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Motivation 2020: HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Happy New Year: “What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” Vern McLellan

Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR


Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life, for me, and I’m feeling good. Nina Simone
Celebrate what you want to see more of. Tom Peters
Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier. Alfred Lord Tennyson
We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring. Will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time T.S. Eliot

Happy New Year/Happy New Decade Everyone! What a blessing to see another new year with all our hopes, goals and promises dancing before us. How did you spend the last day of 2019? How are you planning to start this wonderful new decade? I like the sound of it – 2020. It reminds me of having 20/20 vision… and is a double the blessings sounding year with great things ahead for us. Naturally, we all wish peace, joy, good health and more to our global family as events that affect one nation has reverberations that impact others. We imagine and hope for the great day of celebration that will welcome the end to the chaos, conflict, and climate change around the world. What would motivate us to make changes? For starters, we have to be fully committed to change and it begins with having an honest conversation with ourselves about the roadblocks we have planted on our path and how we can move them. You might ask: How do I/you/we start? Start with one simple step in the right direction and build on it incrementally. You will see improvements that will help spur you on. Instead of creating a mad list of impossible goals that would sooner or later make you so anxious that you trip over them, begin with a SMART goal to help you get even one thing done each day and then build on that one thing. As you progress, you can add new challenges to your goals and watch yourself grow.
Specific –  You keep it simple and clear
Measurable – You have an outcome
Achievable – You can make it happen with effort/skill
Relevant – You are working with purpose
Time-focused – You create a deadline

Can we Start Afresh Today/ Any day? YES! One thing I know for sure is that the new year brings us opportunities to turn the page and start afresh. The old year is done, our lessons were learned, and our losses were real. However, we can start afresh and create new worlds, new dreams, new plans and add our voice to the creative universe out there. Of course, it all begins within…. so listen to the messages you give yourself.  Watch your thoughts and treat your mind with love, compassion, and positive messages. Don’t castigate yourself for mistakes, learn from them and move on. If you fall or fail, get up and start again. Remember to focus on developing discipline, compassion, and self-care on a daily basis. We can only be our best when we give ourselves the best care.

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Morning Poem By Mary Oliver
Every morning
the world is created.
Under the orange sticks of the sun
the heaped ashes of the night
turn into leaves again
and fasten themselves
to the high branches-

If it is your nature
to be happy
you will swim away along the soft trails
for hours, your imagination
alighting everywhere.

And if your spirit carries within it
the thorn that is heavier than lead-
if it is all you can do to keep on trudging —

there is still
somewhere deep within you
a beast shouting that the earth
is exactly what it wanted.

Each pond with its blazing lilies
is a prayer heard and answered
every morning,
whether or not
you have ever dared to be happy,
whether or not
you have ever dared to pray.


In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells] By Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light:
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out the grief that saps the mind
For those that here we see no more;
Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.

Ring out a slowly dying cause,
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws.

Ring out the want, the care, the sin,
The faithless coldness of the times;
Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes
But ring the fuller minstrel in.

Ring out false pride in place and blood,
The civic slander and the spite;
Ring in the love of truth and right,
Ring in the common love of good.

Ring out old shapes of foul disease;
Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;
Ring out the thousand wars of old,
Ring in the thousand years of peace.

Ring in the valiant man and free,
The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
Ring out the darkness of the land,
Ring in the Christ that is to be.

“Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Martin Luther King
Each year’s regrets are envelopes in which messages of hope are found for the new year. John R. Dallas
The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. Melody Beattie
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. Oprah Winfrey

One of my favorite motivational bloggers is Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. He has been an inspiration for years and, in one of his posts –Top 20 Motivation Tips -, he offered a list of the top 20 tips we all need to get us motivated. Even if you are only able to add a handful of these motivational and life-affirming tips to your life and schedule, they will bear fruit. Here are the twenty tips in a quick read fashion: 1. Chart Your Progress. 2. Hold Yourself Back. 3. Join an online (or off-line) group to help keep you focused and motivated. 4. Post a picture of your goal someplace visible. 5. Get a workout partner or goal buddy. 6. Just get started. 7. Make it a pleasure. 8. Give it time, be patient. 9. Break it into smaller, mini-goals. 10. Reward yourself. Often. 11. Find inspiration, on a daily basis. 12. Get a coach or take a class. 13. Have powerful reasons. Write them down. 14. Become aware of your urges to quit, and be prepared for them. 15. Make it a rule never to skip two days in a row. 16. Visualize your goal clearly, on a daily basis, for at least 5-10 minutes. 17. Keep a daily journal of your goal. 18. Create a friendly, mutually-supportive competition. 19. Make a big public commitment. Be fully committed. 20. Always think positive. I invite you to visit his blog and enjoy his writings. It will inspire and help you keep up your own practices and goals. Go do it!  Are you ready to take charge of your life and leap ahead with faith in your ability to get things done? Begin by saying YES to your plan for change, be fully COMMITTED, and then ACT on it with some or all of the tips above.

