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Hope: While The Sands of Time Flow By…

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“Clocks will go as they are set, but man, irregular man, is never constant, never certain.” Thomas Otway

Hope: While the sands of time flow...

Cleo quickly boarded the bus headed downtown and, walking briskly to the back, sat down on the window seat facing east. She had just met with her boss and while the news wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great either. The department would be folding by month’s end and she had 30 days to find something else. Since the company was going under, there would be an extra two weeks pay and no other compensation as she was the newly hired staff member. You see, Cleo joined the company two months ago as the Happiness Administrator in the Human Resources division. Her role was to meet all incoming and outgoing staff and help them settle in/exit out with dignity and grace…

Cleo met mostly with out-going staff though… She had her program down; add some positive vibration, give a few well placed tips on job leads and the chance to do good elsewhere, suggest they take a little vacation and get some R & R, yada, yada, yada, and a few staffers believed her spiel and skipped out the door with hope in their hearts the size of a small country. Cleo was good at her job but in her heart she knew this Happiness thing won’t last. Why? After all, she was hired because of her positive outlook and because she had a cute, upbeat answer for every question the HR interviewer tossed her way.

“When was the last time you yelled at someone on the job?” Ms. HR had asked. “Oh me? I never yell, I discuss, I negotiate … I smile. One of the three always works.”  Cleo shared.  Hmmm. “What do you do when co-workers slack off and take long breaks or spend time on low priority tasks?” Ms. HR demanded, shooting Cleo a look that said, “Now don’t BS me!” Cleo sat up in her seat, smiled sweetly and in a clear strong voice said,  “You might not believe me, but I don’t focus on those situations. I focus on doing my best work…”

Yep, she was hired. Now she was being let go and Cleo wasn’t feeling sweet or positive or even an iota of Happiness. As far as she was concerned, Happiness could kiss her tuchas and sit in her….  Cleo looked out the bus window wondering what she was going to do next. She had left a low paying job for this gig and even though it was an upwardly mobile position, the pay barely covered her expenses; rent, car payment, tanning sessions, botox shots, Capoeira dance lessons and the occasional dinner/movie outing with friends. She was worried; actually quite miserable. Here she was, Ms. Happiness Administrator, wallowing in self-pity and in need of a pep-talk herself.

At the next stop, a few people got off and three passengers boarded the bus; an elderly lady with a cane, a handsome young man carrying a huge backpack, and an oddly dressed woman in a bright pink wig. If this were a roman à clef, that cute guy would sit next to Cleo but… Well, instead, the pink wig plunked herself down in the aisle seat next to her and turning to face Ms. Cleo-is-no-longer-Happiness, introduced herself,  “Hey Cleo, I’m Jade and I have a gift for you.”  Cleo, like you and me, was flabbergasted. “How did you know my name…What should I do… my job…?” Cleo sputtered.  Pink Wig aka Jade looked her straight in the face…   “What do you think? I’m psychic and I can help…” She reached in her bag, pulled out an hourglass and handed it to Cleo.

“Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight then it is swept by, and another takes its place and this too will be swept away.” Marcus Aurelius

Hope: While the sands of time flow... do your Capoeira dance

“Now listen to me,” Jade continued,  “Set this on your kitchen table and every time a sad or miserable thought enters your head, look at the hour glass, pay attention to the flowing sand and recognize how much time you are wasting in self pity.  Another job will come in a few months. Enjoy your time out, be the happiness chick and happiness will draw something good to you — at the ordained time.  Now go home and get to your Capoeira class!”

The advice made perfect sense and Cleo, still stunned, asked, “In a few months?” “Yes … Believe me!” Jade said with confidence. Cleo thanked Jade profusely… All will be well or will it?  The bus stopped, Cleo knew it was her stop. She got up and saying goodbye, got off the bus.  As she turned the corner and headed into the little bodega on her street, the owner, Jose, looked up and flashing a big grin at her asked,  “Ah Senorita Cleo, you never told me you were the Happiness Administrator?”   Cleo was taken aback,  “What? Jose you’re psychic too?”  Jose giving her a sympathetic look said,  “Nah, you’re wearing a name tag with your title on it…”  Silently, she selected and paid for her fruits and vegetables, smiled at Jose and left.

Climbing the five flights of stairs to her apartment, 5A, Cleo opened the door, stepped in and slamming it with her left leg, headed to her small kitchen. She put the groceries away, pulled the hourglass out her bag and placed it on the kitchen table… She knew that if nothing else, hope and the reminder of the flowing sands of time will get her through this time of change…. nothing is certain anyway.  Who was Jade aka Pink Wig? What should Cleo have done? What would you have done? Hmmm.  This post was inspired by today’s Daily Post and MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt for this week.  🙂

Positive Motivation Tip: The sands of time flow in times of hopelessness and happiness, choose your mood and use your time wisely.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Photo of Hour Glass via Wikipedia & Photo of Capoeira dancers via Wikipedia

Until Next Time…
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Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
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  1. 23/03/2011 4:56 am

    If I would be allowed, I would like to set a link to a video, where I feature some street dancers in Berlin; maybe you consider to allow at least ONE link (like I and many others are doing in their blogs)

    • 23/03/2011 6:15 am

      Hi Frizztext, I’m not sure what you are requesting but it’s fine with me… Thank you for your for asking and for your support. 🙂 I have no worries about your posts; just monitor them so they don’t end up as spam. 🙂 Appreciate the feedback. Thank you, Eliz

  2. 23/03/2011 8:00 am

    Sorry, I meant to say I have no problems with your links… Do share the video! 🙂
    Thanks again,

  3. 23/03/2011 8:44 am

    let’s try, if it works technically:

    • 29/03/2011 3:51 am

      Okay TY! This is pretty cool… Where do you find your stuff? 🙂

  4. 23/03/2011 11:58 am

    Wonderful post, Eliz!

