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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet…

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“I have spread my dreams beneath your feet… Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” W.B. Yeats

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet... Yoga class, the Street & Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet… Yoga class, the Street & Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet...Yoga class, the Street & Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet… Yoga class, the Street, & Nature

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go. Dr. Seuss

Today, for my birthday, my daughters treated me to a very special, relaxing yoga class… and later this evening, we will enjoy a beautiful French Vanilla cake with Mocha Icing from Magnolia Bakery. When the yoga class ended,  l took some photos as a memento for future reference. I love documenting special occasions and creating collages of them. l was quite pleased when l found out the theme for this week’s challenge was to capture things we usually overlook on the ground. I felt the shots l took today, with my android camera would work… Earlier today, l took my usual walk on the Aqueduct. It was quiet and peaceful, and free of the dog walkers. Normally, l meet a few of them but, not this time. More on the rest later.

“The earth has disappeared beneath my feet… It fled from all my ecstasy. Now like a singing air creature, I feel the rose keep opening.” Hafiz

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet... Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet… Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet...Yoga class, the Street & Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet… Yoga class, the Street, & Nature

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Abraham Lincoln
I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. Patrick Henry

The Day You Were Born – By Faraz Ahmed memon

The day you were born; the day of paradise
When blooms smile charmingly
Say happy birthday to you
Fragrant blossoms of spring

When the stars twinkle … twinkle
Say happy birthday to you
The dazzling pearl

When the sky wears a rainbow
Says happy birthday to you
The queen of colors

When the cuckoo sings melodies
Says happy birthday to you
The sweetest of rhythms

When the heart prays of peace
Says happy birthday to you
The princess of hearts

When the soul slumbers soundless
Says happy birthday to you
The dream of the dawn…

I shared the poem above because it speaks to my heart on this special day. Birth is a precious gift and with it comes a lot of ups, downs, and the joy of each new birthday. I am happy for the gift of life. Today, I plan to kick back and enjoy what is before me. Like the little bird, I remain curious and grateful for all around me, and I cherish the things I see above and beneath my feet. It is well. Wishing you all a happy weekend!
More Below!

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Khalil Gibran

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet... Yoga class, the Street, B'day Cake, & Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet… Yoga class, the Street, B’day Cake, & Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet…

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What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like. Saint Augustine

My fellow bloggers were equally creative with their selections. Check out how others interpreted the theme – Beneath Your Feet – below.

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet –  Each Friday, we ask you to look through your lens in a different way. In the past, we’ve challenged you to get close. Gaze up. Peek out the window. Today, look down and document the world beneath your feet.

Positive Motivation Tip: As above, so below… honor all around you.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos copyrighted and from my Personal Collection.

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet

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  1. 07/08/2015 3:46 pm

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  2. Shannon P permalink
    07/08/2015 3:54 pm

    I love that on the day you were born poem! I read that to my son quite often 🙂
    It sounds like a wonderful birthday! I’m glad you got to spend some relaxing time with your daughters 🙂

  3. Patrice M Foster permalink
    07/08/2015 3:59 pm

    This is another awesome blog post motivating me to move forward. Beneath your feet teaches trust and taking risk for me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Christy Maurer permalink
    07/08/2015 4:31 pm

    Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a nice one and a yummy cake. I love the beneath your feet pictures.

  5. Mary Gilbert permalink
    07/08/2015 5:22 pm

    Beneath Your Feet….creative idea!

  6. Liz Mays permalink
    07/08/2015 5:59 pm

    These are some great photos. It’s not often that I think about the ground that I walk on.

  7. 07/08/2015 6:03 pm

    That cake! Wow! Happy birthday. May this be your best year yet, and may every year following be better and better!

  8. Masshole Mommy permalink
    07/08/2015 6:07 pm

    The ground where ever I am is beneath my feet. It all depends on where I am standing.

  9. Eileen Mendoza Loya permalink
    07/08/2015 6:33 pm

    Great post, Elizabeth. I have learned that we use our brain to command our feet to move forward. We use our hearts to tell the brain which path to take in moving forward.

  10. Claudette Esterine permalink
    07/08/2015 7:19 pm

    Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  11. purpledani9 permalink
    07/08/2015 7:55 pm

    I really need to do a photo challenge! They seem like fun and a good way to stay present on Instagram!

