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Motivation Mondays: Why Does #MLKDAY Matter?

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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King Jr.

Motivation Mondays: Why Does #MLKDAY Matter?
Motivation Mondays: Why Does #MLKDAY Matter?

Martin Luther KingI Have a Dream Speech – August 28, 1963

Motivation & Courage to Act: Every year, on January 16, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by reflecting on his extraordinary life, his eloquent speeches and exhortations that pulled many to stand up and act with courage, and the ultimate sacrifice he made to ensure the Civil Rights Movement would succeed.  One of Dr. King’s goals was to bring an end to the terrible inequities that held this great nation hostage for many years.  He and all the men and women who courageously spoke up, demonstrated, and even died for the cause are reminders to the rest of us that we must not be silent about wrongdoing.  Their enormous effort and deliberate actions of non-violent resistance paved the way for some of the freedoms we enjoy today.

So why does MLK Day matter? It matters because his effort and actions continue to inspire so many of us to live life with courage and to stay motivated about creating a world where equal rights under the law must become a given globally, and where unity among the races will one day become ubiquitous. In the interim, we must not stand by and watch our fellow men and women be oppressed and abused. We must speak up. The eloquence and grace of Dr. King’s prophetic messages continue to resonate in the lives of many people around the world.


“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Motivation Mondays: Why Does #MLKDAY Matter?
Motivation Mondays: Why Does #MLKDAY Matter?


Full MLK: I’ve Been to the Mountaintop Part 3/3

History Informs our past, present and future: We live in a tumultuous world where some prefer a legacy of hatred and ignorance. If you are attentive to the march of history, you’d understand that we must be vigilant about ensuring the atrocities of the past never happen again. If we stand by and ignore the growing trend in hate and discord around the world, we will one day get swept up by it too. We must not defer the dream because, even in 2017, we live in a fractious world where parity and equity remain a dream for so many. Those inequities build resentments and hatreds which, ultimately, have led to wars and ethnic cleansing.

Why does MLK Day matter? It matters because we want to leave a legacy of equality and peace to our children and for the next generation. If we choose the road of apathy, we will surely pay a price for it. Look back at history and consider all the horrific crimes against humanity that have taken place, and then remember that it took a few courageous souls to inspire others to take action and put a stop to it. We are NOT immune from such acts occurring again so that is another reason why MLK Day matters.


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01/08   –  08 Golden Globes Award,  11 Human Trafficking Awareness Day, 12 Full Moon
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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Motivation Mondays: Why Does #MLKDAY Matter?
Motivation Mondays: Why Does #MLKDAY Matter?

Documentary: Selma to Montgomery March
Motivation to Help the Oppressed & Others: What are you doing for others? We have seen some of the outcomes that occur when people build walls of hate against each other instead of walls of hope.  Recently, in response to a piece I read, I added that while the walls we build in our hearts are far more dangerous than a physical wall we can see, we must not ignore its pernicious symbolism. It’s still a shame that so many people are flip about the notion of creating distance between nations without thinking through the implications and long term damage to relations between people. Walls are an act of aggression that say I don’t want you crossing my line. We need to build bridges to unity and understanding not walls to divide and destroy our chance at learning how to share this beautiful yet maligned planet.

Does MLK Day Matter? Yes it does. We need to remember that MLK Day matters because it challenges us to think about the implications and the power of history to educate and warn us. It challenges us to do for others as we would like them to do for us. Come back for more! Why does MLK Day matter to YOU?

Have a Happy, Healthy 2017!

Any Zen Antics stories via Goodweb.cn


Positive Motivation Tip:  Make a choice to be an advocate for peace and equity and let it begin in your heart and home.

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Motivation Mondays: MLK Day – I Have A Dream Speech

  • “What are you doing for others?” this questions reminds me the happy moment of my family doing a charity event, 4 years ago, we usually donate food and clothes to those who are in needs. It stopped when my grandma died, we are all depressed and busy up until now. We are planning to celebrate my grandma’s 5th death year anniversary in a charity center

  • I find everything MLK stood for resonates even more now, in a way. I’m trying to hold tight to hope.

  • Wow, I saw the title for this post and felt my eyebrows go right up to my hairline. “Why does MLK Day Matter?” What???

    I’m glad the post didn’t go the way the title suggested it might. He was – and always will be – a legendary human.

  • Now more than ever we need to seriously remember that we are not immune from hatred. MLK Day is a helpful reminder.

