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Food Files: Tabbouleh Salad

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“The perfect dressing is essential to the perfect salad, and I see no reason whatsoever for using a bottled dressing, which may have been sitting on the grocery shelf for weeks, even months – even years.” Julia Child

Food Files: Tabbouleh Salad - Fresh, Tart & Tangy Ingredients

Food Files: Tabbouleh Salad – Fresh, Tart & Tangy Ingredients

Tabbouleh, variously known as Tabbouli, Tabouli, Tabbouleh, and Tabouleh, is a popular Levantine vegetarian dish that so many of us in the West consider a side and/or a Salad. In the Middle East, this delicious tangy dish is offered as a Meze (appetizer) before a full course meal is served. Since I love foods from around the world and salads hold a special place in my heart, especially as the weather warms, and we look for no cook, easy to make dishes, I decided to share this recipe with you. Of note is that I originally wanted to share a crunchy salad with Romaine lettuce and my favorite power greens ( chard, spinach, kale and more) but, the greens price spike: due to the recent shortage in lettuce in the USA made me choose to share this dish which, I’m glad to say, remains one of my favorites.

As with any recipe, you can always substitute another similar ingredient to replace one you don’t like or that is unavailable in your area. Since the Tamari is salty, you can use less of it and the Kosher salt or skip one of them. There is nothing rare/exotic on my list. Cukes is really cucumber so pick your favorite kind in your local food store.  Every ingredient listed below can be found in a standard supermarket or farmer’s market. The joy of Tabbouleh is that it is a dish made with fresh, local ingredients and, if you can’t get bulgur, you can use couscous.

¼  cup                 Cracked bulgur
¼  cup                 Lemon juice
¼  cup                 Red wine vinegar
¼  cup                 Olive oil
½ – 1 tbsp            Tamari soy sauce
½  tsp                  Lemon zest

¼  tsp                  Coarsely ground black pepper
¼- ½ tsp            Kosher Salt
½  cup                 Red onion
½ – 1 stem          Scallion onion
½ cup                  Cukes or gherkins
1-2 bunch            Fresh parsley sans stems
1 bunch                Fresh mint leaves
2 large/firm       Tomatoes
A dash of hot pepper oil

Preparation Below

More Below

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.” Brian O’Driscoll

Food Files: Tabbouleh Salad - Fresh, Tart & Tangy Ingredients

Food Files: Tabbouleh Salad – Fresh, Tart & Tangy Ingredients

Time from start to serve: 1 hour
What I love about salads in general is that they are easy to prepare, don’t require much cooking, and you can toss and combine almost any combination of ingredients to produce a healthy and even colorful dish. While many see a salad as a side dish or a starter dish, it can be made into an important part of a meal. Simply add your favorite protein and voila! fait accompli.
In a large metal bowl, combine the following ingredients: ¼ cup Cracked bulgur, ¼ cup Lemon juice, ¼ cup Red wine vinegar, ¼ cup Olive oil, ½ – 1 tbsp Tamari soy sauce, ½ tsp Lemon zest and then set aside for about 1-2 hours.  The reason is that instead of cooking the bulger and turning it into a mush, by soaking it, you will end up with a slightly crunchy wheat.

As the bulger softens, finely dice and chop the Red onions, Scallion onion, Cukes or gherkins, Fresh parsley, Fresh mint leaves and Tomatoes. Set aside until your bulger has softened to your taste. Combine all the ingredients, add your kosher salt and pepper to taste. Add a dash of hot pepper oil if you wish. Refrigerate your salad until ready to serve. Serve with warm slices of Rosemary infused Foccacia bread, slices of tomatoes and a protein of your choice. Enjoy! Recipe serves 4

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Have a Happy, Healthy 2017!


Positive Motivation Tip: Food brings people together across cultures and beliefs. Reach out and share your food.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Some Photos from my Personal Collection except Bulger via Wikipedia, Vegetables  via Pixabay

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  1. mumsthewordblog1 permalink
    21/04/2017 4:38 pm

    Will be sure to save this one and try it but I have a question. What is a scallion onion? 😃🐻

  2. 21/04/2017 5:11 pm

    A summertime favorite at our house. I love all the contrasting flavors. We’re always looking for variations, so I’m copying this one to try.

  3. Shannon Graham permalink
    21/04/2017 5:43 pm

    I’ve never heard of this type of salad before. It looks and sounds like it would be delicious!

    • 21/04/2017 5:49 pm

      It’s popular globally but especially in the Mid East. You can get in NY and in many immigrant communities.

