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Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures

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“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” Khalil Gibran

Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures
Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures were all the pleasures that I knew as a child. Willie Stargell
Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious. Thomas Aquinas

What are your simple pleasures in life? Happy October Month and Happy International Coffee Day! I posted a photo on Instagram of the pretty amazing yet inexpensive coffee I get locally; a neighborhood gas station offers freshly brewed coffee, and hot chocolate for 85 cents. You can create your own combos and whenever I go there, I create a delightful concoction that helps me start my day. It is 1 part dark roast java, 2 parts hot chocolate with a dash of hazelnut cream and a serving of whipped cream atop…. and that simple pleasure is one example of Bliss for me. Sharing that blissful pleasure as an Instagram post got me thinking about all the simple things that give us joy in life, and how important it is to hit the pause button, from time to time, on our rat race track and enjoy the simple pleasures. Do you know Why? Because taking time to reflect and express gratitude for the small things, open us up to work harder and be even more appreciative of the larger ones. So, whenever I stop by that gas station to get my daily fix, I say hello to the staff, chat about the things that matter to us all; family, friends, health and so on. By the time I leave that place with my hot coffee/chocolate drink, I’m in good spirits. Is it the only one I enjoy? Heck NO!



“The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.” Anthony Trollope

Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures
Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures

That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest. Henry David Thoreau
I grew up around people that enjoyed life day to day and found pleasure in simple things. Josh Turner
Looking at flowers, simple things in life. I don’t need to look at gold and a castle; sometimes its very simple things that are very beautiful. I am keeping my eyes fresh to find beauty in many places, and in gold, too, sometimes! Francois Nars

What about you? What simple pleasures do you enjoy? I know that seeing the sun rise and set gives me enormous pleasure because it reminds me of the gift of life and the beauty of nature. That consistent, unequivocal tick-toking of time offers us a stability that might not even exist in our own daily lives. When we align our vision with the changing seasons in nature, we become even more compassionate of our shortcomings and more grateful for our wins. Everything in nature is in flux and as things die, others are born anew and some even stronger. Pause to take stock of things around you and remember why you do what you do. Is it ego driven? Is it for revenge? Is it to offer a service? How does it nurture you? When our actions are meant to maim others or to deprive others of a simple pleasure,  we experience the pain in our own lives too. It might not appear in the same form, although in recent weeks, I have seen karma deliver her sword with a deliberate and steady swiftness that surprised me, frankly. So instead of waiting for others to get their just desserts, let’s focus on enjoying our simple pleasures because time waits for no one.  It is pointless to sit around brooding when you could take a walk on the beach, catch up with old friends, go out and enjoy music, dance or a movie… What are you waiting for? Get motivated for your own delight in the world.


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10/01   –  01 Nigeria Independence Day, International Coffee Day
10/07   –  08 Columbus Day
10/14  –  16 World Food Day
10/21   –  21 World Mission Day, 24 UNO Day
10/28 –    28 National Chocolate Day, 31 Halloween


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“Solitude sharpens awareness of small pleasures otherwise lost.” Kevin Patterson

Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures
Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures
Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures
Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures

The choicest pleasures of life lie within the ring of moderation. Benjamin Disraeli
There is more difference in the quality of our pleasures than in the amount. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Make treating yourself a priority and always remember your life is happening now. Don’t put off all your dreams and pleasures to another day. In any balanced personal definition of success there has to be a powerful element of living life in the present. Mireille Guiliano

How long have you been enjoying a simple pleasure?
Recently, a friend asked me how long I’ve been blogging. I surefire shocked myself when I thought about the length of time I’ve spent sharing my thoughts, views and creative impulses on this blog. It will be 10 years this coming November and, yet, it feels like only yesterday when I started this blog to help motivate the agents and managers I worked with. It started as a labor of love to encourage my team to keep on trucking and it has continued, with some digression, in a similar vein. The point here is that when we do things with good intentions, time flies and even the ups and downs don’t knock us out. I enjoy the creative outlet and the fact that it helps me focus on the good around me. Sure, some people don’t care for that but… they’ve missed the point entirely. What else feeds your simple pleasures? Do share in the comments. Come back later for more.



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  • The simple pleasures in life are always the most satisfying for me. I just love a good book and a hot bath.

  • I also love blogging, it is a simple pleasure for myself. I also love to work out.

