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Hello world!

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“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl

Hello world: Welcome to Mirth and Motivation!

Hello world: Welcome to Mirth and Motivation!


Respite Reminder: I'm Taking My Own Advice. Will Check in occasionally. Back in August!

Respite Reminder: I’m Taking My Own Advice. Will Check-in Occasionally. Back in August!

Welcome to Mirth and Motivation! This is a Lifestyle/Motivational blog offering an eclectic mix of mirthful and motivational pieces: Life Tips / Advice, Affirmations/Wellness, Women’s Lives, Food, Travel, Interviews, Inspirational posts, Reviews, Peace, AND Social Media ruminations on people, places, and events that shape our lives. I invite you to stay awhile, read some posts, and share your thoughts with this growing online blog community.

I started this blog 15+ years ago, as a way to help agents/staff at the company I worked for stay motivated. After the market crashed and we were downsized, I decided to keep it going. The main goal was, and remains, to encourage myself and others to keep moving forward. It has been a long and rewarding journey.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about blogging, its many positives, and pitfalls, and how important it is to stay focused on our own Why or raison d’être.  We can choose to focus on one of the fundamental rules of blogging which is to make connections with others by adding value through our message/content, comments, and social interactions. We can also choose to turn our attention elsewhere. It is entirely up to us. One thing I know for sure is that if your heart is invested in what you blog about, you will stay the course. Remember to stay true to who you are and why you blog. It can’t just be about monetization. Add value. Help others. Stay encouraged.

Another thing I know for sure is that we all want to be heard, appreciated, and respected; I know that empowering messages are far more appealing than incendiary angling for blog attention. If your blogosphere surfing brings you here, relax, kick back, and share a positive tidbit on your worldview.

 How do we stay mirthful and motivated?

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl

Hello world: Welcome to Mirth and Motivation!

Hello world: Welcome to Mirth and Motivation!

 How do we stay mirthful and motivated?  I believe that when we wake up each morning, we should remember to express gratitude and joy for the good in the world and stay motivated by honoring our responsibilities.

Students of the I Ching understand the message of Hexagram 41 – “Decrease” which when interpreted carefully, speaks to the cycle of life; it highlights the ebb/decrease and flow/increase of conditions. A time of decrease teaches us to manage our resources, seek new opportunities, regroup, and then prepare for and appreciate the subsequent increase that comes. I am fully aware of this cyclical nature of life, and its impact on everything we do.

If each of us can manage what we currently have with a spirit of gratitude, remember to share some of our largess with the poor, and feed the body, mind, and spirit a diet of uplifting foods/thoughts/actions, the doors we open in the coming months will reveal great gifts. Stay motivated and remember that as we change, our circumstances change.

 How else do I stay mirthful and motivated? I love reading and, recently, I re-read Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl  I practice yoga/meditation and distance running. I spend time enjoying great music, art, and watching movies that nurture my spirit and warm my heart. Above all, I turn to my faith, family, and friends for succor. That said, remember to do things now and do them well because Tempus Fugit-Carpe Diem!

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Some Food for Thought: How do you stay mirthful and motivated?
I hope you’ll share your comments and expertise with me. If you’d like to write a Guest post, offer a sponsorship or PR opportunity, send me a message with your inquiry by email at contact(@)mirthandmotivation(.)com or contact(@)positivekismet(.)com

Thank you!

I would love to hear from you: Please leave me a comment on any of my recent blog posts below or email me at Contact(@)mirthandmotivation(.)com Stay blessed and encouraged!

Until Next Time…
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Author: by Elizabeth Obih-Frank




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  1. 29/11/2008 11:26 pm

    Hi, this is a comment. I do appreciate comments from all!
    Please keep them clean as I do have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Allegra permalink
    30/11/2008 4:51 pm

    Hey! You took that comment out! Yay. Good stuff.

    • 01/12/2008 12:00 am

      Yes I did… Happy you are pleased that I did. 🙂 TY!

  3. Goz permalink
    07/12/2008 10:41 am

    Interesting…hmm! Never looked at it that way…

    • 13/07/2008 12:00 am

      Well TY for considering a new option… 🙂 Glad to see you visit.

  4. 25/05/2009 2:03 am

    I’m also a believer of the cyclical nature of business and life.
    We in recent years seem to have a want for more than we need.
    i do not recall being this way when i was growing up.
    thank you for making me think about all this. all the best!

    • 26/05/2010 12:00 am

      Thank you too for taking the time to share your experiences of this cycle and shift.
      We had fewer options as kids.
      Now ours have endless choices… and it doesn’t get any easier for them. 🙂

  5. Flowerluver permalink
    28/09/2009 6:22 pm

    I have been taking it one day at a time and just not spending like I use to.
    I have also found that I have to put off paying certain bills until I get my next pay check.

    • 29/07/2009 12:00 am

      Definitely, most of us have ramped down our spending so I can relate. Thanks again for your feedback. 🙂

  6. Leigh permalink
    07/10/2009 9:36 am

    I was referred to your blog by Deana Martina. I found it inspirational and relaxing. Your mention of tempus fugit reminded that it was one of my mother’s many sayings. Putting that saying to practical use, I made an online library reservation of the film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • 11/07/2009 12:00 am

      Thank you Leigh for your visit and thoughtful comments. They’re appreciated. Do let me know how you enjoyed the movie and stop in with suggestions or tips on other films you’d like to recommend. Cheers!

  7. 31/03/2010 10:27 am

    Hi E! Thanks for visiting my site. Apparently, Im from blogpost, so i wont be able to follow you thru Google connect. But i will definitely bookmark your site.

