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Haiku: Portraits of Two Mourning Doves

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“When you start with a portrait and search for a pure form, a clear volume, through successive eliminations, you arrive inevitably at the egg…” Pablo Picasso

Haiku: Portraits of Two Mourning Doves - A nestling squab and its parent

Haiku: Portraits of Two Mourning Doves – A nestling squab and its parent

Haiku: Portraits of Two Mourning Doves

Haiku: Portraits of Two Mourning Doves

A captured moment
Portraits of two mourning doves
A mother and squab

Home… a wall basket
Unafraid of human eyes
Nestling on pure hope

Two dove eggs were laid
One squab spared from predators
Eager to survive

A new friend in Connecticut showed me these beautiful doves nestling in one of the wall baskets on her porch. Originally, the mourning dove had laid two eggs but one didn’t survive. This squab or baby mourning dove, in front, is almost at maturity, and the parents guard it lovingly with everything they have… They looked at me as I took several pictures and didn’t flinch once. That is what I call knowing you are secure in your home. This is the sort of portrait that touches my heart and so I chose to share it.

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“You that would judge me, do not judge alone this book or that, come to this hallowed place where my friends’ portraits hang and look thereon…” William Butler Yeats

Haiku: Portraits of Two Mourning Doves

Haiku: Portraits of Two Mourning Doves

A fortunate birth
Portrait of a little squab
Soon … a fine fledgling

Altricial at birth
Sustained by love’s nourishment
A familiar tale

A treasured moment
Portraits of two mourning doves
A picture of love…

I considered human portraits but was gently reminded this morning to share the mourning doves, when two showed up on my balcony foraging for food. They are a familiar part of my yard as I feed the local birds and enjoy seeing them play with one another… Nature meets Nurture. What about your experiences with the subject?

For this Discover challenge- on PORTRAITS,  Paint a picture with words, capture someone on film, sketch a face in the crowd — this week, share a portrait.Choose anyone as your subject: a loved one, your favorite celebrity, a fictional character, your dog, yourself, the guy with the crooked smile who’s always on your bus in the mornings. Let us see their face — either with your images, or in our minds’ eyes — with all the detail and quirk that makes them who they are.  To help other participants and new fans find your response in the Reader, tag your post #DiscoverWP. Not sure how to add a tag? Learn more.

Positive Motivation Tip: Our portraits show facets of our lives but, not the whole picture… What would you choose to share?

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos: From my Personal Collection

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Elizabeth Obih-Frank
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  1. 10/08/2016 10:44 pm

    They chose well, absolutely adorable.

  2. Mel Blake permalink
    11/08/2016 1:21 pm

    Those doves certainly found an interesting place to nest. Great quote on judging too!.

  3. Kathy Kenny Ngo permalink
    11/08/2016 1:59 pm

    They are so lovely! And they looks sweet too. Nice shots!

  4. Brandy permalink
    11/08/2016 2:01 pm

    I absolutely love the sound of morning doves in the morning. Funny how they took upon themselves to make these baskets home. I love these photos, capturing nature beautifully!

  5. milenabarrett permalink
    11/08/2016 2:19 pm

    These are beautiful pictures. We have doves at my home during various seasons. I love watching them.

  6. Neely (@Neelykins) permalink
    11/08/2016 2:37 pm

    Beautifuly written. I was fascinated by doves as a child. Love them!

  7. Ana De Jesus permalink
    11/08/2016 3:59 pm

    Its so sad when someone dies prematurely and these doves are mourning the loss of their loved one. Lovely photo.

  8. Amer Phils permalink
    11/08/2016 4:08 pm

    That is amazing and so intrigued at the same time. Beautiful pictures

  9. Sharon Lin permalink
    11/08/2016 4:52 pm

    These are beautiful – I’ve always had an appreciation for wildlife, and now I can finally see why! Thank you for the lovely post.

  10. tiarasandtantrums permalink
    11/08/2016 4:54 pm

    How lucky for your friend to have such lovely visitors on her porch for the summer.

  11. Jenny permalink
    11/08/2016 5:13 pm

    Aww how precious are they. I’d love to wake up to that site in the morning.

  12. Karen Dawkins (@karen_dawkins) permalink
    11/08/2016 5:13 pm

    My son just finished an art project with non-traditional portraits. Yours is equally creative. Beautiful imagery.

  13. Claudette Esterine permalink
    11/08/2016 7:14 pm

    Really loved this post, particularly the line about the doves not being afraid of you because they were secure in their home. Made me think of so many who are not. Great work as always.

  14. Tabitha Blue / Fresh Mommy Blog permalink
    11/08/2016 9:25 pm

    It’s so beautiful to see touches of nature like this. Great post!