  4. Shileen permalink
    21/04/2017 6:36 pm

    Oh yummm! I love Tabbouleh!!!

  5. Jessica permalink
    21/04/2017 8:28 pm

    Oh, I really love this post! Tabbouleh is one of my all time favorite foods! Whether it’s for a quick bite with pita chips or something more substantial, it definitely is one of my go-to foods! I will try your version! xo, Jessica

  6. momknowsbest15 permalink
    21/04/2017 9:23 pm

    Those are the cutest cukes that I have seen. This sounds like a yummy dish!

  7. Jasmine Gagarin permalink
    21/04/2017 10:12 pm

    Wow. This is really healthy. some ingredients are not available in the supermarket near my place. Haven’t heard of bulgur also. But this, surely, is a must try! 🙂

  8. Otakore permalink
    21/04/2017 10:15 pm

    Wonderful recipe and good information about its origin. I’d crave more if you do a video of how you finish or cook your recipe. Thanks!

  9. Neha Saini permalink
    22/04/2017 12:31 am

    I made this with long grain brown rice instead as we are wheat free and it came out excellent. Cook the rice with a bit of extra water so it cooks till kernels ‘open.’ Was a huge hit at potluck and great for a light summer salad.

    • 23/04/2017 2:01 am

      So you made a brown rice salad. That’s delicious. Bulgur or couscous are standard to the Tabbouleh so another grain like rice becomes a rice salad. 🙂

  10. Joanne permalink
    22/04/2017 4:18 am

    My daughter is vegetarian and I am always looking for new food ideas for her. I will share it with her and give this one a try. Not sure I personally would like it as I do not care for raw onions but she does.

  11. 조이 Czjai (@RebelSweetHrt) permalink
    22/04/2017 4:43 am

    I’ve eaten this kind of salad a few times, whenever my Mum is in the mood for Middle Eastern cuisine. This salad is delicious, and now I can take a stab at preparing it myself, thanks to your recipe. 🙂

  12. Travel Blogger permalink
    22/04/2017 6:23 am

    I am a terrible cook so salad is a big staple of mine. It is easy to make, and I can’t burn it! I will definitely have to try this recipe. Summer is such a great time for salads like this since I get to use veggies from my garden!

  13. Jolene permalink
    22/04/2017 10:54 am

    Looks so beautiful and fresh! Bulgar is on my 2017 to-try list, and this looks like a great dish to give it a go, thank you!

  14. Loving ones permalink
    22/04/2017 11:43 am

    Have got to takes some notes on this! never knew about this kind of dish, but definetly looks amazing!

  15. Jenn @ EngineerMommy permalink
    22/04/2017 1:04 pm

    I eat middle eastern cuisine all the time, and this dish is one of my favorites. I love the texture. It’s something you don’t find often in Western cuisine.

  16. jacquiodell permalink
    22/04/2017 1:42 pm

    I have never tried this before but it sounds like it would be good!

  17. The Playful Parent permalink
    22/04/2017 3:36 pm

    The vegetables in this a super foods, healthy and tasty! Your pictures of this salad are making me super hungry! It’s a great recipe for the summer.

  18. Jennifer permalink
    22/04/2017 5:29 pm

    The ingredients and look of the Tabbouleh Salad remind me of Muffaletta. I love Muffaletta so I think I would like Tabbouleh, too. Also, I didn’t know there was a lettuce shortage in the U.S.! Wow! I buy most of my fresh veggies at a local city farmers market. This was good to know!

  19. duffelbagspouse permalink
    22/04/2017 6:18 pm

    This is one of my favorite summer salads. It goes with just about anything and you can change up the ingredients foe whatever in season.

  20. Rosey permalink
    22/04/2017 7:28 pm

    I haven’t tried anything even remotely close to this (I had to look up bulgar to see what it was). I am intrigued though, and guessing I would love it!

  21. Lorena Murcia permalink
    23/04/2017 3:20 am

    My salads are always so simple I need to try this one, it looks so healthy an easy to do .

  22. Author Brandi Kennedy permalink
    23/04/2017 6:09 am

    I’ve definitely never had this before – but as a fellow salad lover, I’m certainly curious. Maybe I’ll have a chance to try it out one day when my kids are at school – they’re weird about eating new foods, but I love experimenting in the kitchen.

  23. The Mad Mommy permalink
    23/04/2017 7:00 am

    This looks really yummy and fresh! I should give it a try! I love salads in the warmer months!

