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On Father’s Day: Memories of Love Lost & Found…

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“We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.” Henry Ward Beecher

On Father’s Day: Memories of Love Lost & Found… Have a Happy Father’s Day

Losing a parent is never easy… When my dad passed away several years ago, I mourned his loss not only because I loved him, or that he was loved and cherished by my family and many in his extended community, but also because his death meant that he wouldn’t be there to see me graduate from graduate school, get married and have kids. He would never get to meet his grandchildren and that hurt deeply. What made his loss more poignant is that he died around Mother’s Day, and every year, when Mother’s Day rolls by in the USA, I am reminded of the irony; the juxtaposition of a joyful occasion, where we get to honor our mothers, with the sadness of a memorial, where we remember his spirit and lasting legacy.  Dad loved learning, philanthropy vis a vis community service, and documenting our family history – Three dreams that are now mine.

On Father’s Day: Memories of Love Lost & Found… Sunrise & special memories

Since I started blogging, I’ve tried to find ways to honor his spirit every year. One year, my post was on appreciating the abundant love that fathers share. Another year, I wrote on the gift of wisdom they pass on. This year, I realized that, over several years, my father’s love for learning, public service, and our family history had seeped into my life and become mine. So, as we approach another special Father’s Day which falls on June 19th, and as my children get ready to complete one phase of their education and continue on to college, I have come home to the idea that my father’s dreams for us, his children, have continued as our dreams for ours… What about you and your memories of your dad?  Happy Father’s Day!

“Abide in the simple and noble regions of thy life, obey thy heart.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Father’s Day: Memories of Love Lost & Found… Remembering with Love

One of the best gifts my father gave me was an education; he taught me to appreciate the value of a solid education. I taught at the university level for 14 years and my love for learning has passed on to my children. I believe that every child deserves an education and I thank my parents and teachers for mine. I wrote the love♥ tribute, below, on one of my posts a couple of years ago and it still holds true. Every Father’s Day, I remember to honor all of the men mentioned, and every Dad out there who truly cares… Love and blessings to all.

♥I send Happy Father’s Day wishes to all who have shared sacred space and stories with their kin.
♥I pay homage to Ochiagha, my beloved late father whose blessings, love and generous spirit continue to flow even in his absence.
♥I send warm heartfelt thanks to Rich, loving dad to A and A; an all-around good and loving soul.
♥I send loving shout-outs to Dike, Ikem, Richard I and Princewill, my brothers and loving fathers too.
♥I send kudos to Uncle Tony, Chuks, our President and all the strong, striving dads out there in the world.

As to the #Trust30 question, below, on what holds me back from my three dreams? Nothing holds me back. Happy Father’s Day!  What are your thoughts? How do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day? What have you done to show fatherly love today? Do share! Thank you. 😉

This post was inspired by two prompts from WP Daily Post: What have you lost recently? and Write down your top three dreams. What’s holding you back from them?

#Trust30 is an online initiative and 30-day writing challenge. The #Trust30 Prompt: Dreams by Michael Rad: Abide in the simple and noble regions of thy life, obey thy heart. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Write down your top three dreams. Now write down what’s holding you back from them.

Positive Motivation Tip: Our parents are a very important part of our personal history; On Father’s Day celebrate yours.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Photo of Sunset, Sunrise, and A Thousand Li of River via Wikipedia.

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  1. 18/06/2011 12:29 am

    June 19th and Father’s Day is very special for me this year. First June 19th is my birthday, and second is the first Father’s day without my daughter. I will remember her fondly as well as my father. The bond that moves through generations is the spark that keeps us alive.
    Happy Father’s Day to everyone

    • 18/06/2011 12:41 am

      Happy Early Birthday Walter! … even if it is a couple of days early… and hugs and blessings for your loss. It is never easy. Yes, that spark of love keeps us going… Happy Father’s Day to you and to all too! 🙂

  2. 18/06/2011 1:47 am

    Now that I’m a parent, my dad is my greatest model of all as a father and as a person. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to your dad. I know it’s not easy to bring back memory of loss. My heart breaks whenever a friend or family even my patient’s mentioning about loosing a parent, a child, a sibling. Your dad was a loving man, I’m glad to know him through your post.

    • 18/06/2011 2:09 am

      Thank you for your feedback… Our parents do the best they can and we follow in their steps… doing our best, mistakes included, without a manual. Loss is forever even when we move on and celebrate the things that mattered to them in life. TY! 🙂

  3. 18/06/2011 1:59 am

    That is a lovely tribute and it is true that until we grow up and become the parent, walking in those shoes, we cannot truly understand all that a father, or Mother has done for us and the way they loved us!

    • 18/06/2011 2:11 am

      Thank you BB! Yes, I loved that quote because most of us learn the true meaning of love and forgiveness when we become parents. TY! 🙂

  4. 18/06/2011 2:05 am

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. It is so hard to lose a parent. Memories can bring happiness.

    • 18/06/2011 2:12 am

      Thank you Angeline… I like that line… memories can bring happiness … and it does even if some are bittersweet. TY! 🙂

  5. 18/06/2011 4:52 am

    I realized that, over the years, my father’s love for learning, service and family history had seeped into my life and become mine…

    you’ve written a heart-touching tribute to your father and the principle of learning and teaching – generation for generation, step by step, your father, your children – and you one piece of a long long chain …

  6. 18/06/2011 10:16 am

    Happy Father’s day.I’m looking forward to coming tomorrow.
    As you say the education is one of the most important gift.

  7. 18/06/2011 11:46 am

    I could just feel the love, respect and admiration you have for your father. Cherish that gift my friend!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  8. 18/06/2011 12:24 pm

    I don’t really have a dad, but I’m glad that there are dads out there that get the kind of tribute I see in this blog post. I agree with Barbara….”Cherish that gift.”

  9. Bree permalink
    18/06/2011 1:14 pm

    This is a touching tribute and I suspect he is looking at you in spirit with great pride.
    Have a blessed Father’s Day too!

  10. 18/06/2011 4:34 pm

    Great tribute post to your dad and other dads out there!
    Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

  11. 18/06/2011 7:28 pm

    Such lovely, warm words you have written in tribute to your father. He was rich with your love.

  12. 18/06/2011 8:13 pm

    A great tribute to your father. Mine died a few years ago and I still miss him even though we didn’t live in the same country for many years, I saw him as often as I could (airfares and all) and always will cherish his love and support for everything I did.

  13. 18/06/2011 8:27 pm

    Wonderful tribute to your dad. I’m doing a Father’s Day Tribute for mine tomorrow.

    Thanks, E!

  14. 18/06/2011 10:52 pm

    Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity. – Mother Teresa

    For you, Elizabeth – may your memories of such a strong and good influence keep you content. He is watching and loving you from afar. (((Hugs)))

  15. 19/06/2011 6:32 am

    Our Fathers’ Day is not until September. It is sad that your father didn’t meet his grandchildren – my father didn’t meet his either, as he passed when I was 15.

    I hope to be able to help my children show their appreciation for their father when our Fathers’ Day does arrive.

  16. 19/06/2011 8:32 am

    What a beautiful tribute to your dad! I’m sure he is looking down on you proud as can be! 🙂

  17. 19/06/2011 12:50 pm

    Lovely tribute, Elizabeth.
    Even though your dad’s gone, I do believe that the connection isn’t lost. He might not be able “to see” your children, but I think he ‘sees” them and you. I strongly believe that.


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