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Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic

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“I had a penchant myself for doing several things at once. I wanted to draw, write, speak.” Patti Smith

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive - In Life and Art...

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive – In Life and Art…

Move beyond security; develop a penchant for the unknown; learn; grow; expand. SayQuotable
I have a penchant for fresh notebooks and mechanical pencils. It seems every time I go to the store, I buy a new notebook. I have dozens of them just sitting around. Richard Paul Evans
I read too many romance novels during my formative years. I have a penchant for romantic comedies. I understand why ‘Romeo and Juliet’ came to such a pass. Roxane Gay

A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive Aspects of Life: As far back as I can remember, I was a deeply distracted and imaginative child. I flitted from one creative endeavor to another in a matter of minutes or days, depending on my mood and how long a particular thing held my interest. I fell in love with an eclectic selection of interests and books, and read everything and anything in my dad’s Study; including my mother’s Cookbooks on the shelves in the kitchen, and the daily newspapers and magazines that came regularly to our doorstep.

Essentially, some might say I was a budding polymath. Ha! I might have become fully so but, if you went to school in the British system, you knew that the path was pretty rigid with a strict curriculum that was enforced to the last letter.  There was little room for excessive, youthful exuberance … then again, it was also a matter of timing and teacher. Mind you, I probably didn’t understand half the things I read as a child but, it kept my active mind very busy and I enjoyed every minute of being carried away, from time to time, into a new and distant realm; albeit an unfamiliar one. One day, I wanted to be a ballerina, the next a banker, doctor, model, rock singer and everything in between. I did get a chance to do some of those things; for instance, my poor mother enrolled my sister and me in Ballet class until the very nasty dance teacher informed her we were going to be too tall to become ballet dancers. I was very offended and glared at her in anger until my mom noticed and dragged me out of the class and forever turned her back on that studio.

My penchant for the eclectic was briefly interrupted by the dance teacher. The teacher’s suggestion that we find more suitable activities for growing girls offended me not just because she said it to my mother, within hearing distance, but also because she challenged a belief I held even as a child, that we can try almost anything, explore the world and become better informed about it all. The world was an open door through which we could investigate all that she had to offer so, that early knock from a dance teacher was not welcome. Nevertheless, it opened doors to other forms of dance, martial arts, swimming, yoga, music, sports, you name it, all of which I embraced with the same degree of passion I embraced everything else that caught my interest … that is, at least for some of my interests, until something new, different and complex came along.


“When I was really young, I wanted to grow up and be the sun. Which shows an early penchant for ambition or narcissism or grandiosity or delusion – all of which are bellwethers for becoming a writer.” Gayle Forman

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive - In Life and Art...

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive – In Life and Art…

YouTube Video: Welcome Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. via accompanying video shared by her mother, Serena Williams.

There is no great genius without a touch of madness. Seneca
Disappointment has quite a penchant for taking one by a surprise. Pawan Mishra
Americans have a penchant for the future and tend to disregard the past. Alan Dundes
The beauty of the world has two edges, one of laughter, and one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder . Virginia Woolf
I’ve always had a penchant for dialects. I remember getting detention and being told, ‘Have a think about where doing these funny voices might get you someday. Nolan North

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive: The greatest gift a parent can give a child, after loving them, is a pair of wings to fly and explore the world.  As I read the Vanity Fair article and watched the video of Serena, her hubby and her baby above, I imagined what a varied and fun life she is going to have… I can bet on it. My parents gave me plenty of inspiration and, even though, they were neither perfect nor had all the answers, they opened my eyes to a world beyond my own. We had friends from around the globe.  They came to our home for dinner parties and we went to their homes too. Children observe these behaviors in their parents so, it is not enough to pay lip-service to having an open mind about other cultures, you must live it too.

I had a penchant for asking lots of questions of strangers and family friends. In another life, I must have been a reporter of sorts… I remember wondering and asking why some people never ventured off their street. They lived small insular lives that began and ended on their doorsteps. Even though some were friends with my parents, they, and by default their kids, never expressed one iota of interest in seeing the world. The kids would say “Why venture afar when we can get ice cream from Joe on the truck. If we move or travel, we will miss his Sunday bell ringing.”  Thinking about that idea now strikes me as funny but, to a child, it made perfect sense. It was the familiar; it was home, and it was safe. I, on the other hand, loved that my family traveled and moved around and I looked at each new place as an opportunity to reinvent myself. But, it was a double edged sword… The constant distraction and flitting interests meant that I got bored easily as a child and would get into trouble for stupid pranks or other childhood silliness.  There was also the constant disruption of life and the need to make new friends and abandon some old ones. Like Nolan North above, I had my share of detention too. Today, there is a name for all of that but,  let me not digress.