Every year, instead of creating a laundry list of New Year’s resolutions, I share twelve gifts of purpose-filled words with my readers. Words have tremendous power and can be used as monthly affirmations of gratitude to help you along. Of course, you can add your own to this list.  I encourage you to practice choosing one as a point of focus every month. Choose one in any order you wish, and then contemplate how it has helped shape your decisions. Write your observations down and, with time, the gifts will reveal their secrets to you.  Feel free to substitute your own words too. Enjoy them and May your New Year be abundantly enriched and blessed with goodwill and so much more in 2020! Here are my twelve 2020 Happy New Year gifts/blessings/wishes for each of you/us:

♥ Health
♥ Happiness
♥ Hope
♥ Abundance
♥ Grace
♥ Peace & Love
♥ Wisdom
♥ Friendship
♥ Goodwill
♥ Success
♥ Adventure
♥ Divine Protection

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New Year’s Morning by Helen Hunt Jackson
Only a night from old to new!
Only a night, and so much wrought!
The Old Year’s heart all weary grew,
But said: “The New Year rest has brought.”
The Old Year’s hopes its heart laid down,
As in a grave; but, trusting, said:
“The blossoms of the New Year’s crown
Bloom from the ashes of the dead.”
The Old Year’s heart was full of greed;
With selfishness it longed and ached,
And cried: “I have not half I need.
My thirst is bitter and unslaked.
But to the New Year’s generous hand
All gifts in plenty shall return;
True love it shall understand;
By all my failures it shall learn.
I have been reckless; it shall be
Quiet and calm and pure of life.
I was a slave; it shall go free,
And find sweet peace where I leave strife.”
Only a night from old to new!
Never a night such changes brought.
The Old Year had its work to do;
No New Year miracles are wrought.

Always a night from old to new!
Night and the healing balm of sleep!
Each morn is New Year’s morn come true,
Morn of a festival to keep.
All nights are sacred nights to make
Confession and resolve and prayer;
All days are sacred days to wake
New gladness in the sunny air.
Only a night from old to new;
Only a sleep from night to morn.
The new is but the old come true;
Each sunrise sees a new year born.


The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for DEC 2019 – JAN 2020 are:


12/01 – 01 World AIDS Day, 03 Giving Tuesday, World Day of Persons with Disabilities, 05 International Volunteer Day, 07 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
12/08 – 09 International Day Commemoration Victims of Genocide, 10 Universal Human Rights Month/Human Rights Day, 12 Universal Health Coverage Day
12/15 – 15 Bill of Rights Day, 18 International Migrants Day, 20 International Human Solidarity Day, 21 Winter Solstice
12/22 – 22 First Day of Hanukkah, 25 Christmas Day, 26 Boxing Day, First Day of Kwanzaa
12/29 – 30 Last Day of Hanukkah, 31 New Year’s Eve


01/01 – 01 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
01/08 – 09 TBD
01/15 – 15 TBD
01/22 – 22 TBD
01/29 – 30 TBD


Are You Looking for Ways to Stay Creative in 2019?



“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Motivation 2020: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Motivation 2020: HAPPY NEW YEAR


Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Motivation Every Day: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love. Rumi
If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Maya Angelou
The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Ralph Waldo Emerson
New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change. Sarah Ban Breathnach


What do you need to do more of this year? Every year, I ask myself this question because it helps me make a concerted effort to check in with my daily life and make necessary changes. Some of the items on my more list can be as simple as making sure I drink more water. It also includes more on time spent with kin, learning or sharpening a skill, and maintaining a spirit of gratitude. Over the years, gratitude has seen me through difficult times so it is a constant on my list. Health is on my more list too because good health is the foundation for everything else we do. Nurturing my spiritual life and giving back are important components of my list. Did I mention the creative and healing impulse and all that comes with our muse? This is important as well as a huge more for those in need and others we don’t know. Discover what inspires you and develop it. What’s on your MORE list? We all need to examine how/what we can do to make life richer for others and for ourselves.

What do you need to do less of this year? By the same token, our lens needs to refocus on the things that hold us back and the negative self-talk and actions/habits that keep us in bondage. What can we do to lessen those old, tired, worn-out and destructive habits? It could be our addiction to sugar or any other substance. It could be procrastination, insecurity or pettiness. Choose your poison and release it and replace it with a healthier option. Of course, it is not always easy to do but we must give it a try and adopt new ways of dealing with our triggers. Putting things off is a common problem for so many of us. We have a flash of brilliance about a business idea or a creative project and, by the end of the day, we talk ourselves right out of it. Give those impulses a chance to flourish; as I read somewhere that they are gifts from our higher self. Now, who in their right mind would want to willingly give that away? As we tune in to that quiet voice within, we can begin the hard work of ridding our minds of the endless small chatter. Talk less, listen more. Worry less, be more present. Assume less, believe more. Discover what ails you and discard it. What’s on your LESS list?
Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and productive New Year!

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The Ants and the Cookie
One day, two Ants went exploring. They came across two giant cookies.
“These cookies are huge!” said the first Ant.
“One of these cookies would feed my whole family for a month,” said the second Ant. “But, how can little ants like us carry such big cookies like these?”
“It seems impossible!” said the first Ant. “But, I must try.”
So, the first Ant started to tug and pull at one cookie. Suddenly, a tiny piece broke off.
“I am going to take this piece back to my family,” said the first Ant.
“You go ahead,” said the second Ant. “I’m not going to waste my time on such a small piece of cookie. I will find a way to take the whole cookie back to my family.”
So, the first Ant went home with her small piece of cookie. Soon, the first Ant returned. She found the second Ant still pushing and shoving the other cookie, but she was unable to move it. Again, the first Ant broke off a small piece of cookie and took it back home. This went on for most of the day as some of her family even offered to join her. The first Ant kept carrying small pieces of the cookie back to her family until she had moved the entire cookie.
The second Ant finally grew tired of trying to complete the task that seemed too big to do. She went home with nothing. What is the lesson here?