  15. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla permalink
    11/08/2016 11:12 pm

    That’s how some of my unofficial pets at my second home all act whenever I’m around them, their own “crib” just too comfy for them to lose some sense of security. Doves are always amazing birds, too bad that one newborn didn’t live long enough.

  16. Dreammerin permalink
    12/08/2016 1:16 am

    These are so fantastic photos! Very nice article (as always) – inspirational, beautiful… Thanks for posting! <3

  17. franckxethee permalink
    12/08/2016 4:45 am

    The portrait shows some life reality that a part of it, is pain and mourning. At the same time, you get to see you the comfort of having someone mourn with you.

  18. Jenny permalink
    12/08/2016 7:42 am

    Those are beautiful birds, I have never seen a Dove in person before! What a beautiful poem.

  19. Jamie Yonash (@SweeterByDesign) permalink
    12/08/2016 7:47 am

    These doves remind me of childhood….we found two baby doves after a big storm. They had blown out of their nest. My mom was able to raise them to adulthood and then we took them to live nearby at a home near a wooded creek area. The doves would come back to that yard every night. 🙂

  20. Parenting Healthy permalink
    12/08/2016 8:19 am

    Love the photos too. Makes me want to go hang baskets for the finchs that love our yard

  21. Rachel Mouton permalink
    12/08/2016 8:31 am

    I just love this photo and all of the hidden meaning. You always do such a great job of giving us meaning in our everyday surroundings <3

  22. shoppingduck permalink
    12/08/2016 9:04 am

    Love the nest that they made in the basket. They look so peaceful.

  23. Nicole Herose Cochingco - Escat permalink
    12/08/2016 9:16 am

    Oh, I always have faith in humanity when I see a post of animals that are treated well by humans. I love your portraits, they look like a great miracle from above.

  24. Claudia H. Blanton permalink
    12/08/2016 10:07 am

    wow, these are beautiful doves! I love how they find the most strangest places to have their babies. Glad this one made it!


  25. Niesha Byln permalink
    12/08/2016 10:31 am

    These portraits remind me so much of the two love birds who are hanging out in our tree house. I like your thought in here.

  26. Tiffany Yong permalink
    12/08/2016 10:53 am

    when you wrote mourning dove, for a moment, I thought you mean the dove had just lost a partner… I didn’t know there’s really a species called mourning dove…

  27. Zwitsy permalink
    12/08/2016 2:46 pm

    It’s so saddening to hear that the other egg wasn’t able to survive but then good thing the other left made it. Anyway, I love how animals show their affection for one another. I really find it amazing like who would have thought they also have feelings that we should acknowledge as well.

  28. Daisy Crawford permalink
    12/08/2016 4:05 pm

    Mourning, but in love. What a great and close parallel. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Christina Aliperti permalink
    12/08/2016 6:07 pm

    I love this. I think doves are lovely but I have never seen one up close. What great images!

  30. Valerie Gray (@valmg) permalink
    12/08/2016 7:31 pm

    Those are great pictures of the two birds. Were you the one able to get close enough to take them?

    • 20/08/2016 2:18 am

      Yes, I was able to get close enough and they weren’t afraid as my friend was with me and they knew she was fine with them too.

  31. uprunforlife permalink
    12/08/2016 7:31 pm

    I love your poem. I haven’t seen doves up close. It is cool they were hanging out near your home.

  32. Crystal Bowley Reagan permalink
    12/08/2016 10:16 pm

    What a lovely scene with the doves resting so peacefully in the basket. I can imagine the mother’s joy at protecting her child for the remaining days before she flies off.

  33. Vyjay Rao permalink
    12/08/2016 11:45 pm

    They look cute, reminded me of one that had dropped on to my balcony and appeared to be sick, it was our guest for a few days and then flew away.

  34. Jason Panuelos permalink
    13/08/2016 12:53 am

    I like how it reminds of me of the effective coexistence between and man and nature. This is such a nice haiku 😀

  35. Sabrina Barbante permalink
    13/08/2016 1:02 am

    Thank you for this very motivational post. I love love wild animals, remind us the beauty of freedom and nature.

  36. The Walking Map permalink
    13/08/2016 5:43 am

    It looks so innocent sitting in the basket

  37. DecoPix (@TiinaTibs) permalink
    13/08/2016 6:30 am

    Cute portraits of doves! It’s not an easy task to take photos of anumals and birds are one of those most difficult ones. They look so unique in that basket 🙂

  38. Nina permalink
    13/08/2016 6:58 am

    Aww, what a sweet little moment you captured on camera. I love finding things like this!


  39. Tiffany VanSickle permalink
    13/08/2016 7:24 am

    Love this! We had baby robins hatched on our deck the last two years. It was so much fun to watch their interactions.