  • those small, simple pleasures make it easier to get through the rough patches. excellent reminder to enjoy the little things!

  • I enjoyed reading your post a lot – and you’re right, sometimes we just need to focus on the simple pleasures in life. There’s so much to be thankful for!

  • My simple pleasure now for October in Maine is watching the leaves do their change of colors. Fall foliage is gorgeous every year and I never grow tired of it! Other simple pleasures are spending time with hubby and our fur babies, watching birds at the feeders, and making quilts.

  • Now that I am a mother, my simple pleasure in life is to be with my husband and with my kids spending time together with food and laughter.

  • I love having my morning coffee and some toast while watching a motivational youtube video 🙂

  • My kids hugs and smiles and the words they say to you everyday like I love you are my simple pleasure that I received everyday.

  • My simple pleasure is to get outside in the middle of the day, and/or to go and taka hot bath. then I am reminded how wonderfu it is to work from home by myself

  • Lovely post as usual. From warm laundry to the smell of cookies, sometimes it really is the little things that make life beautiful!

  • Hi.
    I think that my life started to get really better when i started to notice the simple pleasures that make me happy, instead of the BIG THINGS. Spetyaly with my family, we need to enjoy the most of the people we love, each day, each single moment

  • “That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest.” This is the best quote! I really appreciate your motivation Mondays, they really hit hard!

  • Simple pleasures that I enjoy are waling through nature when possible and reading a good book. We have some beautiful trails in southern Ohio that makes you forget where you are. With the leaves changing soon, I will have to make time to take advantage of some hiking.

  • This article is so motivating! I agree about enjoying the small things. I just started my blog this past weekend and I’m loving all the connections I am making. The small things definitely keep you going

  • Simple pleasures that I enjoy, well I guess that would be waking up in the morning and hearing my son playing in his room. There are many simple pleasures in life, and I enjoy a nice hot cup of tea in the morning as well, which I try to sit down and enjoy everyday before I get busy with working on my blog.

  • I enjoy just waking up to my family and little things too, like my daily energy drink as I work on my blog. Leaning my head back to find that my cat is laying in a pillow-like fashion on the top of my couch. The little things matter!

  • You totally read my mind. This Monday morning I was sitting and having my favorite time for starting a week. I have just done my chores, walked my doggies and there I was having a cup of tea, tasty breakfast and reading an interesting book. I realized how much I have waited for this simple pleasure.

  • My simple pleasures include a good cup of tea, an afternoon nap, and listening to my kids laugh together.

  • My simple pleasures are enjoying a moment with a good book, a bar of chocolate and my favourite pyjamas! either that or a nice glass of wine!

  • Some of these scenes look so relaxing. It is motivating me to create peaceful time in my day.

  • My simple pleasures in life are spending time on myself, such as taking a bath or doing a face mask. The simple pleasures in life are the best x

  • I have lots of simple pleasures but the first that comes to mind is silence. And the second being a GREAT nap! haha!

  • Like you I love my coffee in the morning, I love walking my dog, watching sunrise and sunset, and I love to hug trees – and all that makes me a happy person

  • Your posts always uplift and motivate me. Thank you so much for sharing your view on things. It’s one that always leaves me feeling better about life.

  • It really is nice to sit in silence and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Right now there’s a thunderstorm passing by. A few candles lit and listening to the rain…thats relaxation.

  • I try to stop and enjoy life’s pleasure often. And often it involves a good cup of coffee. 😀

  • I always have a simple pleasure in my life and those are the times that I am playing and walking with my kids in the park and eating our favorite food, those are simple but very precious.

  • Some simple pleasures I enjoy are a nice cup of tea, time spent with family and friends and my dog!

  • I don’t know the last time I saw hot chocolate for less than $1. What an amazing deal.

  • a tight hug and a sweet kiss from my little one are my simple pleasures 🙂 have a great day!

  • I really liked this post. Such simple yet powerful words. Look for joy in small things anf then spread the joy. Our World would definitely be a much happier place.

    • Right? <3 Yet that is one of the hardest things, people find, to do….

  • it’s great to find simple pleasure in everything we do.. nice motivation post for monday!

  • I love this! It is a good eye opener for sure. Sometimes we are too busy with life that we forget to enjoy the little things for sure. I definitely needed this positive message in my life. Thank you!

  • I think this is the perfect time of year for enjoying the simple pleasures and getting cosy. I love reading and early nights, that’s my simple pleasure!

