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Reflections: Honoring Earth Day 2013

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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

Modern Earth Day Flag

Reflections: Honoring Earth Day 2013. A modern Earth Day flag

Earth Day 2013 – The Face of Climate Change

Meditate it Forward – Free Meditation – Pass it On

Happy Earth Day, today and every day! One thing that becomes apparent in the spring is how the landscape changes from barren to fecund. It seems magical but, in truth, our love for Mother Earth is reflected in the fullness of spring that surrounds us. If we live in areas that have decimated the natural landscape, then the full expression of spring and her glorious, vibrant beauty is diminished; muted by the abuse… We experience the results of how the earth is treated in our part of the planet. Even if we didn’t contribute directly, we see the outcome in nature. Such is life and the impact positive/negative actions have on us all.

“Mother Earth is speaking to us. We all have the same message: create an energy shift upon Mother Earth.” Chief Arvol Looking Horse

NASA Explore: Earth Day April 22nd 2013

Can we mitigate it? Yes. Every bit we do from recycling plastics, to planting trees, to conserving energy will make a difference. Meditation, prayer, music and a spirit of gratitude can make a difference too. Last year, I suggested five things we could do to make earth day a daily occurrence. In 2011, I offered 10 practical things to do This year, given the horrific acts of violence that continue to rip our world and relationships apart, I believe we must go within and look at our hearts and find healing, compassion, peace, forgiveness, hope, gratitude and love there. Where there is love and gratitude, violence will not thrive. More below!

“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.” Thomas Fuller

Earth Day US Flag

Reflections: Honoring Earth Day 2013 . US Flag with Earth Day symbol


Concert for a New Earth – Show da Nova Terra – Rio+20

When we shed the blood of our fellow men, women and children… or any living thing, it resonates in the bowels of the earth and she bleeds back. We can participate in all the excellent practical ways to reduce our carbon footprint, here are 50 ways from Goodnet, and keep the earth churning. However, if we don’t treat each other with dignity then our efforts fall short I wish each of you health and happiness and I wish our planet same. Peace and Blessings!
*Please bear with me as I continue to catch up on reading and commenting on your blogs. I’ll catch up soon too. Thank you all for your patience!

Positive Motivation Tip: What we give to the earth we receive back in many ways. Awareness is key.

Mirthful Tip: “I don’t plan to grow old gracefully. I plan to have face-lifts until my ears meet.” Live!  Rita Rudner

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Earth Day US Flag, Earth day Flag Modern via Wikipedia

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Elizabeth Obih-Frank
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  1. 24/04/2013 4:21 pm

    Peace & Blessings to you too, Elizabeth. We all can and should make a difference through mutual respect and dignity. I agree.

    • 26/04/2013 8:13 am

      Blessings to you too Lynne! I’m with you on that note. 🙂

  2. 24/04/2013 4:50 pm

    Yes. We humans need to get it together before we cause things to fall apart! Why do so many people find it so hard to be kind? :-(. And so easy to be destructive?

    • 26/04/2013 8:14 am

      Great question… and I wonder about it too. Sadly, live and let live is not part of some folks vocabulary. TY for checking in. 🙂

      • 26/04/2013 8:17 am

        Don’t see you as much. Hope all is well.

      • 26/04/2013 8:21 am

        Not entirely, but I’m hopeful that all will … TY for thinking of me. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. 24/04/2013 5:34 pm

    Great message. I love the meditation.

    • 26/04/2013 8:16 am

      Same… It is very soothing and we could all benefit from gaining some calm and clarity in our lives. 😉

  4. lensandpensbysally permalink
    25/04/2013 6:11 am

    Yes, we need to honor Mother Earth every day.

    • 26/04/2013 8:19 am

      Yes, every day should be Mother Earth’s day. If we all felt that way, we might treat our earth better. 🙂 Thank you Sally! 🙂

  5. 29/04/2013 5:42 pm

    i really love that last quote by R. Rudner…have face lifts until the ears meet…oh, dear! funny!!
    thanks for enlightening us with another great reminder about the importance of being aware about our Mother Earth. it’s true, what we give returns back to us…we decide if it will be good or bad returns. ♥

    • 15/05/2013 11:57 pm

      TY Sunshine and I do miss the give and take we all shared on this site. Will return soon. I loved the funny quote too. 🙂

      • 16/05/2013 8:23 pm

        it is good to know you will be back ☺ soon!

  6. 29/04/2013 6:16 pm

    Love the Earth Day post. I actually forgot about it this year. Gah!

    • 15/05/2013 11:58 pm

      I almost did too… It is one of my favorites because we need these reminders about our role in keeping our earth viable TY! 🙂

  7. 29/04/2013 7:43 pm

    I’m rather late. So Happy Earth Day, anyway. 🙂

    • 15/05/2013 11:59 pm

      TY Tracy! You are always in perfect time. I appreciate the feedback. 🙂

  8. 01/05/2013 12:06 pm

    I can’t thank you enough Eliz, it’s been so long since I’ve meditated, who knows why? 🙂

    • 16/05/2013 12:03 am

      TY Gilly! I’m glad you clicked through to enjoy the meditation. Life and all its demands take over our time. It’s wonderful when we can stop, even for a short while, to take a deep breath, and spend some time in quiet contemplation. I’m glad you did. 🙂

  9. 02/05/2013 3:13 pm

    Very nice post and so needed. We must embrace our Earth and cherish it. Thanks Liz for bringing this to us. I am working on a video now that reflects the beauty of our Earth entitled ” Zen Nature ~ Landscapes for Well Being”. I should be posting it next week. Keep an eye for it. I think you will like it. Peace and Love my friend.

    • 16/05/2013 12:04 am

      TY Walter for your visit and the heads up. Mother Earth has given us so much, the least we can do is to treat her with love and respect. I will stop by soon to check it out and catch up on your posts too. 🙂

  10. 06/05/2013 10:34 am

    A lovely Earth Day post Eliz. The meditation video sounds amazing!

    • 16/05/2013 12:06 am

      TY Madhu! The series was terrific and I’m so grateful they shared this part of it for all to enjoy. I love that video too. 🙂

  11. InsideJourneys (@InsideJourneys) permalink
    12/05/2013 5:56 pm

    Love the Fuller quote. We can do better, and must.
    Thanks for this post, Elizabeth.

    • 16/05/2013 12:07 am

      Thanks for your comment Marcia. I concur! 🙂

  12. 14/05/2013 10:33 am

    Lovely post – I especially liked the quotes from John Muir… and Rita Rudner! 😉

    • 16/05/2013 12:09 am

      TY for stopping by… I appreciate the visit very much. The quotes sang to me too and I was thrilled to find and use them. 🙂

  13. 16/05/2013 12:01 am

    Beautiful and poetic comment. TY for stopping by Jean. I love your feedback. I want our planet to survive for all to enjoy it too. 🙂

  14. 16/05/2013 12:05 am

    TY so much for the re-blog. Much appreciated. 😉

  15. 22/05/2013 12:46 pm

    What a great post – I really enjoyed this. Loved the videos in it too. Thank you!

    • 23/05/2013 11:27 pm

      TY Darling! I’m delighted that some have taken the time to enjoy that precious meditation gift from Oprah and Deepak. I love it too. 😉

  16. 01/07/2013 4:14 pm

    I miss your posts, Elizabeth. When are you coming back?


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