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Weekly Photo Challenge: OBJECT

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“Objects in pictures should so be arranged as by their very position to tell their own story.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

OBJECTS of curiosity held by the Bronze Queen sculpture in downtown Boston Park (In close up)
OBJECTS of curiosity held by the Bronze Queen sculpture in a park in Copley Square, downtown Boston  (In close up)
Collage of Bronze Queen sculpture in a park in Copley Square, downtown Boston
Objects in Collage of Bronze Queen sculpture in a park in Copley Square, downtown Boston

In our daily interactions, we are inundated by a stream of Objects; familiar and otherwise, that dance before our eyes. Some things make us stop and look and think, others flit by our eyes, victims of that old adage: familiarity breeds contempt.  An Object, according to the Merriam-Webster, can be defined as: A thing that you can see and touch and that is not alive; someone or something that makes you feel a specified emotion; someone or something that your attention or interest is directed toward or something material that may be perceived by the senses.

I had to think about this one carefully because I kept imagining tiny objects as more fitting, even though the dictionary doesn’t specify size. I settled on a series of photos I took in a beautiful park filled with artistic installations in the Copley Square area of downtown Boston. The first shot was a close up of the items/objects held in the hands of a Bronze female sculpture; a woman wearing a crown, holding a scepter in one hand and a round object in the other.

I call her the Bronze Queen because of her garb… but who knows. What struck me as I uploaded the photo was that it shows an object holding several objects. The shot had me thinking about Goethe’s quote above – that there is always more to what we see; each picture tells a story behind the story being shared. She tells us hers. What is she telling you?  The second shot is a collage of the Bronze queen in full length and close up. Do you recognize the work? Which objects do you recognize in the bronze queen’s hands?
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“Pictures and shapes are but secondary objects and please or displease only in the memory.” Francis Bacon

OBJECTS  Of devotion - Two stone heads looking lovingly at each other
Weekly Photo Challenge: OBJECTS Of devotion – Two stone heads looking lovingly at each other
OBJECTS  Of Artistic expression & devotion  - Four sculptures in downtown Park in Boston
OBJECTS Of Artistic expression & devotion – Four sculptures in park in Copley Square area, downtown Boston

My second choice for this assignment is of the beautiful stone sculptural piece – Loving Stones By Joseph Wheelwright. I took this in the same location in Boston, and what caught my attention first were the eyes, and how the heads were leaning lovingly towards each other. It evoked something in me and I knew I had to capture the shot. Plus, it was set apart from many of the other sculptures and had a certain whimsy to it.

One thing I do when visiting other cities is to take pictures of random and not so random things. I find that,  sometimes, a particular little/large  item stands out as a keen reminder of the trip. I was with one of my sisters, she was in Boston for a conference, and we walked around downtown and enjoyed all that Boston had to offer. The Loving Stones  was a symbol and reminder of our sisterly love.

In the second shot, I created a collage of a few more objects in the park and, looking back through my photos now, I noticed that there were pieces I missed or didn’t photograph even though I saw them… victims of that familiarity problem. I did capture other objects but I’ll save them for another post. What comes to mind when you think of objects? What draws you to one?  Did this one evoke an emotion in you? More or less than the Bronze queen? What objects do you often capture through your lens? Do let me know in a comment below.
Thank you EVERYONE!

This post was inspired by a prompt from Weekly Photo Challenge: OBJECT
In this week’s challenge, I’d like you to use one tangible object as both your inspiration and subject. It can be the obvious focal point of your shot — like my husband’s juggling ball above, snapped on a beach on the north shore of Kauai. Take into account some of the Photography 101 lessons on composition, framing, focus, and point of view from last year. Or you can get creative and find other ways to feature your object — the only requirement is it must be somewhere in your frame.

For more, check out how others interpreted the theme – WP Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: OBJECT – also see below.

Positive Motivation Tip: OBJECTS pull us in or make us think. Some are in your face like an installation and others are subtle. They speak to something in our hearts. Explore.

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos from my personal collection.

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  • Those are some very unique sculptures. I love going downtown and looking at all of our sculptures. They are so interesting.

  • I lived in Boston for about a year (many moons ago) and don’t remember any of these statues-perhaps they are new. I think I like the two heads looking lovingly at each other the best. Perhaps it is time I went back to Boston and visit Copley Square once again.

  • hmm..interesting. I have always loved to visit museums and browse through the sculptors and figurines.. Bronze queen here looks amazing!

  • Those photos are stunning! I’ve never been to Boston but the sculptures are amazing.

  • You are way more creative than me when it comes to photography. I would have just taken a picture of the nearest object and called it a day! I like your ideas much better!

  • I think the colors in the first statue are wonderful! Makes the statue just beautiful!

  • I am particularly drawn to those Loving Stones. I have many little objects in my home that sit decoratively and on the surface probably just appear as ordinary objets d’art or simple knick-knacks, but in most instances they represent a story to me–much as the Goethe quote would indicate. Lovely post, Eliz.

  • Beautiful photos you have here. Sculpture is a very interesting art indeed. Love that bronze queen sculpture.

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  • I like the queen sculpture. I think there’s lots to see if we took time to stop, look and think : ) It hard to talk about emotion since this is the internet but I think the objects in the photos certainly perked up my thinking side

  • I love the sculptures! I enjoy going to art museums with my kids. They always gravitate to one piece and come home wanting to return again.

  • I love the Bronze Queen!… Usually when I’m taking photos its of my family.

  • How have I never seen these in Boston? Next time I visit my home state I need to really spend some time downtown exploring the artistic side! I really like the Loving Stones.

  • I really like your choices in this and how you did highlight how objects can be any size large or small. Great perspective shown through your photos!

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