  • The most wonderful of my simple pleasures is the bedtime tradition with my wife and 4 kids. My oldest daughter is 17 and basically all her life we have prayed and read scripture together each night before bed. Then before they leave the room each child give me and my wife hugs before going to bed. I cherish those moments and those bedtime hugs. Great topic!

  • These pictures are like, THE definition of simple pleasures. I love them. This whole post has me feeling so calm <3

  • Love this post! I’m always looking for ways to stay creative in 2018. I have created a bucket list of things to do before my 40th birthday in December. Experiencing life is the best gift you can give yourself.

  • It’s fascinating to hear how you engage with those around you — even just chatting with the staff at the gas station can really change your mood.

  • I’m loving the quote about reading today. It is something that no one can take away once you have it. To me, that’s something worth having. I think your coffee drink sounds divine.

  • My simple pleasure is able to have chit chat with my mom who is abroad through phone calls. Time flies we shall treasure the people around us.

  • When I was a kid, I was so ahooy with simple things. Food, toys, my firends and family. And now I group those things still on eof my simple pleasures.

  • I agree with you. This is a great reminder to enjoy the simple things in life and spread joy.

  • I do think of my daily cup of coffee of one of my life’s simple pleasures. I also enjoy having long baths with bubbles and scented candles.

  • Simple pleasures keep me going. Sitting on the beach with a book and a drink rates pretty high right now.

  • Exactly, the rising and setting of the sun is always a special time in the day for me too. You brought it under words perfectly!

  • I always enjoy reading your Motivation Monday posts. We need to make time for the simple pleasures.

  • Other than simply doing things outside, my simple pleasures are just doing nothing. Because I hardly every get to do it lol.

  • I wish we had cheap, and good coffee in the area! We have two coffee shops that have good coffee, but both are expensive. The places that have cheaper coffee… it’s terrible tasting. That definitely sounds like a simple pleasure that is worth having to me!

  • I will say that I do indulge in my simple pleasures…and I think those things help keep me happy and motivated to do other things that make me happy.

    Also, I will have to try your coffee concoction – it sounds delicious.

  • Simple pleasure are the very much things that makes us happy yet. You will find more clever things in life when you start with a simple things. Thanks for sharing your motivation.

  • I agree that it is important to enjoy each day and especially enjoy the simple things in life for sure!

  • I always like following your blog and social media because it reminds me to stay grounded and not to lose touch that the simple things do matter.

  • One of my simplest pleasure in the morning is sipping my warm cup of coffee and being thankful.

  • Great post. I love the pictures! Reminds me of the John Lennon song, Imagine

  • I believe in the beauty of simple pleasures, my cup of tea, a clean bed sheet, etc all give me so much love!

  • Thanks for sharing this. Pausing to take stock and think about our motivation for doing things is so important. This was a great read, thanks.

  • wow congrats on nearly 10 years of blogging – that sure is impressive! daily simple pleasures for me is sipping my cup of coffee in the morning. I source my beans from a local roaster too 🙂

  • This is so true Elizabeth! Life is all about the small pleasures and sometimes we miss that pursuing some greater satisfaction and all we get instead is frustration! My small pleasure is having a walk in nature and enjoying silence or nature’s sounds.

  • It’s really necessary to enjoy little things in life. Truly said, if one can have pleasure in simple things, they would never be sad and will always hold their head high for any coming problems and tasks.

  • As you said, we should pause and take out time for simple things, reading your post was one of that time. Thanks for a good reading experience.

  • Reading and coffee are two of my favorite simple pleasures. I try to try to say hello and how are to all people I interact with.

  • One of my favorite simple pleasures is watching my middle son swim competitively. Seeing his pride in his accomplishments and watching him learn the benefits of hard work is so rewarding.

  • Simple things in life are so important to make us happy. I love baths, flowers and candles! Simple yet bring me happiness!

  • I am just a simple person, helping others and be with my family every time they need me are my simple pleasures in life that gives me joy and happiness in my heart.

  • I have learned how to just focus on what I need. At one point everything was just overwhelming so all I did was just took a day to myself. No baby, husband, or work. It was such a relief.

  • Such motivational content! I really need to start focusing more on what I need in life and how to achieve it for true happiness

  • My simple pleasure is taking a moment to drink my coffee while it’s hot. I relish sitting down and pausing before my crazy day begins!

  • I am ALL about coffee day!