  • Now more than ever we need to remember that we are not immune from hatred. MLK Day is certainly a helpful reminder.

  • Amazing post to remember such a beautiful human being! Thank you for your words!

  • MLK Day does matter because he is one of a kind. A true meaning of a brave man who will take any consequences even his own life to fought for the right of everyone. He sets as an inspiration and an eye opening to the blind governance of the state. He should always be remembered through his good deeds and respect for humanity.

  • It is so important to keep remembering the courageous words and acts of people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and instill these ideals in ourselves and our children. If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. I look to people that have changed the course of our history, and I try to apply their message to our world today. And I teach these ideals to my own son in hopes that he will be a part of a better future. Very inspiring post.

  • I remember watching the movie Selma, which talks about his movement to make voting open to all, culminating in a march from Selma to Montgomery. It was a very striking film and a great reminder of how people like Martin Luther King Jr fought for the liberties we enjoy today. There’s so much hate these days. We need more inspiring leaders who push for an open and equal society!

  • We dont have MLK day here in Canada but I think it’s really important. Everyone should know about MLK and his movement – especially our kids!

  • That is a great MLK quote at the top. Things that matter are important and if people don’t speak up about them things will never change.

  • I appreciate what MLK means and symbolizes and I’m not even American. His words and actions have transcended countries and borders. He’s a constant reminder to all of us to stand up for what’s right.

  • Beautiful post! I loved this one so much. As someone who is currently living in a rural town, I feel as though his words have been resonating with me more than ever. It’s interesting how history truly repeats itself….

  • MLK day is a great day. I truly believe it’s not just one of those holidays where people are like “sweet, I have Monday off”… I truly believe people actually KNOW why they have the day off.

  • The world lost a great man when they killed Martin Luther King. He was such an inspiration, I can’t help but think of what he would’ve accomplished had he lived.

  • I really love this message so perfect for me and so glad you share this good motivation, I love reading this

  • MLK was an amazing, inspiring man. Without his words and his march we would not be anywhere near the equality that we have today. Although it feels as though it’s slipping, we wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for this great man. I admire MLK and his dream.

  • MLK was an excellent speaker and brave for standing up for what is right. I think MLK day is important because we should remember all of the accomplishments he made for the civil rights movement.

  • He is such an inspiration to everyone. The things he accomplished should never be forgotten.

  • I believe that a lot of people take MLK Day for granted and enjoy as just another day off from work. Honoring the sacrifices that Dr. King and others have endured for our country is important.

  • Dr. King has taught me so much in my life. He has taught me to stand up for what I believe in, no matter how many people are against me. I was a debater in high school and I mimicked his way of speaking because it’s so beautiful. I wish that people would learn to celebrate him for more than just one day a year, because he is worth celebrating. And our attempt at equality is thanks to him.

  • According to me, Martin Luther King and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi were the only 2 greatest men who ever lived. So MLKDay and Gandhi Jayanthi are important to me!

  • Unforgettable person, we can learn so much from him! And the “I have a dream” speech was super powerful and motivating.

  • Even as a Canadian, MLK Day feels important to me. Although our countries share different histories, the reminder to continue to stand up for equality and human rights is always important

  • MLK definitely changed history. He’s such an inspiration to everyone. I hope everything that he fought for would continue.

  • We stayed up and watched a documentary on him last night. I lived in South Texas through school segregation. I loved being able to say I was a part of that. So proud of him and all his success.

  • Though we do not celebrate the day in the UK we celebrate it us black folks thank MLK and the folks that fought for the liberties we enjoy today. Great post as always Elizabeth.

  • He was such a wonderful man. I am so glad that there is a day dedicated to him. He did so much and reminds us all to treat others with respect.

  • He was such an inspirational man that you can bring about change without being insanely rude about it. He helped remove so much of the hate that was going around back then.

  • Happy Martin Luther King day! I really like his quote “I have a dream” which sent a profound message to many till today. May his legacy live on .

  • He is the man that matters because he is a part of history. I don’t know about him but I have heard few story about him.

  • I’ve heard a lot of story about this man. I think he really matters because he is a legend.

  • MLK day matters so much! He was an incredible man. He truly deserves so much credit for the progress our country has made!


  • When I taught 2nd grade I loved MLK day because I loved the lessons we taught with it. I just wish people remembered him more during the year.

  • I like the question posed about what we do for others. On the other hand, we must also consistently ask ourselves what we do about ourselves. Sometimes we lose control and all we ever care about is caring for others.