WINTER BLUES by Barry Tebb via
For Penny Abraham
I wish I had Auden’s penchant
For going about in carpet slippers
Or the late HRH Margaret’s panache-
A chauffered Rolls with six outriders-
This late December day with its sparkle of sun on frost
I’d so much rather be in Haworth’s cobbled street
With cascades of carols in torchlit procession
Or still better with a passionate friend to make love to
By Penistone Crags and then sit in post-coital bliss
In the tea-room, reading Claudel in whispers,
And not as I was, heading for Camden’s
December Trust Board Meeting, of which I’m not a member
But a regular attender, watching the watchers
At a comfortable distance, hoping to hear democracy’s arrthymia.


“Our only solace as writers is in the work itself, and perhaps also in a penchant for blissful ignorance that allows us to gamble, to risk, to keep going where others would tote up the odds and stop.” Gayle Lynds

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive - In Life and Art...

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive – In Life and Art…

I have a penchant for playing God’s clowns. Actually, I played Nijinsky once, and he used to call himself God’s clown. Stephen Lang
Maybe my penchant for hippie-deluxe eccentricity came from an escapist dream of a different world. It was tough being a working mom in the 1970s. Suzy Menkes
Qualities you need to get through medical school and residency: Discipline. Patience. Perseverance. A willingness to forgo sleep. A penchant for sadomasochism. Ability to weather crises of faith and self-confidence. Accept exhaustion as fact of life. Addiction to caffeine a definite plus. Unfailing optimism that the end is in sight. Khaled Hosseini

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive: Were you a happy, sad, complex or angry child? Even though, on the surface, I didn’t appear to be a happy child, my sister Joy held that record and was aptly named, I had a very happy interior life. My inner world was populated with great stories, colorful art and people, and a rich appreciation for the beauty of the universe and nature. I wrote poems and short stories as a kid and, whenever I got into trouble, I would reach for a funny story to ease the tension. My teachers were all convinced that I would be a comedian and writer some day. Oddly enough, my humor is not something that can be scripted.  It kinda comes in its own way; sadly, harnessing it is not a snap. With the same enthusiasm I picked up things, I unceremoniously dropped them and that was a challenge. The few things that stayed constant were my love for nature, travel, yoga, good food, and a great story.

My mother was an avid gardener and a gourmet cook so I was exposed to beautiful, exotic flowers and fine foods from an early age. My mother was also a great storyteller and when she wasn’t busy pursuing one of her many eclectic dreams, notice the genetic marker there, she would regal us with funny stories and new and interesting dishes. We also asked her lots of questions about life and requested dishes that we imagined or read about in our story books. Plum pudding was one and, for the life of me, I have no idea why that stuck in my head for years. Rhubarb Crumble and Spinach saute came to mind too and my mom had a favorite dish that she named Everything Fried Rice; it had a lot of wonderful herbs and spices added including raisins, ginger and a variety of dried fruits. Mom wasn’t keen on sweets, but we had a lot of other dishes that filled the gap with savory and sweet treats added to the mix. I will feature more of her recipes in future posts.


More Below!
“I always had a penchant for falling in love. Every time I found myself without a mate, I fell into a state of low-sizzling panic.” Jane Fonda

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive - In Life and Art...

Reflections: A Penchant for the Eclectic & Positive – In Life and Art…

American media has a penchant for making stupid people famous. Shibby
A fierce literary woman with a penchant for married men, Margaret Fuller was ultimately torn between motherhood and her final career as a political reporter. Susan Cheever
Out of nowhere, I became a fairly well-known director with a penchant for opera, which I did for 10 years. Then I realized I was taking myself out the theater channel, and so I re-focused on theater. Jack O’Brien
The proclivity and the penchant of a mans persistence for doing work par excellence is a great way to improve his prospect, prudence, positivity, productivity, performance and personality both on the personal and professional field. Anuj Somany
Firstly, there is no such person as Death. Second, Death’s this tall guy with a bone face, like a skeletal monk, with a scythe and an hourglass and a big white horse and a penchant for playing chess with Scandinavians. Third, he doesn’t exist either. Neil Gaiman

What do you have a Penchant for? Where does my spectrum lie? In retrospect, all the distractions and imaginative play that populated my early years helped foster a love for writing, reading and exploration. When I delved into blogging, it became another way to express myself on a wide range of topics. Now, this would be viewed as a problem for some, and you always hear some talking heads going on about niche this and niche that. But I wasn’t bothered. So you can imagine my delight when one day, I found the perfect niche for my eclectic interests = The LIFESTYLE BLOGGER niche!  As a lifestyle blogger, I can cover a range of interests and topics and not feel pinned down by an expectation to announce myself as X. I don’t necessarily do that in my personal life so why pretend online? Whatever speaks true to your heart is what you should pursue and do it with the utmost joy and without expectation. The rest will follow in good time… Everything has a season. As for the name they would call what I’ve spent an entire post writing about? ADHD and it is perfectly fine. A dear friend once said, it’s a mark of genius and I choose to believe her infinite wisdom. Another friend reminded me of the renaissance age and the men/women who flourished with a wide range of interests in eclectic fields during that period in history. There is a real provenance and history behind it so, if you ever find yourself feeling down about your divergent interests, just remember you have the mark of a Renaissance man/woman. It’s all good.

