May 29

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way…

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“Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.” J. R. R. Tolkien

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way...  Roads and scenery
Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way… Roads and scenery
Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way...  Street crossing
Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way… Street crossing

 One of my earliest memories is walking up a muddy road into the mountains. It was raining. Behind me, my village was burning. When there was school, it was under a tree. Then the United Nations came. They fed me, my family, my community. Ban Ki-moon

I was sitting at a traffic light in Manhattan, waiting to head for the highway on my way home. I saw people walking across the walkway and something drew my attention to their movement… We can always find things that capture our attention if we pay attention. Sometimes, we find good fortune at the end of a challenging road like Ban Ki Moon did. I like the message of promise. I also love the first shot of scenery and pathways to places. We are always on the way to some adventure; expected and otherwise. Isn’t that what life is about anyway?

“I just go with the flow, I follow the yellow brick road. I don’t know where it’s going to lead me, but I follow it.” Grace Jones

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way...  Roads and pathways
Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way… Roads and pathways

I’ve learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom – how great is that? Soledad O’Brien

We are always on the way to something; good and mundane. If we are present, we can capture the moments and look back later. I always ask, Did I miss anything? Did you miss anything? What do we do with the information? Savor it…

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“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T. S. Eliot

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way...  More ways to travel
Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way… More ways to travel

Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life. Jack Kerouac

The road and scenery shots are a habit and I enjoy looking at them as the seasons change… Something about not seeing the end of the road and the anticipation of arrival is what makes “on the way” enjoyable. What about you?

My fellow bloggers were equally creative with their selections. Check out how others interpreted the theme below.

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: ON THE WAY… For this week’s photo challenge, stop and photograph the metaphorical roses (or the literal tulips). Share a shot of something you saw, did, or experienced on the way: a photo not of your destination, but of an interesting thing along the way. Show us something stunning others might have missed, or find some unexpected beauty in a mundane moment. Maybe we can all start looking at the in-between a bit differently! In-between moments can be just as memorable as grand finales. This week, share a photo you took on the way to something else

Positive Motivation Tip: We are always on the way … to somewhere, to do something… Be Present.

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos from my Personal Collection.

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  • ” . . . Transforming fear into freedom – how great is that? Soledad O’Brien”

    Absolutely great indeed. I like these words of wisdom you chose, dear Elizabeth. And all your photos tell me, how exciting it is to be on the road. And you are right to think about what we see on the road when we stop and look closely, this is an excellent challenge.

  • Gorgeous pics! Very inspirational and thought provoking…we are always on the way!

  • You have some really amazing pictures here. I really like the ones in nature. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  • On the way is a cool choice. I would love to photograph in NYC I bet there’s so much to capture. I love what you’ve done here it works so well with on the way!

  • I think your shots are great. The journey can be just as important as the destination. It’s much more difficult to focus on your journey though.

  • I love the shot of the road and sky while you’re on the bridge. really very well taken! I love staring out of the car/bus window while on the road as well, but hardly managed to snap any pictures as nice as yours.

  • The cycle of life revolves around our own perception to respond and observe positively. Like the rays of light towards mankind. It’s for us to take notice of our surroundings. Fernando Lachica

  • These are such beautiful photos. Just today I headed to a tourist mecca in downtown Chicago with my boys and we just sat and observed everyone and everything It was so great to be able to be calm and quiet and simply take in the beauty of our home town. Your pictures and post remind me of this so much!

  • I love how you draw your photography into life so smoothly. Love looking at the different streets and thinking about the paths!

  • These are some beautiful photos! I really love each perspective because you captured them so well! Well done, I loved it 🙂

  • I love photography, I guess what is amazing about it is that each person can take something different away from a photograph.

  • You picked some really great photos for your weekly photo challenge. ” In-between moments can be just as memorable as grand finales” this is so true.

  • In love with these photos! They’re so beautiful and perfectly captures the essence of being “on the way.” 😀

  • I love the quote, “turn fear into freedom!!” If we could all live this, we would be so much better off!!

  • Very nice street photos! I was struck by that photo with the statues coming down the stairs. Where was that photo taken? I recognize the Eiffel Tower picture was taken from the Trocadero, right? – Fred

  • This one’s a fun photo challenge. It made me think of my every day Metro Manila traffic so being on the way sounds stressful although with a lot of anticipation. I was also thinking about the Shibuya Crossing in Japan, that would have made a beautiful addition to your collage. There are just so many people who are on their way.

  • I love taking road shots as well. I’m a walker and I love how the road winds as I walk. I also love knowing that they lead to something. 🙂 Your 2nd bottom picture (center, bottom) looks very much like the road I walk on from my home leading to the malls here. I was told where I live was patterned after NYC.

