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Nelson Mandela: Madiba R.I.P.

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“As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself… Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility.” Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Madiba Africa Dead at 95, RIP

Nelson Mandela: Madiba Dead at 95, RIP  1918-2013. Photo via

Utata Madiba, Ndilusizi… Hamba kakuhle! Enkosi kakhulu! (Father Madiba, I’m sad… Go well. Thank you very much!)

Nelson Mandela’s retirement charity launch

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Tata Madiba, Khulu, Dalibhunga, 95, passed away today. One of Africa’s giants has fallen and we are heartbroken. His light and legacy of peace, goodwill and reconciliation will shine brightly for eternity. I am deeply saddened by this great loss to our global community and have dreaded this day for years. I’ve dreaded this day because I knew it would mark the end of a spectacular and inspired life; a life devoted not only to the battle for freedom and equality in South Africa, but also to the path of peace, justice and reconciliation amongst nations.

Growing up, I was made aware of the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa; it was painful and sad to read about the segregation, the passbook system, the killings, and the arrest and sentencing of Mandela and other activists. As a HS student in England, I listened to Bob Marley’s song War denouncing the appalling conditions on the African continent; especially pointing out the terrible oppression in the southern region. In school, we read about the Sharpeville massacre, the Soweto Uprising of 1976, and the courageous war against Apartheid fought by many, including children, who gave their lives for the right to be free in their own country.

Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment was on our lips as many nations boycotted South Africa, and students held demonstrations demanding his release and an end to apartheid. A few of my school friends were South African and, over the years, I received several invitations to visit and spend time in Jo’burg and Durban. However, my parents were concerned and wouldn’t let me visit because of the horrific system of segregation and brutal discrimination against black people; what they referred to as the “Unsafe conditions in SA.”

Nelson Mandela: Receiving the Truth & Reconciliation Commission files from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Nelson Mandela: Receiving the Truth and Reconciliation Commission files from Archbishop Desmond Tutu Photo via

Nelson Mandela: First meeting with President Obama in  DC, 2005

Nelson Mandela: First meeting with President Obama in DC, 2005. Photo via

Nelson Mandela:  Prison cell in Robben island, South Africa

Nelson Mandela: Prison cell in Robben island, South Africa. Photo via

Years later, as an undergraduate student majoring in political science at an American university, I had ample time to read more about South Africa and Apartheid. It was a topic that came up quite often in class discussions, and inevitably, we would have heated discussions about when it would be set aside for a new way of living in South Africa. Back then, some of my classmates felt that it was so deeply embedded in the psyche of the people that it could only end with massive bloodshed. The rest of us believed the days of living under that oppressive regime were numbered.

One point my classmates and I agreed on was that South Africa’s destiny was inextricably tied to Nelson Mandela’s. We believed that if he ever left Robben Island Prison alive, Apartheid would unravel. What we weren’t sure of, back then, was that it would happen in our lifetime. To my great surprise and joy, Mandela was finally released from prison in February 1990; after serving 27 years of a life sentence for his political stance as an anti-apartheid activist, he was freed. South Africa and its people were freed, and oppressed people in other nations were inspired to continue their quest for freedom.

After Mandela’s release, the world watched as the apartheid system crumbled and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission conducted its hearings and healing process. Many cheered as he took his place as the first democratically elected leader of an all inclusive South Africa in 1994. Nelson Mandela served as President for four years and stepped aside to encourage others to lead South Africa’s diverse and complex people; few leaders on the continent relinquish power willingly. In later years, he acknowledged that he sacrificed being with his family for a much greater cause, the liberation of his people, and if given the chance, he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.


“I hate race discrimination most intensely and in all its manifestations. I have fought it all during my life; I fight it now, and will do so until the end of my days.” Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Taken in Johannesburg, Gauteng, on 13 May 2008 via Wikipedia

Nelson Mandela: Rest in Peace. Taken in Johannesburg, Gauteng, on 13 May 2008. Photo via Wikipedia

Nelson Mandela: Madiba Africa, Rest in Peace

Nelson Mandela: Madiba Africa, Rest in Peace. Photo via

Nelson Mandela: Mural declaring him the Father of Freedom

Nelson Mandela: Mural declaring him the Father of Freedom. Photo via

Nelson Mandela was a man of integrity who never sought vengeance for the abuse he endured. He championed the efforts of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to hear, evaluate and forgive the atrocities committed during the apartheid regime. He hated race discrimination and understood, quite well, that a big heart is better than a closed mind.