    How do I handle the effects of global economic shift? Well lemme say it in a simple way, I adjust and accept whatever it’s happening today, but at least make ends meet and find a way to survive. I adjust and accept – I dont shop much anymore, getting frugal in a lot ways, because this is the reality, we have to practical… Hope I could read more motivational articles like this. I really need this. Thanks

    • 01/04/2010 12:00 am

      Thanks for stopping by… Yes, practicality is the goal of late. Staying prayerful that we can all hold on till the winds shift again… I have a blogspot blog too so we can connect there as well. The URL is 🙂

    • twinspirational permalink
      23/07/2019 7:17 am

      Keeping peace to yourself and letting go of arguments is a great mindset. We can’t change all people.. So if we can’t.. We just have know how to handle them.

  8. 11/04/2010 10:26 am

    Man’s Search For Meaning is a great book and one that could be re-read many times, such a powerful message. I feel like that my husband and I have not been over affected by the global economic decline. We stay grateful by always recognizing the love we have in our lives. We try to remember that while we have challenges and growth to do, we are so lucky to be in the place we are. Love the blog!

    • 12/04/2010 12:00 am

      Good for you and it’s wonderful that your remain grateful. Thanks for the feedback Holly. Love your blog too! 🙂

  9. 24/04/2010 6:57 pm

    Thank you for visiting 504 Main on my SITS day. I am quite intrigued with your blog. I have a hard time finding that peace inside and settling into a peaceful place. I am working on it. My Mother in Law is very spiritual and travels the world, especially to India and Malaysia and shares many of her insights. The current economic shift has not affected my life much at this point…but it is a reminder you never know what is coming next.
    504 Main

    • 25/04/2010 12:00 am

      Thank you Holly L! I think its wonderful that your mom-in-law travels on pilgrimages around the world… The downturn might not affect everyone but we can all afford to be mindful… help others out when feasible too. 🙂

      • Kuntala permalink
        26/07/2019 5:02 am

        Read through your article. I do all of them. I get myself inspired when I listen to music. It brings in so much positive feeling within me.

      • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
        04/09/2019 12:40 am

        Thank you!

  10. 30/04/2010 11:46 am

    Thanks for visiting me from SITS! Very interesting blog. I think we all need to step back and realize what is important. Very good message.

    • 01/05/2010 12:00 am

      Well said… We could all use some perspective on the changes … TY! 🙂

  11. 03/05/2010 5:25 am

    enjoyed the site- and the content, hope to see you on mine and facebook fan page too.

    • 06/05/2010 12:00 am

      Yes, and Yes I have visited and enjoyed your blog too… TY for stopping by and do visit again soon. 🙂

  12. 16/05/2010 10:46 pm

    I have quite an optimistic nature and I’ve been careful over the years to try and maintain a happy outlook – it’s easy to get sucked into pessimism and I can’t imagine it’s ever productive to see the worst in things.

    • 17/05/2010 12:00 am

      Optimism is a great quality to have; especially in tough times… TY! 🙂

  13. 22/05/2010 4:09 am

    I stay mirthful by eating chocolate and drinking cafe!. 🙂

    Visiting from SITS

    • 27/05/2010 2:12 pm

      Thank you for visiting M! Happy SITS to you! 🙂

  14. 24/05/2010 11:15 am

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it! 🙂

    I stay mirthful and motivated from my doula work – Helping women and lifelong learning!

    • 27/05/2010 2:03 pm

      Thank you for visiting Emily … stay happy! 🙂

  15. 01/06/2010 5:03 am

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

    *Be Blissful Always*

    • 07/01/2010 12:00 am

      I love that line be blissful… same to you! TY! 🙂

  16. 12/08/2010 4:09 am

    One should always look at things in a positive light, no matter how hard it gets. Staying at peace with mind and body.

    Terry Conti

    • 09/12/2010 12:00 am

      It’s a great habit to form and I can assure you it has been a great blessing in my life too. TY Tom! Glad to see you here. 🙂

  17. JDaniel4's Mom permalink
    14/08/2010 3:42 am

    Stopping from Mom Loop! I pray to stay mirthful.

  18. 18/08/2010 2:06 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I still need to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Good reminder. I’ll be following your blog. 🙂

    • 18/08/2010 3:46 pm

      Thanks for the visit… you should see the movie as it deals with the human condition in all its permutations. 🙂

  19. 22/09/2010 12:54 pm

    Daily walks help me stay mirthful and motivated. Afternoon naps. Reading. Writing. You reminded me that I haven’t finished Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Got as far as page 53 and quit. Will start again tonight. I like the message of your blog. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I found your site on The Blog Farm. My blog is there, too. It’s great what they’re doing for our “Growing Blog Community.

    • 23/09/2010 12:09 pm

      Thank you Margaret,
      I’m glad someone else loves that book. I could use a 2nd read myself.
      Thanks again for stopping by. I clicked on your name but was informed that your blog is private.
      I will check it out when I next log unto the BlogFarm site. 🙂

  20. 28/09/2010 1:25 pm

    You’re so right about choosing to be happy and think good thoughts. It just feels better, doesn’t it?

    And I loved Slumdog Millionaire.

    • 29/09/2010 12:00 am

      It does feel better… I agree. Glad you enjoyed the movie… Lots of food for thought and brilliant acting. 🙂

  21. 28/09/2010 4:35 pm

    I was gonna follow you from Lucas’s Journey w/SPD’s

    Sensational Saturday/Sunday Social!

    but saw no where to follow you can check my blog out if you would like

    • 29/09/2010 12:00 am

      You could follow me on my blogger blog. I have Google Friend Follow set up there. TY!

