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Welcome to Mirth and Motivation!

Before you leave a comment, STOP, consider this: Our comments are part of our digital footprint on the internet. They tell the world how we think and respond to information. Do you really want the world to think that you only speak in monosyllables or that your best response to a post is “Love the quote/pictures/video/this n that?” Do you think “Thanks for sharing!” (which in my opinion is a cavalier way of saying F…. You) is a comment? Please Reconsider. I know YOU took time out of your busy schedule and landed here. I’m rooting for you to say something that will help others understand and respond with clarity to my blog posts. THANK YOU!❤

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Welcome to Mirth and Motivation! This is a Lifestyle/Motivational blog offering an eclectic mix of mirthful and motivational pieces: Life Tips / Advice, Affirmations/Wellness, Women’s Lives, Food, Travel, Interviews, Inspirational posts, Reviews, Peace, AND Social Media ruminations on people, places, and events that shape our lives. I invite you to stay awhile, read some posts, and share your thoughts with this growing online blog community.

One of the fundamental rules of blogging is to make connections with others by adding value through our message/content, comments, and social interactions. I hope you’ll share your comments and expertise with me. If you’d like to write a Guest post, offer a sponsorship or PR opportunity, send me a message with your inquiry by email at: contact(@)mirthandmotivation(.)com or contact(@)positivekismet(.)com Thank you!

Something I know for sure is that we all want to be heard, appreciated and respected; I know that sincere, positive, and empowering messages are far more appealing than incendiary angling for blog attention. If your blogosphere surfing brings you here, relax, kick back, and share a positive tidbit on your worldview.

So, How should we handle the global economic shift? How do we stay mirthful and motivated?
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Motivation Mondays: United Nations Day


“Humanity has entered the era of sustainability – with a global commitment to fulfill the great promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In this, the Organization’s 71st year, we have 17 goals to propel us towards a better future for all on a healthy planet.” UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

Motivation Mondays: United Nations Day

Motivation Mondays: United Nations Day

Motivation Mondays: United Nations Day

Motivation Mondays: United Nations Day

In times of insecurity, when people feel uncertain about their future, when anxieties and fears are promoted and exploited by political populists, old-fashioned nationalists or religious fundamentalists, the success of the UN and the international community lies in our common commitment to our common values. The UN must be proud of its diversity. A diversity that only enriches the strength of the expression of our common humanity. Antonio Guterres

Did you know that today is United Nations Day 71 years ago, On October 24 1945, at the end of  WW11, 51 nations signed an agreement/charter of cooperation and unity as a way to prevent such armed conflict from happening again. In the decades since that initial vote of confidence, the United Nations Organization (UNO) has grown its membership to 193 nations, and made economic and social development, peacekeeping and, most recently, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the focus of its expanding mission.  The UNO  rose like a phoenix out of the ashes at the end of  a brutal WW II and, at its inception, it had 51 nations sign on. Gradually, with great effort, it has grown to a global organization with 193 members who contribute their share in sustaining the work of the UN.

The principle arms of the UN are the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, and the UN Secretariat. All were created in 1945 and serve very important roles in shaping the functions and actions carried out by its membership. The leadership of the UN is headed by the Secretary General and the current leader, Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, will step down by end of year when a new leader, António Guterres of Portugal, will assume the role of guiding the UN family system which is composed of many specialized groups;  affiliated programs, funds, and specialized agencies.  We can look to the growth of this organization as we work towards our own personal goals and dreams. Even in the face of a post-war world, the UN focused on creating peace and goodwill around the world. Accomplishments and change for good can take place if we stay motivated.

