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Motivation Mondays: Celebrate Mother’s Day! #mothersday

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“Youth fades; love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes

Motivation Mondays: Celebrate Mother's Day!
Motivation Mondays: Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Our mothers are our first motivators and they help us achieve our goals and unimaginable dreams … learn to Celebrate yours! One of the best gifts our mothers have given us is the gift of life and that is important to remember. Our mothers also leave us memories that add to our narratives of their lives. My Mother was a woman ahead of her time. She was vocal, adventurous and very brave. I remember once when my Mom entered a singing competition on TV, something to do with who could make the sound “ohhhh” the longest, and I believe she either won or came a close second. My siblings and I were mortified yet thoroughly fascinated by her daring nature. It was something that might seem innocuous today, but not so common for a married woman, back in the day.  One thing I can say for sure is that there was never a dull moment around my mother as she made sure to sprinkle our lives with lots of memories… and her special brand of love. On another note, Mother’s Day has always held bittersweet memories for me; mainly because it often falls either close to or on the day my dad passed away. So while I find moments to reflect on my mother and her life, I also find time to reflect on the life of my dad. It is quite an interesting lesson to be reminded that we can celebrate both life and death in the same breath.

For Mother’s Day, I send happy cheers and blessings to all Mothers everywhere. If your memories are happy, so-so or sad, know that your life is a celebration and for that we must be thankful to our Mothers.


My Mother by Ann Taylor
Who sat and watched my infant head
When sleeping on my cradle bed,
And tears of sweet affection shed?
My Mother.

When pain and sickness made me cry,
Who gazed upon my heavy eye,
And wept for fear that I should die?
My Mother.

Who taught my infant lips to pray
And love God’s holy book and day,
And walk in wisdom’s pleasant way?
My Mother. Cont’d below


“The babe at first feeds upon the mother’s bosom, but it is always on her heart.” Henry Ward Beecher

Motivation Mondays: Celebrate Mother's Day!
Motivation Mondays: Celebrate Mother’s Day!

As a child, I was fortunate to have a few “mother figures” around me; from Mommy Bates in Essex, to my own mother, grandmothers, and all the great women who added their wisdom to my life, I learned how much work it takes to manage a household and keep kids fed, everyone loved, and endless bills paid. My Mom was an active mom who also had a side business; she was always running around attending to her clients, managing the staff at home who managed us when we came back from school. It was not an easy job at all and there were challenges that did arise over time. I still admire my mom’s willingness to take on the enormous challenges that came her way, and part of her can-do spirit has stayed with me and it inspires me whenever the going gets tough. What are your memories of childhood days with your mom?


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“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.” Honore de Balzac

Motivation Mondays: Celebrate Mother's Day!
Motivation Mondays: Celebrate Mother’s Day!

What are You Planning for Mother’s Day? This Mother’s Day, I will celebrate all the Moms in my life and spend time with my kids sharing stories and creating new memories that I hope will inspire them down the road too. Some moms will probably be working on that day and others might be attending to ailing parents as caregivers. No matter what role we play at home, we must take a moment to honor ourselves too and acknowledge that we are doing the best job we know how. Motherhood is not a popularity contest and, at the end of the day, what folks and family will remember is how much care and love we shared.

How have Mothers motivated us throughout the ages?  Many women juggle multiple demands in their households and, to the untrained eye, it might seem magical or even easy to watch how many mothers run their households, some even on shoestring budgets. But, around the world, Moms perform endless chores and time consuming tasks to accomplish their household goals daily. For this Mother’s Day, I want to give thanks and praise to all the Moms in the world; they come in all shapes and sizes, do the heavy lifting as chief executives of their homes, and carry on even when their efforts aren’t always applauded. Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy and productive Mother’s Day! Do celebrate it. You’ve earned it.

Affectionate and kind to thee,
Who wast so very kind to me,
My Mother?

Ah, no! the thought I cannot bear,
And if God please my life to spare
I hope I shall reward they care,
My Mother.

When thou art feeble, old and grey,
My healthy arm shall be thy stay,
And I will soothe thy pains away,
My Mother. Poem by Ann Taylor via


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Source: Any Zen Antics stories via


Have a Happy, Healthy 2017!



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  • I have to be honest, my mom passed in February and I am DREADING Mother’s Day this year. It’s going to be so hard. I will get through it with my family, but my stomach is already in knots over it.

