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Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace

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“I call on all warring parties to lay down their weapons and observe a global ceasefire. To them I say: stop the killings and the destruction, and create space for lasting peace.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace - Peace Poster for 2015

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace – Peace Poster for 2015

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. Did you know: People in states affected by conflict are 3 times more likely to suffer from hunger than their peers. In 2011, 28.5 million school-age children from conflict-affected countries had no access to education. The average cost of civil war is equivalent to more than 30 years of GDP growth for a medium-sized developing

What does Peace mean to you? How do you maintain a Culture of PEACE? Today is International Day of Peace and World Gratitude Day!  This year, the United Nations Organization’s theme to commemorate peace is Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All.” It aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace. We can join forces with our global messengers of peace by living peacefully with our neighbors, supporting peaceful work environments, and teaching our children the importance of peace in our households and globally. Peace is a concept that we can all relate to because it is a concept that holds communities, relationships, and even companies together. Without peaceful co-existence and peace efforts, we would live in anarchy. Without it, we’d all be back in the dark ages fighting for survival and treating each other as enemies. Peace is imperative and our motivation to maintain peace must begin within each of us. We cannot envision a peaceful world if we encourage or tolerate acts of violence against others. We cannot live in peace if we allow our homes, neighborhoods, or workplaces to degenerate into factions and fractious spaces. We must develop a culture of peace and live it in our daily lives. Peace must start with everyone; each of us can practice peace in our sphere of influence and spread the word.

A Story: The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
A Zen monk named Ichhi labored his whole life in the kitchen of the great monastery at Lake Hakkone. He deemed himself a failed monk because he had been assigned the koan of “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” since his earliest days in the congregation and had never been able to solve it. It was now fifty-five years of seeming failure, and he was nearing the end of his lifetime. But as he lay dying he suddenly realized that he cradled a great peace in his soul. Gone was the striving for enlightenment, gone was the stridency of his loins, and gone was the haunting koan — for he had found the stillness of no longer striving, in this exquisite silence alone in the attic, in the soft dark at the end of his life. It was only then, when there remained no more questions nor need for answers (or even the need for breathing), that Ichhi heard, at last, the whooshing silence of one hand clapping. Zen Stories via Read.Goodweb

“For seventy years, our message has been the same. Peace must be built in the minds of women and men, on the basis of human rights and dignity, through cooperation in education, the sciences, culture, communication, and information. Solidarity and dialogue are the strongest foundations for peace, guided by equality, respect, and mutual understanding.” Irina Borkova, Director-General of UNESCO

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace - Peace Collage

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace – Peace Collage

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace

Introduction to Peace One Day – Peace Day 2015

What are you doing to make sure that peace prevails around you?  On this 33rd celebration of International Day of Peace, we are still dealing with acts of violence, refugees, and skirmishes globally. We are still at war around the world.  According to the organization, Peace One Day, 610 million people around the world are aware of this special day so, please join hands with those near you and continue to build bonds of peace. Share this news and spread the word. Imagine a world without peace and then remember how invaluable this message is. The United Nations Organization established International Peace Day in 1981 by issuing a resolution (36/67PDF), to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly sessions; a time that brings world leaders together to discuss issues that impact us globally. The first one was celebrated on September 21, 1982, and it remains a popular day of reflection and discussion. In 2001, the General Assembly voted to designate September 21 as an annual day of non-violence and cease-fire.

If you’ve ever been exposed to war or disharmony, you would know that peace is worth fighting for. At one point in my life, I lived in a war zone, and each day was fraught with danger and events that could have cost all of us our lives. We lost out on 2-3 years of schooling and had to move from one location to another to avoid becoming victims of war. Even though I wasn’t a refugee because our movement ended in my father’s village, many others weren’t as fortunate. Many families lost their homes, their land, and their loved ones in the war, and the scars remain embedded in our collective psyches to this day. War is never a solution. Peace is Imperative.