The Year by Ella Wheeler Wilcox – 1850-1919
What can be said in New Year rhymes,
That’s not been said a thousand times?

The new years come, the old years go,
We know we dream, we dream we know.

We rise up laughing with the light,
We lie down weeping with the night.

We hug the world until it stings,
We curse it then and sigh for wings.

We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
We wreathe our brides, we sheet our dead.

We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear,
And that’s the burden of the year.

New Year: A Dialogue – Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
“The night is cold, the hour is late, the world is bleak and drear;
Who is it knocking at my door?”
“I am Good Cheer.”
“Your voice is strange; I know you not; in shadows dark, I grope.
What seek you here?”
“Friend, let me in; my name is Hope.”
“And mine is Failure; you but mock the life you seek to bless. Pass on.”
“Nay, open wide the door; I am Success.”
“But I am ill and spent with pain; too late has come your wealth. I cannot use it.”
“Listen, friend; I am Good Health.”
“Now, wide I fling my door. Come in, and your fair statements prove.”
“But you must open, too, your heart, for I am Love.”


Any Zen Antics stories via Share
Positive Motivation Tip: Make this year your best year ever by saying YES to life, staying COMMITTED to your goals, and by ACTING on your plan for change.

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos – via Pixabay, Hanukkah
Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
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  1. Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
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    Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy new year filled with abundant blessings!

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    Happy new year! Wishing you a healthy and happy 2020. I really enjoyed this post, especially with the quotes and poetry in amongst the great tips and food for thought. Thank you.

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      Thank you, Rebecca, it must be the teacher in me. I never know when to shut up. Hahaha 🙂 Happy New Year

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    Every year, we set goals or aspirations that we want to accomplish. For me, I use a tracker. I track everything so that I can maintain a better life. It’s difficult but we need to persevere to achieve our goals.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
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      Sure. A tracker is a great tool if we love gadgets and stick to it. Happy New Year!

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    Your gifts of twelve are much needed. Thank you. Your comprehensive post will surely spark us into the new decade with positive thrust.all the best to you, Elizabeth.

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      Thank you Ruth and I wish you same. Happy New Year to you and yours!

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    So much helpful and inspiring information to kick off the New Year.

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    Very thorough post! Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year!

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    We spent the last few days in South Padre Island at the beach with family. It was a great way to bring in a new year. We ended up leaving early yesterday after the guys did a “polar plunge” to wash away 2019 because the entire island lost power for reasons unknown to us. I spent the 6 hour drive home writing down goals and focusing on the upcoming year!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
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      Good for you! 🙂

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    Happy new year! What a lovely positive post to begin 2020! 🙂

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    Thanks for the motivation and the SMART reminder! That’s one I ran into last year and thought it was so GOOD. Happy New Year!!!

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      Thank you for checking dear one… It’s a favorite of mine too.

  11. The JOYOUS Living | Influencer (@thejoyousliving) permalink
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    happy new years elizabeth! i always love your collection of themed quotes. today i especially like the tennyson quote – so hopeful and positive. joy

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    As always thank you for your motivational posts. Happy new year to you and all your loved ones!

  13. Rosey Marie permalink
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    One simple step in the right direction does really help you move towards your goal. I think it’s going to be a productive and wonderful new year. Happy New Year to you!

  14. My Haute Talk permalink
    02/01/2020 9:03 am

    I set weekly goals and do a monthly check in. I like the gifts of 12. Happy New Year!!

  15. My Haute Talk permalink
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    Such a refreshing read for the new year. Thank you.

  16. Katy permalink
    02/01/2020 10:02 am

    Happy new year! It’s a good time to set new goals and feel refreshed to make changes, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing about the SMART goal

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    I love the start of a new year! Such a great time to motivate yourself into great routines!

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    02/01/2020 12:32 pm

    happy new year! wishing you all the best. Find what berst motivation from any sources like I found above. Really inspiring… motivate me go any further and stronger

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    Happy new year! Such a great post. Very motivational. I am a sucker for quotes and good poetry. Thank you for sharing!

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    02/01/2020 7:02 pm

    A Mary Oliver poem is the perfect way to ring in a new year! Wishing you a year of all that you desire and deserve.

  21. Travel with Karla permalink
    02/01/2020 11:47 pm

    Now I know how to make SMART goals! Thank you for the twelve blessings. I love the collections of poems you have here. Happy New Year!

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    03/01/2020 2:25 am

    These are really inspiring. SMART is a great way to live each day. These are great tips and oh, nice poems too.

  23. StressedMum (@stressedmum01) permalink
    03/01/2020 3:19 am

    Happy New Year to you, I have so many hopes and plans for the coming year and feeling positive x

  24. clydequin93 permalink
    03/01/2020 4:10 am

    This is very motivational. Thank you for sharing this. Happy New Year to you and your family too.

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    03/01/2020 6:54 am

    Happy New Year to you! Great poetry

  26. zeeshanali magray permalink
    03/01/2020 6:57 am

    very motivational and a well written post

  27. Glam2Greatness permalink
    03/01/2020 6:57 am

    I used to make New Years resolutions until they lost their appeal since they just remain as resolutions. Maybe I wasn’t motivated enough to conquer them. You have mentioned great points worth considering. Having smart goals do work, and I am just going to evaluate what i need more and less this year. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for 2020.

  28. Connie permalink
    03/01/2020 7:57 am

    Yes, it’s so important to follow the SMART method when trying to achieve a goal. If not, many of the times (for me) it fails. Wish you a Happy New Year!