  • Love how you acknowledge all moms in your life. And for anyone, all the strong female role models who felt like moms are important to recognize. I am taking my mom/parents out for brunch on Sunday. Hope you have a peaceful day, despite the closeness of this date to your fathers passing !

  • What a beautiful poem to share on Mother’s Day. For me and my birthday always falls so close to Mother’s Day which could be nice but sometimes it’s not as I get my day combined into one instead of two separate days for myself. This year I’m not sure what we’re going to do probably I will just relax .

  • Loving these Mothers Day images. Everyday for me is Mothers Day. Except on this special holiday I definitely feel grateful for having my kiddos and my mama in my life.

  • I can’t wait for mother’s day this weekend to spend some much need time with my mom and my wife’s mom.

  • I love celebrating Mother’s Day because it’s the day that My Mom, i and my sibling are having our bonding all together. It’s a way of showing that we love and appreciate our mom.

  • I’ve been so fortunate to have many strong female role models in my life. Mother’s Day is for all who inspire and shape children into productive beings

  • as a mother myself, I think it is so important we honor our mothers. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the strong women (mom and step mom) who raised me.

  • I never appreciated my mother enough until I became a mother myself. Sacrificing everything for this little bundle that you will bring up to be something special. It’s hard work.

  • Ah mother’s day! Awesome motivational monday kinda thang. And just in time. Thank you!

  • They say that being a Mother is a blessing. It is also means sacrificing for the love one. Mothers are tough and can bear anything just for the family.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Happy Mother’s day to you, your mom and to every woman blessed to be one. I would have chosen career over starting a family but I am glad to have chosen otherwise. My life became complete with these three angels God entrusted me to care for.

  • What really is beautiful is that, even all of these sweet words combined about our mums, they are all an understatement. Our mother’s love is beyond what these words can mean.

  • A lovely tribute to mothers. They really are inspirational people, that put themselves before others. I do believe as a mother myself, when you become a mother you do have a higher purpose and other things seem so much less significant.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to you, and to your mom, too! I am thankful that I will be celebrating this occasion again with my husband and son. Hopefully next year, we can celebrate together with both our moms here in Korea. 🙂

  • I cannot wait for Mother’s Day. I am going to do something special and nice for my mom to show her my appreciation for all that she has done for me.

  • Lovely. I’m really drawn to that center portrait of the Mama carrying her wee one on her back walking boldly and proudly as the mother of her land.

  • Even though my mother has passed away, I always try to do something in her memory for mothers day.

  • I’m pregnant on mother’s day so i get a lot of chance to dwell on what it means to be a mother 🙂

    On a serious note, good mothers need to be celebrated on mother’s day for all that they do for their family.

  • Mothers are the best gift! I think it’s amazing how they do it. I didn’t understand at first and now that I’m a mother myself, I realize all the sacrifices and the hardwork that my mom poured just so we could have a lovely life. I miss her everyday and I miss her even more now that she’s gone.

  • Such a great day to honor the women that have helped shape our lives. My mother has always had a great sense of humor, and I know that has helped me get through a lot of rough times in my life, and never taking myself too seriously.

  • I love these poems. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. I’m glad I can spend mine with my mother! Usually we’re not close to her since my husband is in the military.

  • Happy early Mother’s Day! This is honestly one of my favorite holidays because my mom doesn’t get nearly as much credit as she deserves. I plan on showing her that lovely poem by Ann Taylor! I believe she will really enjoy it.

  • I can totally get where you’re coming from. It’s really hard to celebrate while you are also remembering a sad part of your life. We really have to cherish our moments with our loved ones. Your Mom sounds so awesome.

  • “The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father” said Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and could not be more right! Love my mama.

  • Perfect thoughts for Motivation Monday! I love all of the quotes and poems! I will have to check out your other Motivatoin Monday posts!

  • I am sorry to hear about your fathers death. It is strange to think that life and death are often interconnected and woven into a tapestry that can often be bittersweet. x

  • Mother’s day is earlier in the year over here in the UK, but my memories of my mom when I was little are that she was always busy cleaning or working for us – but never too busy for a tea party with us either! The older I become, the more I appreciate what she did for us.

  • We celebrate Mother’s Day for we, Mom, to honor all mothers for all the sacrifices for her children! Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

  • Your poems here are truly beautiful. What a great gift of words you will be able to give your mom this year.