A Story: The Man and The Mountain
One day, a man beheld through the opening of a cloud, the calm face of the mountain. He stopped every passer-by, that would stay to give an answer, and inquired of the way that would lead him beyond the mists. Some said take this path, and others said take that path. After many days of confusion and toil, he arrived among the hills. A man, full in years, wise in the ways of the hills, said, “I know the way. You cannot reach the mountain, O friend unless you are strengthened by the power that comes from the adoration of the image in yonder shrine.”
Many days passed in peaceful worship. Tired of worship, he asked of men that seemed great with understanding. “Yea,” said one, “I know the way. But if you would gain the fulfillment of your desire, carry this on you. It will uphold you in your weariness.” He gave him the symbol of his struggle. Another cried, “Yea, I know the way. But many days of contemplation must be passed in the seclusion of a sanctuary, with my picture of eternity.” “I know the way,” said another, “But you must perform these rites, understand these hidden laws, you must enter the association of the elect and hold fast to the knowledge that we shall give you.” “Be loud in the song of praise of the reflection that you seek,” said another. “Come, follow me, obeying all things I say. I know the way,” cried another. Eventually, the calm face of the mountain was utterly forgotten. Now he wanders from hill to hill, crying aloud, “Yes, I know the way, but…”
There is a mountain, far beyond the plains and hills, whose great summit overlooks the dark valley and the open seas. Neither cloud nor deep mists ever hide its calm face. It is above the shadows of day and night. From the vast plain, no man can behold it. Some have seen it but there be few that have reached its feet. One in many thousand years gathers his strength and gains that abode of eternity.
I speak of that mountain top, serene, infinite, beyond thought. I shout for joy! J. Krishnamurti via Goodweb

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“There can be no sustainable development without peace, and no peace without sustainable development. Peace, justice, and sustainable development are all mutually reinforcing…”Peter Yeo,

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace - Peace Collage

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace – Peace Collage

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace

Motivation Mondays: Partnerships For Peace

“Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted, when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy or too frightened, when we fail to speak up and speak out, we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice.” Robert F. Kennedy

Today is International Day of Peace. What are you doing to maintain peace in your life, community, workplace, home, relationships, and/or globally?  On this International Peace Day which marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, we can all make an extra effort to be part of the solution wherever we live in the world. Even as I write this post, war rages in some parts of our globe. We can all sit back and pretend it has no impact on our lives but, it will someday. When wars rage, people leave and become refugees elsewhere. They carry their pain and grief with them and some want revenge. Over time, those warring factions develop allies and new enemies, and the narrative of violence and warring is carried forward in the interactions we have with one another. Seeking and supporting global peace is not a fantasy but a necessary reality. We owe our children a world where people are at peace with one another. As we spend our evenings enjoying our food with loved ones, let us not forget to express our gratitude for what is, maintain a peace vigil, and do our part to ensure that peace is part of our discussions and actions. – Come back later for some stories of wisdom and peace. Thank you!

Desiderata – by Max Ehrmann via
Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself to others you may be become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your career however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortune of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you from what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself, especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture the strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have the right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be; and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Max Ehrmann

Positive Motivation Tip: Peace is what unites us all and we can practice it every day in small and large ways… Embrace PEACE

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Desiderati via, Zen Stories via Read.Goodweb  All Photos Peace day Poster via UNO, World flags via GlobalGoal, International Peace Symbol via Wikipedia, and/or from my Personal Collection.

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  1. Mel Blake permalink
    21/09/2015 3:04 pm

    Wow- this is such a great post. I really agree with you on the importance of peace.

  2. Masshole Mommy permalink
    21/09/2015 4:15 pm

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just all got along? Imagine that? I would love to raise my kids in a world like that.

  3. Liz Mays permalink
    21/09/2015 4:15 pm

    I wish we could see a world of peace, but I think the best we can hope for is more peace. I’ll take what we can get though.

  4. Claudette Esterine permalink
    21/09/2015 7:12 pm

    One of my favourite songs/hymns is “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin in me…” That is what I am doing for peace in the world that I inhabit. Namaste

  5. Karla permalink
    21/09/2015 7:47 pm

    Peace is definitely worth fighting for. So much life and youth wasted without peace. Time to promote peace

  6. maggiesblog2 permalink
    21/09/2015 7:47 pm

    Peace means a lot of things to a lot of people but for me it means turning the other cheek and thinking before you speak. I always think about how it will affect others before acting.

