December 10

Haiku: Time Capsule…

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“We seem to have a compulsion these days to bury time capsules in order to give those people living in the next century or so some idea of what we are like.” Alfred Hitchcock

Haiku: Time Capsule...
Haiku: Time Capsule…

For my Time Capsule
I’ll gather what honors us
hope, love, life, good deeds

“It’s almost a snapshot in time…  He was in this one position all that time. It’s like opening a time capsule — what did he have in his pockets? What did he have with him?” Bob Mann

Haiku: Time Capsule...
Haiku: Time Capsule…

In my Time Capsule…
I’ll add our wishes and dreams
Photos, notes, blogs too…

More below! 🙂

“I thought of your hovering saucers, looking for clues, and I wanted to write this down, so it wouldn’t be lost forever… that once upon a time we had meadows here, and astonishing things, swans and frogs and luna moths and blue skies that could stagger your heart.” Philip Appleman

Haiku: Time Capsule...
Haiku: Time Capsule…

On my Time Capsule…
I’ll inscribe uplifting words
Relax, Be Happy…

What are your thoughts? What would you put in your Time Capsule? How would you decide what to add or leave out? Do share! Thank you. 🙂

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Daily Prompt: Time Capsule. The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

*Please bear with me as I catch up on your blogs and commenting…I’m back on track; albeit at a slow pace. Thank you all for your patience! 🙂

Positive Motivation Tip: A Time Capsule holds memories we wish others to see. Be conscientious and create inspiring memories for your capsule today.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos Time Capsule monumentThe Helium Monument Time Capsule, Herrick Tower time capsule, via Wikipedia, via Flickr, or via my personal collection

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet


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  • In my eyes, then good old Alfred (Hitchcock) a good point – we must know our past but not live in it – but we are also turned on to had some time capsules – Hitchcock himself is one of them – very well written post, Elizabeth… 🙂

  • “Uplifting words” sounds like a great idea, Elizabeth. The Philip Appleman quote is really sad. 🙁 I hope that we learn to look after our planet much better than we have done up until now. Wishing you a very happy day. 🙂

    • TY Adin, You know what? Almost every quote I found on Time Capsule was kinda blah and/or down… I wonder why? 🙁
      Happy Days to you too! 🙂

  • I love a good time capsule. I can’t help it. I was in Hight School in the 90’s and we were Time Capsuling like every 10 minutes. LOL I found some quotes sad and others exciting. And I love your bibliography at the end! Very Academic!

    • TY Allyson… It’s an interesting subject because people don’t create them as much anymore… Too busy with social media to care I suppose. 😆

  • Beautiful things to include in your time capsule Liz. I think I will include photographs for fashion and good songs. They are the basic necessities that involve constant changing. I think it would be interesting to see how they have evolved 100 years from now.

    • Good points Deborah! It would be interesting to see what the world would look like in 100 years. Would planet earth still be around? I wonder… TY! 🙂

  • I haven’t heard mention of them in ages. They were big years ago and everyone wanted to have one. I love your haiku and how visual it is. It also gave three different ways you used your time capsule.

    • TY so much… Yes, I was wondering about that too. My post sort of evolved and I was glad with the finished haiku… past, present future oriented. 🙂

  • I would be happy to put photos in my time capsule. I think photography is one of the best ways to hold onto time. I can get more pleasure looking at old photos–some from previous generations and a bit of family history or even just a day or two before, to recall the fun times. But I like the way you’ve thought in terms of bequeathing love and blessings. I guess we can at least pass those things on one person at a time! 🙂

    • Same here… photos are always a great starting point and then we add other things that interest us. Recordings are also popular. TY! 🙂

  • Don’t you think that all posts in the blogs we make are small time capsules? And certainly all my pictures are time capsules in their own rights. I am not sure if I need to make “the” time capsule for the future. Your post is wonderful in that it makes us start to reflect and think about what is important in our lives here and now. Great quotes, too.

    • TY Munchow! They (blogs & photos) sure are… and ditto all of our social media interactions… 🙂
      Maybe that is why actual time capsules are no longer that hot… I think. 🙁

    • I agree with munchow, blogs are our time capsules. Imagine if we just put ALL the blogs on a hard drive and put that in a time capsule. That would pretty much cover what is going on right here, right now.
      It used to be that only the rich and famous could be included in a time capsule; now anyone with internet access can create a lasting document to their existence. What a wonderful world we live in.

  • I remember hiding something/ written words behind the a loose bit of skirting board at home when I was about 8 or 9 yrs for the future . Wonder what happened to it 🙂
    Lovely Time Capsule words E .

    • I wonder too… Do you still live in that home? I moved so much that it would be hard to find anything I tucked away… 😆
      TY! 🙂

      • It was my family home all those years ago E so I have no idea nowadays . I have moved far too many times too, but am now settled very much in the place here where we live now. I have lots of smaller stuff which I would never be parted from 😉

  • Certainly, my blog is my time capsule. i fill it with it great memories and shared experiences and opinions through comments. 😀

    • I hear you… and I suspect it has become same for so many people. It is a great way to document the events in our lives. TY! 🙂

  • you have made me think of doing something similar – I love this post.
    Now…please remeber that as a pirate I abhor rules, hence I never follow them nor expect others to. So with that in mind come on over and pilfer an award…heck take a few. And there are no questions to answer, no passing the baton [unless YOU choose to]. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you being here in the world and blogging

    • TY Jo! I appreciate your mega awards and that you included my blog on your list… The awards are wonderful, yet it’s so hard to decide who to include on a list, so I applaud your effort. Thanks again for the gift! Happy Holidays! 🙂

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