August 12

Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS

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“When you start recognizing that you’re having fun, life can be delightful.” Jane Birkin

Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS - A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS – A Series of Fun Days!
 Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS - A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS – A Series of Fun Days!

I love this week’s photo challenge on FUN! We all need to make time to kick back, chill out and enjoy the delightful events that swirl around us. As I thought about the exercise, I decided to pull together a collage of fun days or fun moments that have put a smile on my face. Each clip in the collage is a stored memory of a pleasant outing, sighting, or event that I still cherish.
Take for instance, the poster above that showcases 4 plays that were going on in Paris. They include a hilarious play: Couscous aux Lardons which when the poster is translated, tells us about the play which in English is called  – Couscous with Bacon – starring Farid Omri at the Montorgueil Theatre, Paris and also in Lyon (69) in August 2016.  It is about: A wedding, two cultures, two beautiful mothers … This show is their story: Rachid likes Marie – Sophie Marie – Sophie likes Rachid! Life together is already complicated, but when it comes to a mixed couple that becomes crazy. A confrontation of cultures approached without bias, but, however for our greatest pleasure, with derision. That is what I call a fun memory and outing.


“You can be childlike without being childish. A child always wants to have fun. Ask yourself, ‘Am I having fun?’ ” Christopher Meloni

Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS - A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS – A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS - A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS – A Series of Fun Days!

Next, look at the Lollipop Ladies and their candy colored outfits. they were spreading their charm and joy at Blogger Bash last year and I couldn’t help but be drawn to their fun, bubbly nature and vibrant costumes. The Naked Cowboy is a Times Square, NY fixture and this shot was taken from a tour bus, as we were given a hilarious ride to enjoy the characters, sights, and sounds of this great city.
The two actors gaming it up with funny faces were entertaining everyone gathered at Columbus Circle for a free frozen banana dessert treat courtesy of Bluths and I laughed so hard that day. The message in a circle next to Snoopy invites you to join him for a Happy dance and I must admit, I did and loved every minute of it… It speaks to what Meloni meant in his quotes above, when he said – be childlike not childish. We must let the little kid inside come out to play, and then we must spread some of that fun at least once a day! For the story behind the remaining photos, do come back for the rest…

More Below!

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” Dr. Seuss

Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS - A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS – A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS - A Series of Fun Days!
Weekly Photo Challenge: FUN DAYS – A Series of Fun Days!

How do you define FUN? It doesn’t matter how you choose to describe it as long as you are having your share of daily fun. Did you laugh today? Go make something fun and spread the joy. Come back soon for more.


This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: FUN What Fun! I love a serious or metaphorical theme as much as the next photographer… but this week, let’s just have some fun. This week’s theme is simple: share a photo of something fun! Let’s all shake our booties, literal or figurative.


Positive Motivation Tip: Enjoy each day as if your tank of fun never empties, and then spread same to others.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos from my personal collection.

Until Next Time…
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  • Ah, the Naked Cowboy. He is such a NYC staple. He always looks like he is having the best time. You have to admire that.

  • Aww, what a great challenge! These pictures are great. I did have fun today and we decided to rent a funny movie.

  • fits the theme and oh what fun you must be having those popsicles look so colorrul and fun

  • I don’t know what to comment but this post is really fun and thank you for define fun so we can enjoy our life a bit more

  • For me, fun is spending time together with my family. No matter what situation you are, when you are with your family- there is fun.

  • Those pictures are so amazing! We all have different definitions for FUN. For me, fun is just staying at home with my son and my husband, have a good dinner and watch a movie. That is all I need.

  • My fun is something that makes me happy. I remember those sweet suite girls from last year.

  • This looks amazing! I always loved photo challenges as they bring out the artist inside you and makes it more fun!

  • One thing I love about this site is that it is so colorful and beautiful!, I get motivated mere seeing the beautiful colors

  • Motivation is certainly what we need in our everyday life, motivation is like a driving force for what we want to achieve. I love this site so much.

  • Funny images, and to imagine a naked cowboy? Hahhahah now that hilarious.
    I love the exerxise image to am one who loves fitness and exercise, then the imahe on Smile, happy looks good on you.

