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Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

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“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” Helen Keller

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

Happiness is both abstract and concrete…
Happiness fills us up and helps us fill others up,
May you always have happiness knocking at your door,
May your sadness be replaced with abundant happiness
May the Happiness you spread return in multiple forms. elizabeth obih-frank

What Does Happiness mean to you? What does HAPPINESS mean to me? What stands in OUR way? If our purpose in life is to be happy, what saps our joy and keeps many of us from experiencing even moments of happiness? Perhaps we need to start focusing our energies on what truly makes us happy. If my idea of happiness is enjoying a swim in the pool or taking a long walk on the aqueduct, why chuck it out for endless hours of whining about things we have little control over? If your idea of happiness is enjoying the company of real life friends and good music, why set it aside for something less real and incredibly draining? Happiness is based on the series of actions we take to lift ourselves up and the choices we make. Yet, we deny ourselves the bliss of being happy for reasons that are as individualized as we are; some psychological and some intentional. Intentional? Yep, some folks thrive on whining, and a simple shift in attitude from negative to positive could make a big difference. The most important step we can take on our road to motivating ourselves to be happy is to continually ask ourselves the question: What is stopping me? 

“True happiness involves the pursuit of worthy goals. Without dreams, without risks, only a trivial semblance of living can be achieved. Dan Buettner.

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

Motivation Mondays: Happiness| Relay The Red = Heart/Self Care

Motivation Mondays: Happiness| Relay The Red = Heart/Self Care

May you be blessed with friends who truly care,
Friends who are willing to take a dare,
Friends who don’t tell you only what you want to hear,
Friends who say a prayer when you’re filled with fear,
Friends who bless you and, in times of sadness, shed a tear
Friends who stick around and wave a flag to help you cheer… elizabeth obih-frank

What sacrifices are you making in your life and why? The first few steps to maintaining joy in our lives is to practice self-care and spend time with people who lift us up; friends, and family, mentors and supporters.  If we find ourselves thanking the universe for a friend/family/supporter, and holding happy thoughts about them, we have found that special brand of grace in our lives and in our friendships; nurture it and watch it grow. Since this is National Women’s Health Week, be vigilant about nurturing your body, mind and spirit. Join the #RelaytheRed Challenge and commit to do one heart healthy action for yourself for the rest of the week. You read about it on my post: The Heart Truth®: Take #RelaytheRed Pledge

I shared in another post about growing up around women in my community who spent a lot of time taking care of others but never taking care of themselves. Of course, everyone spoke highly of these women because they were self-sacrificing, and living up to an imaginary ideal that even they knew they would never fully attain. On the surface, their behavior was admirable. But, on closer examination, it was tragic. They were not happy women. They were not free. Do work that elevates you and helps you fill your happiness quotient. If your work feels chore-like or makes you feel like a martyr then something is off. Mothering should be joyful. Service to others should feel good even with the challenges that come with any type of work. Find a way to be happy with your choices  and add other options to your life so you can stay connected to your interests and to the world… We need all of the above.

A Story: Nasrudin Steals Happiness by: Author Unknown
Nasrudin saw a man sitting dispiritedly at the side of the road. And asked him what troubled him.
“There is nothing of interest in life, my brother,” said the man.
“I have sufficient capital in order that I don’t have to work, and I am only on this trip in order to seek something more interesting and entertaining than the life I have at home.” “So far I haven’t found it!”
Without another word, Nasrudin seized the travelers knapsack and made off down the road with it, running like a rabbit. Since he knew the area, he was easily able to out distance the man. The road curved, and Nasrudin cut across several switchbacks, with the result that he was soon back on the road, well ahead of the man he had just robbed. He put the knapsack by the side of the road and waited for the distressed traveler to show up.
Soon the miserable man appeared, following the tortuous road, and feeling more unhappy than ever because of his loss.
As soon as he saw his property lying there, by the side of the road, he ran towards it, shouting with joy.
“That’s one way of producing happiness!” said Nasrudin.

“Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.” Maxim Gorky

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS


A Moment Of Happiness by Rumi
A moment of happiness,
you and I sitting on the verandah,
apparently two, but one in soul, you and I.
We feel the flowing water of life here,
you and I, with the garden’s beauty
and the birds singing.
The stars will be watching us,
and we will show them
what it is to be a thin crescent moon.
You and I unselfed, will be together,
indifferent to idle speculation, you and I.
The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar
as we laugh together, you and I.
In one form upon this earth,
and in another form in a timeless sweet land. via

Do you experience snatches or long periods of happiness? If your happiness is infrequent,  determine what triggers the feelings of lack, make peace with your situation and decide that you are doing the best you can to address the issues that bother your spirit. You see, we have this misconception that unless we a full bank account, all the sexy gear around us, charming suitors and other extravaganzas, we don’t deserve to be happy. We forget that happiness doesn’t always have to be tied to “things.” Let go of the limited expectations and start to just be present and grateful for what is. As your gratitude grows, your happiness will grow; join the two by finding things to make you laugh and add to your happiness; it is a CHOICE! The poem above by Rumi is food for thought; see the joy in the simplest of events.

The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for April and May are:
04/13 – MISTAKES
04/20 – GROWTH

05/20 – FITNESS
05/27 – SERVICE


“So many conditions of happiness are available; more than enough for you to be happy right now. You don’t have to run into the future to get more.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

Motivation Mondays: HAPPINESS

What would your happy world look like? When we spend time nurturing ourselves, and freely pursuing our interests while nurturing those around us, our happiness tank is full. First, we must accept that we are okay and that the work we do is necessary for our survival Just like the flight attendants tell us to put our gas masks on first beofre helping our kids on a descending plane, we must fuel our bodies and minds with rich nutrients and oxygen. When we give ourselves space to become are fit and stable, we are in a better position to help others. Our actions impact our choices and can make us happy or sad. If you can spend time being miserable, find time to embrace happiness too. It is your right and we all deserve those happy, joyful days and activities… Let’s go do it!

A Story: The Ass and His Masters by: Author Unknown
An ass, belonging to an herb-seller who gave him too little food and too much work, made a petition to Jupiter to be released from his present service and provided with another master. Jupiter, after warning him that he would repent his request, had him sold to a tile-maker. Shortly afterwards, finding that he had heavier loads to carry and harder work in the brick-field, the Ass petitioned for another change of master. Jupiter told him that it would be the last time that he could grant the request, then  sold the Ass to a tanner. The Ass soon found that he had fallen into worse hands, and noting his master’s occupation, said, groaning: “It would have been better for me to have been either starved by the one, or to have been overworked by the other of my former masters, than to have been bought by my present owner, who will kill me, tan my hide, and make me useful to him after I am dead.” He that finds discontentment in one place is not likely to find happiness in another.

What are your thoughts?   Do share! Thank you.

For More: Women’s Lives & Issues 

Positive Motivation Tip: Happiness is  a choice we make and we can see it in the tiniest events or in the largest gifts… Choose it for your health.

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Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet

160 Comments leave one →
  1. Masshole Mommy permalink
    11/05/2015 12:07 pm

    You know what makes me happy? My kids. If they are happy, I am 🙂

  2. Everything Home Life permalink
    11/05/2015 12:14 pm

    Love this “May you be blessed with friends who truly care,
    Friends who are willing to take a dare,
    Friends who don’t tell you only what you want to hear,
    Friends who say a prayer when you’re filled with fear,
    Friends who bless you and, in times of sadness, shed a tear
    Friends who stick around and wave a flag to help you cheer… elizabeth obih-frank”

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. 11/05/2015 12:23 pm

    There’s a lot of odd text at the bottom of this post honey!

    • 13/05/2015 11:19 am

      Hahaha! Thank you Gilly! I published my post and dashed off to take care of some family matter and only noticed my error after the fact. I fixed it now. Thank you!

  4. Dawn McAlexander Crawford permalink
    11/05/2015 12:24 pm

    I find that the easiest way to be happy is to be determined to be happy. What a beautiful post.