  29. Jessica Martin permalink
    03/01/2020 11:39 am

    Happy New Year to you! I also love the way 2020 sounds. I really like the SMART goal idea and the words remember it. I also like your question of what should be on our less list. For me, stressing less. Thank you for a great New Year post! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed year!

  30. Carrie permalink
    03/01/2020 1:44 pm

    This year I think I need to be more positive! I’m generally a glass-half-empty type of person and I need to change that!

  31. amayszingblogs permalink
    03/01/2020 4:04 pm

    Today is a wonderful day for us! Wishing you all the best for you blogging journey this year and keep posting motivate blogs to inspire people I really love your blog Happy New year!

  32. Jessica Collazo permalink
    03/01/2020 4:09 pm

    I just want 2020 to be a year of deliverance and prosperity. I hate being stuck.

  33. You, Me and Benny permalink
    03/01/2020 4:27 pm

    Happy new year to you!! I hope to smash my goals and accomplishments this year!

  34. Marjie Mare permalink
    03/01/2020 6:17 pm

    Happy New Year! I was so blessed and motivated each time I read your posts in 2019. I can’t wait for more in 2020.

  35. Henson permalink
    03/01/2020 7:30 pm

    There are so many motivation above, I hope you can fulfill all your hope di this new year. Happy new year

  36. Hina Umar permalink
    03/01/2020 7:30 pm

    Happy New Year! Thumbs up to new goals!

  37. John Meeks permalink
    04/01/2020 12:30 am

    Great post. Happy, healthy and wealthy new year to you and yours!

  38. Tom permalink
    04/01/2020 2:19 am

    That SMART Goal breakdown is being stuck to my office wall!

  39. Kate Loves Travel permalink
    04/01/2020 2:28 am

    Happy New Year & New Decade to you too! I love your 12 blessings/wishes for everyone. I’m very much looking forward to this year…

  40. Emily Bendler permalink
    04/01/2020 2:42 am

    Excellent post! I love the combination of practical tips and inspiration. Happy New Year!

  41. Carmen Castillo permalink
    04/01/2020 5:14 am

    This was very motivational! Happy New Year!

  42. Mary Traveler permalink
    04/01/2020 5:49 am

    You just gave me an inspiring very motivating year of 2020! Happy New Year!

  43. Neely permalink
    04/01/2020 7:14 am

    I definetely need to unplug more this year and not do the comparison game. Both things just would make me much happier

  44. 04/01/2020 7:42 am

    Happy New Year! This is a beautiful post, I really enjoyed reading it. I am working on my goals for 2020 now!!

  45. ivanamearns permalink
    04/01/2020 10:55 am

    What a lovely blog post, thank you. I will keep the “smart” principle in my mind for sure!

  46. Di Hickman permalink
    04/01/2020 4:12 pm

    I use SMART but different A and R. I like A as accountable and R and realistic. Just helps to have someone hold you accountable, and realistic is your acheivable.

  47. Marjie Mare permalink
    04/01/2020 6:33 pm

    My two words for 2020 are to persevere and to believe. This is to tell you that this quote ” Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing.” Sarah Ban Breathnach” speaks to my heart.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:30 am

      It spoke to mine too. TY! 🙂

  48. Kristen permalink
    04/01/2020 8:09 pm

    I love your 2020 blessings and wishes. They are attainable and positive outlooks for an amazing year.

  49. amayszingblogs permalink
    05/01/2020 12:42 am

    Today is a new day, New chances, New hopes New Journey and beginning for us! This is an awesome year for us! Wishing you all the best Happy New year!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:30 am

      Wishing you much more. TY! 🙂

  50. Fransic verso permalink
    05/01/2020 1:47 am

    Amazing poems and I hope you a great year. We had an amazing last day of 2019 and got ready for the new year.

  51. aisasami permalink
    05/01/2020 2:49 am

    Happy new year Elizabeth! I have heard about SMART goals, I think it was from Marie Forleo! I will try to set my goals with that formula for the new years.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:33 am

      It was coined by George T. Doran in 1981. The SMART acronym was first written down in November 1981 in Spokane, Washington. George T. Doran, a consultant and former Director of Corporate Planning for Washington Water Power Company published a paper titled “There’s a S.M.A.R.T. Way to Write Management’s Goals and Objectives”.

  52. Semmarys Sanjeewa Kumara permalink
    05/01/2020 6:47 am

    Happy new year. 2020 started with all good things.May this year be a blessing for everyone

  53. ameliapollock147 permalink
    05/01/2020 9:56 am

    I enjoyed reading through your post. Motivational poems as well. Happy New Year!!

  54. Marjie Mare permalink
    05/01/2020 1:43 pm

    I just copied that beautiful poem by Mary Oliver. I will put it on my screen to inspire me every day. Thanks again.

  55. Michael David Oyco permalink
    05/01/2020 10:05 pm

    Happy new year! So glad to be alive and still kickin! Appreciating the gift of life since a lot has happened this year.

  56. Kristine Nicole Alessandra permalink
    05/01/2020 11:59 pm

    I need to focus more on my own and my family’s health. It is our primary goal this year to keep all illness at bay. In the first few days of this year, I made a big leap and left an online community of which I have been a member of for the longest time. It was just getting toxic – too much negativity and whining. Not for me anymore!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:29 am

      Good for you. I plan to do the same this year. If a group gets toxic, I will make my peace and go elsewhere. Here’s to tons of great good coming your way in 2020

  57. You, Me and Benny permalink
    06/01/2020 7:34 am

    Happy new year!! I hope your 2020 is amazing!