Oh yeah, TV is probably one of the inventions that truly understands the eclectic mind! It had to be someone with the same active mind that came up with the idea of multi-channel programming. What a feast for the head… we just need to monitor our consumption. On another note, the 69th Annual Emmy Awards will be televised on Sunday, Sept 17th. Below is a selection of the nominees in some of the most popular categories. I don’t watch the majority of those shows but I am familiar with the work of many of the nominees and some of the shows I’ve seen and enjoyed. I plan to watch the unfolding of that award ceremony on Sunday. I hope you will too.
READ: How To Be A Renaissance Man

For those of you interested in seeing more you can click the link to get the full list of nominations.
Drama Series                                      Comedy Series
“Better Call Saul” (AMC)                     “Atlanta” (FX)
“The Crown” (Netflix)                          “Black-ish” (ABC)
“The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu)           “Master of None” (Netflix)
“House of Cards” (Netflix)                   “Modern Family” (ABC)
“Stranger Things” (Netflix)                   “Silicon Valley” (HBO)
“This Is Us” (NBC)                                  “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Netflix)
“Westworld” (HBO)                                “Veep” (HBO)

Drama Actress                                                             Drama Actor
Viola Davis (“How to Get Away with Murder”) ………Sterling K. Brown & Milo Ventimiglia (“This Is Us”)
Claire Foy (“The Crown”) ……………………………………Anthony Hopkins (“Westworld”)
Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) ……………..Bob Odenkirk (“Better Call Saul”)
Keri Russell (“The Americans”) Matthew Rhys ………(“The Americans”)
Evan Rachel Wood (“Westworld”) …………………………Liev Schreiber (“Ray Donovan”)
Robin Wright (“House of Cards”) ………………………….Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”)

Comedy Actor                                                                 Comedy Actress
Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish”) …………………………..Pamela Adlon (“Better Things”)
Aziz Ansari (“Master of None”) …………………………….Tracee Ellis-Ross (“black-ish”)
Zach Galifianakis (“Baskets”) ……………………………….Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin (“Grace and Frankie”)
Donald Glover (“Atlanta”) …………………………………….Allison Janney (“Mom”)
William H. Macy (“Shameless”) …………………………….Ellie Kemper (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”)
Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent”) …………………………….Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”)

Variety Talk Series                                                             Reality Competition
“Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” (TBS)…………………….“The Amazing Race” (CBS)
“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (ABC) …………………………………….“American Ninja Warrior” (NBC)
“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” (HBO)…………….. “Project Runway” (Lifetime)
“The Late Late Show With James Corden” (CBS)…………. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (vh1)
“Real Time With Bill Maher” (HBO) …………………………….“Top Chef” (Bravo)
“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS) ………………..“The Voice” (NBC)

Television Movie
“Black Mirror: San Junipero” (Netflix)
“Dolly Parton’s Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle Of Love” (NBC)
“The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks” (HBO)
“Sherlock: The Lying Detective (Masterpiece)” (PBS)
“The Wizard Of Lies” (HBO)



This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post:  – Penchant –  Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.


Positive Motivation Tip: Enjoy your eclectic interests and celebrate them!

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos  Photos Eclectic, Street Art via Pixabay

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
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  1. Jessica Hughes permalink
    13/09/2017 4:08 pm

    I think opening the world for exploration and providing many different and eclectic experiences for our children is one of the best gifts we can give them. We should let them see and believe that the possibilities are endless and encouraging their explorations.

  2. lavandamichelle permalink
    13/09/2017 5:14 pm

    I always enjoy reading your post. I’m so happy that my parents not only gave me love, they also gave me wings. I hope to give my girls wings as much as possible

  3. angie permalink
    13/09/2017 5:21 pm

    I totally get the eclectic part for sure but, there is also so much meaning in your post as well.

  4. Gladys S Parker (@momtograndma) permalink
    13/09/2017 5:38 pm

    I agree that children learn to like eclectic things, sites, travel, people and attitudes from their parents or caregivers. I don’t remember my mother being eclectic about much, although she had a penchant. for nursing and did become one at 37 and with a husband and 4 children. I have always had dysthimnia ms a life long depression. My penchants were for minor things like water falls, music, a comfortable place in one of our state parks. Somehow my children turned that around and take my grandchildren traveling, they have lessons, team sports, swimming, computer classes. I am so happy about that.