  7. Beth@FrugalFroggie permalink
    21/09/2015 8:46 pm

    I had no idea about the International Peace Day. Sorry I missed celebrating it.

  8. tara pittman permalink
    21/09/2015 9:31 pm

    I try to be nice to every one and follow Gods plan of love your neighbor as yourself. This would needs God to get right.

  9. 21/09/2015 10:08 pm

    I totally agree that peace is something that can be large or small. I see it represented so much in my son when he interacts with kids, makes me happy to see that I have taught him that.

    • 27/09/2015 8:20 pm

      Exactly. You are right! 🙂 If we all started to focus on creating it at home, it would a global success because we will have fewer people fighting.

  10. rika permalink
    21/09/2015 10:39 pm

    I always enjoy your posts.. So many positive messages and always motivate others to feel peace and very challenging

  11. joskibyrne permalink
    21/09/2015 11:30 pm

    There is so much war and suffering around the world – thank you for highlighting the need for peace.

  12. Anne V permalink
    22/09/2015 12:01 am

    Peace for me is something that only Jesus, the Prince of Peace can truly give an individual. It’s the presence of God in one’s life, the absence of worry and fear, knowing He is there with you, for you, always. 🙂

  13. Eileen Mendoza Loya permalink
    22/09/2015 12:16 am

    Peace is such a big word full of hope and yet so hard for others to practice. All I wish for is to rid the world of all sorts of wars. Give the children the peace they deserve.

  14. The L's Mum permalink
    22/09/2015 1:44 am

    Some of the points raised in this post really mean something to me. To have strength and positiveness. To be at peace with myself. Thanks for sharing a very thought provoking post.

  15. Ronnie Epstein permalink
    22/09/2015 3:30 am

    As someone who has lived in two countries where there has been war or revolution, there is nothing more important to me than someday living in peace. <3 Let's hope that someday it can happen!

  16. Jane Andrew permalink
    22/09/2015 4:27 am

    Will we ever have peace? Will the war-mongering nations ever stop? I dream of a world where human lives are more precious than land, power and money!

  17. Victoria permalink
    22/09/2015 5:53 am

    This is a great post. I recently heard about Gratitude Day but had no idea it was Peace Day too. Monday was definitely a very motivational day.

  18. 22/09/2015 7:05 am

    I would rather have Peace in my life that money we here this a lot but how many people believe this saying. International Peace day should be everyday . I am not the one to turn away when someone need my help or afraid to speak up if see that a person is being treated differently. I like that you stated we need to embrace peace what a peaceful world this would be.

  19. Rena McDaniel permalink
    22/09/2015 7:35 am

    It would be so wonderful to have peace around the world. I hope that we are able to see it in my lifetime at least.

  20. 22/09/2015 7:35 am

    This is a beautiful post. If only all of us will embrace peace, then there wouldn’t be chaos. Wishful thinking, but I really do wish for this.

  21. 3sonshavei permalink
    22/09/2015 7:58 am

    What a great need for this organization

  22. 22/09/2015 8:08 am

    These days are wonderful, I love motivational Mondays! 🙂

  23. Scott permalink
    22/09/2015 8:19 am

    I didn’t realize yesterday was the International Day of Peace! Guess I should’ve gone a little easier on the kids when they didn’t get their homework done. 😉

  24. The Traveling Gals permalink
    22/09/2015 8:39 am

    I had no idea today was world peace day. Interesting post.

  25. Fred permalink
    22/09/2015 8:54 am

    Sept 21 is a very infamous day in the history of our country because on this day, Martial Law was declared. It is ironic how now, 43 years later, it is observed as a day for Peace. – Fred

  26. LizZ H. permalink
    22/09/2015 10:55 am

    Peace is a beautiful dream. The more wars become common, the more starvation, and mass hysteria is going to become a norm.