    Wasting time in regret and wallowing in self pity is rarely a productive use of our most limited and valuable resource . . . TIME.

    • 23/03/2011 12:02 pm

      BTW: Your post ties in nicely with mine today:

    • 29/03/2011 3:53 am

      I agree… and sometimes we just can’t help ourselves right? Still, it is good to put a limit on the wallowing and then move on… 🙂
      Thank you,

    • 29/03/2011 3:55 am

      OOps, this comment belongs below and vise versa. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post… 🙂

  5. 23/03/2011 12:08 pm

    Great story! Really drew me in. Love the visuals you provided.

    As for self-pity… it’s hard to keep me down, which I’m sure is a gift from above, but when I do get down I allow myself 2 days to wallow. After that I have to smack myself back to reality and move on.

    Thanks for a great post!

    • 29/03/2011 3:56 am

      Okay… Now I remember it was you who gave the number of days! LOL! I was telling a friend we need to put limits on self-wallowing and I mentioned a friend said 2 days. Love it 🙂

  6. 23/03/2011 1:02 pm

    Wow! I don’t have a clue what I would have done if that situation happened to me! But I do know what I am going to do… Pick up an hourglass for myself!! Thanks for the great story!

    • 29/03/2011 3:57 am

      I love hourglasses and i was thinking the same thing! 🙂

  7. 23/03/2011 3:00 pm

    Great story. I subscribe to mama kats as well.

    • 29/03/2011 4:00 am

      Cool! Do you write weekly on the prompts or do you do it occasionally? I love responding to them on my other blog as it gives me a topic to focus on. I used to write one a week here too but with the daily challenge, I find my focus is on topics here. I do use them on this blog occasionally…
      Let’s comment on each others then? TY! 🙂

  8. Bree permalink
    23/03/2011 8:20 pm

    I enjoyed this story and like how you left what transpired with Pink Wig up to us to figure out.
    There were other things she said that took intuition and her advice was sound. I love that hour glass and hey, we should all buy one.
    The sands of time flow forward like the days of our lives. 🙂

    • 29/03/2011 4:02 am

      TY you dear one… The ambiguity was deliberate because there was an intuitive bent to Pink Wig and while the name tag was a clue to her knowing Cleo’s name, there was more to the story than that. Glad you liked it. 🙂

  9. 23/03/2011 9:12 pm

    I love that hour glass ! have one sitting on mycounter. The sands of time do flow forward like the days of our lives. Loved the story, not sure what I would do, but knowing me, I would “tell it like it is”- !! 🙂

    • 29/03/2011 4:04 am

      LOL! At least you have an idea… I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted. Will depend on the day and time. I love hour glasses too and would love one like the above. It was fun to write. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  10. 24/03/2011 7:42 am

    I needed a smack back to reality and a brighter perception this week. Thank you for giving me a gentle slap.
    While I do not have an hourglass handy (of course I must own one and have it hidden somewhere) I do have a kitchen timer sitting on my desk. I am going to set it for 3 minutes, let myself moan and despair, and I bet I have it out of my system before the bell dings.

    • 29/03/2011 4:06 am

      Oh you are crazy funny! I used to have a kitchen timer but I’ll have to search for it… actually them! Just remembered I bought a batch for a health fair last year. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

  11. 24/03/2011 11:44 am

    Wow! You really have a way in sharing your thoughts. This post hits a chord deep inside. I can relate to Cleo’s predicament (HR, always the one hiring and letting go, and now, being treated in a not-so-fair way).

    Now I’m wishing someone would give me an hourglass. 🙂

    Great post Eliz!

    • 29/03/2011 4:08 am

      Okay… You hopefully won’t need one because you are in charge of your current situation. Not to worry, Pink says all will be well. 😉
      Thanks for your comment!

  12. 25/03/2011 11:43 pm

    You had me inside this story. All the characters came to life. Such a great storyteller!

    The pink wig of Jade interesting. I’m guessing you’re talking about pink jade which, I read, is supposed to resonate energy and encourage love, wealth and protection. Like all jade, it symbolizes all the Confucian virtues: wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. Apparently, Cleo is not the only one in need of some – I’m pretty sure we could all use the strong powers of some pink jade. I know I could. Thanks, as usual, Elizabeth! 😉

    • 29/03/2011 4:11 am

      Wow! Karen now that is a wonderful addition to the story and I appreciate your insights. Yes, we could all use some pink jade… And you know, I have some on my prayer table in my room… Some pink quartz too.
      Thanks again for your feedback and insights. 🙂

  13. 17/05/2011 8:05 am

    Wow! What a great story. Very creative Elizabeth. I like the idea of someone being a “Happiness Administrator, as if someone can distribute happiness. I guess some people are better at it than others.

    • 15/08/2011 4:44 am

      I love the title too and I actually met someone with that title once… lucky fellow. I would be thrilled to be the Happiness queen or director or coach… There is a lot of power in words. TY for your feedback! 🙂


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