  • I have nothing but respect for mothers. I grew up with strong women in the family, all of them are independent and would never rely on anyone to survive. They are definitely my inspiration when it comes to raising the twins.

  • I always feel that, I know more smart women then men. I think, we women are amazing, resilient. Happy Mothers Day.

  • The ‘My Mother’ poem is beautiful and true. It’s Mom who teaches and nourishes us and shows us how to love. Cliche but so true…Nothing like a mother’s love. Absolutely NOTHING!!!

  • I think Mothers are such great motivators because in the face of adversity they can gain strength from the love they have for their children to help them overcome almost anything. It’s amazing the depths of a Mother’s love. Great post – I love all the quotes and poetry.

  • As a mom I absolutely appreciate any Mother’s Day theme. Wishing all the mom’s reading this blog a very very happy Mother’s day! 😀

  • Mother’s Day is always a great reminder to tell my mom how much I love her and appreciate everything she has done for me and my family.

  • I love your memories of your mom. It’s awesome that she was an entrepreneur too! My favorite memories of my mom are her huge garden and storing up food and making jams and jellies. My mom was a crunchy hippie 🙂 <3

  • I had a panic for a moment that I had forgotten mothers day and then remembered i’m English and it’s already happened for us haha got my mum a nice little “mum” charm for her new pandora bracelet 🙂

  • You really seem to have a strong love of the women/mothers in your life. I have always felt that mothers love is the strongest that is seen. A mother will never abandon or give up on their children.

  • As I get older, it seems spending more time with my mom and sharing memories is more and more important. For this Mother’s Day, I booked her for lunch and time to hang out with the grand kids. My mom loves to hang out with the kids and take pictures so sh can see it on her phone whenever she wants.

  • This is so lovely, celebrating Mothers is so important, we deserve all of the thanks we can get! I love the quote about a mothers happiness to, so beautiful!

  • You mother sounds like a very special person and a fantastic Mom. Mothers really do so much and juggle so many things. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

  • I love this Motivation Mondays post very uplifting and inspirational as we move closer to Mother’s Day.

  • I really like the collection of mother’s day poems and artwork you gathered. I especially liked the Ann Taylor poem. Your mother is so brave! Joining a singing contest!

  • Great Post! I love the idea of motivation Mondays especially celebrating Mother’s Day this week. Beautiful Poem as well

  • I’m so sorry Mother’s Day falls so close to an unhappy time in your life and for the loss of your father. I’ve been lucky to have amazing women in my life who have taken me in and treated me like their daughter over the years. Hopefully this weekend will be full of relaxing and spending time with my babies.

  • My mom is definitely my best friend, so I love this day! And now I am a mother myself, so it has extra meaning.

  • I miss my mom, I no longer able to gift her anything except my prayers! Mothers Day should be every day.

  • Wow! What a great heartfelt post! These kind words definitely got me a little emotional and that Ann Taylor poem was beautiful :)!

  • How wonderful that you had such a loving and caring mother, and that you have such fond memories of her. Not all of us have that blessing.

  • Always a great read over here! You keep me motivated and I’m loving all your sweet advice!

  • Every year we honor the women who gave their lives to raise us and care for us. My mom is a woman of strength, raising all 4 of us, sending us through college by minding a small business. We practically lost all our savings when my father died from cancer. I wish I could do more to help my mom out, now that she is old and not as energetic as she was before.

  • My mom is my life. I owe my life to her. She raised me, cared for me from conception until this very day. She is my very own angel on earth. I hope she be blessed with good health and long life. Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mom, and every mom in the world.

  • Happy Mother’s Day Elizabeth!!! I’m looking forward to spending this weekend with my mom and our family. Hope you have a good one!

  • Mothers are the Iife blood of the world. Without them, we would all be at a loss. It’s so nice to celebrate them once a year, but we should also celebrate them all year long.

  • Happy Mother’s day to all. I have to agree that life is a celebration and we really do owe it all to our mothers. Thanks for sharing your memories and a great post.

  • So sorry to hear about your bittersweet memory surrounding mother’s day. I’ve been fortunate enough to have amazing memories of mother’s day with my mom. Maybe not so much this year since she retired and moved back to Cambodia.

  • I love the pictures of Motherhood. It’s a blessing and rewarding experience. I’m looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with my children.