  5. listen2mama permalink
    11/05/2015 1:42 pm

    Another fantastic motivational post. I look forward to these on Mondays!

  6. Christy Maurer permalink
    11/05/2015 2:46 pm

    I think a lot of people are unhappy because they’re never content with what they have. If you look at what you do have rather than what you don’t, you’ll be happier 🙂

  7. Dina Demarest permalink
    11/05/2015 3:10 pm

    I’m a pretty happy person. I love my job, family and my life. I think it helps to try to find things to be grateful for every day.

  8. ilovepaars permalink
    11/05/2015 4:44 pm

    My child is my forever happiness. When im having a bad day, i just look to my kid and hug her, everythings fine. And Shopping! Lol

  9. tweenselmom permalink
    11/05/2015 5:07 pm

    oh you need to work on the codes on this post.

  10. lovemindanao permalink
    11/05/2015 5:43 pm

    thanks for this post as I was reminded that i really have to do things in life with a smile.. not just on the outside but deep within… life is simple and short and it would be a waste if we will just spend it on being negative and frustrated all the time… love it !

  11. Fernando permalink
    11/05/2015 6:23 pm

    Happiness for everyone differs in motivation and situation. The degree lies on what could be the level of satisfaction and emotion that motivates your true happiness. Fernando Lachica

  12. Raymond Vasquez permalink
    11/05/2015 6:36 pm

    Sometimes it has something to do with who you are with frequently. There are, unfortunately, a lot of happiness vampires around us. So we need to be aware. Although I am most of the time I am happy. But that is because, I make a conscious effort to be so. 🙂 It’s a choice. 🙂

  13. 11/05/2015 7:08 pm

    My friends keep telling me before how I should aim to be happy as if it was like a goal in life that takes a lot to achieve but I realized that happiness is more of a choice than a goal. We can easily choose to be happy and be happy. We just have to learn how to focus our thoughts well.

  14. Heather permalink
    11/05/2015 7:40 pm

    I know a person who needs to hear this! I wish I could see that they are the product of their own demise, that they themselves control their own happiness, that it doesn’t matter what other’s do, they control how they react to it. I once read somewhere that life is only 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to! I totally believe it and try to remind myself of this saying on bad days. In fact I have this printed out and on my bulletin board.

  15. Beth@FrugalFroggie permalink
    11/05/2015 7:58 pm

    I wish more people made an effort to be happy. It is a conscience decision to be happy.

  16. pinntell permalink
    11/05/2015 7:59 pm

    <3 Thanks for the motivation! Just what I needed after a crazy hectic day!

  17. ardisgirl permalink
    11/05/2015 8:22 pm

    I’ve been doing a lot of work on improving my overall quality of life lately and I’ve found the key to that is happiness. I’ve slowly been implementing small activities throughout my day that cheer me up, or at least help put a smile on someone else’s face. It’s very rewarding 🙂

  18. Rachée Fagg permalink
    11/05/2015 8:30 pm

    I have been taking a look at the smallest things in my life to being me joy and happiness. I do agree that it is more of a choice; I can choose to be miserable or look for the brighter spots and enjoy those.

  19. Myrabev permalink
    11/05/2015 9:26 pm

    I love your motivational monday posts, I always say happiness is a choice. As you have clearly mentioned some people intentionally are good at whining over things they have no control over thereby replacing happiness with worry. I always see everyday as an opportunity to exercise my happiness and nothing stands in my way no matter the circumstance. I know I can not wait for someone to make me happy I have to do it myself.

  20. Tiffany Yong permalink
    11/05/2015 9:37 pm

    What’s Stopping me from Happiness? This is food for thought. I have never really thought about it. It’s easy to to focus on the negative side and forget about the happiness we have!

  21. Christina Boyer permalink
    11/05/2015 10:02 pm

    Another great post! I believe the number one way to be happy is to live a life with a grateful heart. Truly be thankful for all that you have and focus on those blessings rather than the negative. The things you don’t have. If you constantly want more, you’ll never be happy.