  40. Valerie Robinson permalink
    13/08/2016 8:32 am

    What a beautiful object lesson. Fantastic photos of the doves in their environment without a care in the world.

  41. Courtney Connolly permalink
    13/08/2016 10:43 am

    Oh these photos are so beautiful, doves are such lovely birds and it’s so nice to see them in their element.

  42. Lisa Rios permalink
    13/08/2016 11:54 am

    Such amazing pictures and I am in love with that beautiful mourning doves right away. We do feed birds at our backyard and it gives a great pleasure when different birds flock together for their food!

  43. SofarsoSabine permalink
    13/08/2016 12:14 pm

    What a cuties! Doves are so sweet and intelligent actually!

  44. pinkpepperparadise permalink
    13/08/2016 1:23 pm

    Ohh so cute! Great challenge, I try to do mine as well!

  45. Leke Awonuga permalink
    13/08/2016 1:39 pm

    The morning doves are good, actually appealing to the eyes. It brings this feeling of purity and greatness in abundance.

  46. Laura x Loves permalink
    13/08/2016 7:17 pm

    Ummmmm this is the CUTEST thing, they are gorgeous. I love how they are just chilling in the basket x

  47. Euge Nia permalink
    14/08/2016 3:46 am

    Each portrait has its power and its own story. The story behind the two mourning doves touched me a lot!

  48. 14/08/2016 3:50 am

    awww so cute 🙂 Always cute to have friends haha. It’s funny that they chose such an exposed area to stay. Most of the time they’re hidden

  49. Katie Smith permalink
    14/08/2016 6:24 am

    How very cute. Your pictures are very nice. You did a great job.

  50. Dana Peller (@Pellerini) permalink
    14/08/2016 7:03 am

    How beautiful! Doves are my favorite birds – every morning I see them perched on my fence 🙂

  51. lizellecruz permalink
    14/08/2016 9:56 am

    Love this post. Seeing something like that may seem simple but could have so much meaning.

  52. Mariana (@ohMariana) permalink
    14/08/2016 10:58 am

    This is such a beautiful capture! Those doves found the perfect little spot to make a home. They almost looks like part of the decor.

  53. fashionphases permalink
    14/08/2016 12:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing the portraits of the 2 doves.They are so precious. I cannot believe how calm they look while you took the pictures. Although it sad one of the eggs didn’t make it.

  54. ivelisseprojectfour permalink
    14/08/2016 4:25 pm

    Aw the birds are so beautiful. I’m glad they didn’t try and fly away.

  55. toughcookiemommy permalink
    14/08/2016 6:44 pm

    Aww, this is so cute. All mothers in any species enjoy this special time with those whom they love.

  56. shubhadabhide permalink
    14/08/2016 7:00 pm

    This is so touching. I have seen some such tragic sights in my childhood. But it is heartening to see how they cope up and still move on with life.

  57. Mary B permalink
    14/08/2016 7:15 pm

    I’ve always wondered what morning doves looked like. Thank you for sharing this.

  58. Anamika Ojha permalink
    14/08/2016 8:37 pm

    Loved to see that you chose Mourning Doves for your photo challenge! But sorry to hear that one didn’t survive! The quote of Pablo Picasso is so true and has such a deep meaning in life!

  59. Rebecca Swenor permalink
    14/08/2016 9:31 pm

    I love that you choose the doves. A portrait can tell a lot of the story of a person or a thing but it is true that it can’t tell the whole story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos. To love is to nurture.

  60. martinawilliamss permalink
    15/08/2016 5:32 am

    They are so cute! You are lucky to have a dove family next to you

  61. Anna permalink
    15/08/2016 6:02 am

    The pictures are so beautiful and deep. Everything that breaths has emotion these doves are the proof of it.

  62. RonRon permalink
    15/08/2016 10:30 am

    Great that you put up doves instead of people for this blog post of yours. I mean, it’s nice to see the two little doves being nurtured.

  63. Wildish Jess permalink
    15/08/2016 3:29 pm

    That’s so sad! I know doves like to stay together forever!

  64. teotwbrand permalink
    15/08/2016 5:25 pm

    I love your writings… They make me happy!!

  65. momi berlin permalink
    15/08/2016 6:48 pm

    For the challenge, i would love to take a photo of my baby boy. He has always been a beautiful subject. His smile and twinkle of his eyes speak of love.

  66. Stephanie Pass permalink
    16/08/2016 12:57 pm

    I love the nesting baskets. It’s so sweet to see a family of animals.

  67. Pooja Kawatra Gupta permalink
    19/08/2016 6:13 am

    This reminds me of the little pigeon who gave birth and kids were so excited to see it but the other day a cat took them away. It was kind of happy and sad moment.

  68. bookbuffoonery permalink
    19/08/2016 9:12 am

    Don’t they just look so sweet?

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