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Inspiration: When Words Fail…

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“Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inspiration: When Words Fail… seeking silence within… for Norway, China, Amy and more..

From time to time, events occur that remind us of both the frailty of life and of man’s violence against his fellow man. The events that took place in Norway; the tragic bombings and shootings that took place a couple of days ago have left us all saddened and shocked. We wonder how anyone can find that depth of rage within and then act on it by choosing to annihilate innocent bystanders. We wonder why and, in our attempt to make sense of it all, we find that words fail us. Acts like this one, and others before it, bring to the fore the senselessness of myopic beliefs that parade as truth.

When zealotry replaces compassion and common sense, it is time to seek the silence and wisdom that comes from tuning within for answers. We mourn when lives are lost; particularly when young lives are cut down before their time… We grieve for their loved ones, for the loss of their contributions and talents to the community, and for the reminder of our own mortality… Amy Winehouse  lost her battle today and we also grieve the loss of this talented, tender soul…

“Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music.” Marcel Marceau

When words fail, it is time to be silent, to shed our tears, to say a prayer, and then go to that place inside; the well of infinite wisdom. There are many families hurting and many lives lost; innocent lives that remind us that somehow, somewhere, we as a global community failed not just with words but with our collective actions… What will it take to appreciate and cherish the human bond we share? What will it take to find common ground where those who feel voiceless can be heard and those who claim to have the answers can share a platform in search of peace?

Call me naive, but I still believe there is good in humanity and that we can transcend our collective histories of petty hatreds and oppression. But, it must begin with reflection; tuning into that silent place that resides in every human heart, a place that never lies. It is the place we seek when life’s challenges become too much, when we feel we’ve reached the edge or the precipice of our understanding. Perhaps, we can begin there and find our way back to center with comforting words followed by loving actions. Consistent action… What do you think? More below

“Silence is a source of great strength.” Lao Tzu

Inspiration: When Words Fail… Grieving for all

When words fail, we will find that observing silence, seeking solitude, and spending time in the presence of water, even temporarily, soothes our jarred nerves offering us some help. Often, our tendency is to reach for quick answers, words, solutions, recriminations, retaliation, energetic action… long before we stop and seek the strength and clarity that comes from silence. We must embrace the silence, albeit briefly, if we are to move forward with confidence and a clearer picture of what we, as a global community, need to address.

Our condolences to the families that lost loved ones in Oslo and Utoeya  and healing light to the injured/survivors in those areas in Norway. Our condolences to the families involved in the train wrecks in China, to Amy Winehouse’s family, to all who have lost a loved one and all who are hurting… sadness is happiness’ bitter twin. May all who suffer find peace, love and understanding. May all who rage find peace, love and understanding. May all who hate find peace, love and understanding, and may all who seek peace remember to live in peace, with love and understanding…
What about you? What are your thoughts? What do you do when words fail? Do share! Thank you. 🙁

Positive Motivation Tip: We are all guests on planet earth and our time here is measured. Let’s spend it in appreciation of our lives and the lives of others…

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Photo of griefAmy Winehouse via Wikipedia. Flowing water via Flickr

Until Next Time…
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Elizabeth Obih-Frank
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  1. 23/07/2011 11:40 pm

    Wow… You said it all perfectly Eliz. It is really disheartening to hear of all the tragedies of recent days… My heart is saddened by the lives lost and I pray that their families find comfort.

    • 24/07/2011 2:26 pm

      I was feeling quite distressed by the events and found that words failed me when I tried talking about it. The post was my outlet and I wrote from my heart without editing it (I apologize to those of you who read an earlier unedited version).
      My heart and condolences go out to all who are facing pain and loss. This is a difficult time for many and I am not claiming to have all the answers. We can start with silence, prayers, music and reflection. Thank you! 🙁

  2. 24/07/2011 12:18 am

    As I sit here in a quiet room, I can only reflect on your words about the recent events and our responsibility as a society, We must act to perserve our society, but in addition we must find the silence within. It is there that Love, Compassion and Peace speaks to us. nurtures us, guides us. We must as a society find the means to listen with true intent.

    Thanks Liz for a wonderful post. It is inspiring me to find the silence, and to share it.

    • 24/07/2011 2:31 pm

      Thank you Walter. You know, the pain is palpable and when we go to that place of silence, we are reminded that all humanity is one. We are not separate. We are connected in spirit and when one of us grieves it reverberates out to the collective… After all, we are energy channels. Healing light and love to all.

  3. 24/07/2011 1:22 am

    When words fail, tears fall in their place. With all of the tragedy surrounding us, sometimes it is impossible or inappropriate to talk at all. Sometimes a good cry can say more than the best thought out speech.

    Great reflective post Elizabeth. Thanks Miriam

    • 24/07/2011 2:36 pm

      Thank you Mariam… so true. Just like tears of joy come from that deep place within, our tears of sorrow come from the same and are like cleansing waters. Yes, we’ve shed many,many tears in this world… 🙁

  4. 24/07/2011 1:39 am

    Thanks for a very timely piece, giving us all encouragement to go within to reflect and pray for those in need.

    • 24/07/2011 2:41 pm

      This is a time for reflection and yet I wonder when things will change for the better for all of us globally. It is my hope and prayer that a new day will dawn and that all will find peace, love and understanding.

  5. 24/07/2011 1:41 am

    What happened in Norway does reminds us how fragile life is. My prayers to the victims and their families. In silence, we can hear God’s comforting words even if there’s chaos around us. We just need to open our hearts to him. Wonderful post as always.

    • 24/07/2011 2:42 pm

      Thank you and well said. My prayers go to the victims and to all. “In silence, we can hear God’s comforting words even if there’s chaos around us.”

