October 10

10.10.10: No Questions, Quotes or Qualms…

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Woman – The Quintessence. Quiet. Queen… in all forms

The pure and concentrated essence of a substance.
I want to sit for a while without judgment, speculation or hearsay.
No questions, quotes or qualms about the meeting.
We spend too much time speculating about each other, looking for ways to damage each other…

Bedouin Woman by JodiCobb
Wodaabe Bride by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher
A Geisha in Shadow by Jodi Cobb
Afghanistan-Hazara by Steve McCurry

Yet, I don’t know you. You are a stranger to me. You were a stranger … Until Now
Your prettied face and rouged lips might hide the pain, the fear, the wonder… But I see it in your eyes.
These are my sisters. I met them long before they became brides.
Some, before they joined their lovers on the other side.

Mursi Tribeswoman Ethiopia by Jodi Cobb
Moroccan Bride by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher
Paduang Woman by Cherie Faiella

If I walked you home after the ritual bath… I was advised to hold my head up high
Your clanging jewels, trinkets, rudraksha seeds, weighed you down … Come, hold my hand.
As you walked to receive your crown… I was there. I was there to remind you to hold your head up high
I was there walking with you… a real woman defends her clan.

Karuna at Rest
Serbia Fashion by Igor Markov
Brazil-Salgueiros Parader by Nelson Antoine/fotoarena/latin content/getty images
Bridal Procession...by Antonino Puppi

Share Your thoughts & Enjoy the shots. Thank you.♥

All Photos: Bedouin Woman by Jodi Cobb,Wodaabe Bride by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, A Geisha in Shadow by Jodi Cobb, Afghanistan-Hazara by Steve McCurry, Mursi Tribeswoman Ethiopia by Jodi Cobb, Moroccan Bride by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Paduang Woman by Cherie Faiella, Serbia Fashion by Igor Markov, Brazil-Salgueiros Parader by Nelson Antoine/fotoarena/latin content/getty images, Bridal Procession…by Antonino Puppi via National Geographic

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank


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  • Wow. Today I’m wrapping up ‘Girl’s Weekend’ at the beach and celebrating the importance of wonderful women in my life. These images are at once beautiful and yet frightening. It’s hard to believe what we do to ourselves in the name of…what?

    It’s also breast cancer awareness month, and when you see the events that have evolved over years to beat this disease you can feel the strength of so many women.

    Cherish your girlfriends and be kind to one another. Peace.
    Thanks Eliz for a thought provoking post.

  • Love it! You are working on new ways of communicating and I love it.
    Yes we are all sisters no matter our story. I love your last line about a real woman defending her clan, so true and more needed. Woman need to champion each other more. Especially this month with the focus on breast cancer awareness. Keep going! Very provocative.

  • Some of the photos made me sad. The brides look so young; like children. Your prose is especially beautiful. Good job.

  • How is your workshop going? Where are your team members?
    I love the message of this post; succinct and true.

  • Powerful post. The photos are beautiful. They illustrate the vast differences and similarities of women around the world. BTW, I’m a We♥Wordpress Team member, and I’m following you via rss. Happy a wonderful day!

  • Like Rose Casanova said. “Some of the brides look so young; like children.” That makes me sad.
    But the portraits are very interesting and I totally agree with Bree’s comment.

    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog too and leaving a comment. My guestblogger left a comment answering your comment.

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