  22. Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
    12/07/2019 10:12 pm

    Thank your dear reader for making your way here! Please pause and think about what you can add to keep this conversation on a high level. You are here… make it matter. Please don’t thank me for sharing. Let me do the thanking. Don’t tell me great post either… that’s what all the lazy thinking spammers say, and your comment will end up in my spam box. Think about the post you see and respond to its content. I will always do the same for you… Let’s respect our blog visits with each other. Stay encouraged and Thank You! <3 🙂

  23. Fae Celine permalink
    13/07/2019 3:20 am

    I love reading this. I agree that empowering messages are also important and blogging can’t be just about monetization

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      13/07/2019 5:00 am

      I hear you and agree. 🙂

    • Khushboo permalink
      21/07/2019 9:55 am

      I agree with you. Sometimes we have to change ourself for the good.

  24. Thhe captain permalink
    13/07/2019 3:52 am

    The “why” is so important! Well done for keeping it going

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      13/07/2019 5:00 am


  25. Kuntala permalink
    13/07/2019 3:56 am

    I went through few of your articles. Some I have commented too. Being new to blogging and writing I am learning from your writings. Want to especially thank you

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      13/07/2019 4:59 am

      I appreciate your feedback. TY!

  26. Ritu Sharma permalink
    13/07/2019 4:26 am

    I hope the millions of people I’ve touched have the optimism and desire to share their goals and hard work and persevere with a positive attitude.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      13/07/2019 4:59 am

      May all be enriched…

  27. Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy) permalink
    13/07/2019 9:18 pm

    Interesting read as always! Its important to stay motivated x


    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:38 am

      Thank you for your kind words and support.<3

  28. Michael David Oyco permalink
    13/07/2019 9:37 pm

    The challenge of changing one’s self is so simple to say but one of the hardest thing to do.

  29. jeannette9712gmailcom permalink
    13/07/2019 11:46 pm

    As long as I have been ready your blog, I have never known what mirth meant! Since you were focusing on it, I thought I Would look it up. Mirth: merry or amusing. Thanks for sharing a few ways we can have mirth in our lives.

  30. Joanna permalink
    14/07/2019 5:03 am

    Nice to e-meet you! I think your blog’s purpose is very noble, you are helping a lot of people by motivating them to go through even when they stumble upon difficult moments in their lives.

  31. toastycritic permalink
    14/07/2019 5:46 am

    It’s so wild this journey has taken you over ten years to this point. That’s so cool to know you can keep going and still be inspired to write and connect after all this long.

  32. ♡Stephanie Stebbins♡ (@stephsteb) permalink
    14/07/2019 10:54 am

    I often wondered how your lovely blog came about. I’m glad you decided to keep it going, I love it!

  33. Jay Mih permalink
    14/07/2019 12:27 pm

    Thank you for the reminder. I needed this today!

  34. Sondra Barker permalink
    14/07/2019 7:32 pm

    I love your website and it always brings me better days and so much motivation! Thanks for sharing these great quotes -Sondra Barker

  35. Alexandra Cook permalink
    14/07/2019 10:39 pm

    I have been following you and reading your blog for 2 years now and I have learned so much. It really motivates me and if there is something that gives me worry I just need to check on your blog.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:39 am

      You are so kind… 🙂

  36. PaulaMS permalink
    15/07/2019 4:05 am

    Some days it’s hard to stay motivated. I go outside and work in my garden for a while and when I return things seem to be right with the world again.

  37. Lyosha Varezhkina permalink
    15/07/2019 4:19 am

    Motivating oneself with peace and mindfulness is a great goal and it is an achievable way. I love reading your blog, it helps me a lot each week.

  38. Agnes Vazhure permalink
    15/07/2019 4:57 am

    This is really a great motivational article. I so agree with you when it comes to keep thinking positive to do good things.

  39. Krysten (@WeirdGirlBlog) permalink
    15/07/2019 6:06 am

    Wow, this is an excellent post friend. Thanks so much for sharing your viewpoints with us, I appreciate it!

  40. Bindu Thomas permalink
    15/07/2019 6:27 am

    Agree. Its been proven that showing gratitude is a stress-buster. I’ve been meaning to read “Man’s search for meaning” for some time. Should get down finally to it

  41. Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy) permalink
    15/07/2019 9:39 am

    I love the quotes, so inspiring. Beautiful post as always x


  42. Lavern Moore permalink
    15/07/2019 3:01 pm

    Expressing gratitude and joy is a great way to stay mirthful and motivated. What an awesome resource your blog is to have been around for such a long time!

  43. Bree permalink
    15/07/2019 3:29 pm

    I always love how your posts give me so much to think about. It makes me really discover who I am and what my life means to me.

  44. Khushboo Motihar (@kbmotihar) permalink
    15/07/2019 4:11 pm

    I love reading about Travel: Jaunt The World and Monday Motivation. They are my favourite themes 🙂

  45. Samar permalink
    15/07/2019 5:49 pm

    You are one of my inspiration for Blogging.

    Love your blogs and the way you handle it.

    –Big Fan

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:35 am

      The sentiment is mutual. 🙂

  46. Amy-Lynn Denham (@amylynnwriting) permalink
    16/07/2019 3:39 am

    That Frankl quote right at the beginning. I needed that, today. I loved that book, BTW. Wha an inspiring human.

  47. Justyna E Butler, Intimate Weddings + Adventure Elopements Photographer permalink
    16/07/2019 4:54 am

    The world needs more inspiration posts like yours!

  48. Corisa | PNW Pixie permalink
    16/07/2019 5:05 am

    Waking up with gratitude each morning always seems to make the whole day feel better!

  49. adriana permalink
    16/07/2019 5:06 am

    I am so in love with the quote in the first blog graphic of this post. There is so much meaning to it and I find it to be so powerful. Excellent and beautifully written post.

