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Welcome to Mirth and Motivation!

Before you leave a comment, STOP, consider this: Our comments are part of our digital footprint on the internet. They tell the world how we think and respond to information. Do you really want the world to think that you only speak in monosyllables or that your best response to a post is “Love the quote/pictures/video/this n that?” Do you think “Thanks for sharing!” (which in my opinion is a cavalier way of saying F…. You) is a comment? Please Reconsider. I know YOU took time out of your busy schedule and landed here. I’m rooting for you to say something that will help others understand and respond with clarity to my blog posts. THANK YOU!❤

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Welcome to Mirth and Motivation! This is a Lifestyle/Motivational blog offering an eclectic mix of mirthful and motivational pieces: Life Tips / Advice, Affirmations/Wellness, Women’s Lives, Food, Travel, Interviews, Inspirational posts, Reviews, Peace, AND Social Media ruminations on people, places, and events that shape our lives. I invite you to stay awhile, read some posts, and share your thoughts with this growing online blog community.

One of the fundamental rules of blogging is to make connections with others by adding value through our message/content, comments, and social interactions. I hope you’ll share your comments and expertise with me. If you’d like to write a Guest post, offer a sponsorship or PR opportunity, send me a message with your inquiry by email at: contact(@)mirthandmotivation(.)com or contact(@)positivekismet(.)com Thank you!

Something I know for sure is that we all want to be heard, appreciated and respected; I know that sincere, positive, and empowering messages are far more appealing than incendiary angling for blog attention. If your blogosphere surfing brings you here, relax, kick back, and share a positive tidbit on your worldview.

So, How should we handle the global economic shift? How do we stay mirthful and motivated?
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Motivation Mondays: PREPARED


“For all your days be prepared, and meet them ever alike. When you are the anvil, bear – when you are the hammer, strike.” Edwin Markham

Motivation Mondays: PREPARED - Are you prepared for all that life puts on your path?

Motivation Mondays: PREPARED – Are you prepared for all that life puts on your path?

MISS SHARON JONES! Official Trailer (2016)

Great cooking favors the prepared hands. Jacques Pepin
Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act. Annie Besant
You don’t climb mountains without a team, you don’t climb mountains without being fit, you don’t climb mountains without being prepared and you don’t climb mountains without balancing the risks and rewards. And you never climb a mountain on accident – it has to be intentional. Mark Udall

Are YOU PREPARED? Good heavens, for what? … you might ask. For whatever curve-balls your life throws you? For the realization of those dreams you’ve held dear? For the rewards that come after a seemingly long lifetime of perfecting your craft? For overcoming the ups and downs of life? For the art of living and achieving your version of success? For stepping into your light with confidence? Whatever your vision of PREPARED might be, it takes effort, practice, repetition, commitment, and a determination to face failure and success on the road to reaching our goals. It might be something else for you but, what remains constant is that we must exert effort to accomplish anything we set our minds too.

Today, I was in my kitchen prepping the ingredients I needed for our family dinner. I washed my chard and kale and chopped them; I deseeded and chopped my Kabocha squash into rectangles, and seasoned my trout with a combination of exquisite spices. Once everything was prepped, I went to my desk and started my online brand and blog work. Later on, all I’d need to do is saute the veggies and put the rest in the oven to cook. Without doing the prep work in advance, no chef can create a masterpiece in his/her kitchen. We need to gather all we need, prepare them, and when we are ready, we then put all the years of practice, learning, teaching and cooking into motion to make even the simplest of dishes. My daughters often ask me how come I don’t always cook with a recipe at hand? What is your answer? It is obvious, right? We do it over, and over, and over again until our body, mind and spirit memorize the act which then becomes second nature. The same applies to any field we are engaged in; music, dance, writing, sports… you name it.

The Rio Olympics ended last week, and with it came stories of successes and failures, goals met and lost and, for some, a renewed hope for the next one in Tokyo. But to get there, we need to have started working towards it, visualizing it, and doing the heavy lifting that will get us there. It is ironic that whenever someone accomplishes great success, there are those who stand on the sidelines ranting about what an overnight success the person must be. The truth is that there are rarely overnight successes at anything. For those who have reach the pinnacle of success at what they do, enormous effort, commitment, and daily repetition got them there. Preparation + Practice = Perfect ( at least our version of perfection).



“I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.” Denzel Washington

Motivation Mondays: PREPARED - Are you prepared for all that life puts on your path?

Motivation Mondays: PREPARED – Are you prepared for all that life puts on your path?

Motivation Mondays: PREPARED - Are you prepared for all that life puts on your path?

Motivation Mondays: PREPARED – Are you prepared for all that life puts on your path?

