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20 Must Read Books to Inspire You this Spring

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For Spring 2010: 20 Must Read Books to Inspire You ~ Why Get Stuck on Stupid?

“Through literacy you can begin to see the universe. Through music you can reach anybody. Between the two there is You – unstoppable.” Grace Slick

Spring Readings & Viewings: Meadow Argus by David Cook via Flickr

As we approach the spring season, it is time to dust off those cobweb covered bookcases, crawl out from your hibernation hole, take off your winter woollies, and refresh your resolve/resolutions. March 20th is the first day of spring, so you have two weeks to pull it together and get reading before the lazy, frivolous days of summer arrive.

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” Victor Hugo

Dearest Blog Reader: I posted a version of this piece on my Blogger site- my monthly Google run blog and I know you will find something on the reading list to hold your interest.
Here’s to a Merry March and welcome to the 65th day of 2010. This is the 9th week of a non-leap year with 365 days to play or progress. By now, you’ve had time to see your year unfold and it’s critical to revisit your plan and kick it back into gear. Today is Sunday (at least in the USA) and before you know it, this first new week in March will be over and any old patterns you planned to wave goodbye will be standing at your door begging to have one more go at you. We all have 299 days left to make a paradigm shift in our ways of thinking and being. The choice is clearly ours to make…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Every year, people make genuine commitments to accomplish all kinds of goals but most lack the drive or stick-with-it-ness to tackle the necessary work or effort required. One of the joys of celebrating a new year and even a new season is that it gives all of us, globally, an opportunity to have a fresh start at our dreams; to change ourselves and our world. Of course, the secret is that nothing happens if we don’t change certain behaviors or focus our actions on results-driven tasks; tasks that will bear fruit.

“You’re the same today as you’ll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

Unequivocally, it is time to give up the excuses and recognize that for the next 299 days, you need to take massive action. January 1st 2011 is not so far away and a pragmatic decision is in order. It begins with the mental food you decide to feed yourself; the conversations you have with yourself and how they impact the goals you set for yourself. What messages are you conveying to yourself?
While I don’t know what your specific life plans are, I suspect they have something to do with being better, more productive, creative, connected and compensated than last year. Keep in mind that a day wasted is a day lost forever. As a tidbit on important events that happen/happened in the month of March, you should note that on this day, March 7, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the telephone. While the telephone is a fantastic invention, I would suggest that we all spend less time talking and more time doing – read, create, invent, restructure.

“A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.” Lyndon Baines Johnson

Regardless of where your greatest needs or dreams lie, you will need to be prepared for the mental, physical, financial, spiritual demands that life brings your way. Start the day replenishing your soul with some of the great motivational readings inserted in this post and/or listed below. You can read a hard-copy book, a Kindle book, listen to books on tape or try the new Apple iPad. What matters is to stay mentally fresh, focused and fulfilled. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck on stupid…

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Gandhi

Essentially, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger; let everyone hear you roar in delight as you accomplish your goals. What are you reading that you’d like to recommend? Is there a book on the list that you enjoyed reading? Is there one that you didn’t like? Share your views and insights with me as I’d love to know what others are reading out there? Here’s to Your phenomenal success in 2010! Thank you!


Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? By Seth Godin (Hardcopy – Jan 26, 2010)

The One Thing Holding You Back: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Connection by Raphael Cushnir (Paperback – Jan 5, 2010)

No-Man’s Lands: One Man’s Odyssey Through The Odyssey by Scott Huler (Paperback – Jan 5, 2010)

A Year of Little Things: 100 Simple Ways to Be Happy by Caroline Somp (Hardcover – Jan 5, 2010)

Prayers to the Great Creator: Prayers and Declarations for a Meaningful Life by Julia Cameron (Paperback – Jan 7, 2010)

Riches Within Your Reach! by Robert Collier (Audio CD – Jan 7, 2010) – Abridged

How to Succeed in Anything by Really Trying by Lyman MacInnis (Paperback – Jan 12, 2010) – Limited Availability