  12. 07/08/2015 9:57 pm

    Fun pictures. My favorite was the road surrounded by trees.

  13. Carolyn permalink
    07/08/2015 10:03 pm

    I love the Dr. Seuss passage for Oh the Places You’ll Go. Kid You’ll Move Mountains! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Heather permalink
    07/08/2015 10:15 pm

    Beautiful poems. I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss too and that particular phrase! I want to put it on my kids’ bedroom wall.

  15. Dawn McAlexander permalink
    07/08/2015 10:34 pm

    Happy Birthday! I bet that yoga class was very fun – great pics!

  16. Nwachukwu Richard permalink
    07/08/2015 11:37 pm

    Nice poems! Am gonna copy some for my Facebook status

  17. 08/08/2015 1:27 am

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady!

  18. 08/08/2015 3:57 am

    I hope you had a truly wonderful birthday and ,of course, the quote you used at the beginning of this post is as delightfully thought-provoking as ever

  19. joskibyrne permalink
    08/08/2015 4:40 am

    I love this idea – such a good way to keep us grounded and remind us to be observant. 🙂

  20. Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn permalink
    08/08/2015 8:36 am

    As always, I love your photo collage! What is beneath my feet right now is a rug that I got in amazing thrifted bundle: $250 for 2 8 by 10 rugs, 6 dining chairs, and a handmade desk.

  21. LizZ H. permalink
    08/08/2015 8:47 am

    Your posts are always so inspiring to me. Thank you and Happy Birthday 😀

  22. Enzo permalink
    08/08/2015 9:05 am

    There’s something in the photos that trigger some nostalgic feeling deep inside! What powerful photos you got there. They simply unearth memories of my childhood in the countryside where I lived.

  23. Esme Sy permalink
    08/08/2015 10:21 am

    I’ve always wanted to do yoga, but I never got the chance. You had a simple, but relaxing birthday. The French Vanilla cake looks yummy. Happy Birthday to you!

  24. John permalink
    08/08/2015 10:30 am

    Your children are so sweet. I wish my daughter will take me somewhere on my birthday, too. By the way, I’m sure you enjoyed your yoga and the cake so much because you were with your children.

  25. Jaime permalink
    08/08/2015 10:53 am

    Happy Birthday! Well,belated! You are birthday twins with my daughter!

    I think it’s important to remember what is under our feet along with what is above, beside and ahead of us! Just beautiful!

  26. katehardin permalink
    08/08/2015 11:00 am

    Great Post. I love photo challenges, they make you look at things so differently. I have never heard of the daily post but I am going to check it out for sure. so fun!

  27. MsCrookedHalo permalink
    08/08/2015 12:51 pm

    That is so sweet of your kids. Happy Birthday!

  28. Jonathan Key permalink
    08/08/2015 1:06 pm

    This is a beautiful poem and reminder. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Nwachukwu Richard permalink
    08/08/2015 3:38 pm

    nice poems dear…

  30. kitchnwhisperer permalink
    08/08/2015 4:00 pm

    Every form of peace and relaxation makes a day better, clearer mind and happier life.

    • Dawn McAlexander permalink
      08/08/2015 8:44 pm

      I couldn’t agree more. To me, yoga is the perfect way to get that peace.

  31. Shann Eva permalink
    08/08/2015 5:12 pm

    Great pictures. That Dr .Seuss quote is from one of my favorite books .Thanks for sharing .

  32. The Trophy WifeStyle permalink
    08/08/2015 7:35 pm

    Awwwwwww how lovely :):) hope you had the happiest of birthday!!!

  33. Papaleng Pagulong permalink
    08/08/2015 9:05 pm

    Celebrating natal day with your family is simply great. Happy birthday Elizabeth and may you have more special occasions to celebrate with your kids.

  34. Yvonne Bertoldo permalink
    09/08/2015 12:06 am

    You’re really a great photographer and poet. 🙂 Did you ever had any seminar or workshop on photography? I would also like to learn how to take wonderful photos for my site ^^

    • 09/08/2015 7:44 am

      TY Yvonne! I’m still a student and amateur photographer. WP offers challenges and tutorials and I’m learning from them… Just start and see where it goes.