  5. MarciaF permalink
    13/09/2017 6:43 pm

    This is another great article offering wisdom, insights and a positive attitude.

  6. 조이 Czjai (@RebelSweetHrt) permalink
    14/09/2017 5:56 am

    Mine would have to a very complex childhood. I’ve had more downs than ups, to say the least. On a more positive note, all those complexities made me become the tough person that I am now. 🙂

  7. April Smith Decheine permalink
    14/09/2017 7:54 am

    I love eclectic styles. My husband and I love going into the city and looking at all the painted murals.

  8. Amanda permalink
    14/09/2017 8:59 am

    Great collection of images. I have a penchant for travel, for writing and for making things!

  9. BluKatDesign Upcycled Jewelry permalink
    14/09/2017 10:05 am

    Being an artist all of my life I have a penchant for the eclectic! I’ve always liked unusual art and people, much more interesting!

  10. Sian Lifts Weights permalink
    14/09/2017 11:44 am

    Im excited for the emmys! It appears my favourite nominees are all on netflix, stranger things and master of none being some of them!

  11. Lexi Mary permalink
    14/09/2017 1:58 pm

    I love your super inspiring post, I never ask myself if I’m a pollymath as well, aha! well maybe yes maybe not. but anyways I love reading your post, love those stunning photos love to know that we have some common interest 🙂

  12. Ashvin permalink
    14/09/2017 3:55 pm

    This is a really interesting post. I did not know what the word ‘penchant’ meant but now I do. Personally, my penchant WAS to learn different languages and just loved learning about different cultures. But that has disappear a bit. With work and different responsibilities, this has disappeared a bit.

  13. ashunexpected permalink
    14/09/2017 4:11 pm

    I have a penchant for cozy sweaters, a good cup of coffee, and a good book.

  14. Unfiltered Mama permalink
    14/09/2017 4:30 pm

    You fit perfectly into that niche! I thought I would be considered a lifestyle blogger as well, but turns out I was wrong! We all have our own interests and thoughts. Who cares how random they might be!

  15. Erinn Sluka permalink
    14/09/2017 4:40 pm

    What a great insight from your friend about ADHD. Follow what you love and making the turns as change happens to stay on path

  16. Rika (@thedealmatch) permalink
    14/09/2017 11:12 pm

    I have a penchat for photography. I am also a lifestyle blogger, i enjoy sharing my passion and interests through writing and images.

  17. Bhushavali permalink
    15/09/2017 2:53 am

    When I think of eclectic. I always relate it to my personal taste in fashion! It is eclectic.. Its always modest but too quirky! Like you, probably my beginnings too were from home, esp mom!

  18. nadaliebardo permalink
    15/09/2017 7:02 am

    So funky! Reminds me of certain areas of the city here. Where there’s just a mis-mash of boats, graffiti, and older buildings. Fun for photography!

  19. Annie @ Mamadweeb permalink
    15/09/2017 7:20 am

    This is beautifully written! I’ve always had a penchant for romance and travel 🙂

  20. RonRon permalink
    15/09/2017 8:35 am

    Such a deep and meaningful post. I have to reread this one again to be able to intake all the positivism in it!

  21. Christina | From Under a Palm Tree permalink
    15/09/2017 8:39 am

    I can definitely relate to always having a busy mind and doing a lot of different things. I often wonder if I have ADHD and if I always had it but never knew. This is such a great post!

  22. My Little Box of Tricks permalink
    15/09/2017 8:41 am

    I definitely feel like I’m still that creative child on the inside. Perhaps, that’s why I’m finding such difficult deciding on a career path. Every book I read, show I watch, person I talk to piques my interest in a way that makes me think “I want to do that too.”

  23. Cia Black permalink
    15/09/2017 10:32 am

    When I first got to this post, I looked at content, scrolled through and looked at the art. Then I went back and read what was written. You really opened yourself. You went in depth with who you are and how you became that person. Even digging into your past life. I adored every part of it.

    • 17/09/2017 1:25 pm

      Thank you Cia! I don’t always write about myself but this required a closer look and I thank you for actually reading it. <3

  24. Corinne & Kirsty 🍂 (@corinnekirsty) permalink
    15/09/2017 1:33 pm

    This was a beautiful post! I loved reading it! And your pictures are beautiful and illustrate perfectly your post!

  25. Yes Missy permalink
    15/09/2017 4:26 pm

    Such a lovely post! Everyone longs for something, I have a penchant for travel. Hope to see the whole world someday!

  26. chbamey permalink
    15/09/2017 4:59 pm

    Loved reading this! A blessed life, to be so positively influenced by your surroundings. Not a TV fan myself but I do love the movies…I guess it’s about finding your passion!

