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Haiku: Think Pink…

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“Every woman needs to know the facts. And the fact is, when it comes to breast cancer, every woman is at risk.” Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Haiku: Think Pink… National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Think Pink while you wait…
For your mammography results
Love meets awareness.

Think Pink and hold on…
For your kid’s birthday balloons
Love floats towards you

Think Pink … remember
A Breast exam reminder
Two hearts linked as one

Since the fall of 1991, when the Susan G. Komen Foundation gave out pink ribbons at the NYC race for breast cancer survivors, the color pink and related items have symbolized the battle against this insidious killer. In 1992, the pink ribbon was adopted as the official symbol of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In our lifetime, most of us will either know directly or indirectly someone with breast cancer or some form of cancer, or experience it ourselves. With social action/support, education, and shared information on causes/preventive care, we can make a difference and save lives.  Think Pink and then go beyond it by taking action for the cause.  You may also join in the facebook pledge effort. PLEDGE: Turn Facebook Pink October 21-27

“Most breast cancer-related deaths can be prevented through simple and painless preventive measures. A late diagnosis can result in more serious, long-term consequences.” Olympia Snowe

Haiku: Think Pink… National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Haiku: Think Pink… Haiku: Think Pink… National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Global Pink Hijab DayOctober 24, 2012

Think Pink working out…
Skip strawberry shakes for two
Rise and bloom anew

Think Pink … imbibe less
Extra drinks won’t help you heal
Cotton candy dreams

Think Pink … manage weight
Trade fairy cake icing for
Tutus, ballet shoes

According to American Cancer Society’s (ACS) statistics, we are on a long road to conquering breast cancer. In 2012, they estimate about 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women; about 63,300 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be found (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer); and about 39,510 deaths from breast cancer(women). Our collective action will help keep efforts and hope for a cure alive. We can join, Breast Cancer Action(BCAction), the efforts behind Global Hijab Day, ACS,, and many, many individuals and organizations to support, take action, and bring awareness to the subject. Join in! More below!

“What we achieve inwardly, will change outward reality.” Plutarch

Haiku: Think Pink… National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Haiku: Think Pink… Haiku: Think Pink… National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – The Greenhouse – Botanical Garden of Curitiba (Southern Brazil)

Think Pink … show support
Hugs in a pink Cadillac
Action and parades

Think Pink … with loved ones
Share his strawberry ice cream
For her, pink mink stoles

Think Pink … and hold dreams
Advocate for health and life
Dream… Turkish delights

If nothing else, please read this information on causes and preventive care. Hope you gained something from this post. Sending you peace and joyful blessings for the week ahead! What are your thoughts? Do you support any cancer related causes?  Have you been personally touched by it? What tips have helped you?  Do share! Thank you.

*Please bear with me as I catch up on your blogs and commenting… I’m back on track with reading and responding to your blogs; albeit at a slow pace. Thank you all for your patience!

For More: Women’s Lives & Issues 

Positive Motivation Tip: Show your support for causes that matter, open your mind and know that you too matter. Explore and Act!

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos,  Pink ribbon, Ribbons and Pens, Pink HijabBotanico Curitiba, via Wikipedia  Breast Cancer Awareness via or Pink roses from my personal collection

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet

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  1. 21/10/2012 3:53 pm

    Great post, I’m actually booking my annual mammogram and scan tomorrow

    • 21/10/2012 8:51 pm

      Good for you… and I must do same again soon. It’s an important reminder for all of us. TY! 🙂

  2. 21/10/2012 4:02 pm

    Inspirational post on the “think Pink” campaign Elizabeth. It can’t be publicised enough. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a brilliant weekend.

    • 21/10/2012 8:53 pm

      TY Adin! As the month winds down, the campaign ramps up… I can’t believe we are almost at the end of October. Time flies! Weekend was busy as we had Parents Weekend at one of my kids college. Then I had an allergy attack and life goes on… Wishing you and all a great week ahead.

  3. 21/10/2012 4:59 pm

    Honestly, I think there is way too much emphasis on breast cancer now. The fact is more women die of heart disease and it gets less support. Let’s congratulate ourselves for the awareness we’ve brought to this dread disease and move forward to do the same for heart disease!

    • 23/10/2012 4:13 am

      I hear you! Don’t forget Go Red For Women does a lot for the American Heart Association and heart disease; they just run their campaign at a different time of the year. (spring). As a Go Red volunteer and occasional spokesperson, I know there is so much going on in that area… No worries, we will do same soon.TY! 🙂

  4. 21/10/2012 5:41 pm

    Nicely put and such a great cause to feature. I had my first mammogram this year. 🙂 Gotta think pink.

