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Motivation Mondays: Heart Of Transitions


“February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer.” Shirley Jackson

Heart of Transitions

Motivation Mondays: Heart of Transitions

February makes a bridge and March breaks it. George Hebert
Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so. Stanley Crawford
Go to the winter woods: listen there, look, watch, and “the dead months” will give you a subtler secret than any you have yet found in the forest. Fiona Macleod

Motivation Mondays: Heart of Transitions. What does February bring to the Monday Motivation table? This shortest month of the year packs a powerful punch with harsh winter days that force us to turn within. February brings us the heart of the depths of winter when all forms of life are either hibernating, dying or anticipating change; a time of transition that leads to rebirth. Its severity reminds us to be grateful and work at what matters… It is the month of historic celebrations; black history month, Valentine’s day, and more. Embrace the dark, cruel, cold days with hope for loving change in the air. The groundhog agrees with me. For this post, I have added poetry written with this month in mind. I hope it will inspire and motivate you to press forward. Come back for more.


“I’m a little groundhog, it’s my day.
Wake and stretch, go out and play.
Down in my burrow, down so deep,
Time to wake, from my long winter’s sleep.

Grumble, grumble, scratch, scratch,
Grunt, grunt, yawn.
I’ll eat my breakfast in your front lawn.
I’m a little groundhog, it’s my day.
Wake up and stretch, go out and play.’ Author Unknown

Edward Ward, ‘February’. via interestingliterature
He who would, in this Month, be warm within,
And when abroad, from Wet defend his Skin,
His Morning’s draught should be of Sack or Sherry,
And his Great Coat be made of Drab-de-berry.

Michael Field, ‘February’.via interestingliterature
Gay lucidity,
Not yet sunshine, in the air;
Tingling secrets hidden everywhere,
Each at watch for each;
Sap within the hillside beech,
Not a leaf to see.


“The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within.” William C. Bryant

 Motivation Mondays: Heart of Transitions

Motivation Mondays: Heart of Transitions

The February born will find
Sincerity and peace of mind;
Freedom from passion and from care,
If they the Pearl (also green Amethyst) will wear. Anon
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. Edith Sitwell

Transitions are often difficult because most of us prefer the comfort of the status quo. We compartmentalize our lives into secure little boxes and retrieve as needed. In times of transition, all our reserves are swept away and we stand exposed, ready for change… whether we like it or not. Like the harsh, cold, winds of winter, all that stands in the way of our toughest seasonal change is swept away and left bare. Life forms that dug deep roots in the warmer clime, dig deeper knowing that a time of renewal will soon arrive. Those that frittered away time on senseless pleasures disappear. Even in this month of chocolate, love and remembrance of black history, we must stay vigilant and plant meaningful seeds. Without adequate preparation, we cannot reap what we did NOT sow.
The heart of transitions that forms the title of my post is about digging deep within to tap into our core resilience in times of great change/transition. Like a muscle, it takes practice to develop the inner strength to weather all storms. It takes hard work and an unshakeable determination to trust that seasons of harshness in our lives will pass away but, we must do our part. Stay motivated to do your heavy lifting. Without laying the foundation, your house will not stand the winds of change.


February By Margaret Atwood via PoetryFoundation
Winter. Time to eat fat
and watch hockey. In the pewter mornings, the cat,
a black fur sausage with yellow
Houdini eyes, jumps up on the bed and tries
to get onto my head. It’s his
way of telling whether or not I’m dead.
If I’m not, he wants to be scratched; if I am
He’ll think of something. He settles
on my chest, breathing his breath
of burped-up meat and musty sofas,
purring like a washboard. Some other tomcat,
not yet a capon, has been spraying our front door,
declaring war. It’s all about sex and territory,
which are what will finish us off
in the long run. Some cat owners around here
should snip a few testicles. If we wise
hominids were sensible, we’d do that too,
or eat our young, like sharks.
But it’s love that does us in. Over and over
again, He shoots, he scores! and famine
crouches in the bedsheets, ambushing the pulsing
eiderdown, and the windchill factor hits
thirty below, and pollution pours
out of our chimneys to keep us warm.
February, month of despair,
with a skewered heart in the centre.
I think dire thoughts, and lust for French fries
with a splash of vinegar.
Cat, enough of your greedy whining
and your small pink bumhole.
Off my face! You’re the life principle,
more or less, so get going
on a little optimism around here.
Get rid of death. Celebrate increase. Make it be spring.


The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for JAN 2018/FEB 2018 are:



01/01 –    01/01 New Year’s Day, 01/04  World Braille Day, 01/07 Orthodox Christmas, Golden Globes Award
01/08 –   01/11 Human Trafficking Awareness,  01/14 Orthodox New Year,
01/15 –   01/15  Martin Luther King Day,  01/21 World Religion Day,
01/22 –   01/26 International Customs Day, 01/27 International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
01/28 –   01/28  Grammy Awards,


02/04 – 02, National Wear Red Day, Groundhog Day,
02/11 – 13, Mardi Gras, 14, Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, 16, Chinese New Year
02/18 – 19, Presidents Day
02/25 – Wrapping Up February – Black History Month, American Heart Month, National African American History


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“February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.” Dr. J. R. Stockton

 Motivation Mondays: Heart of Transitions

Motivation Mondays: Heart of Transitions

Heart of Transitions

Motivation Mondays: Heart of Transitions

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour. John Boswell
February is a suitable month for dying. Everything around is dead, the trees black and frozen so that the appearance of green shoots two months hence seems preposterous, the ground hard and cold, the snow dirty, the winter hateful, hanging on too long. Anna Quindle

Since that faithful day, in 2014, when I wrote my first Motivation Monday post; Motivation Mondays: CHANGE, on the topic of change, I have written many more. Each week, I contemplate my subject and pray for guidance to write on a topic that will help and benefit many. While I can confidently claim that I do the research, cull the photos, and create the content, the bulk of my posts are grounded in grace. I learn as much from the work as I learn from being observant and attuned to the world around me. My posts educate, heal, and encourage me as much as they do you. I am reminded every week that in writing this post with others in mind, I am doing as much, even more, for my own growth. Transitions/change/growth can be a terrifying winter in our lives but, if we let go our need to be in control, we will do just fine. When we make an effort to get to the heart of any matter of concern, the universe rallies to support us. Don’t despair… the cold days of February will eventually be replaced by spring … and summer … and fall. Where is the heart of your transitions? What guides and shapes it? Do tell.


“The day is ending,
The night is descending;
The marsh is frozen,
The river dead.

Through clouds like ashes
The red sun flashes
On village windows
That glimmer red.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Afternoon in February


The smeared, leather-coated, leather-greaved engineer
Walks in front of his traction-engine
Like some figure out of the sagas,
Like Grettir or like Skarpheddin,
With a sort of majestical swagger.
And his machine lumbers after him
Like some mythological beast,
Like Grendel bewitched and in chains,
But his ill luck will make me no sagas,
Nor will you crack the riddle of his skull,
O you over-educated, over-refined literati!
Nor yet you, store-bred realists,
You multipliers of novels!
He goes, and I go.
He stays and I stay.
He is mankind and I am the arts.
We are outlaws.
This war is not our war,
Neither side is on our side:
A vicious mediaevalism,
A belly-fat commerce,
Neither is on our side:
Whores, apes, rhetoricians,
Flagellants! in a year
Black as the dies irae.
We have about us only the unseen country road,
The unseen twigs, breaking their tips with blossom.


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Any Zen Antics stories via


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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos, February , Transition , via PixabayAND/OR Duck/Rabbit Illusionvia  Wikipedia


Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
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