    • 17/09/2017 1:22 pm

      You went to Dartmouth College? Cool! Indeed. we can all be blessed by our surroundings depends on our perception and attitude. 🙂

  27. Rosey permalink
    15/09/2017 5:07 pm

    I’m teaching in a US school and I wish we had the more rigid structure at times. A lot of class time is taken up on ‘rule reminders.’ Creative is good, I have a daughter who is very creative. 🙂

  28. Queens of Virtue permalink
    15/09/2017 5:07 pm

    What an awesome post! I LOVE the creativity in the art pieces. It was such a great read, thank you for such an inspiring read!

  29. kleebanks permalink
    15/09/2017 5:09 pm

    I love your posts because they are so comprehensive and well-written! Wow, I think my penchant would be focused on creative things I can do with my hands: sewing, quilting, crafting, crocheting, dollmaking … Anything along those lines! 🙂

  30. Carol Cassara permalink
    15/09/2017 6:10 pm

    I have a penchant for learning and understanding how the mind and the heart can heal people. It’s really important that we allow a child to explore and learn things that he or she is interested in. We shouldn’t lock them in a cage and tell them to follow one straight path. We should let them fly free and see the world for all it is.

  31. chewoutloud permalink
    15/09/2017 8:16 pm

    I love how your inner world as a child was happy 🙂 Joy is a great name, but Elizabeth means “My God is Bountiful” in Hebrew. You certainly have a bounty of creativity, eclectic creativity, and great imagination 🙂

  32. lovemykids009 permalink
    15/09/2017 8:41 pm

    These are gorgeous pictures and collage. I love how you tell stories with your photos are give us deeper meanings we often miss.!

  33. Shawn Basey permalink
    16/09/2017 1:04 am

    I’ve a penchant for music and writing. Though like yourself, I tend to jump around a lot in my activities and they’ve gotten quite varied in the past. Only now finally am I really starting to focus.

    And teachers do indeed have such a huge impact on our early lives!

  34. Garf permalink
    16/09/2017 8:47 am

    The pictures are beautiful. They are very artistic and colorful too.

  35. Josselyn Radillo permalink
    16/09/2017 9:03 am

    My penchant for the eclectic was and still is writing quotes about my day. and as a child was drawing

  36. Kelly Reci permalink
    16/09/2017 9:46 am

    This is such a great article. Your pictures are all beautiful and stunning.

  37. apollineadiju permalink
    16/09/2017 3:21 pm

    This is a brilliant post and I did enjoy. I am going to save it for later.

  38. therecklessbabe permalink
    16/09/2017 3:35 pm

    I grew up being very shy, but I was still very curious. I grew up in a place where there were only people of my heritage but as well as your family, my parents made the effort to make my sister and I see what was outside of Mexico. We traveled a lot to other countries, and that made me very interested in learning other cultures. Now, I live in another country and have a long term boyfriend from the other side of the world, and I’m happy. I’m still a kinda shy person but still love to be the center of attention, I don’t know how that can be.

  39. Via Bella permalink
    16/09/2017 4:58 pm

    I can’t believe someone said you would be too tall to be ballerinas! Especially with active kids, it shouldn’t matter the height!

  40. Courtney Klimka permalink
    16/09/2017 5:00 pm

    You always paint such a beautiful picture with your words. This post has been picturing a little girl rotating through a million different outfits for various activities at warp speed and at the same time you are reading the paper, reciting a poem and painting a picture. You sound like you were such a vibrant, creative child.

  41. 16/09/2017 7:09 pm

    This post was everything! I loved the pictures! There’s a place by here called the Poor Porker and they have the same eclectic vibe!

  42. Melanie Poulos Walsh permalink
    16/09/2017 7:57 pm

    My middle daughter sounds a lot like you as a child. She adores all things creative and wants to try everything. I think all of the exposure will help her find her truest passions, even if that is everything under the sun!

  43. Katie permalink
    16/09/2017 9:37 pm

    It’s comfortable to stick with what you know. I have a sense of adventure and I’d love to see more of the world. But I’m also content living daily life. Routines are also helpful for establishing peace and contentment.

    • 17/09/2017 1:11 pm

      Like I said, different strokes work for different folks. Routines serve different roles in our lives and they don’t all lead to peace and contentment. That is what makes our world as diverse and varied as it is. 🙂

  44. brigettedanielle permalink
    17/09/2017 7:30 am

    I was the same way as a child (kinda still) I want to dabble in everything I can! I think that is a great quality for someone. Learning different skills and trying new things can let the mind keep expanding.

  45. abccooper17 permalink
    17/09/2017 8:33 am

    I feel you on this! Sometimes it’s hard to still my creative mind and focus on one thing for too long whenever my brain is moving all over the place. Beautiful pictures!