  58. Renee permalink
    06/01/2020 8:05 am

    The new year truly does give you a fresh outlook on life!

  59. Traci Edwards permalink
    06/01/2020 8:14 am

    Sometimes i think people do not realize how much they have achieved and if you write down what all youve done in one day at the end of the day i find that motivational!

  60. thepictureperfectales permalink
    06/01/2020 10:05 am

    Love the idea of SMART goal

  61. jkblooming4gmailcom permalink
    06/01/2020 11:19 am

    I love visiting your blog, every post is so motivating.

  62. Christina permalink
    06/01/2020 8:31 pm

    This truly is a much needed inspirational post for the new decade! I love the poetry, advice, and story with a moral. Thank you!😊

  63. delhifundos2014 permalink
    06/01/2020 9:29 pm

    Happy New Year to you too. I love reading your quotes, poems and motivational stories keep posting on regular basis like you do.

  64. breadsandthings permalink
    07/01/2020 3:12 am

    Happy new year! Your pictures are beautiful! I love the picture of the little snowmen :0)

  65. Susann permalink
    07/01/2020 6:41 am

    A happy new year to you too and may you succeed

  66. Miljana permalink
    07/01/2020 8:50 am

    I love that poem!! Also, it’s very true: each start of everything is just that, a start. So you can choose to start the better once again whenever you’re ready or to stay where you are…

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:34 am

      Totally, same here. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  67. Sarah Afshar permalink
    07/01/2020 10:04 am

    Very inspirational. I took the time to read this. Thank you for sharing. It is a great start to my day today. Happy New Year!

  68. Bree permalink
    07/01/2020 10:32 am

    I agree we need to do less of what holds us back this year. This should be a great and inspiring year for us all!

  69. Neely permalink
    07/01/2020 10:47 am

    I need to relax more this year and worry less. Those are big ones for me.

  70. Beauty with Lala (@Pink_Frenzy) permalink
    07/01/2020 10:50 am

    Happy New Year! Hope 2020 will be full of happiness and you reach all your goals x

  71. Joy Della Vita permalink
    07/01/2020 12:06 pm

    “If it is your nature
    to be happy
    you will swim away along the soft trails
    for hours, your imagination
    alighting everywhere.”
    Ooh, I LOVE this!

  72. Matt Taylor permalink
    07/01/2020 1:09 pm

    Happy New Year!! I need to do more blogging this year!! 🙂 I have two blogs and my goal is to do at least three posts a week on each one of those blogs.

  73. Bill Sweeney permalink
    07/01/2020 3:16 pm

    Wishing you and your family a healthy and prosperous new year. I have enjoyed reading your inspirational posts this past year.

  74. amberleshae permalink
    07/01/2020 3:40 pm

    This was great! Hope you have an amazing year!

  75. marjiemare permalink
    07/01/2020 4:30 pm

    I kept rereading your wonderful and inspiring post. I am sure, just as it did for me, this post will bring so much positive energy to us. Happy and Blessed Year.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:28 am

      Amen to that. I concur. 🙂 Thank you and blessings sent your way for 2020 and beyond.

  76. Leslie L Denning permalink
    07/01/2020 4:30 pm

    What a very motivating post. I especially enjoyed being reminded of SMART goals and also the poem by Mary Oliver. It was lovely. Thank you so much.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:25 am

      Read more of her poems… she is truly inspiring. 🙂

  77. Samantha Smart permalink
    07/01/2020 4:36 pm

    I love the SMART breakdown! I have been meaning to do this since new year but have yet to sit down and write it down – I find I follow goals better if I can see everything written out in front of me!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:25 am

      I am pretty visual too so writing things down helps me a lot as well.

  78. Hina Umar permalink
    07/01/2020 5:13 pm

    I can’t wait to make 2020 the best year ever! I hope 2020 has the best in store for you.

  79. Owen G permalink
    07/01/2020 6:11 pm

    The SMART approach is always useful. What would motivate us to make changes? I think for me, the feeling of getting older is a good motivating force.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:22 am

      That is definitely a driver for me too, this year. We are all getting older. 🙂

  80. Ann permalink
    07/01/2020 8:00 pm

    You have some really solid advice here, thank you so much for sharing!
    Happy new years from Stockholm Sweden 🙂

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:26 am

      Ahh, greetings from one of my favorite cities! I love Stockholm. Happy New Year Ann. 🙂

  81. ansh997x permalink
    07/01/2020 10:34 pm

    Thanks for writing this. These are some very smart reminder.

  82. Kiwi permalink
    07/01/2020 10:54 pm

    Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to your themed and detailed posts for 2020!

  83. Maartje van Sandwijk permalink
    07/01/2020 11:13 pm

    Happy new year to you too! We can definitely start fresh whenever, but there’s something about so many people doing it at the beginning of a new year that I find extra motivational!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:22 am

      Indeed and it is a great time to start anew too.

  84. Ntensibe Edgar Michael permalink
    07/01/2020 11:53 pm

    Ooohhh….thank you. Happy 2020. Well, I want one thing from this year alone….”live better than I lived in 2019″. That’s all!

  85. Shar permalink
    08/01/2020 12:39 am

    I enjoyed reading your poems. I also find the collage of festive photos great! So bright & full of joy.