  35. Katrina Centeno permalink
    09/08/2015 5:45 am

    Happy birthday! You have a nice neighborhood. Walks on those paths would be a nice activity. I like that pathway of green foliage.

  36. Melissa Smith permalink
    09/08/2015 7:01 am

    Ahhhh, that sounds like my kind of birthday. So glad you had such a wonderful day! Happy belated! 🙂

  37. Ling Tan permalink
    09/08/2015 9:28 am

    It’s lovely of your kids to treat you to a yoga class, and that cakes sounds yummy too! Happy belated bday.

  38. Nicol permalink
    09/08/2015 9:31 am

    happy belated birthday 🙂 the cake looks delish. i tend to look down when i walk but i like to look at the patterns or see where lines leads too. who knows what you may see

  39. mummyburgess permalink
    09/08/2015 9:39 am

    Such a lovely poem, thanks for sharing & happy birthday! X

  40. mummyburgess permalink
    09/08/2015 9:40 am

    A lovely poem, thanks for sharing & happy birthday x

  41. Tiffany Yong permalink
    09/08/2015 10:37 am

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth… I know it’s not today, but just thought I should write it on this post 🙂 All your post has been really inspirational and motivational! Keep it up!

  42. Anne V permalink
    09/08/2015 11:18 am

    Walking in park where different seeds, flowers, leaves have fallen gives me peace. It reminds me of the wonders of God’s creation whenever I’m close to nature instead of the busy city with the concrete walls and cement.

    Happy birthday! You’re a talented poet, keep it up. I can’t compose one even if my life depended on it haha. But I can draw. 🙂

  43. youngmaze18 permalink
    09/08/2015 11:32 am

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  44. lovemindanao permalink
    09/08/2015 1:33 pm

    belated happy birthday . what a way to treat yourself for a yoga…we’ve been passive on what’s on the ground. i think i might consider checking this most of the time.. i might see a dime ..

  45. Renae Rude permalink
    09/08/2015 2:11 pm

    The yoga shots have so much appeal for me today 🙂
    Happy birthday!

  46. Lisa Rios permalink
    09/08/2015 6:22 pm

    First of all my hearty birthday wishes. I love the quotes of Khalil Gibran. The poem by Faraz Ahmed memon is just awesome too. Thanks for inspiring with those amazing pictures as usual.

  47. 09/08/2015 7:04 pm

    What a great focus to look down like that! How fun of a challenge this week

  48. Fatemah Sajwani permalink
    09/08/2015 10:17 pm

    Happy birthday love, Thanks for being an inspiration.

  49. 09/08/2015 10:37 pm

    These remind me of my #fromwhereistand project ! Happy birthday to you btw!

  50. 10/08/2015 12:35 am

    Such a beautiful and thoughtful poem! Happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family!

  51. hannah gee permalink
    10/08/2015 3:22 am

    My mum always taught me to look up and down wherever you are, there is so much to benefit apart from what we see ahead! you have reminded me of this today. I hope you enjoyed the special day with your daughter celebrating and of course that vanilla cake, yum.

  52. Fred permalink
    10/08/2015 3:33 am

    What an interesting topic for photography — the floor under us! We never really take note, do we? Well, unless you are one of those who make shoe for the day posts. Hehe.

  53. Agata @BarkTime permalink
    10/08/2015 4:09 am

    Great pictures! and they reminded me I didn’t post my weekly picture challenge post yet

  54. Raymond Vasquez permalink
    10/08/2015 4:33 am

    Happy birthday Elizabeth! On birthdays, I always remember this quote “When you were born in this world, you were crying, while the rest of the world around you is smiling. Live in such a way, that when you die, you’re smiling and everyone in the world around you is crying.” Have a blast El! Blessings and all the best!

  55. Franc Ramon permalink
    10/08/2015 5:43 am

    Happy Birthday Again Eliz. Our feet can definitely take us to places and I have a set of feet that rarely stays put.

  56. Rebecca Swenor permalink
    10/08/2015 7:48 am

    Happy Birthday to you. This such a beautiful poem and a great way to look at life itself. Thanks so much for sharing.