  46. acheerymind permalink
    17/09/2017 12:09 pm

    As a child, I was the same I wanted to be something the next day it was totally different. I was hyperactive and to calm down a bit my parents introduced me to art, so I used to paint and my creative took over my over excitement so I could enjoy things in a more sensitive way. I love art, especially street art, I love how the artist appears so free to share their creativity! This boat on your picture and the colorful women face is exactly it!

  47. Feldon permalink
    17/09/2017 2:04 pm

    You’re so open and honest in your writing. I love this. I can definitely relate to losing interest in things as a child, and getting into trouble, and I had my fair share of detention lol. The list goes on! I look forward to learning the secret to your moms recipes! We don’t eat a lot of sweets in my home either, and we are always looking for ways to keep us away from them with substitutes. Thank you for this!

    • 17/09/2017 2:29 pm

      Thank you too Feldon! My mom was strict about it but you know the danger of that approach… we gobbled up sweets at every chance. Balance is key, in my opinion, and my kids are better off with the balance. Yes, I will feature more of her recipes soon. 🙂

  48. kage2015 permalink
    17/09/2017 3:24 pm

    Sounds like you had a wonderful up bringing with parents who introduced you to several different and interesting things. Giving a child wings to fly is so important. Doesn’t mean you give them free range to get in trouble or get hurt, just the ability to experience and see what they enjoy. Those experiences make up who we become and we will change even as we grow older and hopefully wiser.

  49. Danielle Christine permalink
    17/09/2017 5:06 pm

    What a fun, interesting and fascinating post…..I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve seen one like this. Bravo

  50. Gillie permalink
    17/09/2017 5:30 pm

    A very entertaining read. I was and am eclectic. School tried to grind it out of me but I was lucky that my parents encouraged it. It made my schoolmates decide I was weird because I wasn’t interested in fitting in. I have tried to encourage my children ask many questions and be themselves. Not easy for them today but they did flourish.

  51. stylevicksen permalink
    17/09/2017 8:02 pm

    The part that stood out the most to me was how the ballet teacher was so dismissive. How terrible of her. She could have allowed you and your sister to continue! I loved all of the quotes included and the beautiful photography!

  52. Shell permalink
    17/09/2017 9:46 pm

    I’ve always believed in letting my kids see many different possibilities and try to foster creative minds and thinking….

  53. Sreekar Harinatha permalink
    17/09/2017 10:08 pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed the post. that’s some quirky art you found there! Keep us posted for more!

  54. Anna permalink
    17/09/2017 10:28 pm

    Such an interesting post. I think I have read it twice and am still processing.

  55. hannanabanana permalink
    17/09/2017 11:09 pm

    Wow I really liked that poem by Barry! This was an interesting read

  56. Bhumi permalink
    18/09/2017 12:11 am

    Definitely motivational! Your Monday posts are the highlight of my blog visits. Thanks for sharing this.

  57. Ithfifi permalink
    18/09/2017 12:57 am

    I couldn’t agree more in your words, giving children the wings to fly, to learn, to live really is the best gift. I don’t think we can ever steer them in one clear direction but we can always be there to catch them and watch them grow 🙂 Looking forward to the recipes too!

  58. Lyka permalink
    18/09/2017 1:24 am

    What a great piece of writing! Even as an adult, I still wonder why people choose to stay in their hometown and how they manage to live a routine life there every day that passes. I think I’ll figure out in the near future when I’m more mature.

  59. Hrakaridi permalink
    18/09/2017 1:31 am

    I have a penchat for traveling all over the world, that’s why i am a travel blogger!! Great post as always Elizabeth 🙂

  60. Tatiana Sieff permalink
    18/09/2017 1:42 am

    I sometimes stay shy in my art/designs to delve into the eclectic – but I think your photos are really wonderful, especially the street art. I forget how much street art there is in London. I could take photos for hours!

  61. Tiffany Yong permalink
    18/09/2017 2:06 am

    I would say I have a penchant for acting! Ironically, I scored badly for English back in schools and now, here I am as a blogger! Weird huh?

  62. Eileen permalink
    18/09/2017 2:25 am

    My parents gave me something no one else can steal from me. They gave me the best education in top Catholic schools they could afford. From pre-school to college. They made sure that I could make a living for myself, and I thank them immensely for that. The only way I know I can repay is to work hard to give my children the same. I am almost there. My daughter has a bachelors degree in Economics and Finance, my son is a Hotel Management major, and my other son only has a year left to go to earn his degree in Computer Engineering and Robotics. About my penchant? It is simple. I love sunsets and zen gardens with eternal waterfalls and koi fish.

    • 18/09/2017 2:33 am

      I love that about you Eileen. You are hardworking, respectful of others, and grateful for the blessings in your life…

  63. Courtney Blacher permalink
    18/09/2017 4:09 am

    Your posts always cheer me up, and I enjoy in every single one of them. Thank you for sharing.

