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Featured Blogger: Arva N – A Box of Vistas…

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God‘s delays are not his denials … All good things come to he who waits.” Proverb

Featured Blogger: Arva N., - A Box of Vistas...

Featured Blogger: Arva ... in the Kingdom of Bahrain

To date, our featured blogger series has taken us on a jaunt to other parts of the world; the USA, Australia, Germany and today to the Kingdom of Bahrain. I connected with Arva N., our “Get To Know” blogger, during the early days of the Daily Post Challenge when we were all rushing around, teaming up with blog buddies, and committing to support one another for at least a year. Like a cheerful box of vistas, Arva’s eclectic blog, RollingCoasters-A Box of Vistas, and broad mental view about life and events at home gave me great insights into her world. One thing I noticed soon after we became blog buddies was Arva’s love for exploring things; she changes her blog theme/template on a regular basis and keeps things fresh by writing on a wide range of topics.

Arva has a warm, easy going nature and a busy schedule that includes many hobbies; swimming, painting, blogging, surfing, dancing, listening to music, and reading. She is a talented artist and you’ll see her drawings on her blog. I’ve added one of her drawings below. When she agreed to be featured, I was delighted because I knew you’d love to meet her. As we emailed back and forth for this post, Arva provided more insights about herself. She is grateful to have wonderful parents, loves life, a good laugh and treasures three things that always make her smile: babies, nature and animals. Please welcome this week’s “Get To Know” blogger and say hello to Arva N. Her interview follows… Happy St Patrick’s Day! 🙂

“Smile at others, it not only makes others day but yours too.”

Featured Blogger: Arva N., -- As a little child...

If there is one thing you’d be interested in doing what will it be? To learn to play a musical instrument; the piano or guitar…
Where did you grow up and why do you blog?
Well, I am basically Indian and I grew up in a small country in the Middle EastKingdom of Bahrain. This country combines both western and Arabic culture. It is a very calm and beautiful place to live in. In the past, we didn’t have many activities to do. But times have changed and the country is suddenly booming like a rocket. 🙂 It now offers a lot of activities; both indoors and outdoors. Plus at present, Bahrain is concentrating on the development of education opportunities. Most of us are thankful for the hospitality over here and want others to appreciate it too. The peace and serenity I enjoy in Bahrain, even with some of the current events, is great compared to any other country I have visited.
Why do I blog? Blogging was something that I had never thought of doing. One day, I was just going through one of my friend’s writings, and it just randomly came to my mind, why not sign in and try writing on anything… I have loved writing since I was 10. I loved it in school and still write a journal/diary. And now I blog too. Blogging helps me bring my thoughts and ideas in front of my eyes. Since my ideas were always hidden in the mind, I decided to share them with others and also myself… in public.

“Where there is a will, there’s always a way.”

Featured Blogger: Arva N., - Arva's Drawing...

What is most important to you/about you?
For me, the most important thing in life is happiness; Be it for others or even myself.  And the most important thing about myself would be – Smiling. I make it a point to greet everyone with a smile. No matter how I am feeling. Why I find smiling an important gesture is because it not only makes other people’s day but it makes mine too. For me, when others are happy or smile because of a kind act or a sweet smile, I feel happy too 🙂

What motivates you to get out of bed?
My workplace. The amount of positivity I have with positive people at work is the only reason. My day starts well with a lot of smiling faces at work and I also have a good boss; a department head who has also become a good friend… what else would you want..?

How would you like to be remembered?
Well, this is a tough question. But trust me, If I ever want to be remembered for something, then it would be just one thing.  I am Lucky… God has given me everything in life… Not when I have wanted, but whenever I have needed and at the right time. One thing is for sure, I have faith in him. I do my best and leave it to him. I have lived my life this way… So yeah, I receive all that I need by God’s grace.

Arva’s favorite quotes are: “God’s delays are not his denials.” “Where there is a will, there’s always a way.” and “Smile at others, it not only makes others day but yours too.” 🙂 You may connect with Arva through her wonderful blog; Rolling Coasters-A Box of Vistas. Please leave a comment below to welcome Arva; our blog buddy/friend, and then click over to visit her and support her blog.
What are your thoughts? Do share? If you’d like to be featured, leave a note and let me know how to reach you. Thank You!

Positive Motivation Tip: A smile goes a long way by helping us give and receive kindness and better service.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Featured Photos are courtesy of Arva N.,

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet

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  1. 18/03/2011 12:04 am

    Hello, Arva! SO nice to meet you. I know your talent is in ART!~ Wow, how impressive. Thanks for the lovely interview with Arva, as these interviews just keep getting more attention.

    • 22/03/2011 8:18 am

      Thank you Jackie for your comment. I appreciate it and have enjoyed all the interviews to date… Yes, Arva’s art is quite good! 🙂

  2. 18/03/2011 12:11 am

    Hau Koda, Arva! Hello Friend, (Santee Sioux) It is refreshing to see some positive energy, we can all use a little sunshine, and your smile is positively radiant!

    Keep smiling, Arva and happy blogging!