  50. Dalene Ekirapa permalink
    16/07/2019 5:21 am

    Sometimes, we are not able to achieve our successes because we haven’t tuned ourselves to it. So I’ll agree that at times, we have to adjust ourselves. And to stay motivated, I remind myself about what I want to achieve.

  51. Sudipa permalink
    16/07/2019 12:34 pm

    Once again a great post .very motivational

  52. Kristine Nicole Alessandra permalink
    16/07/2019 1:16 pm

    Your articles are always a great read. It makes me reflect on life and the stuff that really matters. My life has not been all that well, but I am still grateful for every morning I wake up to. It is a blessing for me to make one more change, no matter how small it may seem, to make my world, THIS world, a better place. Continue to write and inspire us, Elizabeth!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:30 am

      Thank you! 🙂

  53. ktlexius permalink
    16/07/2019 6:59 pm

    Staying motivated is my goal for part 2 of 2019!

  54. kattyscreamery permalink
    16/07/2019 8:44 pm

    I always look forward to your posts! Always motivating and positive! You have the best quotes!

    • serenarogers19 permalink
      30/05/2021 8:15 am

      I believe that we are meant to experience the so call bad and good of life. The ups and downs and all in between. Life is about learning and growing. We learning and grow and how we respond teaches us about ourselves and where we need to work on or what we are powerful in. Thank you for this insightful blog post.

  55. Sincerely Jackline permalink
    17/07/2019 12:21 am

    I love the first quote so much..! It’s perfect for a toxic relationship that you want to escape. If you can’t change him you have to replace him.. Lmao.

  56. Gervin Khan permalink
    17/07/2019 4:44 am

    I’ve enjoyed so much in reading this article. Its inspires me to be more optimistic in everything most especially in reaching my goals.

  57. Nandyz Soulshine permalink
    17/07/2019 9:35 am

    Your attitude decides how your response would to be to any situation, and your response decides the outcome. Like, if in a conflicting situation you show poise & clarity of thought instead of plain anger, the outcome can be very refreshing & positive. Mirth & motivation both are grounded in a positive & constructive outlook on life.
    – Nandita

  58. agirlandherchickennamedbetty permalink
    17/07/2019 7:46 pm

    This is great advice for staying thankful and aware of your mindset

  59. britstrawbrigde permalink
    17/07/2019 10:20 pm

    Honestly I’m not always mirthful and motivated most of the time. But whenever stressed and anxiety comes its way, I just watch and listen to motivational speakers.

  60. explorewithnelly permalink
    17/07/2019 10:48 pm

    I stay motivated by having an accountability partner and by been mindful

  61. Kristine Nicole Alessandra permalink
    17/07/2019 11:39 pm

    Let me share this Chinese proverb that resonates with me very well – “If your mind is strong, all difficult things will become easy; if your mind is weak, all easy things will become difficult.” It is how we perceive things that would affect its outcome. Be strong, have faith, stay blessed.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:27 am


  62. Mudpiefridays permalink
    18/07/2019 1:01 am

    So many great lessons I have learned from this blog. As I read each articles every week it changes my life and it gives me positivity, motivation and inspiration.

  63. twinspirational permalink
    18/07/2019 1:53 am

    Whenever I wake up, before actually getting up from bed, I always play my motivational song which is something about working hard and getting paid and enjoying things. That really keeps me motivated each day.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:27 am

      What is your motivational song called?

  64. Alessia permalink
    18/07/2019 10:03 pm

    I agree if we can not change a situation we have to be strong and change the way we react to the situation…Very interesting blog post

  65. Bree permalink
    19/07/2019 2:13 am

    Reading really helps me stay motivated too. I think it opens up your mind and heart!

  66. Stephanie permalink
    19/07/2019 5:07 am

    It can be hard to stay motivated some days. I have started to journal in the morning and write everything in my head down. Once that’s out, there’s only my current tasks at hand and it’s helped a lot. It’s so important to also keep others motivated as you never know who needs it at that moment.

  67. Kate Loves Travel permalink
    19/07/2019 6:21 am

    Another inspiring post… I write my travel blog because I love to travel – any money I make from it is a bonus!

  68. BluKatDesign Upcycled Jewelry permalink
    19/07/2019 7:52 am

    Your blog is very inspiring! Nice to hear how and why you got started, keep it up!

  69. Monique Starks permalink
    19/07/2019 11:04 am

    Staying grateful is something I am constantly working on. It improves every aspect of my life as a reminder of all the good I have been given. No matter what “bad” thing happens to me, the good ALWAYS outweighs it. Every time.

  70. Viano Dee permalink
    19/07/2019 1:20 pm

    This is a great post. Honestly, blogging isn’t as easy as people assume it is. Takes a lot of hard work, passion and consistency. As you rightly said, it can’t be all about monetization— it’s also about adding value. I always keep this at the back of my mind.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:52 am

      Completely agree. 🙂

  71. Lina permalink
    19/07/2019 2:24 pm

    Your blog post made me think so much and made me realized so awesome things about life! Have positive attitude in life is everything

  72. Morgan Shaw permalink
    19/07/2019 2:57 pm

    Wow I can’t brlieve you started the blog 10 years ago. Like you I started my blog as sort a therapy tool but sharing your wisdom, motivational quotes and positivity has seemed to help so many. I am glad that you find reading and writing is helping you heal X

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:52 am

      I’m glad you pointed that out; it helps me as much as it helps others… synergistic. 🙂

  73. Nichelle permalink
    19/07/2019 4:48 pm

    Motivation, inspiration.. we all need to be uplifted every now and then. I agree with your comment on time of decrease. It requires us to look at the situation with all eyes open. I’ve been in that position before. It taught me a lot.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:51 am

      Yes, the IChing is a great resource of insights

  74. Marjie Mare permalink
    19/07/2019 4:48 pm

    I love that quote by Viktor Frankel. Since I read his book Man searched for meaning, I started looking at life differently.