  64. Helene Choo permalink
    18/09/2017 5:31 am

    Love this post!! I also chose the lifestyle niche because I have many interests and passions that I am equally enthusiastic about:) Thanks for sharing!

  65. Salwa Kisswani (@SalwaKisswani) permalink
    18/09/2017 6:48 am

    I love your post.. you’re a true artist and this post proves it, thanks for sharing

  66. Anna permalink
    18/09/2017 7:21 am

    What a super inspiring post! My penchant is travel, writing, and photography. Oh and beautiful sunsets around the world. I love creating whether it be photography out of my travels around the world or sitting at home and writing for my clients. I think most important things is to be at peace with yourself wherever you are in life.

  67. supermillennial permalink
    18/09/2017 7:38 am

    Wow this is a really cool post — so glad my parents gave me so much opportunity & belief when I was younger!

  68. waitingforrain28 permalink
    18/09/2017 12:03 pm

    I really love eclectic things, and my personality is such that I love so many different things. For the longest time, I wasn’t sure how I would ever make that work in the long-term, because no one could figure out the kind of job that I might fit well into. Luckily, I am making that love for many different things into an effective conservation/ecotourism research perspective.

  69. MELANIE EDJOURIAN permalink
    18/09/2017 12:40 pm

    It’s great when you can pick up things from parents. I wish my mum was a gourmet cook it would have been great to learn from her. My cooking ability is all self taught.

  70. Laura Dove permalink
    18/09/2017 12:44 pm

    I love this Elizabeth. The greatest gift is absolutely a pair of wings to fly, I think that is so true. I have a penchant for so many things, some I’m not even that great at but I love them regardless!

  71. Kristine Nicole Alessandra permalink
    18/09/2017 1:25 pm

    The vastness of the night sky fascinates me. As a child, I would look out my bedroom window at night, gazing at the stars, wondering what they are really like up close. Up until this very day, I gaze up at the night sky, search for new discoveries online. I also enjoy listening to the pulsing sounds emitted by far away heavenly bodies on youtube. I guess I am just a weird person. Haha.

  72. Allie permalink
    18/09/2017 1:32 pm

    I love reading about you growing up and how that translated into a “penchant for the eclectic” as you grew up. I think lifestyle blogging definitely fits with that as you said. When you like a variety of things, it keeps life from getting boring (:

  73. Emy Cooks permalink
    18/09/2017 1:49 pm

    Hm, this is deep. Although I enjoy writing, I don’t usually write about myself but about the things around me. This is encouraging. I am in sync with you on these topics:nature, travel, yoga, good food, and a great story. My grandmother loved cooking and influenced by them and enjoy sharing their healthy recipes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  74. Sondra Barker permalink
    18/09/2017 2:46 pm

    I love the term “penchant for the eclectic.” I didn’t know what penchant meant when I first started reading it, but now I love this word. Growing up, my parents made sure I was always put into different activities that ranged from the arts to different sports, and that made helped me discover what I truly enjoy and gave me wings to explore the eclectic world around me.

  75. ojandcigs permalink
    18/09/2017 3:04 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s so inspiring and candid – like a stream of consciousness. I have a penchant for all things artistic, especially film, fashion, music and analog photography.

  76. kalliamanika permalink
    18/09/2017 4:58 pm

    From another lifestyle niche blogger, there is something freeing writing about all kinds of subjects. I love writing about psychology and body image the most!

  77. alisonrost permalink
    18/09/2017 5:25 pm

    Whenever I hear the word eclectic, I can’t help but think of Iris Iris Apfel. All of her cool styles and those colorful glasses! I hope one day I’m as cool as she is. x

  78. Ana De-Jesus permalink
    18/09/2017 5:56 pm

    Wow that dance teacher sounds like a jerk but I am glad that it did not knock your confidence and that you are still open to trying new things. A penchant for the eclectic is always good!

  79. 18/09/2017 8:13 pm

    I love Project Runway because of all the art it produces…. even though I always forget about the show lol

  80. thelegalblondeblog permalink
    18/09/2017 9:46 pm

    This was a beautiful post! Your story about your ballet teacher brought back a painful memory I had as a child. I used to tell everyone I was going to be the first female president. We had a career day at my elementary school where a fireman laughed at me and told me it would never happen. It is so important for adults to encourage children no matter what their passion is.

  81. tinahogangrant permalink
    18/09/2017 11:23 pm

    I believe we are inspired by our parents and those that surround us in our younger years. My father was an author and an avid reader. I am the same. My husband and I also commercial fished for 20 years and now my son is a fisherman. Interesting post.

  82. lucicoo permalink
    19/09/2017 1:07 am

    Photography and writing is my penchant. I loved photography so much I was going to go to school for it until I found out how much it would be but I still love to do it.