  86. Kate Loves Travel permalink
    08/01/2020 1:20 am

    Happy New Year to you! I love the 12 blessings/wishes you have shared – I wish the same for you and yours too…

  87. Samar permalink
    08/01/2020 1:24 am

    Thanks for the motivation once again.

    be lated Happy New Year Elizabeth, Wishing you peace and prosperity.

  88. Zoe permalink
    08/01/2020 1:38 am

    Happy New Year! Looking into the New Year in such a positive way will give us foundations to build on.

  89. Chelsea Sauve - Wandure permalink
    08/01/2020 4:29 am

    I really appreciate the way you’ve distilled goal setting for the new year, and of course tips for the remainder of the year! Your SMART acronym is a huge help to keeping people on track. Thanks for the great post!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:23 am

      I didn’t coin it but it is a hugely popular guide to getting things done. TY! 🙂

      • blissfulmomboss permalink
        09/01/2020 5:52 pm

        Happy New Year! I definitely love the SMART acronym approach and will be using it this year. Thanks for such a motivating post!

  90. forkwardthinkingfoodinista permalink
    08/01/2020 5:01 am

    I cannot believe how quick last year went – it flew by. Happy New Year to you too by the way xx

  91. Dana Peller (@Pellerini) permalink
    08/01/2020 5:11 am

    I like the morning poem you’ve shared above. It helps to remind myself of what I hope the day will be like and to understand the things that might not go as planned.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      08/01/2020 10:24 am

      Yes, it is a beautiful reflection on how to step into each day with grace.

  92. jkblooming4gmailcom permalink
    08/01/2020 5:40 am

    Happy New Year! I’ve just found your blog and am sure I’ll be visiting a lot in the new year.

  93. Andrea permalink
    08/01/2020 6:54 am

    And happy New Year to you!

  94. Myrah Duque permalink
    08/01/2020 7:37 am

    Loved this post. The quotes and poetry are so inspiring. Happy new year! Wishing you a healthy and happy 2020

  95. Chad permalink
    08/01/2020 1:05 pm

    I definitely do need to set goals for 2020 and I haven’t yet!!! I love your poem, so inspiring.

  96. Lashunta permalink
    08/01/2020 1:48 pm

    Wonderful inspiration to start the New Year. Thank you. I love SMART. Happy New Year!

  97. Nurse MLB permalink
    08/01/2020 2:52 pm

    Very enjoyable sharing of motivation for the new year.

  98. Holly Lasha permalink
    08/01/2020 3:20 pm

    The New Year is such a great time to pause and reflect on the past year. I like to compare where I thought I would be by the end of the year with where I actually am. Sometimes I surprise myself!

  99. Jackline A permalink
    08/01/2020 4:19 pm

    Happy New Year! Wishing you and your family many blessings.

  100. You, Me and Benny permalink
    08/01/2020 4:42 pm

    Happy New Year!

  101. thestreetqueenblog permalink
    08/01/2020 5:05 pm

    Happy New Year! The poetry part is amazing.

  102. SiennyLovesDrawing permalink
    08/01/2020 6:28 pm

    really enjoyed my reading of your sharing here, learnt the tips from your sharing here. gonna planning for a greater year 2020. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  103. Angela Tolsma permalink
    08/01/2020 7:00 pm

    I absolutely love the quote you started us off with. Beautiful. I totally agree about the 20/20 vision. It’s very fitting. I’ve set my smart goals for the year and I’m pretty excited for what the year will bring.

  104. Marjie Mare permalink
    08/01/2020 7:08 pm

    I am ready for this new decade and cannot wait to see what it will bring me. I am ready to do my part to make this decade the best of my life. Happy New Year.

  105. Mila R permalink
    08/01/2020 7:58 pm

    I never do New Year’s resolutions. It does not make sense. You either start NOW or never

  106. Kenny Ngo permalink
    08/01/2020 9:58 pm

    New Year brings renewed hope to everyone. I think that’s the one beauty of this thing. A new year brings hope to better yourself and the world is saying, hey, here’s a new chance but everyday should feel like that IMO.

  107. Rose A (@mail4rosey) permalink
    09/01/2020 1:01 am

    Some people negate the idea of resolutions in the new year. I think it’s a great way to refresh and get some new goals up and running.

  108. semmarys permalink
    09/01/2020 4:44 am

    What a inspiration! Your article is a real motivation. Happy new year to everyone.

  109. Carmen Castillo permalink
    09/01/2020 5:39 am

    Happy New Year! I like the poem and thank you for the motivation and wise words!

  110. Beauty with Lala (@Pink_Frenzy) permalink
    09/01/2020 5:55 am

    I love the tips you give to keep track of the goals. Thank you x

  111. AutumninAtlanta permalink
    09/01/2020 7:00 am

    Happy New Year to you as well! I look forward to reading your inspirational posts this year!

  112. Jeferson permalink
    09/01/2020 7:19 am

    agree, we all should start somewhere…..I will keep SMART in my mind when doing so……

  113. mblivinglife permalink
    09/01/2020 8:21 am

    Love all the poems and the idea of a “smart” goal. I will be working on that!

  114. kidneyfornikki permalink
    09/01/2020 1:44 pm

    This post is so inspirational with lots of good information to take in. I like the purpose-filled words! Wishing every one a Happy New Year!

  115. Blogging Mechanic permalink
    09/01/2020 2:58 pm

    I love the “Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing.” verses by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Great stuff.

  116. Adriana permalink
    09/01/2020 3:52 pm

    Happiest New Year to you and your family!! Many blessings!

