to overcome? The Court Jester story above while it could be viewed as funny, in some instances, is a reminder of how some of us take our emotional discontent and dump it on others who might not even be aware of our anger or pain. It is a reminder to be vigilant about our relationships with our superiors and our subordinates. When we are in position of authority, we must be mindful about how we wield our power. Leadership requires wisdom and self-control. Ironically, the same energy that we channel into being furious can be channeled into being focused on positive achievements. WE need to anchor ourselves in that arena and work at healing our hurts with professional help.

The King misunderstood the Jester’s humor and reacted with anger. The Jester felt frustrated that he couldn’t strike back at the King and so he vented on the nearest person. In the same way, we carry our baggage of past slights and dismissals with us and, if we are not careful, we dump it on innocent victims who become the easiest target for our unresolved rage. Instead of expressing such willful anger towards strangers, take a moment to re-evaluate the source of your anger and then find a creative outlet for it. We all have traits that are unbecoming but, we can form a strong barrier against them by taking action to seek help, and to express ourselves in non-violent or anti-social ways. What negative traits are you determined to overcome?

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“I ran and ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened.” Wilma Rudolph

Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION - Female Anger in Art
Motivation Mondays: DETERMINATION – Female Anger in Art

A Story: Sadness & Joy – Once, in some place, a wife and husband were lying together on a bed in the garden in front of their house. A whirlwind began to blow. It lifted the bed and carried the couple away. They finally landed a hundred kilometers away. Luckily, they were not harmed. The wife started sobbing uncontrollably. The husband asked, “Why are you crying? We have landed in one piece. We weren’t injured at all. There’s not the slightest scratch even on our bodies. Why then are you crying?”
The wife instantly said, “I’m not crying from grief, but joy.”
“Why are you so happy?”
Hearing the husband’s question, the wife said, “Look, since our marriage, in all these years, isn’t this the first time that we have traveled together? Thinking about it, I couldn’t help crying in joy.” Such is today’s family life. Via Immortal Bliss

Determination to Grow: How determined are you to grow? To accomplish new ways of being and seeing the world? What I love about the story above is the fact that the wife was able to turn her frustration around by choosing her attitude. He busy husband had spent many years building his career and neglecting his wife. In that moment of fear and change, she was able to dig deep and see a flicker of hope and joy in the incident. We can only imagine that if the wind carried them out of their home, it probably destroyed the home too. When we are determined to see beyond the limiting beliefs that keep us angry and chained, we can become even more determined to build successful relationships with our loved ones and others… It take effort and determination. Like Wilma Rudolph, we can choose to outrun our limitations or stay mired in them. The choice is entirely ours. The world is as we choose to see it. How determined are you to grow?

Positive Motivation Tip: What are you determined to change or overcome? Tempus fujit …  start NOW!

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  • I like this post a lot. I need motivation so often. It’s a mind game sometimes to find what I need to get myself going.

  • I need to read this reminders! Thank you for lately I am quick to anger. it could be hormones?

  • Oh yea, I’ve been on both sides of anger and totally regretted most of the decisions I made in anger. You definitely don’t make sound decisions when angry.

  • My determination has paid off lately. I was just featured on a major Chicago website for my Instagram feed. I guess hard work does pay off!

  • I have so much I’m determined about, and I’ve already set things in motion to make it happen! Determination is a key!

  • Letting go of anger is so important!!! I know I tend to hold on to it longer than I should. I really need to get better about that!

  • I am a Life and Career Coach, and hate to see people struggle with flowing with change. The power to do so is within us all, tapping into it, is like anything else, it requires effort on our part. A healthy diet requires effort to purchase nutritious food and then commit to eating them and being more active, determination is similar, it takes effort and consistent practice. 🙂

    Happy Motivation Monday!

  • These are great quotes. It was only when I was finally determined to go out of my comfort zone that I discovered a lot of things about myself. It made me feel great that I can do more and I can grow.

  • Amazing photos as usual. Angry emoticons and angry ladies in art. I am sure they are not so easy to put together like this, and this collection looks great. Being angry at a situation is really a decision. I usually try not to fall into anger. – Fred

  • I need to learn better control of my emotions… I’m sure. I think that falls under the guise of determination to do and be better!

  • I’ve been told that I’m pretty determined. Hey, that’s not a bad thing – right? If ya got it, use it!

  • Mondays are actually the day I feel the most determined and motivated. Usually by Tuesday I’m done for the week 😛

  • Wow. I so needed to read this, THANK YOU for hitting the nail on the head and writing just what I needed to read this week. You are a great writer.

  • Anger will not take us anywhere. We should really learn how to let go of that no matter how much damage a person has caused us. And with determination, it is actually possible. It was one of the things I had to let go of – my anger toward my ex – as he lied, cheated and left me. It took about a year and a half before I was finally able to remember him without that anger anymore.

  • The Angry Court Jester is very meaningful. I realized how many times I have done that without realizing… Beh… it’s indeed a double edged sword…

  • Right now my son and I are both determined to get our black belts. We start our first of 4 tests this Saturday.

  • What an inspirational post! Love this, and frequently need little reminders like this during the week.

  • Love the faces of the women. They are perfectly expressive for motivation! I can always use some extra motivation and encouragement in my life!

  • Wow, powerful post. Some great advice. Finding what i need to give myself that push is not always easy.

  • This is all valuable advice and things to take into consideration. I especially appreciate the Angry Court Jester part.

  • Learning to deal with our angry outburst is very important. Love motivational article especially on Monday I do need a pick up.

  • Determination is a very useful emotion as you get things done when you’re determined. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Determination for me is the drive and the will to soldier on in moments when you feel like giving up and in moments when others tell you there’s something that you can’t do. But determination can also be tricky especially when there are negative emotions like frustration and anger that become overpowering – we have to be in tune with our feelings.