The Life of Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013 – NYTimes Video

In spite of the many challenges he faced, Nelson Mandela, born July 18, 1918, in Mveso, Transkei, South Africa, survived to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and to become South Africa’s first black president in 1994. Much has been written about his life and legacy and, in death, more will be shared by those who admired this giant of Africa. I would encourage all to read Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, published in 1994.

Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Tata Madiba, THANK YOU! He will be solely missed. May his soul rest in peace and may his loved ones be comforted during this sad time. Your Condolences may be offered on his Foundation’s website
Positive Motivation Tip: A famous Xhosa saying asserts that Ubuntu ungamntu ngabanye abantu – A person becomes a person through other people. Mandela was a man for all people.
PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS:All Photos: Nelson Mandela portrait via, Nelson Mandela with Desmond Tutu via, Nelson Mandela with President Obama via Wikipedia, Nelson Mandela’s prison cell via, Nelson Mandela taken in Johannesburg, Gauteng, via Wikipedia, Nelson Mandela portrait and Nelson Mandela Father of Freedom Mural via

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  1. 05/12/2013 7:53 pm

    Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – Madiba,
    You will be solely missed. May your soul rest in peace and may all your loved ones be comforted during this sad time. I am deeply saddened by the loss of one of Africa’s great sons to our global community. Nelson Mandela was a giant warrior and a courageous soul. RIP!

  2. 05/12/2013 10:24 pm

    He was a great man. To say he will be missed is an understatement. He continues to be an inspiration.

  3. 05/12/2013 10:30 pm

    It is very sad. But, he has journeyed a long way, not just for himself, not just for South Africa, but for many of us around the world. His legacy lives on!

  4. 05/12/2013 11:56 pm

    He was a great man of integrity and honesty, and made such a difference in this world of ours. His legacy lives on, he will never be forgotten. RIP Mandela.

  5. 06/12/2013 2:07 am

    Nelson Mandela was a real statesman
    and a human lighthouse.for all of us.


  6. kcaptain77 permalink
    06/12/2013 2:39 am

    Nelson Mandela may be gone but his example and ideals live on in our hearts and minds. We must carry on in a quest for peace focused on a future where we are all just humans who care for each other.

  7. 06/12/2013 2:49 am

    Nelson Mandela may be gone physically but his message lives on in our hearts and minds. We must carry on his vision and ideals until we are all just humans who care for each other.

  8. 06/12/2013 5:02 am

    What a beautiful post in honour of such a great man!

  9. 06/12/2013 5:10 am

    You’ve created a fitting tribute to a man of great accomplishments who never gave up and forged ahead through incredible odds. I also grew up and witnessed the vast changes that have occurred, but the global community has so much more to do. His shadow will always be there as a pulse to push forward.

  10. 06/12/2013 6:18 am

    Reblogged this on THE STRATEGIC LEARNER.

  11. 06/12/2013 6:20 am

    A beautiful, beautiful tribute to this remarkable man Eliz! If all of us had the kind of compassion and respect for fellow human beings, like he did, peace would have a chance.

  12. aljaja permalink
    06/12/2013 8:19 am

    You made a wonderful tribute to Madiba. We all will miss him. His ideas and his strength gave us so much. He really changed the world an his legacy lives on.

  13. 06/12/2013 9:43 am

    I am deeply saddened.

  14. Ngozi permalink
    06/12/2013 10:23 am

    Well said, Eliz..

  15. 06/12/2013 12:08 pm

    Eliz, yesterday, my oldest son called to tell me that Mandela had passed from us. I could tell this affected him deeply, because as a teenager he just doesn’t call me all that much. I was about to go into my youngest son’s basketball game, but I couldn’t after the call, I had to sit in my car and cry for the passing of such a great soul from this world.
    Both of my sons are half Chinese and since they were young we have had discussions about racism. Because of Mandela and so many others who live their lives dedicated to peace and justice around the world, my children live in a world that is different than even the one I grew up living in. You are part of the wave of peace building, thank you for all you do, including this beautiful blog today.


  16. 06/12/2013 5:19 pm

    Always remembered. May he rest in peace.

  17. 06/12/2013 6:47 pm

    he is indeed a great person. RIP (

  18. 06/12/2013 8:46 pm

    Elizabeth…Thank you for a touching tribute to the great Nelson Mandela…his like are seen only rarely…the world is a better place for his having graced it.

  19. 06/12/2013 11:40 pm

    this is a great tribute to a revered statesman. nelson mandela’s legacy will forever be remembered. he lived a full life.

