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Reflections On Food: Five Foods To Live For…

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“The Creator, by making man eat to live, invites him to do so with appetite and rewards him with pleasure.” Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Reflections On Food: Five Foods To Live For... Which of these foods would you include?

Reflections On Food: Five Foods To Live For… Which of these foods would you include?

Do you eat to live or live to eat? We all love to enjoy our favorite food with our loved ones, but what if you had to choose a few to consume every day. If you could only pick five (5) foods to live on for a year or longer, which foods would you pick? What five foods are calling you right now to pick them? What draws you to those foods? Could you eat them for the rest of your life?

According to Joel Fuhrman, “Our body is like a machine. If we constantly run the machinery at high speed, it will wear out faster. Since animals with slower metabolic rates live longer, eating more calories, which drives up our metabolic rate, will cause us only to age faster. Contrary to what you may have heard and read in the past, our goal should be the opposite: to eat less, only as much as we need to maintain a slim and muscular weight, and no more, so as to keep our metabolic rate relatively slow.” Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss.

What is your food story and which foods would you never give up?

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Plinky: Name five foods you’d hate to live without.

Positive Motivation Tip: Food is important to our survival but we can’t be rigid about it; eat healthy but indulge your sweet/savory tooth sometimes.

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  1. Christy Maurer permalink
    12/08/2015 3:59 pm

    I don’t think I could give up bread! It is just so yummy and filling. And cheese….and chocolate….lol

  2. Michelle F. permalink
    12/08/2015 4:14 pm

    Unfortunately I live to eat and am slowly working on eating to live. Chocolate is one of those foods I can’t give up.

  3. 12/08/2015 4:51 pm

    Is it wrong that the salad looks the most tempting to me? It’s not my favorite food, but it sure does look good. I’d have to go with pasta for my #1 favorite thing to eat.

  4. Liz Mays permalink
    12/08/2015 5:05 pm

    I’d probably want pizza but honestly, that’s the only food I would never give up. The rest I could do without!

  5. Claudette P. Esterine permalink
    12/08/2015 5:39 pm

    As i wrote recently, I used to live to eat but things have changed drastically for me and it’s the reverse now. Thanks for discussing a most important topic. Namaste

  6. 12/08/2015 5:54 pm

    Ha! This is so funny!! Is coffee a food item? I could never live with out coffee!! I”m sort of obsessed with it!!

  7. Maureen permalink
    12/08/2015 6:23 pm

    All the food on your photos looks so delicious! I love sushi, pasta and occasionally chocolate but have been trying to cut back on the pasta and sweet things 😀

  8. Masshole Mommy permalink
    12/08/2015 6:33 pm

    I live for ice cream. And pizza. And anything my mom makes. Now I am hungry!

  9. 12/08/2015 6:38 pm


  10. enzo permalink
    12/08/2015 7:22 pm

    All these food here just awakened all my senses. Now I have to break my diet once again because of this.

  11. John permalink
    12/08/2015 7:58 pm

    I used to eat and indulge myself with everything. But after suffering from a high blood pressure, I stopped eating too much. I’m eating healthy stuff now.

  12. Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn permalink
    12/08/2015 8:20 pm

    I definitely fall in the live to eat section. Sometimes I will get in the other category when I am in weight loss mode, but I don’t necessarily enjoy it.

  13. amanda permalink
    12/08/2015 8:37 pm

    I totally agree that decadent and well crafted chocolate is a food to live for. Luckily in Chicago there are so many different delicious foods to enjoy…it is a food mecca!

  14. Shann Eva permalink
    12/08/2015 9:22 pm

    I’m not sure what five foods I would choose, although I know I could not live without chocolate.

  15. upliftingfam permalink
    12/08/2015 10:33 pm

    I would pick avocado, chocolate, chicken fajitas, cherries, and California roll. I had to think about it a little bit.