  • Fun? I am about to have it today. I am going out with my sister, leaving my kids and husband at home and we are getting a pedi!

  • Fun and smiles go hand in hand for me. Seeing and experiencing new things is always fun for me!

  • Lovely reminder for the weekend, there are so many ways to have a good time.

  • it’s a very wide topic for this week, isn’t it? i think if i were to depict fun with photos, it should be something extremely colourful. probably a huge bunch of colourful balloons floating in the air?

  • I love your week’s photo challenge on fun and this amazing quote byJane Birkin! Having fun is vitally important in stress management and can help us to live a happier life!

  • How can the lollipop ladies not inspire happiness and positive energy looking so colorful! Loved this weekly photo challenge. You always find just the right moments.

  • These are some interesting photos. I enjoyed reading this as well, life is too short not to enjoy it

  • Those are all great photos. Looks like you had some fun too! Those lollipop ladies look great! 🙂

  • Fun is what makes the world go on. It would have indeed been a drab and dreary existence if there had been no concept of FUN.

  • It really is a gift to be in touch with our inner child. The simple joy of having fun, being a child–I hope i never lose that.

  • What is fun? For me, fun is spending time with family. And I take a lot of photos of my kids having fun. The latest photos have been bubble pictures. Photos are a way of preserving those special memories. And when I look back at them, I feel grateful for those times.

  • Being a child, but not being childish – I like this! I guess this is what fun is about … to not lose that spirit of a kid but still be responsible about the things you do. The responsible kind of fun is what we like.

  • This is such a great post. I love it. SO much fun and all the beautiful pictures. I am grateful for another day, I am happy the sun is shining and I plan to make it a fun day and the best I can.

  • It’s obvious when you do something that you like you will have much more fun and creative.Though there are very few people in the world who got the opportunity to do what they like actually.

  • New York is really a fun city to visit. There is so much color happening on the streets there. I have seen the Naked Cowboy when I visited once, but I did not note that long blond hair he had in these photos. Had he always had long hair? Or can that be a new cowboy?

  • When you start recognizing that you’re having fun, life can be delightful
    -> spot on words!

  • These are fun pictures! To me different things are fun in different situations. I’m alsways ready to laugh.

  • My definition of Fun will be exciting activities such as water slides, bungee jumping, water skiing etc. Something that will keep adrenaline pumping!

  • Fun is when me and my son will go out for a picnic. Fun is when I saw him sleeping beside me. Fun is everything that me and my son do.

  • To me, fun is anything that make you smile and makes you feel good from the inside out. I love having fun!

  • I like your quote from Jane Birkin. Those are also some fun photos, particularly of the Naked Cowboy!

  • I like your quote from Jane Birkin. Those are also some fun photos, particularly the one of the Naked Cowboy!

  • A colourful and fun post! I have 4 young kids, my days are full of fun and laughter (and tears), and I enjoy every minute of it!

  • Being childlike versus childish is key. Approaching life and the world with a childlike curiosity makes it such a happier ride!

  • Nice featured photos here! I like how genuine each smile featured here. You’ll definitely feel the fun they experienced!

  • I love a bit of fun!… My favourite is when some is laughing so hard and you can help but laugh along, even though you have know idea what they are laughing at!

  • There are so many wonderful fun days in my life. When I gave birth to my son, most of my fun days begin there.

  • How do I define fun? Its just everyday doing ordinary things and finding humor in it. Smiles and laughter definitely get me through my day.

  • We can have fun even in desolate situations. Happiness can be a choice. My idea of fun is being happy without putting a pretentious front.

  • While we are elevating our lives, as a must, we are also having fun so that it’ll lightens the loads we’re trading on. Enjoyment and fun with ourselves and our loved ones are always be the priority. Fernando Lachica

  • I love these photos. How much fun would it be to do them all. My sister so wants to meet the naked cowboy

  • The naked cowboy sure is a piece of work. All those people in Times square are lol.

  • I think it’s the fun side of life that radiates hope on bad days. I like the quote on being childlike and not childish. It’s the innocence we need and not the immaturity.