  20. Linnor permalink
    07/12/2013 12:56 pm

    humanity will miss him…

  21. Michelle Villarta-Cabanas permalink
    07/12/2013 4:02 pm

    For sure he’ll be a great legend. 🙂

  22. 08/12/2013 12:31 pm

    This is my first time to visit your blog girl. It’s a nice theme.
    RIP to a great legend indeed.

  23. 08/12/2013 8:11 pm

    He will have an honored place in text books the world over.What an incredible man with a memorable legacy.

  24. 08/12/2013 11:17 pm

    He led an amazing life and affected so many people. Our world is definitely dimmer without him here.

  25. lumpycloudprincess permalink
    08/12/2013 11:18 pm

    Nelson Mandeal was one of my icons. As a high school student, my eyes were opened to apartheid and how painful it was to read how humans can degrade fellow human beings and classify them according to color. He brought back “humanness” to the human race….(Marie of mommyunwired)

  26. 09/12/2013 3:08 am

    He will always be remembered. 🙂

  27. Dominique Goh permalink
    09/12/2013 6:02 am

    Sadden to hear about his passing. He really had an amazing life.

  28. 09/12/2013 10:46 pm

    What a great, great man; his legacy will surely live on.

  29. Lady Anne Abit permalink
    09/12/2013 11:58 pm

    This is a great tribute for a leader that we look up to. Thanks for sharing!

  30. 10/12/2013 6:43 pm

    Such a simple man, yet Nelson Mandela had made a big difference in the lives of many in this world. Admirable!

  31. 11/12/2013 4:43 am

    Lovely tribute, Eliz. His legacy lives on!

  32. 11/12/2013 6:14 am

    His truly gonna be missed and his contribution to the world. Great post. Sis:)

  33. 11/12/2013 3:31 pm

    Oh Eliz,
    What a wonderful, beautiful tribute you offered.
    Mandela was truly an amazing man, full of integrity, and love.
    I noticed his date of birth was the same as my grandmother’s.
    Thank you again, for sharing this.
    May you be blessed. 🙂

  34. 11/12/2013 4:25 pm

    Truly such an inspiration to everyone. R.I.P. Mandela

  35. Rosegen Yeager permalink
    11/12/2013 9:30 pm

    R.I.P. nelson mandela..Your such a good man.

  36. 11/12/2013 10:06 pm

    May he rest in peace. He’s a great man and his legacy will leave on. And your tribute to him is great 🙂

  37. 13/12/2013 10:41 pm

    I can’t imagine being imprisoned for 27 years. Truly an inspirational man. RIP, Nelson Mandela.

  38. Farida permalink
    14/12/2013 7:42 am

    He deserves the attention he is getting today. Life wouldn’t be the same without him and hopefully there will be more who will follow in his footsteps.

  39. 14/12/2013 4:48 pm

    Wonderful photos. I hadn’t seen half of them. My God, what an open, peaceful, beautiful face. Just magnificent.

    As for that prison cell…. he’s a better man than I, to be sure.

  40. 17/12/2013 10:50 am

    I’ve seen a magazine about Nelson Mandela the other day at the store. I’m so interested getting it to read his life story and contribution.:)

  41. Rosegen Yeager permalink
    17/12/2013 9:29 pm

    me too since he’s popular now a days.

  42. 19/12/2013 10:47 am

    A true legend who inspires a lot people all over the world.

  43. Marco Polo Demo permalink
    19/12/2013 5:38 pm

    I can say only one line about Nelson Mandela, “he’s a great man who inspires everyone.”

  44. InsideJourneys (@InsideJourneys) permalink
    21/12/2013 3:56 pm

    Beautifully done, Elizabeth. Like you, I never in my wildest dreams expected to ever see Mandela walk free from imprisonment and that the Apartheid system would unravel in my lifetime. I’m so glad to have seen it, and glad to have visited South Africa before Madiba left us. His life was a wonderful gift and an inspiration to all.

  45. 01/01/2014 3:15 am

    he is indeed a great man who did a difference to the world! wishing you too a wonderful and blessed new year. thanks for the visit in my blog.

  46. Savannah Miller permalink
    02/01/2014 8:12 pm

    He lived an amazing inspirational life <3

  47. 02/01/2014 8:17 pm

    Thanks for reminding me of all the wonderfulness of MANDIBA!!!

  48. 28/01/2014 12:30 pm

    Mandela will always be remembered by many. My parents were a fan of him. They said that he’s an awesome leader.


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