  16. Susan Quackenbush permalink
    12/08/2015 11:20 pm

    I’ve always considered food to be the great welcoming mat of life! I’ve never met someone that wouldn’t sit down and enjoy a good meal with me! Thank you for sharing this great post! 🙂

  17. Eileen Mendoza Loya permalink
    12/08/2015 11:47 pm

    Five Foods? I would choose Pork, Fish, Fruits, Leafy Vegetables and Rice. I guess I would survive on that. As much as I would want to include chocolates, I chose not to because of my diabetes.

  18. Michele permalink
    13/08/2015 12:08 am

    My Dad’s Mom Lived to eat–my Mom’s Mom ate to live–I used to live to eat–but as I get older I find myself eating to live instead!

  19. Esme Sy permalink
    13/08/2015 12:27 am

    I used to be the latter, but now it’s the other way around, I eat to live. Five foods? I would choose fish, chicken breast, vegetables, fruits and chocolate.

  20. Stephanie Pass permalink
    13/08/2015 12:38 am

    It’s a really interesting notion that revving up a metabolism will actually age you faster. I never thought about that.

  21. Jason Panuelos permalink
    13/08/2015 3:04 am

    All totally true! I’m currently super obsessed with cheeses and I’m not sure why! Haha! 🙂

  22. Acadiana'sThriftyMom permalink
    13/08/2015 3:12 am

    What a yummy post! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 (now i’m hungry LOL)

  23. anallievent permalink
    13/08/2015 3:26 am

    I actually follow the Eat to Live way of eating. I don’t eat meat, but my entire family does and I cook it often. I feel so much better eating a plant based diet.

  24. Kristen from The Road to Domestication permalink
    13/08/2015 5:54 am

    Five foods to live on? My goodness. I would say chicken, apples, broccoli, rice and vanilla ice cream 🙂

  25. 13/08/2015 6:01 am

    LOL, you do have some mouth watering food here. 🙂 Who can resist? 🙂

  26. 3sonshavei permalink
    13/08/2015 8:21 am

    Cheese would definitely be a food I would always eat

  27. Yona Williams permalink
    13/08/2015 9:03 am

    As a foodie, this was hard. If I had to choose five foods to live on, they’d be: fruit salad, ice cream, pizza, cereal and House Special lo mein (that’s got the noodles, some veggies, beef, chicken, pork and shrimp included).

  28. PrayerFull Mum permalink
    13/08/2015 10:18 am

    It’s easier said than done, hehehe… It’s challenging to not eat more especially when we have abundance of food (for most developing and developed countries) and a range of cuisines to choose from. Lately, I have been more cautious of what I eat and I try to have light lunches as much as possible – keeping to salads and sandwiches.

  29. Anne V permalink
    13/08/2015 11:06 am

    I’m a total foodie but my philosophy in eating is “Eat for your life,” so yes, I eat to live rather than live to eat. I take care of my health as a whole to prevent diseases and worrying my loved ones unnecessarily. It’s been a good decade of not getting sick by living healthy and eating real food.

  30. Crystal Cartwright permalink
    13/08/2015 1:03 pm

    That salmon looks delicious! You should do a recipe post for it!

  31. toughcookiemommy permalink
    13/08/2015 4:00 pm

    Chocolate is definitely a food to live for. It is a heavenly treat to enjoy whenever possible.

  32. Fred permalink
    13/08/2015 4:20 pm

    Of course we eat to live. But upon reaching a certain level of comfort, we can reward ourselves occasionally with “sinful” food we like, hehe. – Fred

  33. Nicol permalink
    13/08/2015 4:47 pm

    thats actually quite interesting and got me thinking which 5 foods i would choose. its too hard to choose. definitely need something sweet to cure my sweet craving lol

  34. Dawn McAlexander permalink
    13/08/2015 8:43 pm

    These five foods are always great! I love fruit!

  35. sacha permalink
    13/08/2015 10:17 pm

    These all look so good. It makes great appetizers for when company comes over or for a gathering.

  36. Pooja Kawatra Gupta permalink
    14/08/2015 1:59 am

    Your photos are actually making me hungry and i love to capture the food.I don’t know but they give kind of a great feeling and one of stress buster is to do cooking.

