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Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE


“I think in a couple of years, you’re going to see a lot of small, interesting, independent restaurants in Chile. Not with tablecloths, a more relaxed style. ‘Bistronomy’ There’s a lot of excitement. We want to do something with our gastronomy.” Chef Carolina Bazán of Ambrosia

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Chile spans much of the Western coast of South America and boasts incredible geographic diversity, including endless beaches and mountain ranges, glaciers, and desserts. Chile’s cuisine is just as diverse as its geography. Thanks to its 2,000 miles of coastline, seafood features prominently in many dishes, as do local vegetables and meats… Nearly 90% of Chile’s population live in cities – such as the capital Santiago and its charming seaside neighbor Valparaíso – but local traditions and flavors are deeply connected to the country’s natural surroundings. Chile is one of top ten largest producers of wine in the world, and almost 50% of frozen berries consumed in the US are grown here. Chile – Try The World


Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE: Happy Mother’s Day! With Mother’s Day around the corner, this would make a terrific gift for a loved one and a great opportunity to sample foods from around the world. If you cherish good memories of great food shared with friends and family, then the TTW- Chile subscription box will fit the bill. Better yet, with a 3-6-12 month subscription, your loved one will travel the gastronomic world without leaving home; plus, you get to partake of the treats that come their way. This month’s box comes carefully curated by Chef Carolina Bazán of Ambrosia fame. She was born in Buenos Aires, grew up the child of Chilean diplomats living in New York, Peru and Washington, and traveled around the world with a mom who loved cooking and entertaining. Carolina sharpened her culinary skills in Lima, Milan, and Paris, and she is considered a top chef with culinary wins for the family eatery Ambrosia. Her mother’s interest in creating and sharing great foods rubbed off on Carolina and, nowadays, she runs the family restaurant in Santiago, capital of Chile. Do come back to read more about what came in my delicious box of Chilean foods.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Chilean cuisine stems mainly from the combination of traditional Spanish cuisine, Chilean Indigenous Mapuche culture and local ingredients, with later important influences from other European cuisines, particularly from Germany, Italy and France. The food tradition and recipes in Chile are notable for the variety of flavours and ingredients, with the country’s diverse geography and climate hosting a wide range of agricultural produce, fruits and vegetables. Wikipedia


What’s inside my Try The World – Chile Box? Every box of curated gourmet items includes a spice, a sweet, traditional foods that folks love and cherish in the country of origin, and a Culture Guide that walks you though the history of each item, the family behind the farm or company, and a few recipes to try with your food items. If you so choose, you may use the items to create your own recipes or add them to your favorite foods… that is the beauty of enjoying foods from around the world. My Chile box came with the eight (8) items you see in the photographs above and below. Stay tuned for a full description.

Sign up today for your first journey into Try The World’s gourmet items to enjoy. As an Ambassador for this extraordinary brand, I’d like to remind everyone about our special deep discount. SPECIAL OFFER: Try The World has made a special offer of 15% discount off the first subscription box to all my readers. As a reader of this blog, you can use the discount code on purchasing your first $39/box subscription option and/or on all gift boxes. Use the coupon code MMTRAVELS15 during your checkout to get your awesome discount.

What about pricing?  Subscriptions now start at $33/Box.
A bi-monthly subscription is $39/box charged every two months
A 6 months tour subscription is $35/box charged every six months
A year tour subscription is $33/box charged every year
People have the option to order a gift single box and/or gift tours.

If the CHILE Box calls you, sign up today, save 15% on your first box and a new box will be shipped, every other month, when it becomes available.

More Below!

