October 13

Haiku: Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?

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“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” Nelson Mandela

Haiku:  Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?
Haiku: Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?

We gained an hour
Twenty-Five Seven won’t do…
Why, you ask? Time flies!

Icarus found out
Our time is ephemeral…
Heaven holds the truth

First I imagined how great it could be. Then I realized what a time suck it might become. If I manage my current time well, I have nothing to worry about. If I don’t then the extra hour wont help me much… Pity really but that’s a fact. We say we need it, and then we abuse it.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein

Haiku:  Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?
Haiku: Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?

We danced in the street
As If 25/7
Will save us some time…

We took a long ride
And lay waste that extra time.
An hour here, there…

Giving us extra time won’t make much of a difference. Those who manage it well, won’t notice. Those who waste time, will procrastinate. We’ve barely mastered 24/7 so 25/7 won’t make a difference. I say ditch it and let’s figure out how to make the best of the time we already have…. 24/7 all the way.

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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” William Penn

Haiku:  Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?
Haiku: Will 25/7 Give Us More Time?

Extra time means extra waste…
We lost what we gained

So what do you think?
Replace the old with the new…

This post was inspired by a Daily Post Prompt:Twenty-Five Seven
Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?

Positive Motivation Tip:What you do with your time is your business. Make the best use of it and have no regrets.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos:  Time, Clock, Clock 2, from  Wikipedia

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Elizabeth Obih-Frank
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  • Thank you for this post! I love the concept and truth behind (within) it. It is clearly written and FUN! I agree with you about that one more hour even though I complain about needing an extra Saturday in the weekend. I am one of those procrastinators… *guilty smile”

  • Great post! So much fun, I loved doing this when younger. Don’t think I’m talented enough to come up with any.

    Also think I need a few extra hours added per day!

  • “We say we need it, and then we abuse it.”
    So true!! When my office location switched and I realized I would save over 2 hours of transportation every day, I was ready to use that time productively. Then I ended up not using that time productively at all, but wasting it….

  • Poetry, especially Haiku, was something I always struggled with WAY back in high school, but you have such a great talent. These were so fun to read….thanks so much!

  • I wish I had more time. I try to fit 2 days into one and get disappointed when i cannot get everything accomplished.

  • I’m such a procrastinator lol. I work best under pressure, I guess that’s why. Thanks for the fun post.

  • Omg I would sleep. And sleep. I couldn’t get enough! Why, oh WHY did we fight naps as children??!!!

  • The whole idea of this is so interesting, and I love the different haikus! They’re so thought-provoking.

  • Well, your post made me realize that extra time won’t solve the problem, I will find ways to fill it up with things like Facebook and dawdling around. What I need is to be more organized with the time I do have.

  • I’m afraid I’m a master of procrastination. I also flit from thing to thing and eat up time that way.

  • What a nice Haiku! I can realize the concept and the truth behind the poetry. Thanks for a fun haiku. I love the lines ‘Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.’ from William Penn.

  • I love this! And it makes me think…I really need to organise my time better, because with an extra 60 minutes I don’t think I’d be any more productive!

  • Yep! It feels like no matter how much time we wish we had, we really only lose the time that is most precious. That is what we make of it.

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