  37. Ling permalink
    14/08/2015 3:10 am

    Absolutely I do both! Five food I hate to do without……. Noodles (that covers everything from Chinese mee, to pasta, to ramen and soba!), steaks, roast pork, fries (bad) and eggplants. Yummy!!!

  38. Papaleng Pagulong permalink
    14/08/2015 7:51 am

    Bitter gourd or what we call ‘ampalaya’ is one food that endear most. This veggie really does help my blood sugar level be controlled.

  39. I Love Paars by: Lee permalink
    14/08/2015 7:59 am

    i love having fruits as a snack. and i make sure every week we will have veggies on our lunch or dinner. fruits and veggies are good for our digestion

  40. 14/08/2015 8:10 am

    Our activity and the food we eat really impacts our metabolism. It is really best that we maintain a good level of activity and diet.

  41. Dina Demarest (@dinade) permalink
    14/08/2015 8:28 am

    what to pick! I’d pick salad, chicken, fruit, beef, and milk. I think those would make me happy the longest.

  42. Tiffany Yong permalink
    14/08/2015 10:15 am

    I will say I eat to live. While I will enjoy good food once in a very very very long while, I won’t specially look for good ones… maybe because I’m single!

  43. Amber N permalink
    14/08/2015 4:11 pm

    That chocolate looks pretty amazing. I love that!

  44. foundfrolicking permalink
    14/08/2015 4:11 pm

    I’m honestly not sure which 5 foods I could live on for years. I’d go for nutrient-rich, low-fat foods, though! I get sick of fatty foods easily.

  45. Rosey permalink
    15/08/2015 4:28 am

    Only 5? That would be a hard decision! Something green, something fruity, something hearty, something salty and something sweet. 🙂

  46. Ria Coleto- Cervantes permalink
    15/08/2015 4:31 am

    Those pictures are making me so hungry! I love eating fruits but not much on chocolates.

  47. Nova permalink
    15/08/2015 6:11 am

    Certainly true, the foods you elaborate here are truly the kinds of foods that mostly people can’t live without..including me.

  48. Sunshine Kelly permalink
    15/08/2015 9:21 am

    The food that I can’t live without is fruits and vegetables. I love salad and vegetable soup most of the days. For meat I like lamb but I eat very little meat now.

  49. Carly Anderson (@lipglosscrayons) permalink
    15/08/2015 2:05 pm

    Oh my gosh, those chocolates…..YUM!

  50. Debbie Denny permalink
    15/08/2015 4:53 pm

    Good choices. Love a fruity choice.

  51. Angie Patricia permalink
    16/08/2015 3:37 am

    Well yeah before i really live to eat but now eat just for the balance of living and i eat healthy food that makes me healthier than before

  52. hannah gee permalink
    16/08/2015 5:09 am

    It changes weekly for me whether I live to eat or eat to live however i definitely know that I would be without chicken. Great review.

  53. Fatemah Sajwani (@FatemahSajwani) permalink
    16/08/2015 6:18 am

    How come you found the yummiest chocolate picture to add in the post?
    lol I am a big chocoholic.

  54. Karen of MrsLookingGood permalink
    16/08/2015 12:00 pm

    I must say that I cannot be honest with myself and narrow down my top 5 food choices. I’m always grateful that I have a lot of options to choose from. Although I’m not always smart on my purchases all the time. I succumb to cravings often.

  55. phyliciamarie permalink
    17/08/2015 12:43 am

    I literally LOLed when you said, “Death by Foods Selected”. I’d prolly pick, Sbarro’s Baked Ziti, Peaches, Avocadoes, Celery and Pumpkin Soup!

  56. Chanel Marie permalink
    18/08/2015 8:18 am

    I am willing to live on fruits alone! It is just wonderful, eating them!

  57. 19/08/2015 2:03 pm

    I used to live to eat well, I guess now is that time to eat to live well. LOL. But my oh my, I have to pass on chocolates due to milk allergy. 🙁 Maybe I can try sushi though.

  58. Carrie Ann permalink
    30/01/2021 3:36 am

    I don’t think there’s any food I couldn’t live without, but here are my five that I could live on for a year: hummus, spinach, eggs, carrots, and sushi 🙂

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