  57. Kristen from The Road to Domestication permalink
    10/08/2015 1:06 pm

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! What an inspiring post!

  58. LifeAsAConvert permalink
    10/08/2015 1:26 pm

    Oh, the many paths our feet will take us. I need to get on that one to yoga 😉

  59. Michele permalink
    10/08/2015 2:11 pm

    That is a beautiful poem-I enjoyed it! I have always had a tendency to look down at the ground and you would be amazed at all there is to see down there–up is also great–and I do that too–even straight ahead if you observe closely there will be something that you did not expect!

  60. msposh2013 permalink
    10/08/2015 2:53 pm

    I love how you incorporated different kinds of floors and other things that we put our feet on

  61. 10/08/2015 4:03 pm

    Great poem! Happy birthday 🙂

  62. I Love Paars by: Lee permalink
    10/08/2015 4:29 pm

    Happy birthday!!!! Thanks for sharing this poem, great reminder!

  63. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide permalink
    10/08/2015 6:45 pm

    This is amazing. What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like. I get the best quotes from your posts.

  64. toughcookiemommy permalink
    10/08/2015 8:11 pm

    It is so important to have your feet firmly planted and to help others. I love the messages in this post.

  65. Carly Anderson permalink
    10/08/2015 8:20 pm

    I love that bird picture!

  66. Louise permalink
    10/08/2015 9:40 pm

    First of all, happy happy birthday Elizabeth! 🙂

    This reminds us that we should never think of ourselves above than the others because we all stand in the same thing: the ground… and we all stand firmly because of the same gravity. If we look closely at life, we are all equal. And so, we should be humble.

  67. Karen permalink
    10/08/2015 9:58 pm

    You’re lucky with your children who shower you with love not only on your birthday but everyday. Belated happy birthday, Elizabeth!

  68. Manu Kalia permalink
    10/08/2015 10:42 pm

    As usual the quote and photos was beautiful. Love the captures.

  69. Maggie King permalink
    11/08/2015 6:44 pm

    Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing!

  70. sinyees permalink
    11/08/2015 6:54 pm

    Lovely poem here. And Happy Birthday Elizabeth! Thanks for making my day~

  71. PrayerFull Mum permalink
    11/08/2015 7:45 pm

    Blessed Birthday wishes! I love the perspective of looking beneath the feet 😀

  72. Bernadette Callahan permalink
    12/08/2015 2:17 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you all had a great time. Yoga sounds like a nice and relaxing way to celebrate a birthday.

  73. Yona Williams permalink
    12/08/2015 5:38 pm

    One of the first things that came to my mind when I saw the title and contents of this post is how much I can’t stand to walk barefoot on a surface that is dusty. It’s a real pet peeve. Also, that feeling I get after walking on the sand…the dustiness…I cannot wait to be able to wipe it off. On the reverse, I like walking on a really cold floor sometimes…like cold tile or hardwood flooring.

  74. Boho Chic permalink
    12/08/2015 5:42 pm

    Love this, and as always, you make your weekly photo challenges interesting. Happy Belated Birthday, hope it was awesome.

  75. Virginia Gudiel (@LovelyVirginia) permalink
    13/08/2015 8:35 am

    Happy Birthday! =) What a fun photo challenge. I’ll have to join in some day!

  76. upliftingfam permalink
    13/08/2015 7:59 pm

    This looks like a fun photo challenge. The photos tell an interesting story too.

  77. Dominique Goh permalink
    14/08/2015 12:53 am

    Really interesting what one can view from that angle.

  78. Eileen Mendoza Loya permalink
    14/08/2015 1:38 am

    Happy birthday, Elizabeth! I used to hate having birthdays, because I felt that it would only add one more number to my age. But then, as I look back, I should be thankful for all the blessings and all the loving years I have spent with my family.

  79. 14/08/2015 6:30 am

    I love this challenge. Especially since I love to photograph. And Happy Birthday!

  80. Stephanie Pass permalink
    14/08/2015 6:53 pm

    Happy Birthday! What a beautiful poem you shared.

  81. 17/08/2015 12:14 pm

    Dr. Seuss is always has something thought provoking to say, but then so do you! What a great post! Absolutely right!


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