  • The concept of ‘on the way’ makes me think of anticipation and excitement. Ahhh, the feeling of wanting to just go home and be reunited with my bed when I’m on my way home after a long day of work; or that beautiful feeling of anticipation of wanting to see your loved ones after being away for a while. Aaah, the beauty of being ‘on the way.’

  • You definitely got some great photos, as usual! And I love that quote by T. S. Eliot. It’s so true.

  • Those are amazing pictures. Your posts are always motivating and uplifting. Thank you for sharing them

  • Beautiful post and images – of course I always listen when I hear Grace Jones quotes! 🙂 I love that your images to bring a sense of the present moment

  • Those are beautiful images which remind me, I have to get up my chair soon for my run!

  • So many great photos! I especially like the last collage and the one taken in Manhattan with people crossing the street. Great work!

  • I just came back from Cincinnati and I took a lot of pictures of the bridges along the road. Some of them were so gorgeous! I love the scenery along the interstate on my road trips!

  • I was just thinking … another on the way pic could be of a Mom who’s about to give birth or any pic close to that. Airport photos would also do for this challenge.

  • Focus and be present, always. I think this is one key for us to make sure that we are always on the way to wherever we wanted to go in life.

  • So many great photos. I wish that I had a better eye for photography. I’m learning.

  • The pictures are breathtaking. I am learning to balance taking pictures and spending time with my kids. I have learned that I tend to do one or the other.

  • Oh, this is a nice weekly challenge. I love taking photos too and I haven’t done it a long time. I guess I should go back and use this as an inspiration even though I’ll be using only my phone.

  • Love those photos specially that with the Eiffel tower as background. On the way, that is a good post and yes every optimistic person has that goal in life. On the way to success.

  • i also love looking at the roads and the elements containing it .. it just always reminds me of the path i wish to walk..

  • I also love looking at the roads but I can’t take pictures as amazing as yours.

  • With all honesty, I love using the words “on the way”. When my friends would ask where I am, I don’t say the specific location but rather those words. It gives me that feeling that I’m moving forward continuously and I want it to always feel that way.

  • Lovely photos! The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the phrase “on the way” is an expectant mom because a baby is “on the way.”

  • I love the stories behind these pictures. We live in a very busy life. People are all around-walking, running, jogging…Cars are everywhere. Everybody is always going somewhere.

    Mhar Sefcik

  • I love this idea. I enjoy looking at the little things, too. I stopped while on a walk to a cafe with my husband just to take a photo of a small flower that had blossomed beautifully. Sometimes it’s the little things in life!

  • I’ve been wanting to do a photo challenge in BK. Thanks for the motivation.

  • I love anything that’s scenic. I saw a photo a while ago where the photo is split into hours of the day of the exact same photo. Beautiful

  • I was actually really surprised to see that not that many people crossing the street were looking at their cell phones! I admit I am usually looking at my phone if I am walking somewhere, and only occasionally look up to make sure I’m not walking into someone or something.

  • I like your tip about being present. It’s something I have to remind myself of every day. Those are all great shots!

  • My favourite, would be the picture of the chap on the bike, riding his long way along the uphill road. On the way, and in the moment, indeed.

  • I love to “people watch” and imagine where people are going, what they are heading into, what their day brings them. It’s so much fun!

  • Such nice photos! I love looking at the city. Always so busy and bustling, but yours capture a serene and calm feeling for me!

  • The street photos look like the famous Beatles photo. I like your message about not missing anything. Personally, it is challenge to be present at the moment since my mind wanders a lot with so much to think about. -katrina centeno

  • Sometimes we fail to appreciate the things around us. This is a good reminder that we pause and just appreciate whatever is around us. It doesn’t need to be a scenery. Look at the scenes with your family. Scenes of conversation, of laughters, of smiles. Great images you have here. Inspiring. 🙂

  • I always say that there is always a better way. We always have choices on where we should go.

  • The quote above is very inspiring and it holds a lot of meaning to me. I love the photos especially the roads and pathways.

  • For me… On The way is a long path towards success and self realisation. In my mind, the picture will be a tunnel with light at the end… and whatever’s at the end is up to our imagination

  • “If we are present, we can capture the moments and look back later. I always ask, Did I miss anything? Did you miss anything?”

    This really hit me hard. There are times I just go with the flow and overlook some things. It’s sad when that happens ’cause it’s always too late to do anything. But at the same time, it makes me want to be more present, so I can make a mark wherever I go. 🙂

    By the way, you take gorgeous photos! <3

  • This is an interesting post indeed and it is so inspiring. I love the quote from T. S. Eliot. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes, life is a journey, we are always on the way to some adventure and surprises. Good or bad we collect it as our lifetime experiences. Just go with the flow.

  • I actually liked how you interpreted it, that there’s a promise of a better tomorrow at the end of the road, you only need to keep going

  • Those are some great photos! I bet it wasn’t easy getting all those great shots. Probably took several tries.

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