  75. vanniebeauty permalink
    19/07/2019 6:42 pm

    wow this is so inspiring and motivating. love your blog

  76. Lyanna Soria permalink
    19/07/2019 11:06 pm

    I just try to do the things that I can do and not overload myself. “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Totally agree with Victors quote.

  77. fashionandstylepolice permalink
    20/07/2019 12:52 am

    My kids keep me motivated. My bank balance helps me stay focused on my hustle too!

  78. Ana permalink
    20/07/2019 3:42 am

    I agree that attitude is everything! It is the one thing we can control. We choose how to handle what is thrown our way, and that can make a difference in the path we make for ourselves!

  79. kevin Akidi permalink
    20/07/2019 4:00 am

    We all need some motivation from time to time and this blog offers that in abundance. It is rewarding to be there for others in their time of need even if just through your word. Keep on inspiring.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:49 am

      I appreciate this. Thank you!

  80. Dalene Ekirapa permalink
    20/07/2019 4:05 am

    A spirit of gratitude is indeed important. And it’s even better if we can share what we have with others, especially those who don’t have as we do. Sometimes, it’s never even about financial help but words of encouragement are so powerful too!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:50 am

      Yes and words have great power and energy too

  81. Emily Fata permalink
    20/07/2019 5:20 am

    I love reading your bits of motivation! They always put a smile on my face throughout the week, and are so enlightening.

  82. Jessica permalink
    20/07/2019 7:19 am

    I enjoyed reading the few posts I was able to right now.. I do plan on visiting again to read more. I do believe you have to choose to be happy and be positive in your thinking.

  83. paigebainbridge permalink
    20/07/2019 9:47 am

    I have never read Man’s Search for Meaning but I really like that Frankl quote. Makes me want to read the book. I enjoyed your post — lots of good food for thought and good reminders about our motivation. Thanks! Paige Bainbridge

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:49 am

      Merci… 🙂

  84. Bree permalink
    20/07/2019 12:10 pm

    Thank you for another inspiring post! I always appreciate your words of wisdom, they are so motivating!

  85. Catherine Santiago Jose permalink
    20/07/2019 5:50 pm

    I’ve enjoyed reading this post and to tell you honestly my family and my faith keeps me motivated to do the things that I need to be done.

  86. Liz Bayardelle permalink
    20/07/2019 7:13 pm

    I’ve read so many of your posts, but it’s cool to read about where it all started! Such a great philosophy and attitude you have.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:45 am

      Thank you, namesake.

  87. Laithan permalink
    20/07/2019 8:14 pm

    The Victor Frankl quote from his time in the concentration camps is just brilliant. I recommend everyone reads his book once in their life to get a sense of perspective over their ‘issues’. Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:48 am

      Indeed. brilliant yes!

  88. arun permalink
    21/07/2019 1:28 am

    Thank you for starting this blog. You are an inspiration to many. Your blogs help me to stay motivated and the poetic lines are always insightful.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:45 am

      Very kind of you Arun!

  89. StressedMum (@stressedmum01) permalink
    21/07/2019 5:12 am

    Loved reading this post, it is important to be happy and to think happy, it makes everything os much nicer x

  90. sn1463 permalink
    21/07/2019 6:50 am

    Such a bright corner of the internet! We all need more mirth and motivation in our lives.

  91. Christa Anne permalink
    21/07/2019 2:17 pm

    Wow! 10 years of blogging is a wonderful accomplishment. That you use your blog to inspire others is truly admirable.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:44 am

      Time does fly 🙂

  92. Neely permalink
    21/07/2019 3:14 pm

    I agree that waking up and being grateful and showing our gratitude really helps. It really helps me stay motivated.

  93. 21/07/2019 3:49 pm

    The quote at the beginning by Frankl is a favorite of mine! Great post, keep on keeping’ on!!!

  94. A Nation of Moms permalink
    21/07/2019 4:09 pm

    It is true that you have to have a mindset to get things accomplished. Great quote.

  95. Courtney permalink
    21/07/2019 5:24 pm

    I’m always trying to be thankful for what I presently have. Gratitude really does go along way

  96. jeannette9712gmailcom permalink
    21/07/2019 10:30 pm

    This is so true: In our response lies our growth and our freedom.We can have total control of our reactions. In those reactions we can curse or bless.

  97. amayszingblogs permalink
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    Your blog makes me inspire always and I love to read your topic post related empowering and motivation I’am looking forward to read such wonderful post from you!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:44 am

      Thank you too!

  98. Norma Nikutowski permalink
    22/07/2019 3:52 am

    Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is a great book to stay motivated and appreciate everything we have in life. Nurturing our spirit with music, art, and movies is very helpful when feeling stressed or tired.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:44 am

      It is…

  99. Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy) permalink
    22/07/2019 4:20 am

    I think it’s so important to be joyful in the mornings. Love the quotes x


  100. Angela Tolsma permalink
    22/07/2019 4:23 am

    In general I stay motivated with to-do lists and books, lots of books. I love the quite, attitude really is everything!

  101. Laura Schwormstedt permalink
    22/07/2019 3:06 pm

    Making connections is so important and helps keep me motivated – I have met so many lovely people through blogging

    Laura x

  102. Ola permalink
    22/07/2019 3:24 pm

    Blogging is no easy task. Kudos to you for keeping your blog going for over 10 years!

  103. Crystal Gempko permalink
    22/07/2019 3:43 pm

    I love that quote on this! We are in control of our attitudes regardless of what anyone tries to do to ruin them!

