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On Success: A Few Perspectives…

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“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass!” Paul J. Meyer

On Success: Trumpeter Swan baits the Butterfly moth...?

John James Audubon’s beautifully illustrated book, Birds of America, sold for $11.5 million on December 7, 2010. John got nothing from that sale; he’s been dead for over a century. His effort created a successful business move for the book owner. Sometimes, our efforts create success for others but not for us. Think of all those great artists who struggled during their lifetimes. Their work has benefited many others success… Think of those who labor behind the scenes and get no credit for their input…How would you handle such an outcome?

I was reading a list of the 100 Things We didn’t Know Last Year on the BBC news site when it struck me that while knowledge is power, we don’t always have it on the journey to success. Innovation comes from tackling the unknown and mastering it. What we don’t know can be the impetus for our success. Instead of fixating on the familiar, successful companies start with an original idea, a new product, and high customer service accountability and then weigh their options. Do you know what yours are?

Every year, we make New Year resolutions like these 37 literary heavyweights, promising to do more, be more and read more… Are we keeping those promises? Are we exposed to all the relevant resources to help us along the 2011 resolutions path?

Even with all the access we get on the internet, we don’t have all the answers to our deeper questions and some of the information we get is still somewhat dodgy. Who do we trust or should we, like what one of Mr. Donald Trump’s sons said in a BBC News video-clip he learned from his dad, not trust anyone? Success is seeing these limitations and overcoming them. How do we know what we don’t know? :-[
Do share your insights below? Thanks!

Positive Motivation Tip: Success means different things to different people. Find yours and be passionate about it.
*FYI This post will be in two or more parts. 🙂 Stay tuned for Part II coming up tomorrow.

PHOTO CREDITS: Trumpeter Swan by John James Audubon via Wikipedia

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  1. Bree permalink
    03/01/2011 5:22 pm

    Success is such an emotional thing for people so the perspectives are many.
    Loved the links you attached especially the 100 things. 🙂
    only time will tell on the rest.

    • 07/01/2011 11:22 am

      Yes the 100 things were very interesting… Definitions of success do abound. I agree as there are intrinsic and extrinsic definitions of success…
      Ta love 🙂

  2. 03/01/2011 10:28 pm

    Elizabeth –
    Perhaps I need to stop following your blogposts. 🙂 They are compelling…and reading them keeps me from writing my own. HOWEVER, what you say is so meaningful, I know it is important for me to read it and digest it. Your words help open my mind to deeper thoughts and insights that make me a better me.
    Thank you!

    • 07/01/2011 11:24 am

      Oh Vivian, you are funny. I enjoy reading your posts too and re-submitted my mail subscription as I noticed my original one didn’t go through. 🙂

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