  22. julianarw permalink
    11/05/2015 10:28 pm

    Wonderful photos. I am happy when seeing both my sons are happy. Being happy is just accept what we already have not dreaming something else that we don’t have 😀

  23. upliftingfam permalink
    11/05/2015 10:30 pm

    Happiness is a choice that you have total control over. Your in charge of your own thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, ect which gives you the power to react to the situation or circumstances.

    When your having a bad day, simply grab a pen and notebook. Then write out a list of the positive things even little things. It is amazing how doing this will change your outlook and it will improve your overall happiness.

  24. sikat101 permalink
    12/05/2015 12:04 am

    Happiness is a choice. I am glad to learn early in life how to make myself happy without depending on other people but myself. Happiness is a daily decision to make and it may sound easy for some and a struggle for others. I think it is something that each person needs to learn to do for themselves.

  25. Bojoy permalink
    12/05/2015 12:53 am

    I always believe that happiness comes from within. Your photos made me happy! Thanks for sharing.


  26. Rebecca Swenor permalink
    12/05/2015 1:43 am

    This is an awesome post and it should at least make people who read it smile and think. I also believe being happy is a choice for us all. I always say life is what you make it. When you surround yourself with positive people you will end up spreading the positive energy to others. Thanks for sharing.

  27. May DeJesus-Palacpac permalink
    12/05/2015 2:30 am

    True happiness involves the pursuit of worthy goals. Without dreams, without risks, only a trivial semblance of living can be achieved. —> I agree, 100%! If there’s one thing I regret about my past, it’s having looked at the things I was privileged with from a wrong perspective. Mindset has a lot to do with happiness, too. 🙂

  28. Raquel permalink
    12/05/2015 3:24 am

    I do agree that happiness is something we should seek and not wait for. Life is too short to sacrifice our own happiness.

  29. Ling Tan permalink
    12/05/2015 5:01 am

    It’s true you know, that we are generally as happy as we allow ourselves to be. I am learning that only now, relatively late – haahaha!!! And you know what, when you love yourself enough, the world loves you right back – so do that and live happy 🙂

  30. swell conditions permalink
    12/05/2015 5:28 am

    I’ve just learnt that I have to take care of myself and my happiness and that is making me a better parent. Thanks for your post!

  31. 12/05/2015 5:31 am

    Happiness is really a choice you make. It’s easier achieved once you know what you want.

  32. Pooja Kawatra Gupta permalink
    12/05/2015 5:31 am

    I feel that happiness is state of mind you don’t need big vacations, expensive meal or gifts.spending time with your loved one , cooking a meal for my family and sitting leisurely an do watching a movie together at home. Even the small things can brighten up the life.

  33. Rebel Sweetheart permalink
    12/05/2015 6:14 am

    Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    I choose to be happy and think happy thoughts as much as i can. Worrying will only give me wrinkles. 🙂

  34. Dave April Decheine permalink
    12/05/2015 7:31 am

    This is awesome, Happiness is so important. I do all things that make my space happy, which makes me happy!

  35. R U S S permalink
    12/05/2015 8:09 am

    Happiness has taken a different meaning for me – it does change every so often. What made me happy when I was 5 isnt the same thing that makes me happy now. As a grown-up, the stuff that make me happy are no longer material things, goes with age I guess. 8 hours of restful sleep, time spent with my Mom and loved ones, a non-work day, no long queues in the bank or in the supermarket are just some of the things that make me happy now. They may be simple, but for me, they’re all priceless.

  36. 12/05/2015 9:06 am

    I think if happiness is elusive. We might be looking at wrong ends and need to adopt.

  37. Liz Mays permalink
    12/05/2015 10:15 am

    My happiness is long lasting now. It didn’t used to be, but when I got my life on track again, it all fell into place.

  38. Lois Jones permalink
    12/05/2015 10:20 am

    I believe that happiness is a choice. it is much easier to really experience happiness when your heart if full of joy and that only comes from God!