  104. Samar permalink
    22/07/2019 5:36 pm

    I see lo of inspiring articles in your blog, but could you please share them with the social fan pages.

    That will be a bit easier for fans like me to stay in touch.


  105. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo permalink
    23/07/2019 4:41 am

    Hello to you, too! I checked the timestamp of this post and wow, this is more than a decade old!

  106. Mona permalink
    23/07/2019 7:11 am

    Fascinating how many different schools of thought there are on motivation. This is a unique perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  107. Geraline Batarra permalink
    23/07/2019 8:21 pm

    I’m bot actually consistent with being motivated but internet videos and motivational blogs are so effective and educational. I just keep watching them.

  108. lexislunch permalink
    24/07/2019 12:24 am

    You always offer great insights and an interesting perspective. I enjoy your posts!

  109. Amy permalink
    24/07/2019 2:13 am

    Pausing to take stock and think about our motivation sometimes is really important and you really helped me understand some good ways.

  110. clydequin93 permalink
    24/07/2019 9:46 pm

    I love the goal of your blog and the domain name. It’s very inspirational and touching. 🙂

  111. Ainsley permalink
    24/07/2019 11:57 pm

    Thank you for making me think about all this. the Q./A is important in our life. all the best!

  112. gloriousheights permalink
    25/07/2019 2:22 am

    You did a great thing to keep this blog running.. I love your motivational posts always the best collection of quotes. Showing gratitude is really important but what really touched my heart were the words “honouring responsibility”.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:43 am

      Glad it resonated

  113. millylaps permalink
    25/07/2019 3:50 am

    I stay mirthful and motivated by helping others and finding a better view of mother nature.Thanks for sharing.

  114. Michael David Oyco permalink
    25/07/2019 4:20 am

    Thanks for the inspiring messages. 10 yrs is 10 yrs.. Lets always motivate each other through supporting and we’ll achieve our targets together

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:43 am

      10 years is 10 years… I like that. 🙂

  115. Chad permalink
    25/07/2019 4:48 am

    I always look forward to your weekly blog posts, they help me stay motivated and inspired. And that is how i stay motivated by reading other people’s work, love it.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:41 am

      Thank you again!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:42 am

      Thank you, Chad!

  116. Lavern Moore permalink
    25/07/2019 5:19 am

    This is so inspiring. I hope to one day have a similar story to share about my blog.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:41 am

      You already do. 😉

  117. vivirewellness permalink
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    Such an inspirational post, taking a break is always necessary to be more productive.

  118. Erika Tiara permalink
    25/07/2019 5:58 am

    Thank you for sharing positive vibes through this wonderful article! Staying mirthful and motivated sure is important to keep our lives goes on in a positive way!

  119. Jena Leigh | Naughty Kitchen permalink
    25/07/2019 6:51 am

    This was nice and encouraging to read. I wished people were like this in person rather than the blogsphere. I find that bloggers seem to support each other than the real world.

  120. Evan Petzer permalink
    25/07/2019 7:29 am

    Thank you for the thoughtful article, we all experience things differently but there is only one way to work through it and that is faces challenges head on.

  121. Streamed TV Fan permalink
    25/07/2019 9:41 am

    Lovely post and gives one food for thought. I’m a true believer of the less we want the happier we are. I try to drill this in my children. But on the other hand I don’t want them to stop dreaming.

  122. Glam2Greatness permalink
    25/07/2019 11:02 am

    I just had this conversation with my husband that sometimes just because we are at the top of the wheel, I am taking some things for granted. That’s why I had to reassess myself. Life is a cycle or wheel. We may be doing good now, but tomorrow, we will never know. Great insight.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:41 am

      That is true…

  123. Jaana McEntee permalink
    25/07/2019 11:51 am

    Thank you for a such interesting read, it definitely gives me something to think about..

  124. Norma permalink
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    I was really impressed by this blog. Your words are very meaningful and amazing too. Thanks for staying as motivated!

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    Interesting read and great insights !

  126. Zina permalink
    25/07/2019 8:10 pm

    This is a good topic! The past years things have been changed and more problems appeared. But my positive thinking is about my kids and my family. I always try to have a simple life. To be honest, blogging is really helpful also… it relaxes me 🙂

  127. Travel with Karla permalink
    25/07/2019 9:04 pm

    I’ve been reading your blogs for more than a year now. It’s refreshing to read one of you early blog posts! Keep on writing motivational posts!

  128. Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy) permalink
    25/07/2019 9:56 pm

    This post is so inspiring and I love the quotes x


  129. Sarah Meh permalink
    26/07/2019 1:09 am

    It’s such a motivational post. I love post like that. Positive thinking is the key to a positive life.

  130. Gervin Khan permalink
    26/07/2019 1:34 am

    Praying in the morning once I woke up is a one way for me that keeps me to be motivated. I believe that everything will be okay with His grace and guidance.

  131. Lyosha Varezhkina permalink
    26/07/2019 1:37 am

    I couldn’t agree more on cynical core of business. But I strongly that most of individuals are good people so if we have everything in our minds and hearts and make it work world will be a better place.

  132. Crickette, Former DramaQueen permalink
    26/07/2019 4:19 am

    I really believe in embracing positivity and I always want to start my day bright. Otherwise you will feel heavy throughout the day and that’s a recipe for disaster.

  133. Catherine Santiago Jose permalink
    26/07/2019 5:25 am

    I am always pray, talking with my loved ones, listening and singing to a good musics are the things that helps me to stayed motivated.