  117. Sarah Afshar permalink
    09/01/2020 6:00 pm

    Happy New Year! I still cannot believe we are in a brand new year, we well as, decade. 2019 went by so fast.

  118. Kevin Akidi permalink
    09/01/2020 9:56 pm

    Happy New Year and New Decade. I am claiming my double blessings from this 2020 year. That’s how i want to look at it. I love the poem and quotes.

  119. Jasmine Watts permalink
    09/01/2020 11:31 pm

    Happy New Year! Definitely a lot of things to look forward this year.

  120. Jasmine Watts permalink
    10/01/2020 12:30 am

    I like the poem. A really good motivation to start the morning!

  121. Sarah M permalink
    10/01/2020 6:15 am

    Wishing you a happy new year! I love your motivational posts. Keep doing the great work.

  122. Angela permalink
    10/01/2020 8:46 am

    I love your quote at the beginning! I totally agree that the New Year will bring to you what you bring to it!!

  123. Hina Umar permalink
    10/01/2020 9:37 am

    Wishing you a Happiest 2020. It is a great insight of your plans in this year. Cheers!

  124. Sadiq Saleem permalink
    10/01/2020 1:06 pm

    Nice article. Thanks for the motivation.

  125. Traci Edwards permalink
    10/01/2020 1:48 pm

    Happy new year love all the positive vibes!

  126. Kemi permalink
    10/01/2020 3:00 pm

    I pray for a year of success, progress, abundance, good health, peace, love… barely a week into 2020 and we were almost at the brink of war! I pray cooler heads prevail globally.

  127. Rachel permalink
    10/01/2020 6:37 pm

    I LOVE the idea of having SMART goals!

  128. Nate permalink
    11/01/2020 7:49 am

    I bookmarked Leo Babauta of Zen Habits website. I love it and super helpful!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/01/2020 10:04 pm

      You will love it. 🙂

  129. Mel 🌿 (@_moonlightmel_) permalink
    11/01/2020 12:03 pm

    Happy new year! All the best for 2020. Very nice poems too. Thanks for sharing

  130. ameliapollock147 permalink
    11/01/2020 1:03 pm

    It is always inspiring to read your articles. Very motivational post again. Happy New Year!

  131. WanderlustBeautyDreams permalink
    11/01/2020 4:14 pm

    Happy 2020! I think it’s so great to reflect and get motivation to work towards new goals. But also setting realistic and actionable goals to reach them.

  132. Cherrie D. Bautista permalink
    11/01/2020 7:02 pm

    Very informative. I need motivation to continue with what I started last year. Between work, family, I barely have the time and energy to work on my business goals at the end of the day. Thank you for the inspiration.

  133. TweenselMom (@TweenselMom) permalink
    12/01/2020 3:39 am

    Happy New Year everyone, our year in the Philippines may not be starting good with the volcanic eruption happening but staying positive always. God will always be good.

  134. ameliapollock147 permalink
    12/01/2020 7:33 am

    Amazing post as always. Heave a blasting year!!

  135. Danielle permalink
    12/01/2020 12:11 pm

    I always love thinking that every day is a new day to start fresh but there is something about the New Year that also brings to light the ability to have a fresh start. I think of it more as a new form of hope.

  136. Courtney permalink
    12/01/2020 5:23 pm

    Ooooo so much motivation for going into 2020!! I still can’t believe how fast last year flew by! Hope you have a fabulous year

  137. Michael permalink
    13/01/2020 5:58 am

    Happy new year! One of the holidays I am really looking forward to! If you haven’t experience new year here in PH, You guys should! Its like having a wa but quite fun.

  138. ansh997x permalink
    13/01/2020 7:34 am

    This is how goal setting should be done. You have inspired me too.

  139. Melanie permalink
    13/01/2020 8:25 am

    Wow I can’t believe how quick last year went. Happy New Year to you too

  140. Travel with Karla permalink
    13/01/2020 3:33 pm

    This inspired me to make a list of things I need to do less this year. Mine is procrastinating, saying yes to everything, and not having enough rest! Happy New Year!

  141. Bindu Thomas permalink
    14/01/2020 12:44 am

    What a positive post! Thankyou for all the wishes, and wish you and your dear ones the same. Like the idea of the SMART goals, I’ve heard of it before and its a good way to align your goals.

  142. Clarice permalink
    14/01/2020 8:06 am

    Happy New Year too! I am so excited for this new year and I just finished creating my vision board. I totally agree with you that we should begin it with a SMART goal. For this year, I made sure that my goals are relevant and intentional.

  143. 14/01/2020 9:08 am

    Happy 2020! Hope you have an amazing year ahead of you!

  144. Megan Kerry permalink
    14/01/2020 4:00 pm

    Happy New Year!!! I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring! Thanks for all your motivating words over this last year:)

  145. Joy Della Vita permalink
    15/01/2020 10:59 am

    Hope you have an awesome, joyful and healthy 2020!

  146. Rose Ann Sales permalink
    15/01/2020 1:51 pm

    I had promised myself the same things, like drinking more water, it sounds kinda shallow to some people but I consider it a part of healthy living that’s why it’s a big deal for me.

  147. Joanna permalink
    19/01/2020 2:49 am

    Happy New Year to you too! For me, 2019 was not a good year and the bad things continue to spread into 2020. I do hope that soon I will be in the position where I will be able to make a change. Hopefully soon enough!

  148. Taylor J permalink
    19/01/2020 1:22 pm

    S.M.A.R.T Goals, thanks for the reminder on how to set and accomplish them.