  24. Kristine Nicole Alessandra permalink
    23/04/2017 8:58 am

    I did not know what Bulgur was at first so I googled it. I guess it is the same as cracked wheat? Anyway, I think this salad will be a favorite in our house. I’d maybe add some more greens too.

  25. Eileen permalink
    23/04/2017 9:18 am

    Some of the ingredients are unfamiliar but I will still make this salad as soon as I gather everything I need.

    • 24/04/2017 1:31 am

      Which ingredients are unfamiliar? I’m curious because you can get everything on my list in a standard supermarket.

  26. Amber permalink
    23/04/2017 12:26 pm

    Mmm, I’ve never heard of tabbouleh salad, but I’d certainly try it. It looks delicious!

  27. Susie's Reviews (@SusieQpon) permalink
    23/04/2017 12:43 pm

    I also love salads because there are so many variations of ways to make them. I ate so much salad last summer that I got kind of sick of it but moderation is key.

  28. 23/04/2017 1:03 pm

    This looks like a delicious recipe. I can’t wait to try it. I always love a good salad.

  29. Kim permalink
    23/04/2017 1:32 pm

    I had a tour a few months back in Israel, and your post brought back memories. We visited a lot of other cities and places, and we’ll always have this during our meals. Love this post!

  30. Pooja Kawatra Gupta permalink
    23/04/2017 4:29 pm

    I love salads and this looks quite refreshing with the ingredients. Saving this recipe and will try out soon.

  31. toastycritic permalink
    23/04/2017 4:30 pm

    It looks like a great salad. I have had some of these salads before. I know they are supposed to be very healthy.

  32. Kira permalink
    23/04/2017 4:55 pm

    This looks amazing. Now that the weather is nicer I love salads like this!

  33. JamericanSpice (@Jamericanspice) permalink
    23/04/2017 4:59 pm

    My husband gets to sample many cultural cuisines. This salad, I would love to try. I don’t think I could find the ingredients completely, but thank you for sharing. _ Colette S

  34. Aditi permalink
    23/04/2017 5:34 pm

    I’ve always enjoyed tabouleh at restaurants. Glad to get to know the stuff behind it.

  35. Yona Williams permalink
    23/04/2017 5:46 pm

    Tabbouleh salad is something that I choose as a side when I order from one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurants. I haven’t made it at home for myself yet.

  36. Eileen permalink
    23/04/2017 8:32 pm

    Delicious looking salad! The vegetables in this salad would blend very well together and the cracked wheat gives just the right balance. Great recipe!

  37. Wanderlust Vegans permalink
    23/04/2017 8:33 pm

    I love Tabbouleh Salad. We always get it as a side when we go to Lebanese restaurants.

  38. Neha Saini permalink
    23/04/2017 9:01 pm

    This salad is favorite at home. Its healthy and delicious too.

  39. Marceline Dementori permalink
    23/04/2017 9:04 pm

    This sounds like a lovely salad to have for the summer. I think it’s nice that it’s zesty, I like that citrus flavor in my salads. I wouldn’t mind making this and I can have it as a main course instead of an appetizer or a side.

  40. Karen Jolly permalink
    23/04/2017 10:12 pm

    I really enjoy eating salad. Thanks for this recipe. I have another specialty to make.

  41. Ravi permalink
    23/04/2017 10:55 pm

    That is looking amazingly fresh. Perfect for the season. Interesting recipe.

  42. chei permalink
    23/04/2017 11:25 pm

    oh this looks yummy! I will have this for dinner! Thanks!

  43. onlybyland permalink
    24/04/2017 1:22 am

    It’s strange you mention the shortage of lettuce in the US because in the UK there was a shortage of brocolli this year. The Tabbouleh Salad looks delicious, so much creation in it!

  44. Trisha Lyn Fawver permalink
    24/04/2017 1:23 am

    Maybe if I’m feeling kind I’ll make this for my husband. It sounds like the kind of recipe he’d enjoy but I don’t think I’m adventurous enough 🙂

  45. Corinne & Kirsty 🌸 (@corinnekirsty) permalink
    09/08/2017 10:49 am

    I absolutely love tabbouleh. When I was a kid, we always had some ready in the fridge and it was just so nice for dinner in summer. This recipe is so cool, it’s bringing so much memories! I’ll defo try it out!

  46. Raiko permalink
    16/07/2019 9:15 pm

    This salad recipe looks so good! I can’t wait to try this someday. Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe!

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