  27. upliftingfam permalink
    22/09/2015 10:57 am

    I personally try to avoid conflict. I’m not good at it and usually get defensive. It is something that I need to work on.

  28. thewomentalk permalink
    22/09/2015 11:18 am

    If people of the world embraced the notion of peace, we would be the best planet on the universe. Such an awesome and motivating write up! Thanks!

  29. Jasmine Espinal permalink
    22/09/2015 1:24 pm

    Informative as always. Thanks 🙂

  30. Shannon P permalink
    22/09/2015 1:49 pm

    Peace (and quiet) is something thats a little harder to come by now with a toddler, but I embrace it when I can!

  31. Nicole E. (@prettynameless) permalink
    22/09/2015 1:53 pm

    I am a peacekeeper in my family. I maintain peace by not blowing up at the little things. It doesn’t sound like much, but I have a volatile family. I am trying to model good behavior and tolerance to my son, so he’ll grow up with a “peacekeeping” attitude. I feel like if we do these things on a small scale, it creates a generation of people who aren’t so quick to start wars on the grand scale. I hope that makes sense!

    • 27/09/2015 8:05 am

      Nicole, you nailed it… We often look to others for peace but it must start with us in our own homes. Peace is not the absence of war or being a doormat, it is about looking at ways to resolve situations in a transparent manner. I detest gossip and back biting because they are creators of chaos and hatred… Those who pretend to love peace but are so busy hating and condemning others have missed the point of peace. Thank you Nicole! Your insights on the subject are exactly what we all need to remember! <3

  32. Ms. Katrina permalink
    22/09/2015 2:23 pm

    Peace to me means that I know my place in the world and I am content with it and shifting tides are just temporary inconveniences.

    • Renee permalink
      05/06/2020 9:12 am

      We all need to join together if we want to give peace a chance. Thank you for this beautiful post

  33. Valerie Gray (@valmg) permalink
    22/09/2015 4:09 pm

    We all deserve dignity and peace, in our countries and with other countries. It would be great if society did treat each other with open minds.

  34. Girl, Unspotted permalink
    22/09/2015 4:30 pm

    What a motivating post! Spreading awareness about this issue will go a long way.

  35. Nova permalink
    22/09/2015 5:32 pm

    Without peace the world be one chaotic place, we do hope that there will be peace not just in our place but all over the world where we all know that innocent people especially the children will be the one who suffers the cruelty.

  36. kai permalink
    22/09/2015 6:09 pm

    everyone dreams of peace. but hardly everyone is making a move to attain it. i hope we all move hand in hand for a peaceful world.

  37. Yona Williams permalink
    22/09/2015 7:31 pm

    I love seeing all of the doves in this post. My name actually means ‘dove’ in Hebrew, and I’ve always seen myself as a peaceful person who is good at balancing out my family.

  38. klg1982 permalink
    22/09/2015 7:34 pm

    I think about this a lot when I listen to the news. Wish more people talked about getting along.

  39. Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn permalink
    22/09/2015 9:26 pm

    Peace is such an important thing to focus on right now. I feel like the world is anything but peaceful right now and it can definitely cause a lot of anxiety. I have to work a lot on building that inner peace in my harmony like you discussed here.

  40. asbestrecipes permalink
    22/09/2015 9:38 pm

    Peace and respect is essential for having a good life thanks for sharing this information helps dimensioning what we need to do.

  41. violetaloredana permalink
    22/09/2015 11:51 pm

    Peace sounds so simple to achieve it, and yes, if we take a look around, we see so many conflicts. It’s in fact easy to accept that there are different people, different beliefs in this world, without trying to impose yours as the dominant one. Unfortunately, in theory it sounds easy to achieve, but practice shows we fail miserably. “Peace is a concept that we can all relate to because it is a concept that holds communities, relationships, and even companies together.” Well said.

  42. SweetMemoirs Page permalink
    23/09/2015 12:47 am

    The world will be a better place when we achieve global ceasefire. Cliche as it may sound but let there be peace on earth, not just during Christmas season but throughout the year.

  43. sinyees permalink
    23/09/2015 1:31 am

    Peace is not easy to achieve. Thanks for sharing such motivating post.