  39. DogVills permalink
    12/05/2015 12:25 pm

    What a motivational read. Happiness is around us, we just need to grasp it and make sure to appreciate it

  40. Fatemah Sajwani permalink
    12/05/2015 12:55 pm

    Happiness is really the key to success. If you aren’t well motivated and happy, you wont be able to effectively complete your task. Great post Liz. =)

  41. mirrorgirl permalink
    12/05/2015 1:40 pm

    Lovely post with wonderful pictures!

  42. Lexie Lane permalink
    12/05/2015 3:03 pm

    Someone once told me that waking up every morning feeling happy is a choice. A choice that also makes our day.

  43. Michele permalink
    12/05/2015 3:19 pm

    Happiness is never having to be a bookkeeper at all ever again. Alternatelu reading to my hearts content also is total happiness for me.

  44. Sunshine Kelly permalink
    12/05/2015 3:45 pm

    Happiness is a matter of choice. I will not trade my happiness for anything. Sometimes I have a little compared to others but I am happy with what I have and grateful to God compared to some who had so much more but not happy because the want more and more, so call greedy, that will never end.

  45. Holly @ Woman Tribune permalink
    12/05/2015 3:52 pm

    Happiness can be a tough one for me. As someone who lives with debilitating depression, I can’t always see the happy around me. Though over the last few years I have learned to find one thing a day that makes me happy and really revel in it. Take it all in and exhale it out and realize how lucky I am. It works wonders.

  46. Michelle Solee (@michisolee) permalink
    12/05/2015 3:58 pm

    Nice post. I agree, happiness is a choice and I just choose to be happy. 🙂

  47. Debbie Denny permalink
    12/05/2015 5:15 pm

    Awesome post. I have had sadness this last week, but we did find happiness.

  48. Nova permalink
    12/05/2015 5:42 pm

    Thanks for the information, truly nice to learn all this things

  49. April G permalink
    12/05/2015 7:06 pm

    I’m learning to be happier with myself. Life has been difficult for me, but I know that I’m better than my circumstances.

  50. The Trophy WifeStyle permalink
    12/05/2015 7:15 pm

    another great post!!!! Being happy should be a goal for everyone! Happiness really is the key to life

  51. 3sonshavei permalink
    12/05/2015 9:26 pm

    Nothing makes me happier than looking at nature photos

  52. Jason Panuelos permalink
    12/05/2015 11:32 pm

    In so many ways, I think I needed this especially now. We have to learn to find happiness in everything 😀

  53. Papaleng Pagulong permalink
    12/05/2015 11:46 pm

    Happy is sharing sweet moments with my family, but god always gives me joy.

  54. JanzCrystalz/January permalink
    13/05/2015 1:38 am

    I am trying to let go, and see how big this happiness in me. Soon I’ll be more grateful of what I have and soon truly embrace happiness.

  55. Kylie permalink
    13/05/2015 1:54 am

    Happiness is the greatest treasure of all. I hope everyone will stay happy and keep on smiling!~

  56. JessicaACassidy (@wifetoalineman) permalink
    13/05/2015 3:25 am

    I am a very simple person. Little things makes me happy. Life is too short that we need to spend it with our family and creating happy memories with them.

  57. Dhemz permalink
    13/05/2015 6:19 am

    everyone deserves happiness…and happiness is a choice! Thanks for sharing these great thoughts.

  58. Amanda Love permalink
    13/05/2015 8:12 am

    I haven’t been totally happy in a long time since I’ve been suffering from depression. I do need to take better care of myself and just let go of negativity. I’m sure that will surely help me.

    • 13/05/2015 7:09 pm

      Take all the time you need to nurture yourself and also seek professional help. Talking to a professional is a great first step to healing… Hugs <3

  59. Juliana permalink
    13/05/2015 2:20 pm

    I strive for both happiness and joy. Happiness is they say, all for a fleeting moment; while joy is something that stays within your core. After almost 4 years since that life changing turn in my life, I take each day at a time and I savor every single moment.

  60. Nova permalink
    13/05/2015 4:56 pm

    Happiness should comes from what sizes even when its the smallest or the biggest.