    • 22/03/2011 8:20 am

      Hi Stella,
      I would love to give you an award but I can’t seem to find your blog, only your store… Please advice and thanks again for stopping by to support Arva!
      Sunshine and smiles = Happy moments. 🙂

  3. 18/03/2011 3:36 am





    • 22/03/2011 8:30 am

      Thanks Arva,
      I enjoyed our exchange and I like your attitude of grace and joy; much needed in these chaotic times. 🙂

  4. 18/03/2011 4:02 am

    This is a great interview with Arva – isn’t she a wonderful person? Her smile is so infectious, and she is such a positive person.

    • 22/03/2011 8:31 am

      Thanks Barb, She has that warm smile that you also have …
      I like the energy too. 🙂

  5. 18/03/2011 2:27 am

    thank you for featuring Arva; she has actually some very difficult weeks in Manama, Bahrein, because the Arab youth protests have their clash on the streets with military and police. She’s wise in these days of chaos. I tried to write a tribute to her.

    • 22/03/2011 8:29 am

      Yes, I understand the dynamics of what’s going on and how she wanted to present herself… Got to be diplomatic these days right? We can leave it at that and know that her interview focused on her and stayed away from the drama…
      Good points Frizztext 😉

  6. 18/03/2011 7:14 am

    Love this feature in your blog! It is nice to “get to know” other bloggers. Avra, what a breath of fresh air you are! I’m checking out your blog as soon as I get off here.
    Elizabeth, thanks again for this feature in your blog. Quite interesting and enjoyable.

    • 22/03/2011 8:35 am

      Hi Cecelia,
      I hope you get to read this because I’m always looking for new people to add to the weekly interviews . Please let me know if you’re interested… Would be glad to feature you too. 🙂

  7. 18/03/2011 8:50 am

    What a charming and positive young woman. Nice choice Elizabeth! She makes me want to smile more.

    • 22/03/2011 8:37 am

      I was about to say didn’t I reply to this comment when I realized it was a different Barb… I must be tired now… Lol!
      Yes, she is a happy lady with a great smile. 🙂

  8. 18/03/2011 9:43 am

    They say you can even know when someone is smiling over the phone…and it’s true! Here, through her writing, we can feel Arva’s smile…she and I are on the same page in that respect. 🙂
    What an uplifting happy choice, Eliz…much needed after a week of seeing so much tragedy and sadness in the news.
    I’ll hop over and read her blog and say hello.

    • 22/03/2011 8:40 am

      Do so Viv… Arva is a lotus in the pond… rising above the chaos. With all the events that are shaking us to our core throughout the world, we do need to force ourselves to find the light… It is easy to fall into the sadness… 😉 Something to be aware of…

  9. 18/03/2011 11:59 am

    Hi Arwa.
    I read the recognition and appreciation that you have received with such a thoughtful blog. I am proud of being associated to your blog and get an insight of your perspectives. I am sure your views on different matters will give new ways to wonderful ideas.

    Waiting for more posts from you.

    • 22/03/2011 8:41 am

      Thank you Azra for stopping by to support Avra… I appreciate it very much. Do you have a blog too? Let me know and I’ll stop by and say hello. 🙂

  10. 18/03/2011 12:25 pm

    Thanks for the intro to Arva, Eliz! Love these posts of yours.

    Arva ~ Happiness is a wonderful focus to have. And smiling . . . sends out good vibrations. Thanks for making the world a better place.

    • 22/03/2011 8:43 am

      Thanks for supporting Arva too… She is a lovely breath of fresh air and her blog is insightful 🙂

  11. 18/03/2011 1:09 pm

    Wonderful! Thank you Arva and Eliz!! A bright spot in my day!!

    • 22/03/2011 8:44 am

      Thank you too Rosa for your lovely artistic endeavors! 🙂

  12. 18/03/2011 10:11 pm

    Hi Arva

    Congratulations on being “Featured Blogger”. Elizabeth has a special way of making everyone feel better about themselves. Her inspirational words for encouragement and her creative writing style bares much about her.
    I visited your blog, left a comment-and Iwill return. You have a lovely blog.
    Happy Blogging !! 🙂

    • 22/03/2011 8:47 am

      Thank you Penny, you are such a trooper; always reaching out to others. I truly appreciate your friendship and I look forward to featuring you too… Hope all is going well on the new assignments. 🙂

  13. 19/03/2011 8:29 am

    So nice to meet Arva!
    I really enjoyed the following comment:
    “Blogging helps me bring my thoughts and ideas in front of my eyes.”
    I’ve been trying to figure out why I like blogging so much, and I think that expresses one of the reasons.

    • 22/03/2011 8:49 am

      Yes, I loved that line too as it brings a great visual to the fore and; our ideas are sifted through our blogging. 🙂

  14. 27/03/2011 6:49 am

    Hi Avra,
    How wonderful to meet you! I agree, not only are you a beautiful young lady you are a breath of fresh air. Smiles…Oooo! Your right nothing makes a day more enjoyable than a great big smile. 🙂 Done right it can be contagious! 🙂 Love the baby pic. You have a beautify country.

    • 29/03/2011 2:57 am

      Yes, she is a breath of fresh air… thanks for checking in Soapbird. 😉


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