    And wow, 10 years? Here I was all excited about making it 2 1/2 years! 🙂 Congrats to you, love!

  • I actually love this post because after reading this it makes you realize how simple life is and how those simple things makes you really happy.

  • I really like your point that doing things with good intentions, give us good results and then time does not be calculated.
    xo Corina

  • Love reading this post and simple pleasure for me are the things that gives you true happiness.

  • Glad to be back reading your articles. Reminded of the Simple pleasures I have in life. Learning to appreciate more and complain less!

  • Simple pleasures are easier to achieve but difficult to do. We are all so consumed by bigger undertakings in life that we tend to ignore simple things.

  • Love Motivation Mondays! They’re a great opportunity to get your head on straight.

  • The simple pleasures. The little things. This really matters in terms of our quality of life. Thanks for such an important reminder!

  • A simple pleasure I enjoy is napping! It’s small to some but a nap can really brighten my day lol.

  • Love this! My simple pleasure is driving home from work listening to my favorite podcasts and having some reflective time to myself


  • Treating myself is something that I manage to wait until I feel that I cannot take anymore to do. I need to treat myself more often and make myself happier.

  • First of all, I can’t believe that you get freshly brewed coffee, and hot chocolate for 85 cents. That’s so awesome! I believe that life is all about enjoying little joys in our lives like watching sunrise/sunset, playing with undulated waves on the beach or just spending some time with nature!

    • It’s not the norm in my area at all… It is such a treat that i am so grateful for it.:)

  • My always reminds me that those simple pleasure or simple things that are happening into your life are the most memorable and most happiest moments.

  • I make sure to pamper myself by visiting a spa once or twice a month. If I’m too tired, I reward myself a long sleep. Those are my simple pleasures in life.

  • I’m really trying to focus on simple pleasures everyday and just appreciate the small things in life 🙂

  • The simple pleasures of life. So glad that I found them and the time to find life balance.

  • This is the best! Motivation Mondays: Simple Pleasures is a wonderful idea for blog posts. You can make it a series!!

  • I yearn for a simpler way of life again. It was amazing being a child and not having worries. Love these photos.

  • I think simple needs are so important, we need to remember we dont need big things in life, the simple things always mean the most.

  • Yup…. Let us keep each other motivated…. Mondays are really the most hard days to get back to work ..

  • One of my greatest simple pleasures is going grocery shopping with my wife. She usually does it while I’m at work, but occasionally she’s busy and doesn’t go until the evening. I love those days. It’s a special treat for me. Its hard to even explain. I just love the time walking side by side talking, joking and laughing.

  • Simple pleasure is coffee and reading a good book on the couch in my backyard. We shall not take things for granted and treasure everyday to the fullest.

  • I love collecting quotes with positive words to ponder on throughout the day. Thanks for sharing this one: “The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.” Anthony Trollope I’ll be reflecting on it this weekend.

  • If we are grateful for the little things, we will be so much happier. Motivation Monday sounds great.

  • That freshly brewed coffee/hot chocolate sounds amazing – what a great price! One of my main simple pleasures is a movie night on the sofa with my children. Nothing beats it.

  • There’s so much excess sometimes in our consumerist world. Simple things are the best.

  • My simple pleasures are little times with my kids and my husband. I love to focus on the little things.

  • It’s the simple things in life that count the most! Some of my favorite simple pleasures are snuggling under the covers, reading a good book, and sipping on a steaming mug of tea.

  • It’s true that kids can revel in simple things. It’s important to stop and appreciate the things that others may overlook.

  • I too share the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee! This was a great article that allowed me to think about what is truly important!

  • The simple things in life are the best, when we take time to enjoy the simple pleasures life is so much sweeter.

  • I love the simple pleasures in life! One of my favorite things is seeing a rainbow. They remind us that sometimes we must go through rough times to get to the good ones. You can’t have a rainbow without rain!

  • I would say that I truly do enjoy reading as a simple pleasure as well as home makeover projects. Seeing my finished products make me feel so good about meawlf and what I have accomplished!

  • This has been on my mind all week. I agree, lets just focus on the simple pleasure in life. Tine waits on no man right?

  • that’s so true! the simplest and happiest thing to do are those remind us of our childhood! who wants to get old anyway?

  • I hope this comment makes it through. Simple pleasures is a fun topic. Some of my greatest simple pleasures are going to the grocery store with my wife and sitting in my rocking chair watching my sprinklers on my lawn.