  61. Mayen permalink
    13/05/2015 11:00 pm

    I’m trying to be positive at all times as much as I can. I love to find good things in my day, even in a bad day. I can say that I am happy because I choose to be happy.

  62. mayen permalink
    13/05/2015 11:02 pm

    I try to be positive at all times as much as I can. I get rid of the people that only give me negative vibes. I’m happy because I choose to be happy.

  63. Allan permalink
    13/05/2015 11:48 pm

    Happiness is not always comes in a huge package. Often times, there are simple things that are neglected to be the cause of our happiness.

  64. Mommy Anna permalink
    14/05/2015 12:58 am

    Happiness is what everyone needs to be contented on his life 🙂

  65. Papaleng Pagulong permalink
    14/05/2015 3:34 am

    Love the poem of Rumi.. So heartfelt and pictured happiness in so simple situation.. Having sweet moments shared with love one.

  66. Chubskulit Rose permalink
    14/05/2015 12:24 pm

    Those beautiful smiles and lovely flowers just made my day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  67. MapleMouseMama permalink
    14/05/2015 4:40 pm

    Oh boy, what makes me happy? I think when my kids are healthy and being nice to one another. They smile and laugh more and that just makes everyone feel good. <3 Great photo collage by the way Elizabeth. 🙂

  68. Dominique Goh permalink
    15/05/2015 5:36 am

    Happiness can be a fleeting moment or something that is always experienced. It is something that one should work on. Seeing my kids having fun being with each other makes me happy.

  69. nilyncartagena permalink
    15/05/2015 3:16 pm

    How could I ever forget Helen Keller! I remember we’re in High School when we talked about her life. She didn’t let her blindness affect how she looks at life. 🙂

  70. nilyncartagena permalink
    16/05/2015 2:18 am

    What makes me happy are the very simple things in life. My son laughing and a simple play outside.

  71. Marissa Bulatao (@MommyUnwired) permalink
    18/05/2015 12:10 am

    Thanks for the motivation! It is Monday! I need them badly 🙂

  72. Mommy Maye permalink
    18/05/2015 1:35 am

    For me, if you choose to be then you will be happy.Besides there are so many reasons to be happy about. Another great post here.

  73. vera permalink
    18/05/2015 6:45 pm

    I am generally happy. There really isn’t a time that I am unhappy. I experience sadness, yes, but there is always a reason to smile and be happy again. I hope never to find a reason to stop being happy!

  74. yolomoments12 permalink
    18/05/2015 7:05 pm

    Thanks for this. Happiness is a choice and just appreciate what you have and not what you want.

  75. leybainpublic permalink
    19/05/2015 3:14 am

    We can always find happiness all over the place. If we, humans, will just choose to be happy, for sure sadness and hatred won’t prevail.

  76. theresa permalink
    19/05/2015 8:01 am

    the happiness on those photos especially the smile on the people are contagious! Recently, I was so down that it’s hard to be happy myself but seeing my fiance’s smile just made my day complete. Always choose to be happy. It’s a choice.

  77. 19/05/2015 11:44 pm

    I believe that we are responsible for our happiness.

  78. Papaleng Pagulong permalink
    20/05/2015 11:32 pm

    Happiness to me is that of sharing my smile for everyone to see.

  79. Melgie permalink
    21/05/2015 4:18 am

    Those photos are pure definition of happiness. I have to say that, happiness comes within- and having my sweet little family makes me so happy all the time.

  80. MariaWent2Town permalink
    27/05/2015 4:56 pm

    i always try to be happy. It makes life easier to deal with…compared to being too negative.

  81. Ithfifi permalink
    09/11/2017 8:20 am

    Happiness is so important! I agree with you about the women who spend all their time taking care of others but it sad to see that sometimes all their giving can lead them into absolute unhappiness. Its important for us both health wise and mentally. I recently left a whole situation – relationship, country and more for the sake of my happiness and I am glad I did. Being in such an unhappy situation had really taken a toll on my health. Now I am surrounded by family which to me is one of the key things in my life for happiness.


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