November 13

Reflections: Happiness Is Life As A Lounging Cat…


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Every day we have a choice: We can choose to be happy or miserable or sad. Today, I choose happiness. What about you? I think our family cat, Tangy, can teach us a thing or two about that much used word. … HAPPINESS! Here’s his feedback – Tangy says : “Now please read the post. Yes, the quotes are awesome but I’d appreciate a comment about the post not the quotes.” ” Oh yes! Please don’t thank her for sharing. She’s thankful YOU are here!”


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  • So true. What a cute kitty. I wish I could have one at home but my kids are allergic

  • Here’s a fun fact: I’m terrifyed of any and all cats. I don’t mind looking at them from afar or in pictures – especially your cat hanging out in a shopping bag there, haha cute.

  • Inspirational and positive post.
    Seeing those photos of your happy cat gave me a sense of contentment and happiness – isn’t that what all cats are about? They know how to enjoy life!

  • What a beautiful cat! My 6 month old cat is in a grumpy teenager phase, and is a punk right now. He has been knocking stuff off the top of my fridge.

  • Cats are cute but they are pretty scary to me especially during Halloween. There are lots of stories going around here in the provinces that they are animals that can be possessed by evil spirits.

  • I am not a cat person at all but my landlord has two of them and they are adorable, he loves to explain to me how it makes him feel to have these fur friends

  • I’m scared of cats. 🙁 I do love looking at cat pictures and think they’re the cutest things! But always scared of getting scratched.

  • Your cat is so lovely. I love cats, they really are so amusing and loving 🙂

  • What a life! There are many days I wish I could do the same but 5 kids, homeschooling and a home to care for tells me no! LOL

  • I love this post. It makes you think twice and want to feel happy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gorgeous cat! Although I’m now allergic to cats (wasn’t allergic to them as a child), I finally got one in the longest time back in August. She’s a mess, but I love her! 🙂


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