  44. ceemee permalink
    23/09/2015 3:30 am

    Peace is so elusive! There’s a war going on as we speak. It’s just so sad that the children are the casualties.

  45. Franc Ramon permalink
    23/09/2015 3:53 am

    Peace is really important. We can help in achieving peace by the small things we do in the neighborhood.

  46. Fernando Ceballos Lachica permalink
    23/09/2015 5:48 am

    All countries and its people must unite and be partner for peace. It’s our duty to protect the Mother Earth for peaceful living, anywhere in the world.

  47. Stephanie permalink
    23/09/2015 7:52 am

    I wish peace were possible. Too many different views and need for control. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Pooja Kawatra Gupta permalink
    23/09/2015 8:11 am

    My thought about peace is by creating happy and loving environment for everyone be at home or workplace. Though not always easy as such but a little step to achieve it.

  49. Dannea permalink
    23/09/2015 8:21 am

    Thank you for this. Peace is so hard to come by, whether between people or within yourself. Still it is a worthy goal to aim for. Oh and I enjoyed the stories, very uplifting. Thank you.

  50. What Fatemah Say's permalink
    23/09/2015 9:02 am

    I believe inner peace is the most important thing for any person. Once you have got that, you can work for other’s peace as well.

  51. Jojo Vito permalink
    23/09/2015 9:05 am

    world peace!!!! yes, we are all crying for peace…its really sad seeing in the news bombing and killing…:(

  52. mrenkema79 permalink
    23/09/2015 9:49 am

    Love this: “Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be; and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its shams, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”

  53. Urvi permalink
    23/09/2015 10:19 am

    I like the story of Man and mountain…. Lately I become lazy and demotivated… But your post created motivation in me.. Thanks for sharing

  54. Tiffany Yong permalink
    23/09/2015 10:26 am

    Peace is possible if both parties don’t “clap”. If one party attack and the other party don’t retaliate, won’t the citizens be dead? Of course I wish for world peace, but some people have a warp sense of logic which made it difficult for people to talk sense into.

  55. Rosey permalink
    23/09/2015 12:12 pm

    Well, funny you should ask with a dove for the pic. I never get doves. My SIL always gets them. The day before my operation I was just crying and asking God how much more I could take (I didn’t know I was sick, all makes sense now). I got doves. About 12 of them for over five minutes walking where I walked. It may sound strange to some, but for me, it gave me instant peace (and new tears of gratitude).

    • 23/09/2015 4:12 pm

      Welcome home and wishing you healing prayers and light. Dove are peaceful birds and I see a few on mt balcony daily. I like their presence so I can relate. 🙂

  56. upliftingfam permalink
    23/09/2015 1:14 pm

    I hope that the world can work towards peace. It is sad that we just can’t get along. 🙁

  57. Chubskulit Rose permalink
    23/09/2015 1:35 pm

    When I was a kid, I experienced something scary. The military raid a place near us with rebels living in it and it was very scary to hear gun fires. I always pray that there would be peace.

  58. Stephanie Pass permalink
    23/09/2015 2:40 pm

    Peace for the whole world would be a truly amazing thing. I don’t understand the need for constant conflict. I often wonder if more women were in charge of the world would we have hunger and war and poverty all the time?

  59. JessicaACassidy permalink
    23/09/2015 3:08 pm

    The blue birds looks so pretty.

  60. Nova permalink
    23/09/2015 3:49 pm

    Thank goodness for the support of the UN there are some places who actually experience peace especially their children.

  61. Brett Martin permalink
    23/09/2015 4:47 pm

    When it comes to peace, I start in my home. I teach my children to live peacefully every day.

  62. Sunshine Kelly permalink
    23/09/2015 4:59 pm

    Peace and sustainability go hand in hand. When one have sufficient to survive the war will stop, hopefully. Unless those conquered by greed then there will never be enough for the them. I hope that we all can live in peace and harmony environment.

  63. Michelle Solee (@michisolee) permalink
    23/09/2015 5:16 pm

    This is one thing that we really need today, world peace. Sometimes, I don’t want to watch news because I always see bad news.

