January 2

Reflections: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

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“What a liberation to realize that the ‘voice in my head’ is not who I am. ‘Who am I, then?’ The one who sees that.” Eckhart Tolle

I am Peace like Lennon Wall Peace Image In Prague
I am a Peace Blogger just like the Lennon Wall Peace Image in Prague shows.

Today I signed up for the WordPress  Zero to Hero daily challenge.  Our first assignment is to write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.
Who and Why? My initial reaction to the question was to wax philosophical and this is what came out: I am a child of the earth and, when the storms come, I return to the familiar; my faith and family. This is true but there are some facts about me and my blogging interests that might appeal to a new blog friend.  My basic bio is on my About Page  and I’ve been blogging for 5+ years. I started as a way to stay in touch with my agents and then it evolved into a personal lifestyle blog.  As far as blogging is concerned, I call myself a Peace and Lifestyle Blogger. I’d love to add humor to that short list but I’m not quite there.

Why are you blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal? I blog because I enjoy the process of exchanging ideas, writing about topics that intrigue me and my readers, and purely for the joy of writing and sharing. Writing is hard work but the joy comes after each piece is born and molded into something readable. I keep personal journals too because my writing life doesn’t end here. I have two other blogs, several folders, and notepads of material accumulated over the years. What about you? More below!

“Who am I to blow against the wind?” Paul Simon

I Am Sutro Bath in breezy waters
I AM a Sutro Bath in breezy waters

What topics do you think you’ll write about? I write about a wide range of topics. I often refer to my blog as eclectic but Googlebots don’t like that word, and recently, one audacious bot referred to me in unsavory terms.  So think carefully about your blog and remember that in Robot-land, myopia rules supreme: Code Name “Quality Content.” – also known as $ubjective $*%t! Some see variety as great and others as not so great…   What matters is that you write what you know/care about and connect with like minded souls. Me? I’m an ocean of tumultuous waves and ideas…

Who would you love to connect with via your blog? In the 5+ years of blogging on the WordPress and Blogger platforms, I’ve made great friends and learned a lot about this rarefied blogging bubble we inhabit.  I’ve met successful bloggers who generously help others, and I’ve crossed paths with my share of ego-driven, thin skinned bloggers.  I’m happy to connect with bloggers who care and are compassionate about others in our community and in the world beyond blogging.
If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?  Honestly, I’m more interested in the journey than the destination.  I took a long hiatus from blogging in 2013 for a slew of reasons I touched on elsewhere. I missed the daily interaction and although I might not be able to spend 18 hours  a day on blogging, I’m focused on doing better.  My accomplishment would be of intrinsic value. It’s been a pleasure chatting with myself and pretending I’m at lunch with Oprah and Barbara.  What a life! Now lets talk about you? Who Are You and Why Are You Here?
Did you have an auspicious beginning to 2014? What do you hope to accomplish this year?  Do share.  Thank you! :-) ♥Happy New Year!

Positive Motivation Tip: Reflect on what you’ve accomplished or missed and focus on doing  better in the coming year.  Try! ♥HAPPY NEW YEAR

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos  Lennonwall, Sutro Bath from  Wikipedia or my Personal Collection

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet


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  • Happy New Year, Eliz! I will continue visiting your blog 🙂 It brings up my positivity level!

  • I’m going to go check out this Zero to Hero, thanks for sharing!

  • I had missed your amazing way of touching on subjects…to have a taste of that back is a good thing for me…My blog just represents ME…a view of me …sometimes from deep inside and sometimes the surface that most see…

  • So glad you’re back. I’m starting a 2nd blog this year…The Party Politic…which will be a place for my political rants, when necessary. I’m opening it up for others to share their feelings about society and politics, as well. So you are welcome to join me if you care to. It will be a collaborative effort.
    All the best, this brand new year, to you and yours!

  • Pretty deep question to contemplate!

    I am a child of the Most High God. The “why am I here” is something that I haven’t ever been able to process into words. For me, it is an internal knowing that I am where I need to be for whatever purpose Jesus gives me for the moment.

  • WordPress ate my comment when it made me sign in. :/

    It is good to reflect upon your purpose. (Your being a generic that speaks to everyone.)

    Mine is to live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God. – Micah 6:8

  • It is challenging to blog with consistency and frequency…but whether you blog every day or only occasionally, I always know I’ll find an awesome post, filled with positive thoughts! I hope your New Year is filled with sunshine, Eliz…with peace for your mind and love for your heart and health for your body and friends to share your joys and sorrows.:)
    2014 will hopefully be a year of writing, revising and submitting picture books…as well as savoring the joy of living close with our daughter and grandson.:)

  • Thank you for sharing. I personally love learning about those “behind the blogs”. I have a lot of work to do with my blog and being consistent. Good for you for taking on this challenge!

  • I”m not sure what I hope to accomplish this year. I guess I would just like to live a good life and spend as much time with my kids as possible 🙂

  • This is a great reminder to look at where we are and plan on where we want to be. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • It really is strange what the Googlebots find important. Isn’t it?

  • This is a test to confirm that my Name/URL commenting option is enabled. Just click on Leave A Reply and the comment box will open with all the options available. Name/URL is universal and everyone can use that even if you don’t have a blog. Thank You! 🙂
    Elizabeth Obih-Frank

  • It’s always inspiring when you get a renewed focus and energy on blogging. Sounds like you know where you want to take it. Happy New Year!