    • 23/10/2012 4:15 am

      TY Angelia… and I need to get mine done soon. Reminders are important. 😉

  5. 21/10/2012 10:14 pm

    Fantastic E! Think pink! Thanks for the reminder…

  6. 21/10/2012 10:59 pm

    So important. I’ve lost friends to Breast Cancer and I’ve had friends survive and thrive. I love the pink campaigns!

    • 21/10/2012 11:11 pm

      I love the campaigns too… the reminders are crucial for all of us.. TY! Debra. 😉

  7. 22/10/2012 7:26 am

    This is a really wonderful post, Elizabeth – the haiku are lovely and the images are perfect – but of course the message is the best part. I really love your blog, my friend! Thanks for the motivation! 😉

    • 23/10/2012 4:16 am

      TY for your support and feedback. I love yours too! 😉

  8. 22/10/2012 6:38 pm

    Thank you for sharing a post that makes people aware of breast cancer and what it can do. We owe it to the important women in our lives to care and make a difference. Great post.

    • 23/10/2012 4:17 am

      TY IT and I agree with you… The more information we put out there, the greater chance of more women hearing about it and doing the necessary work to get preventive care. 🙂

  9. 23/10/2012 7:48 am

    Thank You for the Joy and blessing and I am Sending you peace and joyful blessings back! :+) I will check out your link about prevention. I have been thinking of doing a post about cancer prevention and maybe I can link to this post? My thoughts are to maybe do a few preventive recipes with cancer preventive foods in the near future in honor on Navar’s father who recetnly passed from pancreatic cancer.

    • 23/10/2012 9:27 am

      Please do write something as sharing this information can help others… The Movember Movement is another link to add when you write as they are dealing with male cancer topics in November. The badge is on my sidebar. TY! 😉

      • 23/10/2012 12:05 pm

        Yes I have read about the Movember badge and I think it is a great idea I will be adding that to my Blog next Monday. I also will put up a link to your blog about Think Pink as your blog post as always is very thorough and has a lot of good information as well as a great Haiku. I read the prevention link that you had and I also thought that was informative. Thanks for letting me link to you! :+)

  10. 23/10/2012 9:56 am

    What a great post, and an important reminder. I lost my mom to breat cancer, and appreciate your support for this cause.

    • 23/10/2012 12:42 pm

      I’m sorry to read about your mom… TY for sharing it with me… We all need to be reminded I agree.

  11. 23/10/2012 8:55 pm

    I forgot it was the pink campaign month. Thank you for reminding us.
    I hadn’t heard of the Go Red campaign for Heart Disease.

  12. 23/10/2012 10:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing such great pictures along with the haiku’s. I am glad that we can put a color to our awareness of a cause.

    • 24/10/2012 1:57 am

      Yes, same here and I agree that more press is needed for other causes and we can all do more. 😉

  13. 24/10/2012 3:18 am

    Great haiku, Elizabeth, and very thoughtful post. Global Pink Hijab Day is a great idea and can serve more than one good purpose, I think. I haven’t heard anything about it here in Aus. The info on the causes and preventative link that you provide is really useful. I also read this about a possible link between vitamin D deficiency and breast cancer risk (perhaps one of the reasons why shift workers seem to be at higher risk, as well)

    • 24/10/2012 10:34 pm

      TY for the link Bluebee and comment. There is so much information out there and I think it is important for all of us to read up on it as new data does show up. In researching for this post, I found our some information that was important to me personally… so it doesn’t hurt to stay abreast of the data. TY! 😉

  14. 25/10/2012 11:17 am

    Wonderful haiku. Thank you for this post. 🙂

  15. 26/10/2012 3:47 am

    My neice is a survivor Eliz. Thank you for a beautiful and sensitive post.

    • 27/10/2012 2:42 am

      TY for sharing this important information with me… Sending love and blessings to her and you too. 🙂

  16. 26/10/2012 2:09 pm

    Great POST for a Great Cause…mkg

    • 27/10/2012 2:42 am

      TY Marilyn. 😉 Hope you had a fun time away…

  17. 26/10/2012 6:30 pm

    Gr8 post. Almost every disease has a solution for it IF detected early. Hence, frequent check ups, not just for breast cancer, but for general ailments is a good idea. Medical research has grown up so high, that nowadays genetic test can tell you exactly which diseases you will get in future or even which drugs will work for you and which will not so on.

    • 27/10/2012 2:43 am

      TY Shibin! Science has definitely made its mark on society… Genetic testing is mind-blowing too. 😉

  18. 28/10/2012 3:38 pm

    Great cause and a great post, Elizabeth.


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