  134. Clarice permalink
    26/07/2019 5:53 am

    I love chocolate ice cream and cookies and cream. I don’t remember exactly when I first had one but I remember that I get one every after a visit to my dentist. 🙂

  135. Clarice permalink
    26/07/2019 6:06 am

    I love your blog! I have been a reader for over a year already and I am just so thankful for all the inspiration and the insights that you share. It has been my daily habit to visit already.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:40 am

      Appreciated… 🙂

  136. onehoppymomma permalink
    26/07/2019 4:01 pm

    I really love your focus on gratitude. It’s so important that we appreciate the life that we have been given

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      04/09/2019 12:40 am

      Gratitude first. yes.

  137. Bindu Thomas permalink
    27/07/2019 12:59 am

    Praying keeps me grounded and calm, and the strength to fight all the negativity thrown at me, intended or otherwise

  138. Mommy Ruby permalink
    27/07/2019 2:00 am

    I always love reading your post as It makes me motivated and sometimes makes me see a different perspective in life. My daughter likes that Tempus Fugit phrase that I heard her say that several times.

  139. forkwardthinkingfoodinista permalink
    27/07/2019 2:52 am

    Great post as always. Staying motivated in what can be a cruel world at times can be tough, but you just got to dig deep xx

  140. Kenny Ngo permalink
    27/07/2019 3:47 am

    This is so true. How we react is our own choice. People can try to manipulate us but it is still our call whether to lash out or be kind.

  141. Lavern Moore permalink
    27/07/2019 10:21 am

    Wow, this seems like a useful blog to try. Simple, fast, and fun to read!

  142. Fatima D Torres permalink
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    People always seem to want more. Always a pleasure reading your work. This one must’ve slipped me. Great intro.

  143. Shoppers Gossip permalink
    27/07/2019 10:51 pm

    Sometime we didn’t seize the day but the day seize us. Likewise, when we cannot change the situation, the situation change us.

  144. anna permalink
    30/07/2019 12:13 am

    In everything we do, as long as we know the “why” we will be on the right path. Thanks for sharing.

  145. You, Me and Benny permalink
    04/10/2019 10:57 am

    congrats on the 10 plus years that is so exciting!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      06/10/2019 10:49 pm

      Hahaha. 🙂 Thank you!

  146. Crickette, The Things I Have to Say permalink
    04/10/2019 9:25 pm

    “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

    I’ve always believed in knowing what you can and cannot control. Things will happen. You cannot control that. But what you can control are your reactions. I like this—between stimulus and response is a space. We have to utilize that space, wisely.

  147. aisasami permalink
    04/10/2019 11:23 pm

    I stay motivated by reading, relaxing, and listening to music or podcasts! And if I need, sometimes I need to talk to someone. But music and reading inspire me to do more!

  148. Joanna permalink
    05/10/2019 7:32 am

    I sometimes find it hard to stay motivated, depending on what I am going through in life at the moment. Lately I felt that the world is kind of against me, so it’s been hard to see positive things through all the darkness. .

  149. Ruchie permalink
    05/10/2019 10:14 am

    I really loved the way you take this…I believe that if you stay positive and happy nothing can harm you in life!!

  150. Junell DuBois permalink
    05/10/2019 10:33 am

    So many great points. I also enjoy reading and art to get motivated. Recently I was able to tour through a Monet exhibit and found it very inspiring.

  151. Shadrack biwot permalink
    06/10/2019 12:06 am

    I totally agree with you. It shouldn’t be just about monetization but to be of help to someone out there who the information can really be of help in helping them grow. I know sometimes I loose focus and get on the money part but am glad I always get back on track. Thanks for sharing this

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      06/10/2019 10:48 pm

      Thank you and it’s cool to earn from your blog. It’s even cooler to give something meaningful back.

  152. Polly Amora permalink
    06/10/2019 7:05 am

    I always the start the day being grateful. Grateful for another morning because not everyone are given the chance to wake up. Being grateful just brings so much positivity throughout the day.

  153. Simon Starchevsky permalink
    06/10/2019 10:33 am

    I too believe in focusing on the future, without forcing things too much. If you put forth the right kind of effort, eventually you will get what you need. Thanks for this post.

  154. missmisanthrop permalink
    06/10/2019 2:47 pm

    I stay mirthful by drinking lots of coffee, and practicing a good self care routine.

  155. Marjie Mare permalink
    06/10/2019 5:22 pm

    10 years, it’s quite an accomplishment. I can honestly say that many times I come to your blog, I feel inspired and get the motivation that I needed.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      06/10/2019 10:43 pm

      Thank you, Marjie.. it’s a labor of love.

  156. Luna S permalink
    07/10/2019 4:01 am

    Great post! It is nice to know more about how the site came to be, and the process behind it. I always enjoy the beautiful quotes you include and the work that goes into each post.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      23/10/2019 8:00 am

      I appreciate your feedback Luna. It is a labor of love. 🙂

  157. clydequin93 permalink
    07/10/2019 8:59 am

    It’s really refreshing to find and read blogs which inspire us and change ourselves for the better. 🙂

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      23/10/2019 7:53 am

      Thank you. I’m inspired by your comment. 🙂

  158. My Vegetarian Roots permalink
    09/10/2019 4:20 am

    getting so much positive vibes from your post. thank you for sharing!

  159. Adventures with Shelby permalink
    15/10/2019 4:00 pm

    Attitude is everything, in good times and bad

  160. NaturalBeautyAndMakeup(Ana) permalink
    07/12/2019 1:29 pm

    Such a great post! I always find your blog posts to be inspiring, full of motivation and positivity ❤ Thank you for sharing!

  161. Rose Ann Sales permalink
    10/12/2019 9:10 pm

    Oh love that quote of Victor E. . I agree so much.. That’s how maturity starts, when stop complaining and start focusing on how we could behave and act better for ourselves.

