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On Love: Valentine’s Day Wishes…

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“Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one which is loved.” Christopher Paul Rubero

The Rising Sun by Imran Anwar via Flickr

“May the sun bring you new energy by day…” excerpt from an Apache Blessing

Given the chance, most of us would love our most intimate relationships to be deeply affectionate and last forever and ever and… well, you know, for eternity. The fact is that passion wanes when reality sets in and we all need romantic reminders with a bit of positive kismet mixed in; this is why the yearly romantic ritual of celebrating Valentine’s Day fits the bill.
On February 14th, in countries around the world, lovers coo words of affection to each other in honor of Valentine’s Day. According to historical sources, this popular love-fest is held in remembrance of possibly three (3) martyred Saints named Valentine; a priest, a bishop, and a Christian missionary in Africa, and was created by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496.

Other accounts suggest Valentine’s Day is truly in observance of Lupercalia; an ancient rite of fertility and that any ties to the aforementioned saints are merely coincidental. Some believe the tradition grew from the days of Claudius I and the sacrifice young men made in leaving for war instead of staying home to raise a family; the celebration honored a wish those left behind had for the safe return of their beloved.

“May the moon softly restore you by night …  May the rain wash away your worries…” 

A Full Moon by Swobodin via Flickr

Regardless of the myth and mystery around its origins in Ancient Rome, what we do know is that the tradition has remained popular since the 19th century when the first valentine love note-cards where given in Britain. The notion, in some circles, was that the cards would serve as a sort of promissory note of fidelity for both the giver and the recipient. Of course, if most of us had the prescience to know a lover from a lout, we’d all select partners who will lavish us with love all year round; not just on the 45th day of the year.

In the USA, Esther Howland is credited with developing the first Valentine’s Day card business in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1847. The cards were meant to help people to stop bitching and start loving. By the 1950s, the exchange of cards grew to include roses and chocolates in red heart boxes. The diamond cartels joined the commercialization bandwagon in the 1980s by making a gift of jewelry another cherished way to celebrate the day. The millennium and the growth of the internet brought a new tradition in digital cards and online gift giving. Today, the celebrations include music, parties, trips, extravagant gifts and wining/dinning limited only by our imagination and point of view.

More Below!

““May the breeze blow new strength into your being … May you walk gently through the world and…”

A Nature Walk Pt Reyes by Mike SFArea via Wunderground

♥Forever – featuring Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem♥
Okay… just enjoy the musical interlude, will ya?
*See Video Disclaimer Below

Naturally, the business of hawking love on Valentine’s Day has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. According to The U.S. Greeting Card Association’s figures, people send out over one billion valentines cards every year; second only to Christmas cards mailed worldwide. Red roses remain the most popular flower given, closely followed by chocolates, fine jewelry and sexy lingerie. Doves are also considered important symbols of love and are often featured with red hearts on Valentine’s Day cards. Nevertheless, when all the marketing is said and done, people want meaningful, honest rapport and intimacy with a cherished partner; everything else is ancillary as every heart wishes for true love.

The impressive sales figures (over $1B in sales) show that, aside from February being historically a month celebrating love and the pursuit of emotional happiness, finding fulfillment and acknowledgment in a loving partnership remains an elusive, heartfelt human wish.

“May your heart know its beauty all the days of your life…” excerpt from an Apache Blessing

Waiting for Love…

Here’s a Valentine’s Day Prayer for you!

A Valentine’s Day Prayer via Jeremiah ~ 31:3
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
with unfailing love I have drawn you to myself
May the unfailing love of God encompass you
and may this Valentine’s Day be filled with love,
understanding and contentment as you journey
through life with those you hold dear!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

May you find unconditional love wherever your heart finds a happy home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are your views about Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts?

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: The Rising Sun by Imran Anwar ~ via Flickr, A Full Moon by Swobodin ~ via Flickr, Pt Reyes by Mike SFArea ~ via Wunderground, Waiting for Love from my Personal Collection.

Until Next Time…
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Elizabeth Obih-Frank

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  1. Bree permalink
    15/02/2010 2:02 am

    Hey, this is an informative post with wry humor and very useful tidbits included. I love the video and the way you add certain not so cutesy information. Thank you.

    • 20/12/2010 12:27 pm

      Glad you liked it… I will start limiting my use of videos and just add links to most. 🙂

  2. Bree permalink
    15/02/2010 12:17 pm

    I enjoeyd this very much especially the way you addede the blessings with photos and then gave us that rocking Drake and co number. Thst was great and made me smile. I love the humor in this one got the sense we need to see the suprises in loving and go for it without being so serious! Thanks again.

    • 20/12/2010 12:31 pm

      Thank you B. I love that Drake song too… Pity I can no longer add it directly to my blog 🙂

  3. 16/02/2010 9:29 pm

    Thanks for your comments B. Always a pleasure to read your point of view. 😉

  4. Cassie permalink
    19/02/2010 1:20 pm

    Love the post and glad you added that rap too. It is hot! Happy Belated V-Day!

    • 20/12/2010 12:33 pm

      Yeah, Forever by Drake is a great song… Go watch it on YouTube. 😉

  5. tbaoo permalink
    15/02/2011 4:38 am

    bar humbug, oops sorry, that’s the wrong retailers bonanza – 😉

  6. 16/02/2011 3:20 am

    Oh Alan… You make me laugh! I’m not sure why the Xmas genie popped up his head but I’ll say hello back to him… Thanks for visiting! You, my lone ranger from the bloghop… 😉

  7. 28/01/2015 11:51 am

    Reblogged this on Mirth and Motivation and commented:

    As we wrap up the month of January, and head for the romantic month of February, Valentine’s Day is on many minds. Whether you plan to celebrate it or not, it can’t hurt to learn a bit about its origins. Love is an every day affair. We can celebrate it today, tomorrow and on that day. Have a wonderful and productive day!

  8. 28/01/2015 7:27 pm

    I love Valentine’s. We’ve never been really romantic but lately I’ve been hinting at a nice romantic and quiet Valentine’s. We always stick in and don’t do much so we will see. I just want to hang out together!

    • 28/01/2015 10:30 pm

      It would be wonderful to do something romantic and different… That could be the lift everyone needs this season. 🙂

  9. 28/01/2015 11:49 pm

    Some fascinating bits of history here, but its a pity that it’s become so commercial, a heartfelt note written by hand would mean so much more!

  10. 29/01/2015 4:18 am

    lovely post…I have my youngest Grandchild on my mind…he was almost a Valentine baby…but, came on the 13th…He will always be mine!(valentine)

  11. 29/01/2015 4:08 pm

    Hi Eliz, enjoyed the photos, history of Valentine’s, and especially the Jeremiah verse.

    • 29/01/2015 7:53 pm

      Thank you Tracy! Glad you liked it. It was a post from 2010 and I re-posted because I felt the information would be helpful 🙂


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