  • I am all about finding the simple pleasures in everything. It’s important for me to keep a positive outlook each day. 🙂


  • It always nice to take time to out of your busy day and do something for yourself, something you enjoy. Being a mother of two toddlers, my day consists of taking care of their needs, cleaning and cooking.

  • Embracing the simple pleasures in life is such a great daily practice. We’d all be so much happier if we did this regularly.

  • I get my pleasures from spending time with my family! Crazy how the older we get, the more simple things in life are satisfying:)

  • Watching Korean dramas while enjoying a good cup of coffee is one of my simplest pleasures in life. Eight hours of solid sleep is another simple joy for me. 🙂

  • Such a great post and this article help you realize that those simple things will really makes you happy.

  • I love your post they are full of life and motivation. It gives me a positive vibe to keep going.

  • Living simple and enjoying simple things and remains happy in this is such a great way to live.
    xo Corina

  • I needed this. Thanks for fueling my daily needs with inspirations and hope – almost anything positive. Keep it up!

  • I find beauty in both the simple and complex. The autumn leaves that are just now spring forward but also the wondrous architecture of a renaissance church.

  • Simple pleasures always makes me happy and those are being with my family husband and with my kids, playing and watching our favorite movies together.

  • For me, my kids smiles and hugs are the simple pleasure will always last forever in my mind and in my heart.

  • Coffee, sunsets and natural beauty are definitely simple pleasures. I love enjoying the details and beauty around me each day, and practicing contentment.

  • Today we literally count our pleasures in terms of gratification of our wants and desires. We have long list sight of what really matters.

  • I think it’s super important to appreciate the simple things in life. It definitely helps us learn to appreciate everything we have.

  • I always to try to appreciate the little things in life, for it is those that gives us the greatest pleasure of all! 🙂

  • I too love blogging. It gives me an artistic outlet that I don’t get anywhere else. I love to write and it satisfies my cravings!

  • Simple pleasures in life keep us happy! It’s important to enjoy life in small doses and appreciate everything around you! -Tonya Morris

  • So beautiful! I love your Monday posts. They always come at the best time when I need a little push. 🙂

  • Love the positivity you are spreading..Sometimes we tend to forget simple and small pleasures in life…

  • The best of my simple pleasures is going to the grocery store with my wife. We laugh and have fun every time we go. I look forward to it every week.

  • I find joy in the little things, like a hello from a stranger or an encounter with some wildlife. I can watch a piece of grass growing for 20 years.. Personally I don’t get the rushed lifestyle, it’s not like you can take any money down with you in your grave.. Nowadays, no one enjoy life like they should..

  • Having a good friendship is so important. Not only should you laugh together you should be able to cry together. Thanks for sharing this perspective of things.

  • There are so many beautiful simple pleasures in life. I need to appreciate them more often. A sunrise or sunset. Sitting on the beach. time with my daughter. It’s all beautiful.

  • Focusing on simple pleasures is such an important and useful thing to do, great post.

  • This post reminded me of a question my 10 year old asked me recently. ‘Mummy, why are you always smiling at random strangers?”. I replied that it brought me pleasure, and when people smile back, I feel happier.

  • I’m happiest with simple pleasures. Coffee at the top of that list, and being able to enjoy the company of those I love.

  • I have heard from so many people about the Monday a start of the work day and since it’s after a long weekend no body wants to repeat the same work at office. But I give myself a self motivation and love to star my day like that on all Mondays. Simple pleasure we can find eveywhever. We just need to rrcognrec those pleasures.

  • I have read this post before, but it is the perfect reminder and should be read frequently. I love this motivation.

  • I always love reading all your quotes! <3 Happy International Coffee Day as well…. for me having coffee with my friends is one of my simple pleasures in life! 😀

  • I couldn’t agree more about the importance of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Just appreciating all that you have to be grateful in the small things really helps you to get more enjoyment from life as a whole. The examples you gave here relating to appreciating nature are so true with my experience. I just like to immerse myself with appreciating all the wonders that mother nature offers us each day. It helps me reflect better and lose the stress that we all associate with the modern day world.

    • Well said, I agree with your observations and that is what fuels me.TY

  • This is great and so thought provoking. I’m looking forward to reading though more of your posts. Thank you for this motivational post! x

  • happiness is not a destination its a journey. we all need to find inner peace first.