This year, in celebration of the UNO’s 71st birthday, the focus is solidly on the 17 global goals for sustainable development(SDG);</a these are key objectives that member nations need to focus on from now till 2030.  The SDG agenda was adopted on September 25th 2015, and the focus includes to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. Of course, the sooner we achieve them the better but at least, the 193 member nations are being challenged to step up and work towards overhauling their infrastructures and to bring about change. Is this feasible? YES. Can nations meet these goals? Definitely.  Here are the 17 Goals and suggested ways to consider achieving them locally You can participate in creating change by signing up on Global Solutions.Org. Which goal or goals do you want to see achieved most in your lifetime?
Goal 1: No Poverty
Goal 2: Zero Hunger
Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being
Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal 5: Gender Equality
Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
Goal 13: Climate Action
Goal 14: Life Below Water
Goal 15: Life on Land
Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals


The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for August  and September 2016 are:

09/05 –   Labor Day,  International Day of Charity,  8 International Literacy Day,
09/12 –  15 Day of Democracy Day,  17 Constitution Day
09/19 –  21 International Day of Peace/ World Peace Day, World Rhino Day
09/26 – National Preparedness Month, National Childhood Cancer Awareness, National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, National School Success Month, National Childhood Obesity Awareness

10/03 –  2-4 Rosh Hashana,  6 German-American Day,
10/10 –  10  Columbus Day, World Mental Health Day, 11 International Day of the Girl,  12 Yom Kippur
10/17 –   16 World Food Day / FAO World Food Day
10/24 –  24 United Nations Day,  28 National Chocolate Day, 29 National Cat Day, 30 Diwali
10/31 —  31 Halloween

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Weekly Photo Challenge: SHINE


“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” Francis Bacon

Weekly Photo Challenge: SHINE

Weekly Photo Challenge: SHINE


For this challenge on – Shine I’m going for a combination of natural shine to manufactured shine… It’s all in the light. I love how Bacon mentions that you need the presence of darkness to fully appreciate the power of light. That is true as we see the brightness in stronger relief when there is dark around it… The main photo highlights John Legend at a concert. I love the way it bathes him in brightness.


“I rise to taste the dawn, and find that love alone will shine today.” Ken Wilber

Weekly Photo Challenge: SHINE

Weekly Photo Challenge: SHINE


The center photo in this shot is of the setting sun over the Hudson River. I love the way the sun shines on the water, giving it a calm and peaceful glow… We all could use more of this peaceful glow of shine in our world.

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Reflections: Mixing Media


“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” A. A. Milne

Reflections: Mixing Media - Thoughts and photos to contemplate

Reflections: Mixing Media – Thoughts/Photos to contemplate at sunrise, sunset & when things go underground.

Reflections: Mixing Media - Thoughts and photos to contemplate

Reflections: Mixing Media – Thoughts and photos to contemplate at sunrise

For this mixed media exercise, I decided to frame poetry within pictures that speak to the message of each piece. I love using photos with my posts but, I rarely add my haiku or poems to make a picture pop. I am always inspired by nature and all that it offers us. As I looked at the pictures, they inspired something within.

Just to clarify again, as I’ve read some comments, I wanted to mention that what you see in the pictures are poems/haiku I wrote based on the inspiration I felt for each picture. They are not quotes from another source but my own poetry. Hope that helps. Thank you!

With my poem – At Sunrise, what came to mind was the feeling we get at  the beginning of the day… we are often filled with hope and promise. I’m glad I decided to give this a try, there is room for all of us to learn new things.   What does this piece say to you?

“We never taste a perfect joy; our happiest successes are mixed with sadness.” Pierre Corneille

Reflections: Mixing Media - Thoughts and photos to contemplate

Reflections: Mixing Media – Thoughts/Photos to contemplate at sunrise, sunset & when things go underground.

Reflections: Mixing Media - Thoughts and photos to contemplate

Reflections: Mixing Media – Thoughts and photos to contemplate at sunset

Reflections: Mixing Media - Thoughts and photos to contemplate when things go underground

Reflections: Mixing Media – Thoughts and photos to contemplate when things go underground

With my At Sunset poem and photo, I was more inclined to consider the sensations we feel when things go awry or we see the sun set on a hope or dream. Instead of getting stuck or mired in the setback, I felt inclined to nudge us to remember that we do have options even when things don’t go our way… Who is without foes? Ha! Gather those who cherish you and dance the dance of life…  under the stars and moon. Why not?

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