  162. Sarah Afshar permalink
    12/12/2019 5:10 am

    Great write up. Your blog is very inspirational.

  163. amayszingblogs permalink
    12/12/2019 4:51 pm

    Your Blog makes me feel inspire always Happy 10 years on your blogging journey this is great accomplishment to inspire people to your uplifting post always the start the day being grateful and blessed.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:23 am

      Thank you so much, Sis

  164. Jessica Collazo permalink
    29/01/2020 4:37 pm

    Is great that you decided to do this blog after the market crash. Motivation after a frustrating time in our world.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:23 am

      Yes, it was a great time to start…

  165. Kenny Ngo permalink
    30/01/2020 9:34 pm

    It’s always so inspiring. I love how thought provoking your articles always are.

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:23 am

      Thank you so much. You inspire me

  166. Samuel Harris permalink
    08/10/2020 12:09 am

    So true that we shouldn’t be writing solely for financial gain! Keep it up

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:22 am

      I agree. We need to have a greater intention and the rest will follow

  167. amayszingblogs permalink
    17/10/2020 4:30 pm

    Your blog gives lesson and inspiration for everyone your articles makes me feel inspire always keep posting empowerment blogs I love it!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:22 am

      Grateful for your feedback

  168. Nkem permalink
    18/10/2020 9:41 pm

    The intention behind your blog is timeless and very useful!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:21 am

      Thank you, Sis, I completely agree.

  169. Hannah permalink
    19/10/2020 2:07 am

    I love hearing the catalyst for why you started your blog! It’s quite motivating and uplifting to know that you were instilled to help others!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:21 am

      Your observation is appreciated.

  170. permalink
    19/10/2020 2:52 am

    I admire motivational bloggers like you. You seem to find inspiration everywhere!!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      19/10/2020 9:20 am

      Thank you so much. It has always been an area of interest and helps me too.

  171. Michele @ ourredonkulouslife permalink
    18/01/2021 1:18 am

    You have helped a lot of people find motivation and gratitude. I am so glad you kept this blog going!

    • Eliz@MirthandMotivation permalink*
      18/01/2021 10:39 pm

      You are so kind… Thank you!

  172. My Path To Travel permalink
    10/02/2021 4:24 am

    Staying mirthful and motivated during lockdown is becoming increasingly difficult. But you are right, attitude is something we can change.

  173. permalink
    10/02/2021 5:37 am

    Thanks for this motivation! Kinda needed one right now!

  174. Kenneth permalink
    10/03/2021 2:39 am

    This post was years ago with more than 200 comments but those times even there was no pandemic, we feel that all things happening now is just the same and I think its just how we handle it positively. HELLO world or mirth and motivation, smile 🙂

  175. crisshex88 permalink
    10/03/2021 5:18 am

    I really like your blog a place where I always find the right inspiration on various themes when I look for it and that inspire me in the right way.

  176. Oscar Oganiza permalink
    15/03/2021 2:40 am

    Thank you for sharing your insights. You’ve given me motivations I need to continue working and improving my daily life. Please continue on motivating us through this/your channel.

  177. olgavin139 permalink
    25/05/2021 3:43 am

    I have Viktor Frankl book but I never read it. Thank you for motivation blog post and I`ll definitely find time for that book now.

  178. emman damian permalink
    25/05/2021 8:53 pm

    Hi there! I have been a long time reader of your blog! Keep it up!

  179. Crickette, The Things I Have to Say permalink
    30/05/2021 5:37 pm

    Prayer helps motivate me. When I’m trying to find answers and nothing is making sense, I find meaning in prayer.

  180. Knycx Journeying permalink
    30/06/2021 8:48 pm

    Thanks for sharing the positive energy and motivation to the world, and I think it helps a lot of people to carry on and have a better day. – Knycx Journeying

  181. imladychi permalink
    08/07/2021 1:38 am

    This post is so deep and makes you take in a deep breath and reflect on your life. With all the crazy that is going on, I have learnt to live in the moment and try to appreciate what I have NOW. And also not to take our close ones for granted.

  182. MELANIE EDJOURIAN permalink
    09/07/2021 3:06 am

    I can imagine you have learnt loads having blogged for over 10 years. I do enjoy reading your posts.

  183. risalopez permalink
    10/07/2021 5:21 pm

    I love this part ” I believe that when we wake up each morning, we should remember to express gratitude and joy for the good in the world and stay motivated by honoring our responsibilities.”

    This is the best line for me! Thank you for sharing!

  184. Aditinona permalink
    28/07/2021 6:02 am

    For me family plays a big role in keeping me motivated and going.. rest I love listening to music and reading too

  185. nikhila permalink
    05/08/2021 6:07 pm

    That is such a novel intention behind your work. And 10+ years? Woe, I wonder how I would grow as a writer and a person after a decade. Anyhoo, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re good at it.

  186. WanderlustBeautyDreams permalink
    06/08/2021 1:29 am

    It’s been nice to go to original post and see where it all started. Your blog is so great, educational, and inspirational. Keep up the great work.

  187. Alita pacio permalink
    27/10/2021 2:15 am

    I love how positive your blog is. We all need reminders and inspiration from time to time

  188. briannemanz permalink
    27/10/2021 2:15 am

    Wow, you’ve been blogging for 10 years. It must have been a rewarding journey for you

  189. Beth Piercebe permalink
    27/10/2021 2:16 am

    Hello there. I just discovered your blog through Facebook and I love it. I will always come back for your motivational posts

  190. risalopez permalink
    01/01/2022 4:30 pm

    I really love reading your posts. It is really motivating and inspiring! Thank you for always posting positive quotes and poems. I really love them. Keep it up!


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