Triumph Over Fear: A Book of Help and Hope for People with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Phobias by Jerilyn Ross (Kindle Edition – Jan 13, 2010) – Kindle Book

The Immortality of Influence: We Can Build the Best Minds of the Next Generation by Salome Thomas-EL and Cecil Murphey (Paperback – Jan 26, 2010)

High Points and Lows: Life, Faith, and Figuring It All Out by Austin Carty (Paperback – Jan 26, 2010)

Ping and The Way of Ping Unabridged CD Collection: Ping, The Way of Ping by Stuart Avery Gold and Christopher Lane (Audio CD – Jan 29, 2010) – Audiobook

If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You by Kelly Cutrone and Meredith Bryan (Hardcover – Feb 2, 2010)

Back to Life After a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-Step Cardiac Comeback Plan by M.D., Marc Wallack and Jamie Colby (Hardcover – Feb 4, 2010)

DailyOM: Learning to Live by Madisyn Taylor (Hardcover – Feb 16, 2010)

Age Is Just a Number: Achieve Your Dreams at Any Stage in Your Life by Dara Torres and Elizabeth Weil (Paperback – Mar 2, 2010)

What Should I Do with the Rest of My Life? True Stories of Finding Success, Passion, and New Meaning in the Second Half of Life by Bruce Frankel (Hardcover – Mar 4, 2010)

A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement, and Success by Ken Dychtwald and Daniel J. Kadlec (Paperback – Mar 23, 2010)

Fifty Is the New Fifty: Ten Life Lessons for Women in Second Adulthood
by Suzanne Braun Levine (Paperback – Mar 30, 2010)

Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage by Richard Stengel and Nelson Mandela (Hardcover – Mar 30, 2010)

Souls of My Young Sisters by Candace Sandy and Dawn M Daniels (Kindle Edition – April 1, 2010) – Kindle Book

Meadow Argus by David Cook ~ via Flickr

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank

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  1. Bree permalink
    07/03/2010 8:17 am

    I love the list you posted Elizabeth. Great spring reading here and I like that you include dates below for paperback editions.
    Thank you! I am going to dig down for a book or two and come back to post it.
    Great list!

    • 09/03/2010 6:08 pm

      Thank you for your comment and I’m glad the dates meant more to you.
      Do stop by and add a book name to the list.
      E 😉

  2. 10/03/2010 4:52 am

    thanks for that inspiring list!! i will add a few to my bedside stack and hope to get to them by Spring 2011… most of them look great… let me know when your Fall list comes out — i may have read some of my books from last Fall by then…

    • 13/03/2010 8:16 am

      Thanks for the feedback… Yes, it is a long list and purposely added to encourage us to look at a wider range of reading choices. Add anything you are reading to the list… even planning is a positive step. Cheers! 😉

  3. Cassie permalink
    11/03/2010 10:25 am

    This is a great list and long too! I don’t know if I can read all of it by summer but I will read some. Maybe like rbf, I will be ready by spring 2011. LOL! Thank you lady for sharing this great list. Another great inspiring book I will add is the Bible.

  4. goz permalink
    12/03/2010 3:50 am

    The Bible for me calms, inspires, encourages, soothes, motivates me..the list is truly endless! My best book for sure! P.s. I find that reading it at bedtime always helps me sleep better, dream sweeter too:)

  5. 13/03/2010 8:19 am

    Cass and Goz, Thanks for your insights and comments. The Bible is definitely inspirational! I concur. Come back soon ladies 🙂

  6. 14/03/2010 7:04 am

    Cool, I will have to look some of those up 🙂

    • 15/03/2010 11:42 am

      Thank you Rena,
      Stop by again when you take a break from cooking those lovely dishes in Germany!

  7. 21/03/2010 2:10 pm

    Where do i begin? Books are like chocolate! Delicious and good for you!!! Thanx, Elizabeth. Extraordinary list.

  8. 21/03/2010 2:14 pm

    Thanks Tess, It’s always good to hear from you – shining light lady! 😉


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