  83. Jane permalink
    19/09/2017 3:53 am

    The greatest gift a parent can give a child, after loving them, is a pair of wings to fly and explore the world. – this is very true!!!! I love your writing style and enjoyed this post like a short story

  84. jhilmil permalink
    19/09/2017 3:59 am

    Those feelings and wings to explore is so important for children. I think my parents did the best they could throughout my life and now is the time that I pass on those learnings to my kid, allow him to explore this world, beautiful people, mother nature and so much more.

  85. thenafranssen permalink
    19/09/2017 4:53 am

    Love this artwork so much. Such color, and detail…thank you for sharing the beauty of the world!

  86. Jane permalink
    19/09/2017 5:26 am

    The greatest gift a parent can give a child, after loving them, is a pair of wings to fly and explore the world.- this is very true!!!! I love your writing style and I enjoyed this post like a short story. You seem you had a great childhood and I love that you are writing the bits and pieces of your beautiful childhood

  87. White Pen permalink
    19/09/2017 6:07 am

    Wow! Those are so creative at the same time they look so deep. You need to check it deeply to see their meaning and purposes.

  88. nbosken permalink
    19/09/2017 6:33 am

    As someone who has moved to another country and travels a lot, I totally am with you. I have never understood why some people never want to leave. Why do some have no interest in anything different? I love getting to know other cultures, so I found a way to be able to work in Europe. It has been wonderful.

  89. Joanna permalink
    19/09/2017 7:14 am

    It’s such a shame that school sort of steals away our innocence and our dreams from us. The system is so wrong, forcing us to stay away from what we like and learn about things which we will never use in life. What if a child’s dream is to be an artist? School should encourage this, not make him learn math!

  90. fasetto permalink
    19/09/2017 8:11 am

    I watch a lot of TV with my wife and we really enjoy Donald Glover in Atlanta. I’m glad he won his category. I was also hoping Last Week Tonight With John Oliver won, so I was glad to hear that as well.

  91. Myriah Oldfield permalink
    19/09/2017 9:15 am

    Huh, how interesting! I didn’t even know about the word penchant before this, how cool!

  92. Tasheena permalink
    19/09/2017 9:45 am

    Great post! Your Mom sounds like a pretty amazing person. I can’t wait for you to share some of her recipes. I’m sure they’re amazing!

  93. Erinn Sluka permalink
    19/09/2017 10:39 am

    tI was a very imaginative child. I had a ‘friend’ I talked to and always talked to my toys like and me. Maybe I was just a motormouth and couldn’t stop talking 🙂

  94. 19/09/2017 11:11 am

    Your eyes are open to so much. I have a penchant for singing and writing. It appears that I am in a time in my life where I’m writing a lot more than I’m singing. I don’t have any complaints about that.

  95. kimberlylove13 permalink
    19/09/2017 2:11 pm

    Your photos are always unusual but interesting. I could look at them all day. The colors are vivid, it’s just a joy to look at. Thank you.

    Kimberly Love
    You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine

  96. toastycritic permalink
    19/09/2017 11:08 pm

    I never thought of a lifestyle blogger as a person who had a penchant for the eclectic. But there is such truth in that statement. We do go off in a lot of different directions because our interests are varied. I know some people think of not being able to focus on one thing is a vice. But I think it can be a virtue because it allows one to see the world in its various different aspects.

  97. RonRon permalink
    20/09/2017 4:42 am

    What a great read for me. Glad you posted something about eclectic style!They are so wonderful and unique.

  98. Ritika permalink
    21/09/2017 9:53 am

    I absolutely have a penchant for starting all kinds of creative projects too! I’d write, switch to textiles (sewing and quilting), then move over to drawing and painting! I love your style of writing. I never really thought about “eclectic style” as a way of being. I think I have a very similar way of living!

  99. DASH | MODE LILY ☀️ permalink
    21/09/2017 12:48 pm

    Such an inspiring post, really enjoyed reading it. I’ve always liked unusual art, imagery, colours and people.

  100. Chelsea Elizabeth permalink
    22/09/2017 4:43 am

    I love how positive this post is. I love that you encourage your children in the way you so and want them to explore different things. It’s so refreshing!

  101. Margarette Puno permalink
    24/09/2017 6:37 am

    These are great motivation tips for all the people out there. Let your kids explore the world outside the four corners of your house. Let them discover the real world. Don’t keep them inside, instead stand behind them and make sure they are being guided at all.

  102. Simply Apostolia permalink
    25/09/2017 11:00 am

    Loved this post! It’s so deep… I believe every parent should embrace their children to be free, to do what they love, and to feel good about themselves. Childhood is a really “delicate” age and children’s self-esteem can easily get hurt.

  103. thenafranssen permalink
    30/09/2017 6:15 am

    Beautifully written, you have such a way with words! Great post!!

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