  • This mothers day I will be spending it watch my husband BBQ us a wonderful meal AND clean it up after. It will be a treat. I love your mother just listening to you speak about her. My mother is a very timid woman and I think I’m so outgoing because of it.

  • Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because my Mom is pretty awesome! Happy (early) Mother’s Day to you and yours!

  • Mothers day is so important for me. Every year I try to make my mother’s day so amazing and full of joy. Mothers are the most beautiful thing we have and we have to make them happy.

  • These are such beautiful thoughts about moms. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without my mother.

  • Such a beautiful post! I am taking my mom out to dinner and spending the whole day together on Sunday!

  • Mother’s Day is one of my absolute favorites! There is nobody more worth celebrating than my mom. She’s done so much for me over the years and it’s a treat to give a little something back to her

  • I really like this post, it is so personal. I also have mother figures in my life and I think that is important!!

  • How fun that she entered that contest. 🙂 Moms are the best, I love hearing fun stories like that one.

    • I am sorry too, to hear about the bittersweet part that the holiday holds for you. I came back because I forgot to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

  • I still don’t have plans yet but I have ideas that should be decided soon. It’s important to appreciate our Moms and let them know and feel that they are loved.

  • I love this so much. It’s so important to remember how important our mamas are. Life changes so quickly but momma is always there.

  • The African picture you have featured on your post reminds me of two African paintings I have in my house. Both paintings feature two women who are carrying their babies and walking through the land. Whenever I look at the paintings, it inspires me because I am a mother of five children. My own mother has had a great influence on my life. I hope my children think I am a positive, strong influence on their lives, too.

  • Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me too. I love my mother so much, but I always ache for my husband who lost his mother just a few years ago. This year will be extra hard as my father passed just 2 days after Christmas last year – my mom has already said she doesn’t feel much like celebrating 🙁

  • Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me too. I love my mother so much, but I always ache for my husband who lost his mother just a few years ago. This year will be extra hard as my father passed just 2 days after Christmas last year – my mom has already said she doesn’t feel much like celebrating 🙁

  • We actually celebrate Mothers day in UK in March, then We celebrate it all ove ragain with the rest of the world. So we UK moms get double portions, my kind of thing. Very detailed post on celebrating motherhood 🙂 Thanks Eliza.

  • I have the best mom who’s also my best friend. She’s always there to listen and give best advise when I was growing up. She’s a strong woman and I’m so glad to call her mom! Happy Mother’s Day to you and all mothers in the world.

  • I’m looking forward to spending time with my mother and my mother-in-law on Mother’s Day. They’re a huge inspiration! Both are incredibly strong women that have endured a lot in life, yet they have remained to be selfless and kind. 🙂

  • Mother’s Day is such a wonderful holiday and should be celebrated often. We bring life into this world and our job is never done — regardless of child’s age.

  • Being a mother is not easy – a thankless job on most days but rewarding to know you are hopefully raising good humans. I appreciate any celebration!

  • The meaning of Mothers Day has changed drastically for me since having children of my own. I have such a greater appreciation for my mother and everything he has done.

  • Mother’s Day is a great time for all the wonderful moms to finally get some recognition. This should really be happening all year long.

  • We aren’t planning much for Mother’s Day. I just want a quiet day with the kids where I don’t have to do anything.

  • Happy Mother’s Day! May I ask your dear readers to treasure the time you have with your moms? Just one day, ONE day in a year, treat her like a queen! Cook for her, do her housework for her, take her out to places she longs to see. She deserves it!

  • It’s our moms that really shape us to who we become. They’re care for us never end even when we grow to be on our own.

  • We have had Mother’s Day already in the UK. Each year we normally spend time together as a family and spoil mum with gifts. It’s a good excuse to meet up and see all the family. Mum doesn’t need to do much as dad cooks and I make dessert.

  • Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate with those who took care of us and watched us group up threw the years. I will be spending Mother’s Day with my mom and friends.

  • Mother’s Day is just a special day, but we should treat everyday with our mothers as a Mother’s Day. In time of our deepest trouble, the first person we call is always our mother, and she will always go out of her way to help us.

  • I didn’t have much motivation from my actual mom, but I’m making every effort with my children, so that they don’t repeat my experience.

  • It really is important to remember how awesome our mothers are. No matter what, our mothers are always going to be there for us.

  • Our mothers day has already passed in the UK however it’s so important in my opinion to try and make the effort to see your mother on this special day!