  • I saw your round up on Instagram yesterday of the images of Martin. You capture him so beautifully in honor of his special day

  • I have heard a lot about Martin Luther King from my father and this article is pretty amazing to read!

  • MLK Day matters to me because the principles and rights that he fought for matter and the grace and love that he showed during this time is an inspiration. In the world we live in today, we all need to remember MLK’s words and actions and continue to try to make this world the world that MLK envisioned all those years ago.

  • This is a beautifully written post and has made me think àbout things in a different way.

  • I love the quote you started with. It is true, and timeless. Yes, MLK day is very relevant, even more so, as we are approaching a time, were those against Unity and equality won. Thankfully it is only temporary. Blessings!

  • Such an important day to reflect on. Thank you bringing this the forefront of all of our minds.

  • MLK was more than just a civil rights leader. He was a voice of freedom and equality for everyone. I think so many people misconstrue his work as just an advancement of one race. That is not the case. He was a voice for all races.

  • So many of MLK quotes are among my favorites. Wonderful selection to highlight for your post.

  • This is the first year I didn’t even realized MLK day had passed. It’s sad that it can go buy without anybody mentioning it.

  • Unity and diversity will take communities far. I respect and empathy flourish when we work together

  • I’ve always been a fan of Martin Luther King, Jr. and all of his quotes…. I share frequently and am so thrilled to see most American’s still hold his memorial day sacred. Really nice post! xoxo Robin

  • MLK Day is a great reminder about how important is to stand up for injustice, and to serve others.

  • We celebrated yesterday by going to see the movie Hidden Figures. I wanted my kids to see what WE can do! It was very inspiring.

  • MLK would be ashamed the way people act and treat others these days. It’s like nothing has changed. One group can make all of them look bad.

  • I had my sons over my shoulder as I played these videos for them to see and feel his legacy resonating through his own voice. I am lucky in that my kids’ school has done an amazing job each year they have attended ensuring all children truly understand who MLK was and his actual history. If they had not, I would have but, I still do; emulation is very important when teaching children right versus wrong. I am always proud when they are able to have conversations involving his quotes.

  • Sadly society at large doesn’t understand this anymore. Everyone is out for what’s best for them and never thinks of how it will impact other. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed your writings.

  • This post is awesome. He deserves all the recognition and applaud for all he has done. I’m so glad there is a day for him.

  • MLK is really important to our history and present. Our country seems to be reverting backwards instead of moving forward. Racism is becoming back like a steam train. It is sad but oh so true.

  • It’s sad that people would actually fail to understand the significance of MLK day. I wish we had a similar holiday in Manila so people would be less ignorant about worldly things.

  • The direction the country appears to be going in, it is important we remember the message of MLK and preach and teach the next generation. thanks for the motivation!

  • It’s important that we honor this day and take note of what happened during that time as well. All these have helped shape history. I just hope that with the amount of hate that people have with each other these days, we don’t throw all of this away.

  • Thank you for sharing this article, those videos and for reminding us those speeches, he is the great man over the generations .

  • For some reason, MLk reminds me of St Francis prayer which goes: “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.”

  • It’s important that we honor this day and take note of what happened during that time as well. All these have helped shape history. I just hope that with the amount of hate that people have with each other these days, we don’t throw all of this away.

  • My favorite – “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • MLK day matters to me because it represents an era of courage and strength that we don’t often see in today’s times. I only hope the leaders of the future can emulate even a small portion of his greatness.

  • Such an interesting post, it’s important to remember and celebrate these important people who changed the world we live in x

  • When it comes to Martin Luther King, he’ll always stand for equality and respecting the rights of people. It’s really good to remember his contributions.

  • I will never stop believing that he is one of the best human beings to ever live on this earth! He truly was an incredible man who did above and beyond for the rights of others.

  • What a beautiful tribute and post. I often wonder what he would think of today’s political climate.

  • I remember reading a copy of MLK’s famous speech when I was in grade school. I have been very impressed with this man since then.

  • It’s amazing how one individual can inspire so many. His statement to ask what you can do for others is so motivating and profound. It teaches us to look beyond our own lives and step into the shoes of others. He’s the ultimate example of strength and courage.

  • Regarding your paragraph about building walls… I think people are building walls from each other because they are afraid of getting hurt. When there is a wall between your emotions and the person in front of you, you are protecting yourself. You are right, we should be building walls of hope but unfortunately our society teaches us differently.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. was such an important man and a powerful speaker and motivator. I love the quotes you shared.