‘In the ’80s it was like, make it easy, and now it’s like, make it harder! Or maybe more simple—but with good ingredients. Chef Carolina Bazán

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Try The World: A Taste Of CHILE

Chilean cuisine is a reflection of the country’s topographical variety, featuring an assortment of seafood, beef, fruits, and vegetables. Traditional recipes include asado, cazuela, empanadas, humitas, pastel de choclo, pastel de papas, curanto and sopaipillas.[172] Crudos is an example of the mixture of culinary contributions from the various ethnic influences in Chile. The raw minced llama, heavy use of shellfish and rice bread were taken from native Quechua Andean cuisine, (although now beef brought to Chile by Europeans is also used in place of the llama meat), lemon and onions were brought by the Spanish colonists, and the use of mayonnaise and yogurt was introduced by German immigrants, as was beer. Wikipedia

Try The World: A Taste Of  Chile: What makes Chilean cuisine so exciting and complex? Chilean food has many influences that make the cuisine quite unique. Unlike foods from certain parts of the world that are fully indigenous, Chilean food has incorporated cuisine from not only the Americas but also from Europe. So, the Chilean products in the box, combine delicacies unique to the country and dishes inspired by both its nature, external influences, and rich cultural traditions. Do return for more. Our curators at Try The World (TTW), love hearing from people around the globe who love experimenting with new and great cuisine. To encourage us to explore other cultures through food, from time to time, they offer wonderful opportunities to win free boxes of food.

This month in the online shop,  take 20% off your Chilean food purchases with the code: Chile20. Don’t forget to treat a loved one to a lovely gift package by using  MMTRAVELS15 for an additional discount.  You can also get your first subscription box at 15% off. Do share your dishes and photos by using the hashtag #TryTheWorld and following @TryTheWorld on Instagram, and be on board for a chance to win your next box for free!  Visit their Website for more information and also connect with TTW on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn.


Have a food feast filled weekend!



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Quotes via – in Departures.

Positive Motivation Tip: Happy Mother’s Day! Embrace all that Chile has to offer and venture into new food realms.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    16/05/2017 12:39 pm

    I have never heard this company but I love this idea. I am going to look into Try the world right now. Super excited.


  2. Violinkit permalink
    16/05/2017 2:11 pm

    Wow! I don;t have a lot of experience when it comes to Chilean food but from what I’ve read in your post it seems very diverse. It is a combination of many other influences and also European influences which must make it a very interesting and exciting cuisine.


  3. Nay @ beautyaddictmama permalink
    16/05/2017 9:43 pm

    I’ve never tried Chilean food but it definitely sounds yummy. The boxes are a great idea.


  4. wonderlingblog permalink
    16/05/2017 11:56 pm

    I love Chilean food. Anything with a bit of flavour is a winner. This collection looks great, I will have to pick some up!


  5. kikicarlson permalink
    17/05/2017 6:20 am

    What a fun and interesting subscription box! I love food and learning more about what other countries eat so I am definitely going to check this out!


  6. Rahul Khurana permalink
    17/05/2017 6:44 am

    I love trying out new dishes. They so tell you about a place. I wish to taste a South American dish someday. I hope there are good vegan dishes too. 🙂


  7. Mommy Engineering permalink
    17/05/2017 10:41 am

    We love chile in our home! We’re from New Mexico so chile is common in our food! I haven’t heard of some of these brands but they are definitely something I would love to check out and try! Love the extra savings with the coupons! Can’t wait to use them!


  8. Eloise permalink
    17/05/2017 11:53 am

    Ha! one of my best friends is Chilean and so I have tried many different foods and spices from there… I’ll have to try a couple you’ve mention here : )


  9. krivenien permalink
    17/05/2017 3:11 pm

    i think this is awesome gifts for mother’s day, but i guess the day is gone so we might save it for next year!


  10. Nicole Herose Cochingco - Escat permalink
    17/05/2017 8:39 pm

    It such a great post. I would love to try this cuisine.


  11. kioandlew permalink
    18/05/2017 6:50 pm

    Wow, didn’t know Chile has something to offer as well when it comes to spices. I surely would love to try them when I cook. I usually experiments with spices and discover new flavors every now and then. This is such an informative post.


  12. thehouseturnedhome permalink
    19/05/2017 10:12 am

    This looks delicious! Thank you for the in-depth review, including the cost of it all!


  13. Britta permalink
    24/05/2017 1:56 am

    I love trying food from different places! This post has made me very hungry! Haha


  14. Lindsey permalink
    25/05/2017 8:33 am

    I have never tried Chilean food before, but I am always looking to try food from far and wide.


  15. Elizabeth permalink
    05/06/2017 10:39 pm

    I would happily tuck into any one of these jars of yumminess! I do love trying food from around the world!


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