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Haiku: Climate Control & Change

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“Climate is what we expect, Weather is what we get.” Mark Twain

Haiku: Climate Control & Change - Global warming affects all of us

Haiku: Climate Control & Change – Global warming affects all of us



Climate change, demographics, water, food, energy, global health, women’s empowerment – these issues are all intertwined. We cannot look at one strand in isolation. Instead, we must examine how these strands are woven together. Ban Ki-moon

Rain falling outside
Our atmospheric changes
Rile my space and … mood

Snow fall in August
Droughts, hale, hurricanes convene
It’s global warming

Heat waves come in March
#Action2015 NOW
To calm the climate

How does the weather affect your mood? This got me thinking about climate change and the impact the changes are making  on our planet. I’m concerned about its impact on my planet, my mood  and on all of us too.

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“Of the blessings set before you, make your choice and be content.” Samuel Johnson

Haiku: Climate Control & Change - Global warming affects all of us

Haiku: Climate Control & Change – Global warming affects all of us

If we want to address global warming, along with the other environmental problems associated with our continued rush to burn our precious fossil fuels as quickly as possible, we must learn to use our resources more wisely, kick our addiction, and quickly start turning to sources of energy that have fewer negative impacts. David Suzuki

Our hearts leap in fear
On climate conversations
Mad weather issues…

Which mood do I choose?
Climate control? Climate change?
Changes affect Us!

What about you? How does the weather and all the global, climatic changes affect you? Do you ever think about it?

My fellow bloggers were equally creative with their selections. Check out how others interpreted the theme –  Climate Control – below.

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Climate Control: The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

Positive Motivation Tip: Whether climate change or control, we need to pay attention to the weather changes and do our part to speak out about global warming.

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  1. Sunshine Kelly permalink
    24/12/2015 8:16 pm

    Yes climate change does affect all of us. And we can actually do something instead of keep destroying the mother nature. Start with recycling and reduce the usage of energy. Every little effort counts.

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