  • I believe it’s important to honor great personalities like M.L.King. #MLKDay is important, since it gives us a chance to be reminded and to be inspired by his life and his fight. After all, we all should have a dream!

  • MLK Day is definitely still important. He would want us to continue working toward his dream.

  • It is so important to celebrate all that MlK did for the black civil rights and while he is not the only person to engineer change he is definitely one of the most prolific.

  • “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- this quote is what my parents have been living on for years now.

  • This is an inspiring and thought provoking post. I had no idea that there was a Martin Luther King Day although he definitely was a hero that should be celebrated.

  • This is an incredible post, and so well written too. I admire this man so much for all he did for the greater good of our world. Thank you for writing this!

  • He truly was an inspiration and changed the world for the better. It’s important to honour everything that he stood for and celebrate such a brave man on this day

  • Regardless of any race, MLK day should matter to everyone. He was such an inspiration, his legacy lives on.

  • He was such an inspirational man and I think if nayone deserves their own day its this guy. My husband listens to speeches of his all the time and loves them. Its like everytime you listen to them you find more meaning in what he is saying

  • Thank-you so much for such a great post. I haven’t read much from bloggers about Martin Luther King .. so I really appreciated running across it. I appreciated that you included excerpts from his speeches .. what a great man

  • What a perfect post for this Monday’s motivation! I hope you had an awesome Monday!

  • I can’t relate much about MLK since I am not an American, but I’ve heard so many great stories about him. I can say that he is someone that we can look up to.

  • Martin Luther Iing is definitely one important person in history!!! He stood for so much when no one else would!

  • I do think MLK Day matters. It’s important that we not forget and history is truly a great lesson (if we pay attention)!

  • Watched lots of MLK videos on Monday & sitting here tonight, again I’m so glad I’m joining the women’s march on Saturday. Once again we (women) need to stand up for our rights.

  • Even I was not aware of the significance of this day but it is worth celebrating and admiring people who have worked so much for the entire generation to see the peaceful world we are enjoying now.

  • I have always admired the teachings of Martin Luther King. I’m pondering on the words “What did you do today to help someone else”. I need to live my life in a less selfish manner.

  • MLK has a major impact in the way people treat all races equally. Without the efforts of MLK, Obama may not have been the POTUS. I just watched the film “Hidden Figures” and I was appalled by the segregation shown in that movie.

  • MLK was one of the most important men of the last century, and his ideology still continues inspiring people to change the world we live in a better place.

  • I love his speech which was really inspirational. Martin Luther King Day really matters every people should know who he was and what he did

  • Motivating indeed! Life of these greats are still so relevant and there is so much to learn from them.

  • MLK Jr was an amazing man who made a huge difference in our country. Equality is so important!

  • Great post. We need to never lose sight of the impact that movement started. The fight is not over the dream not yet realized.

  • I love his letter from Birmingham Jail. Its my favorite of his an dI refer to it often in time… well in times like this.

  • Such an inspiring quote from Martin Luther King Jr and nice way to honor him with his pictures and videos. I very much agree that his efforts and actions are continuing to inspire many even today and we all need to stand by each other as one for a peaceful next generation to live here!

  • Freedoms, Choice, Acceptance, Well being, Brotherhood, neighbourliness, humanity, Kindness to others, generosity to the underdog, LOVE the list goes on…

    MLK day Matters not just to USA, but to the whole world. And Yo Eliza, keep inspiring and educating us

  • I think it’s very important to study history so we keep the good and don’t repeat the bad. Great reminder of the extraordinary life of MLK.

  • You can’t simply forget such a memorable day. He’s an icon and he’s changed how the world sees human beings, of all color. I love his passion to make life better for everyone and as someone who has gone through abuse, I look up to him and his accomplishments. He is one amazing person.

  • what an awesome read. everything you write is so inspiring. Yes. mlk day does matter and it will always matter.

  • Sometimes, the day might be a representation of hope which allows people to channel their hope into motivation and actions and hence, doing things to create a change.

  • A really brilliant post with a wonderful message. In these uncertain times, it is even more important that we hold on to our values and the people who personify them.

  • Your posts are so inspirations with a nice history lesson included. MLK Day is important for many reasons to honor a legacy, as a reminder of history, and to tell us how much more we need to do, and more. Thank you for sharing!

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