The Show Never Stops For Sharon Jones | HuffPost

Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I believe that people make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy. Jack Canfield
Be Prepared… the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise. Robert Baden-Powell

How do you PREPARE for adversity? It was Louis Pasteur who said that “Fortune favors the prepared mind,” and for good reason. Fortune is an equal opportunity gift giver; she gives to the happy and to the sad. What we need to remember is that it manifests in many ways, not just as shekels in the bank. It can come as peace of mind in adversity, hope when things take a bad turn, joy in achievement, and comfort in times of sorrow… Fortune’s blessings is its own reward that is measured out to each of as we are willing to accept her grace. It is never measured out the same… BUT, we must BE PREPARED to accept it.

Are you prepared? When we are always focused on doing our best work and perfecting our craft, even in adversity, there is a glimmer of light that lifts us up and spurs our spirit on to keep at it. Whether we are a chef in a five star kitchen, a beloved entertainer, a teacher or a parent, we come to our tasks with a certain resolve — to do the best we can with what we have. Sharon Jones was always drawn to music as a little girl and finally decided to pursue that dream. She soon became a well regarded, energetic entertainer; her shows with her funk and soul band, The Dap-Kings, were packed and she gave it her all. In recent years, she has faced cancer and has not allowed it to deter her from a lifetime of preparation and performance as a singer. Even as she continues to battle that insidious disease, she remains positive and prepared to give her best at all times.

MUST SEE: Please make time to see the moving, Barbara Koppel directed, Sharon Jones documentary when it comes to your town, she is truly an inspiration on the subject of living life prepared and positive. Tickets here!

The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for July and August 2016 are:

07/04 –  1 Canada Day,  4 Independence Day – July 4th, 4 New Moon
07/11 –  11 World Population Day, 14 Bastille Day
07/18 –  18 Nelson Mandela Day
07/25 –  25  Thread the Needle Day,  30 International Friendship Day & Anti-Trafficking Day

08/01 –  2 New Moon, 5 Summer Olympics begin in Rio, 07 Friendship Day & Sisters Day, 07 International Forgiveness Day,
08/08 – 08 Peace Festival, 09 Book Lover’s Day, 09 World’s Indigenous Peoples, 12 International-Youth-Day, 13 International Lefthander’s Day, 14 Tisha B’av,
08/15 –  15 Assumption of Mary, 15 National Relaxation Day, 18 Full Moon, 18 Bad Poetry Day, 19 Nat’l Aviation Day &
World Humanitarian Day
08/22 –  22 Be An Angel Day, 22 National Tooth Fairy Day, 26 National Dog Day, 26 Women’s Equality Day, 27 Global Forgiveness Day
08/29 –  29 National Heroes’ Day, 29 More Herbs, Less Salt Day, 30 Toasted Marshmallow Day


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Weekly Photo Challenge: FRAME


“I feel every shot, every camera move, every frame, and the way you frame something and the choice of lens, I see all those things are really important on every shot.” Roger Deakins

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRAME

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRAME

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRAME

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRAME – Captured moments

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRAME - Captured moments

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRAME – Captured moments

For example, in painting the form arises from abstract elements of line and color, while in cinema the material concreteness of the image within the frame presents – as an element – the greatest difficulty in manipulation. Sergei Eisenstein

Frankly, as I pondered this exercise, what came to me was that to some degree, all of life is a series of frames we capture in our hearts. As we go about our lives, we spend portions of our time in the company of others. Each exchange becomes part of our energetic imprint and the connecting emotions that were part of our interaction gets saved in our memory bank. In the same way, each snapshot we capture on our camera carries embedded memories attached to it; where we were, what time it was, and the relevancy of the shot. I would argue that even the most innocuous shot has a memory attached; albeit, a fleeting one. This is why I love photography. I can step back in time and reminisce… even reinvent a frame and its setting.
The two big shots above were taken in the fall on different days. The bird perched after a feeding, and I loved the way the branches framed it so, I took a shot. The other indoor shot is of the hallway in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. I was meeting a friend and decided to take a few photos of the architecture and, as I focused my camera on the hallway, I captured a precious exchange .. It was either an arrival or a departure but, definitely a sweet, emotional exchange.

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Haiku: Designed For You


“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” Luther Burbank

Haiku: Designed For You - Floral blooms

Haiku: Designed For You – Floral blooms

Blooming joyfully
In summer, lush, colorful
Miniatures too


Each a masterpiece
Designed for you, me, and … YOU
A dreamer’s delight


On dark, lonely days
Your kaleidoscopic range
Shifts my forlorn gaze…

I never tire of enjoying nature’s impressive range of flowers. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, and I believe they call us and we are drawn to certain flowers as if each bloom is designed just for us. My mother was an avid gardener in her youthful days; I still hold dear memories of helping out in her garden, spade and bucket at hand, eager to learn more about the varieties she planted and nursed to full bloom. I loved her Bachelor’s Buttons and Daisies because I loved the way their names slid off my tongue.  Her roses with their sharp thorns fascinated me … as did her ornamental plants.  So, who wouldn’t think their favorite bloom was designed just for them?
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