  6. 24/07/2011 2:24 am

    Wonderful post Elizabeth, you said it all.
    There is so much sadness in the world at the moment when words fail to comfort; we can only pray for those who have lost loved ones in these tragic events.

    • 24/07/2011 2:46 pm

      It has been a challenging year this 2011 and so much tragedy and suffering. If each of us can give comfort to even one other soul, it would be a great thing… We need prayers, love, healing, silence, understanding and more…

  7. 24/07/2011 4:35 am

    I could not have written that better myself. It is exactly what I would have said.
    It is a sorry sad world that we live in when violence and chemicals kill in such ways that we have seen in the past few months.

    I pray for us all, that we shall see the way ahead clearer and I pray for the poor souls lost and the people who are grieving. May God Bless them all

    • 24/07/2011 3:00 pm

      “I pray for us all, that we shall see the way ahead clearer and I pray for the poor souls lost and the people who are grieving. May God Bless them all!” Your sentiments are mine and you’ve said it beautifully. Thank you! 🙂

  8. 24/07/2011 3:53 am

    sad, Amy Winehouse, a train crash in China – but a new level of cultural conflicts happened in Norway, a sort of 9/11 of Christian fundamentalism? We had some in examples in the U.S.A. before …
    your frizz, Germany

    • 24/07/2011 2:50 pm

      All very sad… We need a lot of grace in our lives and until we learn to live in peace with love and understanding, we will remain a world at war with itself. Thank you. 🙁

  9. 24/07/2011 8:47 am

    Very well written. It is so sad, the violence we have in our world today. I will never understand how anyone can take it upon themselves to destroy someone else’s life so endlessly. My prayers go out to each of the families of these children whose lives were ended in this tragic event.

    • 24/07/2011 3:08 pm

      I don’t understand it either and it makes me very sad… Prayers and blessings to all. 🙁

  10. 24/07/2011 9:58 am

    A wonderful, beautiful, and heartfelt – by the writer and the reader – reflection on our need, indeed our great commission – to be loving stewards of the planet, and especially of one another. I am grateful for this Sabbath Day post.

    I wrote a poem about the beauty of the waters recently. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link:

    Thank you, and know that I will always wish you enough. . .

    • 24/07/2011 3:14 pm

      Thank you Pauline. Your poem is truly beautiful. I had a picture of living waters that I added to this post but I removed it to re-size it… I should add it again.

  11. 24/07/2011 12:02 pm

    So perfectly said Elizabeth. I have to share this.

    • 24/07/2011 3:15 pm

      Thank you Barb… Prayers and blessings to all! Thank you StumbleUpon for the traffic and Thank you to the loving soul who has stumbled my posts lately.

  12. 24/07/2011 2:32 pm

    Amen, Eliz! You really struck a nerve–I let the tears flow and could barely get through the entire post. I love the white statue–it says so much and the positive motivation tip: we all need to appreciate our lives and the lives of others. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

    • 25/07/2011 3:18 am

      It is all very sad and I appreciate your response… it got me too.
      Sounds simple? Yes, but the road to appreciating each other is long and steep. TY! 🙂

  13. 24/07/2011 3:16 pm

    Elizabeth I’ve nominated you for the 7links posts for Tripbase. I think you’ll enjoy this. You can get all the info on my newest post.
    Have fun!

    • 24/07/2011 3:29 pm

      Thank you so much Barb! I will check it out… I still have to complete my 7 links that came through PiP and will aim to start that one asap. My struggle is always who to honor and who to leave out (everyone is deserving especially in a creative environment unlike a job situation); ditto posts. . TY for the reminder too! 🙂

  14. 24/07/2011 9:46 pm

    You said it beautifully, Elizabeth! I missed most of the news on Friday and generally go on a news-fast on weekends. I’m sad for Ms. Winehouse, she was a remarkable talent who probably was tormented and/or extremely sensitive. Some of us are not born for this world, I’m convinced. She did more in her 27 years than most. I’m sorry for her family but I hope she finds in death (the soul never dies) what she was looking for on earth and that she’s truly at peace.
    Before last week’s event, I never would have associated Norway with that level of violence. It’s a tragic reminder that nowhere is “safe.”
    The smaller the world becomes, the more some people feel left out, the more their pain is magnified. I’m not pessimistic about the future, but I do believe we will see more. I’m probably wrong, but could this be part of a planetary realignment? To my mind, nothing else makes sense.
    Thanks for another thoughtful and timely post,

    • 25/07/2011 3:21 am

      The great seers and teachers are saying that the road ahead is challenging and goodwill is requisite.. . The economic hardships continue and anger grows… Lots of prayers needed globally. TY!

  15. 24/07/2011 10:23 pm

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the Google+ invitation. I tried to sign up but they told me to wait. (They just don’t know that i have friends in high places!)
    Thank you!

  16. 24/07/2011 11:35 pm

    I am glad words did not fail you Eliz. I wanted to say something also but felt I could not do it justice. Very well done! Thank you!

    • 25/07/2011 3:25 am

      Thank you Chris… It was unrehearsed too. I was searching for a way to release the pain.

  17. 25/07/2011 12:27 am

    Well said, E. There is peace in silence.

  18. 25/07/2011 4:29 pm

    I can’t imagine anyone not being touched by what happened in Norway. I am stunned to the point of being near a loss for words. What a waste. Given time, violence always causes more violence.

    While not unexpected, the death of Amy Winehouse is saddest in knowing how unhappy she always appeared. Her demons must have been real monsters. I hope she finds peace now….

    • 02/09/2011 5:30 am

      I hope all find some resolution and peace in these tragic events… We need more compassion in our world as the winds of change continue to affect us all. TY! 🙁


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