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International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls


“EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises: The world’s 1.1 billion girls are a source of power, energy, and creativity – and the millions of girls in emergencies are no exception.”UN/GirlChild

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls 2017

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls 2017

This year, on the International Day of the Girl Child, we are focused on how to ‘EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises’. Throughout 2017 we have seen growing conflict, instability and inequality, with 128.6 million people this year expected to need humanitarian assistance due to security threats, climate change and poverty. More than three-quarters of those who have become refugees or who are displaced from their homes, are women and children [1]. Among these, women and girls are among the most vulnerable in times of crisis UN Women statement: International Day of the Girl Child, 11 October

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child and it is imperative that we join forces to celebrate our collective effort at ensuring that girls and women are encouraged to contribute equally around the world. This year, the UN theme is EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises. A corresponding theme is Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030. Since the genesis of the first celebration of the Girl Child in 2012, the United Nations Organization and many other organizations have devoted time and resources  to close the gender inequality gap. This day not only celebrates the need to EmPower our daughters, it also brings awareness to other issues that impact the lives of girls/women around the world.

What other issues impact the lives of our 1.1 Billion girls globally? They include issues of access to quality educationprotection from FGM/Female Genital Mutilation, Assistance/Education in crisis areas, an end to child marriages through empowerment,  an end to sex trafficking/ sexual violence against children, access to clean/safe water, eradication of gender based stereotypes, an end to modern day slavery, end to nutrition ill-health and reduction in HIV exposure, protection from all forms of discrimination, legal rights, medical care, and  an end to violence against women.  If you stop to think about the enormous effort that it will take to fully address a single issue listed above, then it becomes apparent that we need maximum involvement in even the most basic/fundamental way; we need all hands on deck.


“Some people say that it is shameful for girls to go to work or go to school. These are old traditions and conventions.” These are the words of Alan and Israa, two Syrian girls

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls 2017

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls 2017


Beyonce: Freedom – International Day of the Girl
“Today is # DayoftheGirl. Girls around the world are fighting for their freedom every day. Join me, Chime for Change, and The Global Goals by taking action for # FreedomForGirls now.” Beyonce

EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises: The world’s 1.1 billion girls are a source of power, energy, and creativity – and the millions of girls in emergencies are no exception. This year’s International Day of the Girl (IDG) on October 11 marks the beginning of a year-long effort to spur global attention and action to the challenges and opportunities girls face before, during, and after crises. UNO/Girlchild

What issues matter to you and your loved ones? Since women and girls represent half the population of the world, issues that affect our gender in other parts of the world, can have a direct impact on our lives. When one set of girls are denied access to opportunities that will empower and embolden them to achieve, we limit our sphere of influence and success.  With girls/women representing 3/4 of the refugees in the world,  over 700+ million with experience of childhood marriages, a high percentage denied schooling, unequal treatment in the job market and the denial of access to other opportunities, we have a lot that we must fight for before, during and after the many crises we experience around the world.

Reading through the data gathered here on this subject, the statistics are sobering. Did you know that 18.6 million women and girls live with HIV today?  Did you know that human trafficking and sexual exploitation is a $99B dollar enterprise and that 96% of the victims are women/girls?  Did you know that 1 in 3 girls/women around the world will experience physical and/or sexual violence – two forms of gender-based violence (GBV) – in her lifetime? If you have a mother, sister, daughter, female friend, this information and so much more ought to outrage you into action. With 1.1 billion girls in the world, we can no longer afford to be casual about these matters. Join IN!

Do you think you know your facts on today’s 1.1 billion girls? Take this quiz to find out. The answers will be at the bottom of the post.
1. Globally, how many women and girls alive today were married before their 18th birthday? 250M 500M 750M
2. Most women and girls alive today who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation were cut before what age? 5YR 10YR 15YR
3. Who said: “We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”? Emma Watson, Actress/ Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist, Leymah Roberta Gbowee, Liberian activist.
4. Young women in conflict zones are __ percent more likely to be out of secondary school than their counterparts in conflict-free countries? 30%, 60%, 90%
5. Who is Yusra Mardini? Swimmer from Syria who participated in Rio Olympics. Refugee from Syria who with 3 others pushed a dinghy with 18 people to Lesbos to save their lives. BOTH


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“Empowerment of and investment in girls are key in breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence and in promoting and protecting the full and effective enjoyment of their human rights” United Nations Resolution 66/170  – via

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls 2017

International Day of the Girl Child: EmPOWER Girls 2017

International Day of the Girl Child (Day of the Girl) is celebrated annually on October 11 to highlight issues concerning the gender inequality facing young girls. This year’s theme is “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.”600 million girls aged 10 to 19 in the world today, each with limitless individual potential… Awarenessdays

Female empowerment is not an anomaly and we can all do more.  We can support the various initiatives that  encourage gender equity by educating ourselves and others about the merits of encouraging all our children to receive an education. When girls are included in the conversation of a nation’s prosperity goals, everyone benefits. As a mother, I know that because my daughters were able to go to college and find jobs in their fields of interest, they will contribute their skills to society and be able to make choices freely.   This year, the  UN theme for International Day of the Girl (11 October) is ‘EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises’  One of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to support gender equality globally, and we can only achieve that goal if we support programs and demand laws that lift barriers to female empowerment.

How Can we to Support/Celebrate International Day of the Girl Child? We can support equal-pay-for-equal-work in our places of work, and encourage our daughters to venture into fields that were once dominated by males.  Globally, we can support organizations that fight to increase female education and socioeconomic participation, and make a commitment to practice what we preach in our homes.  We can choose to wear blinders or make a concerted commitment to encourage our daughters, sisters, and other females to reach for their dreams. We can do our part by sharing information on data and programs that help build gender equity, that offer opportunities for girls to get an education, and  that help them to become fully vested in participating in building their communities. It is an arduous but not an impossible task. It will take our commitment to reach that goal.  According to the WashingtonExaminer, you can join in by doing these 3 simple things: 1.Snapping a selfie everywhere you believe girls belong. 2. Sharing it on social media with the hashtag #GirlBelongHere and 3. Tagging the women and girls who inspire you What are your thoughts? Did you celebrate International Day Of The Girl Child?  Do share!   Thank you.
READ: We Will Rise: Empowering Girls Education Globally

ANSWERS TO QUIZ: 750, 5YR, MALALA, 90%, BOTH. How did you do?


Have a Happy, Healthy 2017!



For More: Women’s Lives & Issues 

Positive Motivation Tip: Girls can inspire change in each other  and in all of us. Equal opportunity should be a given, not a privilege.  Take a stand. Inspire all.

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos art on girls via Wikipedia and all other girls via Pixabay


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