  • I’m hoping to do serious blogging this year too. Happy New Year by the way. 🙂

  • Hi Eliz, so glad you’re back. Keep up your inspiring posts.
    All the best in 2014. 🙂 And I have to thank Vivian Kirkfield for finding you in the first place. So thanks, Vivian! 🙂

  • Happy New Year to you. You have a great post here. 2013 wasn’t really a good year for me. That’s why I’m so looking forward to this year with optimism and great hopes.

  • What a fabulous idea! This would be great to constantly reflect on – what are you doing this for, goals, who are you, etc…Glad to see you are coming back to blogging and looking forward to reading your posts!

  • You ask some wonderful questions and you seem to have found such purpose in your writing. I feel rather unfocused in contrast, Eliz! I love connecting with others and in most instances I’d really rather read and comment than write about my own topics. I enjoy sharing, and since to me blogging is a dialog, I do share, and will continue to share about the little every day things that bring me joy. But I can’t say that I’m trying to build towards anything in particular. I just enjoy! And that’s enough for me. I look forward to what you’ll be sharing in 2014. You set some wonderful challenges. 🙂

  • Great blog. Great writing. Intriguing question. I write to share my gifts and blessings with others. I want to be of service and sharing quality content is a good way to do this. I also do it to build trust and loyal fans. There are other things, of course, that I do to achieve this. I love the depth and breadth of content among bloggers. It’s awesome!

  • You have a great talent. You write so beautifully and provide inspiration to your readers. Your post reminded me of one of my life songs – “Reflection” (from the Disney movie “Mulan”). Keep on writing.

  • Yes you are a Peace Blogger! Your posts are very inspiring and motivational. Happy New Year!

  • “Peace and lifestyle blogger.” What a great and lovely label, Eliz! And it surely fits you so well. This is a nice question to ponder on. Happy new year to you!

  • It’s a great time of year to check in with ourselves. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts as this really seems like a peaceful blog and a place I want to “hang out”. Happy New Year!

  • The question really pop up and I think its time to reflect! It always nice to have great attitudes towards things. Happy New Year, Eliz:)

  • Thank you for this great post. It definitely is a challenging question for some at least the question “Why are you are here”

    One of the biggest things I want to accomplish is positive connections this year.

  • I remember this question when I was in high school. This is our first assignment in one of our subject. At first, the question is too easy to answer but in reality, there are times you still don’t know who you are.

    Allan (www.chemistdad.com)

  • I cannot believe its got so late into January before I wished you a happy new year. You truly are an inspirational Blogger and person, and meeting and staying in contact with people I’ve met like you is one of the principle reasons I continue to do it

  • I’ve just finished the skeleton for the topics which i will be blogging on and I do hope to be able to blog daily

  • I really do not have a blog direction so to speak. I just aim for writing regularly and writing from the heart. However, the ideal would be writing according to how you want develop the blog to be. I still do not have that kind of plan.

  • i’d like to risk more. getting hurt in the past is a temporary feeling but achieving something i’ve wanted is worth the pain.

  • Glad to be on your new blog Eliz! Who am I and Why am I here? Seemingly simple questions that spark a deep reflection. Thanks! 🙂

  • I think it’s a great idea to ask yourself the substantial questions. We should all try to work it out who and why we are. Great post – and by the way I think Eckhart Tolle has some really good insights. I wish you a fantastic 2014!

  • Happy New Year, Eliz! Aye, good questions… ‘Who Am I And Why Am I Here?’ Time to look deep within ourselves.. Warm thoughts.. 🙂

  • I hope that people will continue to visit my blog because of the contents found in it that will help them in some ways.

  • (I’m not sure whether my original comment went through or not)

    What a timely message! I am again reminded to work harder to fulfill my God-ordained purpose.

  • I also want to join those kind of reflections via blog but got really no time! 🙁 I specifically as a hobby. 🙂

  • I also blog instead of keeping personal journal 🙂 That’s right, we must focus on our accomplishment. Also, we must focus on positive things like improving ourselves not for anything else but for our selves.

  • The beginning 2014 was not quite good for me. I encountered heartaches as early as the first week started. But I am hopeful that the year will turn better. God might be teaching me some lessons to enjoy the blessings on the succeeding months 🙂

  • I certainly hope that I can bring the blog to new levels this year and break the 5 figure blogging income 🙂

  • I am amazed at how long you have been blogging. I have been online for just over a year and I say there is joy when I find blogs like yours that inspire me marie of mommyunwired

  • Happy New Year! You are very inspiring. I also want to keep a personal journal like this one but I have too much on my plate right now. 🙂 Continue to be a source of inspiration to others. *hugs*

  • You used to spend 18 hours a day blogging? How do you do it? Anyway, I love how to labeled yourself as a Peace and Lifestyle Blogger. Indeed, your blog motivates us to find that peace within ourselves.

  • Nice thoughts to ponder! A good question to all bloggers, too. I myself is not a blogging expert. Just like the others here, I am just blogging and writing what is in my heart. For this year, I want to gain more readers and connect with people through my blogs. I want to meet others who share the same passion with me.

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