  64. Wendy permalink
    23/09/2015 5:26 pm

    Peace to me is walking in the woods and just listening to nature.

  65. Jonathan Key permalink
    23/09/2015 8:24 pm

    These are really great pictures! I love the flag pictures the best. The dove is great as it is the universal symbol of peace.

  66. Ling Tan permalink
    24/09/2015 1:54 am

    The joke some many make beauty pageant finalists and world peace! In truth world peace is elusive and definitely worth working towards…

  67. Eileen Mendoza Loya permalink
    24/09/2015 4:58 am

    Peace and sustainable development. I hope politicians and the government in my country would realize this. I don’t think this would be difficult to achieve.

  68. marly_ms permalink
    24/09/2015 8:03 am

    Peace. It is easy to attain peace if we ourselves practice it in our day to day living. But in some places in this world, it is hard to find because there are people who are greedy and unsatisfied especially when power is at hand. If someone is greedy of power, there is no peace at all.

    Mhar Sefcik

  69. PrayerFull Mum permalink
    24/09/2015 9:40 am

    Doves are the perfect symbol of peace and harmony. To me, peace is knowing that no matter what, God’s love for me is eternal and everlasting. Nothing others would do, could take it away from me.

  70. Camesha | Mama Motivator permalink
    24/09/2015 1:18 pm

    Peace and gratitude are such powerful words. I’d love to see more of those in our world.

  71. Maria Teresa Figuerres permalink
    24/09/2015 8:19 pm

    I enjoy seeing doves when I was younger. To me, they represent beauty, grace, love and peace. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t seen a single dove in the place where we now live. Sigh!

  72. Papaleng Pagulong permalink
    24/09/2015 8:54 pm

    Sad to say, Peace would not be attain by mankind. Satan is now with us, looking for ways to stop whatever peace endeavour human are thinking. Only when Jesus returns that peace be achieved.

  73. 24/09/2015 11:51 pm

    I think in order to achieve or observe peace in your life you have to learn how to listen and understand the people and your environment. Most of the time, it’s our action/reaction to a person or stimuli that disrupts the peace we have. So before doing or saying anything, think.

  74. JessDC permalink
    25/09/2015 12:39 am

    I remember when I was a child I always said that I would do something in order to make a change or to obtain world peace. But as I grow older I realized that it was too vague to obtain world peace. With all the distractions and war is so overwhelming. I have thought about peace from a tiny level and it starts by making peace with myself first. And everything else follows.

  75. Jessica Beal Harlow permalink
    25/09/2015 5:42 am

    Sometimes Peace seems like an unachieveable goal, but it’s important for everyone to do their part. I do think we get closer a peaceful society when people take it upon themselves to do what they can in their daily life. We can’t rely on someone else to fix it. 🙂

  76. sacha permalink
    25/09/2015 9:05 am

    peace starts within each individual first and then we’ll create a world of peace. We need to liberate our minds.

  77. danii permalink
    25/09/2015 3:27 pm

    Love the story of one hand clapping. Have not heard it before. Love the ending of Desiderata too – Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Beautiful post.

  78. Chin chin permalink
    26/09/2015 12:24 am

    I wish that peace can be achieved easily. But it takes work and cooperation from all of us. If each one will do his part, I’m hopeful that someday, we will have peace at last.

  79. Chin chin permalink
    26/09/2015 12:26 am

    I wish that peace can be achieved easily. But it takes work and cooperation from all of us. If only each one of us will do our part, I’m sure we will have peace someday at last.

  80. Gluten Free Carolina Girl permalink
    27/09/2015 3:34 pm

    This is a great reminder – especially with the Pope visit this week. I think peace has been on everyone’s mind.

  81. nilyncartagena permalink
    28/09/2015 3:00 pm

    I did not even know about the international peace day! But thanks for this, this reminds me of some of the misunderstandings that I have with some people. I hope we can be at peace in time.

  82. Cookappetite permalink
    09/10/2020 1:48 am

    Great post, the stories you included make reading fun.


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