June 17

Remembrance: Happy Father’s Day


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“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” Rumi

Remembrance: Happy Father's Day Memories
Remembrance: Happy Father’s Day Memories – My guiding light

The Ocean Moving All Night – Rumi
Stay with us. Don’t sink to the bottom like a fish going to sleep.
Be with the ocean moving steadily all night, not scattered like a rainstorm.
The spring we’re looking for is somewhere in this murkiness
See the night-lights up there traveling together, the candle awake in its gold dish.
Don’t slide into the cracks of the ground like spilled mercury.
When the full moon comes out, look around.


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  • I’ll be passing this along to my parents. Both of them have lost their fathers, one much more recently than the other, and I hope this will help them!

  • My parents divorced when I was 10 and my Father decided not to be a part of my life from then on and passed away that way. No matter how many times I tried over the years he was not interested in a relationship.

  • I am very excited to celebrate Fathers day with my kids and husband. Its so joyous to be able to celebrate such a man. Sad when remembering my dad though.

  • A beautiful tribute to your father. May memories of your time together make you smile.

  • What a lovely and comforting poem. We lost my husband’s father yesterday. I’m like his daughter and I love him like my dad. I will definitely miss him.

  • its been a while since I’ve thought about my dad. This post has inspired me to think about him.

  • I’m so excited to celebrate Father’s Day this coming Sunday!!!! Of course with my lovely father.

  • This is a hard time of year for me because I’ve lost my dad already, but he was a shining example of everything a father should be. Dads are pretty awesome!

  • I feel the same, it’s been 12 years since my father passed and I still wish that he is still around.

  • This is very inspirational and it is important message for people that don’t have a father. It can be a sad day for them, but they’re not alone.

  • You always take such beautiful photos. I love that you find such inspiration in nature.

  • Father’s can be very protective when it comes to their family, for he knows that he is should stand up and look up for them

  • Thank you for sharing your feelings and quotes, I like this one “You Live as Long as You are Remembered.”

  • My heart goes out to you. I consider myself a fatherless child, but my father is not gone. I appreciate your perspective.

  • Sometimes I think about what it will be like when my parents pass away. They are such a big part of my life, it’s hard to think about life without them.

  • My father will always be a part of my life, that I know. Been missing since he’s passed away.

  • My father will always be part of my life, that I know. Been missing him since he passed away.

  • I’m sure your father is so proud of what you have become, and even up there, he’s still looking after you,

  • So love the quote and miss my dad. He has molded me who am I today. A man of courage.

  • I’m so grateful for having my father with me still, and I make sure to tell him often.

  • That’s an interesting way to address your husband. It is very thoughtful and inspiring!

  • This is such an awesome post indeed and I love the last poem which is perfect for those who have lost their fathers. It is just beautiful. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  • I, too, lost my father when I was very young. I miss him everyday, but like you, I’m always grateful for all the things I learned from him. 🙂

  • Very nice, this was the first year my husband was away from the kids. We moved down to Marco Island away from Minnesota.

  • I am very grateful for my father and equally grateful for the father of my children stepping up when I see the problem’s my friends are having with theirs.

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