  • I count my blessings everyday to be fortunate enough to have a mom like mom and so many mother figures around me. My mom is miles in a different continent all together but I am making sure I make it special for her.

  • Happy Mother’s Day! The pictures you picked for the collage are beautiful. Nothing is better than being a mom.

  • This is my first Mother’s Day. I felt bad celebrating last year when I was pregnant and now I’m so excited to be celebrating! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  • This Mother’s Day I am taking my mom to her favorite restaurant. She love cajun food, so I will take her to Adeles Seafood Kitchen.

  • My plans include taking my mother and my aunt out to lunch. I got her a lot of fun gifts and I cannot wait to share them with her. She’s going to enjoy them so much!

  • This was a lot to digest. You put in a lot of work on this. Very thought out.

  • This is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to mothers all around the world. Like you I’ve had many “mothers” who have mentored me over the years. Indeed, Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  • This is a lovely post. As a mother, I can certainly appreciate the idea that mothers are undervalued. I feel unappreciated and undervalued every day lol. Sadly, I am guilty of the same with my own mother. She’s done a lot for me (including what every mother does, bringing me into this world) and continues to help me in a big way, but she is so cold and unaffectionate (it has been over a decade since she’s told me she loves me and much longer than that since I’ve gotten a real hug or kiss) that I find myself resenting her. I was severely abused by a boyfriend and if my mother had been kinder and more understanding I think I could have healed enough not to have severe PTSD (another thing she is unkind and not understanding about). So I am still trying to figure out how to forgive that in her and feel gratitude for what she does do..

  • The entire month of May is dedicated to Mothers day and for me they inspire us every moment of our life and not just one day.

  • Those poems are beautiful <3 After losing my mum 7 years ago, mothers day takes on a whole new feel for me now x

  • I love this. I can’t wait for Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the mothers that have sacrificed so much for us.

  • In my country Mother’s Day has already been, on the 8th of March. It’s interesting to see how different countries and cultures have different days when they celebrate Mothers. That proves that no matter the culture, they have always celebrated the woman who gave life.

  • This MOther’s day, I will treat my MOM and my wife to some sort of family date. I hope our budget and our time can allow us to visit an outside of town restaurant or something.

  • What a wonderful poem! You’ve put so much time, thought and work into this post – thank you so much for sharing all the motivational resources, what a kind soul you are! x

  • We are truly blessed with mothers. I am blessed to have one who is so amazing.

  • Happy Mother’s day to all mothers. May all mothers and future mothers, be good mothers to their children so we can be a better world.

  • Happy Mother’s day to all mothers. May all mothers and future mothers, be good mothers to their children so we can be a better world.

  • Yes! Happy Mother’s Day indeed! I can’t even imagine how much I’d miss my mom when she does pass but she has made me a lot of who I am and motivated me through things I could never do without her 🙂

  • I can’t believe Mother’s Day this Sunday!!!! My kim definitely means a lot to me. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day! Then I want to take my Mom out for dinner.

  • I’m looking forward to some rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day. Then I plan on taking my mom out for dinner.

  • Sorry about your dad. Mother’s Day is not good for me as I lost my son 9 years ago at the age of 13. It’s a very hard holiday for me. I try to keep occupied with my family.

  • I agree, my mom is my first motivator and has made many sacrifices to help me reach my goals. In my culture, we celebrate mother’s day the last Sunday of May, I’m hoping I can take her away on a trip.

  • Such a nice post! I wish here in Ireland we celebrated mother’s day same than in the states

  • Are you a Mum yourself too? Mothers are very inspirational and courageous people, as being a mum itself means to step out of a “lady”‘s comfort zone and enter to an region of unknown and life-long responsibility.

  • Happy mothers day to all the past, present and future mothers. Motherhood is to be treasured.

  • Great Motivation, mothers are so important me and my mom don’t always see eye to eye but I seriously don’t know what I would do with out her.

  • Its amazing to be a good mother! Of late, the pressures on being a good mother is too much, esp with work and social life being so important as well today!

  • having a mom is definetely one of the best gift we can receive in life.. it;s been 11 years since my mom died so i never got the chance to spend time with him.. nevertheless i believe that there was a purpose why that happened.. to every mom right there Cheers for everyone of you! 🙂

  • Can one day be enough for appreciating your mom?! Not really but at least such dedicated day gives you an opportunity to express your love for mom.

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