  • This is such a fun photo challenge. New York City really lends itself to great photo ops <3

  • I have fun just sitting in a park on the Hudson and watching the various people walk by. I start to laugh when I see the dogs run into the Hudson to fetvh the stick just thrown for them–their antics are hilarious!

  • Having fun makes everyone feel young and vibrant! I love to play outside with my son, especially since I have room! Great post like always!

  • My goodness, these are some exciting pictures with lots of fun all around. I love those Lollipop Ladies and that Naked Cowboys is hilarious as well. We just need to take life as it happens and move ahead for staying with all the fun you need!

  • If I was to define fun these images would literally describe it down to a T. A great challenge this week.

  • I define fun being able to feel carefree and that full belly laughter. I love all of these photos too, fun is something where you smile often and feel light hearted for sure in my opinion!

  • These photos are absolutely fantastic! Thanks for this post! Have a nice new week!

  • I really liked the pictures together to describe fun days. Love the lollipop ladies outfits. I am totally agree with how to describe fun? There is no particular definition to describe fun. It made me think what is fun for me? Thanks for joyful article.

  • Reminds me of the type of photos we get when we head into Seattle. Some crazy people and crazy sights

  • When I am too tense up I try to remember nothing will matter in 5 years :)) and they I will start to have fun and my all will change automatically. Love the weekly photo challenge idea of fun ! 😀

  • I love the “Smile – happy looks good on you.” What a vibrant message. I don’t leave the house often, but I try to laugh and smile at something every day. It keeps the soul young.

  • Fun is the definition of freedom. It pays to relieve our mind from all sorts of drama we may be facing. The results will definitely be appreciated by the soul with peace, laughter and joyous smiles radiating through.

  • The naked cowboy picture cracked me up! Sometimes life does get too serious, thanks for the light hearted post 🙂

  • This is something that I’ve always done in my life. It’s important to take time out to have fun.

  • That’s why we should always have at least one fun day or fun hour in a day because it will truly help us relieve those stress out and makes our day even better, even for just a single smile. Everything will be different.

  • Sounds like an interesting challenge (LOL). But it does sound like you had a lot of fun!

  • This is just what we all need. I think some time to do what we like and make sure we have fun is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It makes life a lot more bearable as well especially since we’re faced with issues and challenges everyday. What a lovely theme!

  • I was in Brussels on a random sunday evening and there in front of Atomium a DJ was set up and people were dancing to their heart’s content in open air not bothered about anything. Super fun indeed…

  • I remember my fun days and most of those are the time I am with my hubby and son. It is easy to be fun, I think it is a choice that we all should make.

  • We need this in our live. Just fun, and enjoy the joy people share through their fun action. The lollipops look brights.

  • I love fun days! I am actually going to have one tomorrow evening, when I’ll join the ghost walking tour of my town. It should be very interesting and a lot of fun!

  • These photos are so fun! I’m a fan of snoopy so that’s my favorite 🙂 I should do something similar and take photo challenges.

  • I love the bright fun costumes of the Lollipop Ladies. Looking at candy always makes me smile.

  • I love to have fun! Fun is defined in different ways by different people. As long as it makes you happy, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, then I say enjoy and have fun!

  • I try to have a little bit of fun in every day. Usually, I get my daily dose of fun while playing with my daughter. She cracks me up with her jokes and we like to have some tickling sessions too 😀

  • Love your Weekly fun posts! These pics are awesome! Seriously can never get sick of naked cowboy. Dedication. – Erin Kennedy

  • My kind of fun is when I am with people I deeply love. When we laugh. When I see a little kitten or large car and play with it. Fun is when I am happy and not sad.

  • I laugh every day. I believe that’s one of the keys to staying youthful. I find fun in a lot of everyday activities that I do.

  • I define fun when I’m not thinking 100 and one things at once. Usually when I’m just sitting down watching a movie or playing with the kids after unplugging from all electronics.

  • What a fun post. I think it is so important to consciously make the effort to be happy and have fun. Life is too short to waste on bitterness. Find the silver lining!

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