  • I believe that the simple pleasures are the ones that matter in life. Same as it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

  • Simple pleasures in life make life worth living. Mine are drinking my green tea in my floral cup, talking to my mum and my best friend. And of course travelling the world with my better half. Plus being curious. Always.

  • I love this inspirational post! I love the idea of reminding oneself to enjoy the little things and to appreciate them. Great tip for everyone to heed as it is so important for happiness.

  • Persistency is a difficult thing to achieve, and I’m glad you have had this website for that long. For me, simple pleasures is to spend time with my boyfriend without thinking about work~

  • To not act when being inflicted harm or violence takes great control. My simple pleasure is to train and do the things I love on a daily and casual basis~

  • I don’t have loads of money or lots of things, but I’m happy with what I have 🙂 I really do appreciate the little things. Thanks for the reminder ! Rach.

  • My simple pleasures include warm baths with epsom salts and essential oils, small pieces of chocolate, and reading a book. None of those things cost me anything but time, but give me so much joy.

  • This is such an inspirational post, I need to start focusing on the simple pleasures myself 🙂

  • For me, the simple pleasures are a manicure after a long week and a good spa date with a friend.

  • I always try to find time to appreciate the little things. Your posts always give me something to think about

  • Not crazy about coffee but love the smell of coffee. Odd, right? Lol. I’m more of a tea drinker (British colonized sigh) and hot chocolate drinker. Best feeling is being curled up on a cold day drinking a hot cuppa and either reading or scrolling social media or Hulu/Netflix.

  • It reminds of the great Husker Du line “you need to stop and smell the roses before they end up on you”. Thanks for the great post

  • We love spending time with good friends and family. Our blog is all about having fun with the important people in our lives.

  • I love taking time to notice flowers, fall smells, pretty sunsets and views that cause me to remember a memory. I find it easier to be content if I look around and notice what I’ve been blessed with.

  • I’m so in love with this quote! “The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.” Anthony Trollope

  • These days, everything tells me to find joy again and to be happy with the things I already have. Thanks for the reminder.

  • i am a firm believer in taking the most out of simple pleasures in life , rather than chasing something that is unrealistic or unachievable

  • Karma does have a way of coming around and making things right. Best just to go about our business and enjoy life …not focus on the wrongs we have been dealt. Agreed.

  • I believe that the ability to enjoy simple pleasures is the key to happiness. It is very important and after reading your post, it made me reflect and I realize that my simple pleasures are the ones that motivate me everyday.

  • One of my simple pleasures in life is watching my grandbaby when he is sleeping. He looks so serene. I wish I could feel some of his peace.

  • Its so important to stop and take a notice whats around you. I love waking up early when everyone are still sleeping and I enjoy how quiet it is x


  • Simple things in life that I enjoy are my grandson’s hugs and kisses, a thick, hearty beef casserole, a slice of my mom’s lemon chiffon cake, and watching sunsets everyday.

  • Very nice and inspiring article. I believe that if you are not able to enjoy the simplest pleasures, you won’t really appreciate the big ones, either.

  • My simple pleasures in life are reading books and watching movie with my husband. We also love walking or biking on the trails. Nature is beautiful and it gives us a breath of fresh air.

  • Today I listened to a baby crack herself up. It was a simple pleasure and won that warmed my heart. And I didn’t know her or her mother. It just felt good.

  • I am for simple pleasures in life. I don’t want to complicate things. You may say that I don’t have ambition. But my ambition is to have more than enough for our needs and then enjoy a little bit – to love more and to give more. I just want to be happy.

  • I truly enjoy reading your posts. I appreciate everything and take time to enjoy all those little simple pleasures which make my imperfect life perfect.

  • I am loving your simple pleurae coffee, I love the sound of the hazelnut, sounds so cosy. It is the simple things in life, that make us the most happiest.

  • National chocolate day sounds delicious. Better than coffee day! Sweets are a simple pleasure in life!

  • We all need to be satisfied what we have to find inner peace first. Happiness is a awesome journey, not a destination.

  • Simple pleasures are what make life worth living. The saying that “The best things in life are
    free” is a mantra many wise people live by.

  • Oh I really like this one: Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious. Thomas Aquinas

  • Simple pleasures that I love include relaxing with a good book or going for a long walk.

  • Listening to others may reveal the simple things we often forget. And it’s important to stop and appreciate the things that are often overlooked.

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