  • Suddenly the words Determination To Change strike my mind. All these while I wanted to make some changes in my life, I think I should before its too late. Thanks for the word It gave me a push to go forward and I am determined to change.

  • There are so many areas of my life that I am determined in. I like to set lofty goals and achieve them through determination and hard work.

  • It is important for me to control my emotions around my kiddos. Sometimes walking away works best.

  • lately I need all the motivation I can get. ): I’ve started working out again, and with husbands schedule I’m unable to go walking like I was. Sometimes I need a good quote, to remind myself to get up and get in gear!

  • Determination to me means not giving up. I can see where determination could mean different things to different people. I love it when people tell me I can’t do something, I do my best to prove them wrong. For example, I started playing soccer at the age of 12. I knew nothing about it but I got out there and did my best. My dad even had me play goalie too.

  • I always try to model this behavior so my kids see it and also try to keep things in a positive perspective.

  • Having determination to push through even when things suck can be so hard, but it so important to do.

  • I let go of anger as a whole about 7 years ago. I used to be very stubborn and stressed and having a more positive outlook on life has suddenly helped x

  • Motivational stories embedded in this inspiring post. Now, I should be more determined to pursue my dreams.

  • We definitely have to have the drive to succeed. It’s definitely something that is lacking in a lot of people in my generation! :O

  • One’s determination to succeed is the first motivation to put forward yourself in the future. Determination is the vital factor in determining one’s progressive value in life. Fernando Lachica

  • I determination is what gets things done. It helps you to change and be successful.

  • This post is so timely. I’ve been raging about something for the past few days.

  • I need motivation! I’ve got a lot going on right now and need motivation to get it all done!

  • This post is very thoughtful. I could use some motivation today. I’m so sore after working out yesterday. I can barely move today. lol

  • I am determined to focus on improving my appreciation of others. I don’t need to always be looking for my chance to talk, I need to be a better listener.

  • I have so many stumbling blocks before me but I’m really determined to overcome them. Seems like I needed to read this post today.

  • I love the way you have combined modern with traditional emotions. Determination is sure something that varies between everybody. for me it is really important to be determined. I have to be focused on something to make myself reach the goals.

  • Determination is very important in life. I’ve done some re-evaluating recently and have refocused my efforts! I am determined to make it!

  • Love the article, determination there is nothing you can achieve if you are determine to aim such goals.

  • Another truly inspiring post. I have a great deal of determination. If I can’t do something, I cannot rest until I get it. Like someone said above, if you tell me I can’t, I will go until I prove you wrong.

  • I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this. When will you have July’s schedule posted? I like to write in advance.

  • I love the story of The Angry Court Jester, the way it is told to us is a mere fact that we sometimes considered our self vent into anger and hatred on the people near us. But if we have that “DETERMINATION” to change ourselves for the better, we can do that..right in ourselves.

  • Letting go of anger is something I’m pretty good at. I just can’t stay upset long. It so hinders your growth if you’re holding on to so much.

  • If others can, Why can’t I. I live by this adage so determination is a vital factor that I need to accomplish what I desire.

  • I can definitely use some motivation. It has been really depressed lately, because my plans are not going as I thought they would. Thanks for the post.

  • When I was younger, I was more determined compare to now. I don’t know why but its the truth.

  • My temper is very short so I really have to control myself. Anger management is really important.

  • I love motivation Monday! My husband has a bad habit of venting his anger onto us when he has a bad day at work. It could be a never ending cycle if someone doesn’t break it.

  • Great motivation to turn negative energy into positive energy in order to make a positive impact.

  • This is one vital facet of a person personality that could push through any obstacle in life. It should be united with one’s motivation to succeed. Fernando Lachica

  • I loved this post. I am sharing it with a few of my friends who can benefit from it too.

  • I love your collection of pictures! They express determination perfectly. I need plenty of motivation right now!

  • I am determined. I know that I am. I have come through many trials and tribulations in my life, and I have been determined to make it through and become a better person for it, and I have become a better person!

  • Many people hate Mondays but I LOVE it. For me it is the beginning of the week and cannot wait what the days are for me.

  • This is a good read. A nice reminder on how to control my emotions. I’ve been really having a bad time at work and the readings above is helping me focused on the positive side on everything that is happening around me.

  • This word is what I really need right now – DETERMINATION! I am determined not to shop like I used to. Need to save for our new home and also for our simple wedding.

  • Determination is really very important in order to keep going. Filipinos are known as “ningas kugon”, who only do well in the beginning. We should be consistent and should always aim for the goal.

  • Determination is the real key to success. This is a timely post for me. Thanks!

  • Determination is what we need if we want to fulfill something, and having it we will definitely have it what we wanted. Thanks for always giving us a motivation to live with it

  • For us to get the thing that we wanted, we must be determined enough to pursue that.

  • I am always determined to win the battles I encounter in life. But I know there’s always a limit to everything and winning is not always what life is. Thank you for giving us inspiration.

  • A Story: The Angry Court Jester is so true. There are a lot of people put blame and anger to innocent people around them which is not right.

    • A lot of people really have a hard time excepting responsibility for their own behavior. Accepting, owning it and acting towards making yourself a better person is really the only way you can change it though.

  • Determination is a key to success!My family inspired me to be more motivated and determined on everything I do. Thanks Eliz!:)

  • One way to know one’s determination is on how to handle the problems that comes along their way.
    In my case, even I heard something negative from others, I keep on doing what I need to to to fulfill the tasks given to me. I have that determination to prove myself.

  • Determined to be athe best in rverything i do. Also, im determined to stop comparing myself to others.

  • Determination is one of the major keys of success. As we always say, “try and try until you succeed” Thanks for this reminder=)

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