  149. Lisa fucci permalink
    23/01/2020 4:26 pm

    Smart goals are so important!!! And keeping them visible and up front and center 🙂

  150. forkwardthinkingfoodinista permalink
    26/01/2020 8:50 am

    Yay have a super lovely 2020 to you too. Happy New Year xx

  151. Norma permalink
    30/01/2020 6:32 pm

    Happy New Year to everyone even though it is a little late. I hope that everyone has a good year. PS I loved your blog.

  152. Fatima D Torres permalink
    01/02/2020 8:54 am

    We kept it simple the last week of 2019. It was a tough year for us.

  153. Eileen M Loya permalink
    01/02/2020 11:31 am

    I love this quote – “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” The New Year is always filled with hope that we can effect the change we need to become better versions of ourselves. Hopefully this year, my husband and I will stay healthy. We are starting with minding our diets and choosing only healthy food.

  154. Gervin Khan permalink
    04/02/2020 6:36 am

    I never do a new year resolutions but making a year goals. I agree that when you are making a year goals it should be simple, achievable and you should make an action to make it happen.

  155. Jhentea Guzman permalink
    04/02/2020 6:25 pm

    Nice blog you have here! I enjoyed a lot in reading it. Thank you for sharing!!

  156. Jessica Collazo permalink
    17/02/2020 6:53 am

    Looking for this year’s great things that are coming for me and my family happy for you and this blog

  157. case law permalink
    09/04/2020 3:53 am

    You have discussed good point, that would be help to achieve our goal.
    Happy new year!

  158. Beth Pierce permalink
    28/12/2021 12:01 pm

    I love the advice, and I love the quotes. Here’s to a healthy and happy new year to you and yours!

  159. risalopez permalink
    28/12/2021 5:05 pm

    I enjoy reading your poems. Thank you for sharing these inspiring posts. Happy Holidays!

  160. Knycx Journeying permalink
    28/12/2021 5:41 pm

    It’s yet another year and I wish everyone a great new 2022 with lots of positive energy!

  161. Fransic verso permalink
    28/12/2021 10:30 pm

    Happy new year! It’s crazy now. It’s been a year. How fast time flying. I hope you have a great new year!

  162. Lyosha Varezhkina permalink
    28/12/2021 10:52 pm

    happy new Year! I hope 2022 will be far better than 2020 and 2021! I hope it will bring you good fortune and lots of love. let your dreams come true

  163. Predrag Kovačević permalink
    29/12/2021 1:06 am

    My New Years resolution is actually my “Every morning resolution”, and that is to be a better husband and father, better human in general.

  164. Jasmine Martin permalink
    29/12/2021 6:34 am

    I say it every year, I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by. I’m looking forward to so many new things within the New Year. Happy New Year to you!

  165. Christine Weis permalink
    29/12/2021 9:13 am

    I set smart goals with my students every new year! It’s definitely a must do for everyone. Thanks for the new year’s inspiration.

  166. Eileen Mendoza Loya permalink
    29/12/2021 9:23 am

    There is a lot to be thankful for the year that passed – dreams fulfilled, goals accomplished and the gift of health. Looking forward to blessings in this coming new year. Wishing you all the best. Happy New Year to you!

  167. Heather permalink
    29/12/2021 10:46 am

    I’m always excited for a new year. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start.

  168. Farah Al Zadjaly permalink
    29/12/2021 1:09 pm

    Happy New Year… Another blog post that inspires. I love reading this.

  169. Ebony permalink
    29/12/2021 1:29 pm

    This was such a motivational post! I love the idea of setting smart goals! I can’t wait to write mine down for 2022 tomorrow!

  170. Heather Klein Wolf permalink
    29/12/2021 1:57 pm

    I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions. This year, though, I do have a list of things I want to accomplish in 2022. Fingers crossed!

  171. LifeMagHealth permalink
    29/12/2021 9:02 pm

    What an inspirational post! I would love to share this, hope that’s okay.
    Despite the hindrances and all the challenges we are experiencing right now, we have to always be optimistic about the future. Trust 2022 will be great! Cheers!

  172. Alice Mola permalink
    29/12/2021 11:48 pm

    It’s so funny you mentioned SMART goals, we just learned that in my Management Masters program and it’s totally changed my goal setting tactics. Have an amazing new year!

  173. Shilpa Bindlish permalink
    30/12/2021 12:57 am

    Your poems and write-ups genuinely motivate me and fills my heart with positivity.

  174. Ebony permalink
    30/12/2021 5:03 am

    Great reminders for the new year! I saw a meme the other day that called 2022 –> 2020 too! 🙂 I hope this new year is not as crazy as 2020, but hopeful for new beginnings!

  175. 30/12/2021 9:46 am

    Happy New Year! In a few days it will be 2022!

  176. Steph S permalink
    30/12/2021 11:31 am

    Happy New Year to you!

  177. A Nation of Moms permalink
    30/12/2021 5:04 pm

    Great thoughts on the New Year! I think we can all relate to having goals at the beginning of the year that are hard to stick with.

  178. Abida permalink
    31/12/2021 10:58 pm

    Happy new year to everyone for 2022!

  179. kushigalu permalink
    03/01/2022 10:27 pm

    Enjoyed reading this post. It’s beautiful. Happy new year.

  180. Angela Ricardo Bethea permalink
    04/01/2022 4:59 am

    Those are some great quotes to keep in mind and Happy New Year to everyone!


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