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Vogue VIP Subscription: A Review

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“I want ‘Vogue’ to be pacy, sharp, and sexy – I’m not interested in the super-rich or infinitely leisured. I want our readers to be energetic executive women, with money of their own and a wide range of interests…”  Anna Wintour

Vogue VIP Subscription: A Review
Vogue VIP Subscription: A Review

An Introduction to the first members-only program with special access to the world of Vogue: Sometime last year, I received an email from REVOLVE inviting me to check out the Vogue VIP Subscription and join a legion of fashionistas as a subscriber. I thought about it for a while and set the email aside. Another reminder email came a few days later and so, I decided to take a closer look. Now, you might wonder why I would be interested in such a thing given that I’m not an all out fashion blogger, right? Yes, I considered the idea too, and decided it was just the right thing for me to do; it’s a way to reconnect with a world I know quite well… I’ve always been a fashionista and back in my London days, I followed the trends and all the classic/traditional and up and coming designers religiously. When I moved to NY, I kept up my love for fashion and, like every starry eyed fashionista, I went to shows and dropped my earnings on gorgeous designer duds and accessories. I had many friends in the fashion world and did some modeling gigs on the side until my dad and other demands put a stop to it all… But I digress.

With the followup email, I decided to jump right in and sign up for the Vogue VIP Membership and haven’t looked back. Give it a try if you want to reconnect or stay connected to the movers and shakers of the fashion world, and enjoy some very special perks too. When my first gift arrived, I was impressed by how beautifully packaged the items were; the welcome note from Anna Wintour was like a cool breeze on a hot summer night. I adore the clutch by Clare V which is a deep black plush suede purse that folds over and can be carried with a few extra items in it. The magazines are choc-a-bloc with lots of newsy stories and fashion updates in lieu of NY Fashion week that is going on as I write. I am enjoying all of it and the gifts keep showing up! Besides my welcome box, I have received a personalized notepad, a beautiful calendar and promises of more goodies down the road. What do you get for the $200 per year membership? Included with your subscription comes the following:

A limited-edition Clare V. x Vogue clutch
Monthly Facebook Live Q&As with Vogue editors
A one-year subscription to Vogue, plus a six-month gift subscription to share
Special issues, including It Girl Style
Exclusive gifts, offers and experiences
All presented with a welcome message from Anna Wintour, Condé Nast Artistic Director and Editor in Chief of Vogue

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“…There is a new kind of woman out there. She’s interested in business and money.”  Anna Wintour

Vogue VIP Subscription: A Review
Vogue VIP Subscription: A Review

More On Vogue VIP: One thing that I don’t talk about much on this blog is my life long love of fashion; from haute couture to new designers, and to the kings/queens of the accessory world, I’ve always stayed informed of the goings and comings in the fashion world. I worked in retail at Saks Fifth Avenue for a number of years and got to see fashion shows and designers come and go. I’ve also amassed my share of clothing and accessories from many of the designers; even some vintage pieces too. One of my best friends is a designer and, of course, we often talk about fashion and, once in a while, we meet up for those special one-off sample sales in NYC. This subscription is a reentry of sorts to an arena I’ve always loved. As a member, you’d get to enjoy limited-edition designer collaborations, exclusive content from the Vogue editors and more, all for just $200 per year.

Frankly, the goodies I’ve received so far have more than paid for the subscription. Plus, it’s a terrific way to learn and enjoy all that the creative and fantastic world of fashion can offer. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this would make for a special gift to someone you love. Why not give it as a gift of love?  Take a look and if this appeals to you, don’t hesitate to jump right in like I did. If it doesn’t call your name, share it with a fashion forward friend or two. Me? I’m loving it. Grade: A+ What are your thoughts?

Positive Motivation Tip: Stay creative and explore all your interests… Style is forever

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos: From Revolve, Vogue VIP and my Personal Collection

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  • I haven’t thought of Vogue in years and I used to read it often. I don’t know why I stopped. Now I’m wondering why I did. I think I will pick up a copy.

  • I think it’s a lovely subscription especially if you’d like to get to know fashion more. I think it’s a great way to stay updated with the trends and get some freebies as well!

  • Good thing you give it a try and there is nothing wrong to try new things and besides, the subscription items was astounding. It was a great deal leaving your comfort zone to explore and gain new things that once draw your interest.

  • I used to read Vogue several years back. I have gotten out of the fashion mags anymore and read more like Better Homes and Gardens anymore. But, Vogue was one of my favorites for fashion tips.

  • This is a subscription box that I would love! How unique and special it would be to receive it in the mail!

  • How cool, I love Vogue and the trendy content they publish. This really comes handy thanks for the special offer =)

  • I would have never guessed that you were into fashion. Maybe time to so some fashion posts

  • I had no idea that Vogue had a VIP Membership. I really love that clutch. It has a simple yet stylish look.

  • i would like to try the subscription! it looks very interesting, i have the same pouch at home.

  • I love Vogue! It is so much more than just fashion. They have amazing articles written by such articulate people, and it helps me find inspiration for a lot in my life. I will have to try the VIP subscription.

  • The $200 expense definitely makes sense to people who read Vogue or are interested in fashion.

  • Vogue is the most chic fashion magazine out there by far. I think Anna has managed to evolve it into the fashion-savvy business woman’s magazine. I love the luxurious look of the VIP packaging.

  • I’m always so tempted to get these subscription boxes but at the same time, I feel like they’re not worth it. I get excited to get them but most often than not, I’m usually let down considering the amount of money I spent! The Vogue box looks good tho, I’d definitely be happy with that one!

  • Looks like the goodies are worth the price of the subscription! Having a Q&A Facebook chat with the editors is a very cool perk!

  • I didn’t know Vogue had a VIP subscription. It looks like it comes with a lot of great perks! I like keeping up with the fashion industry, even though I personally rarely get out of my pajamas, lol.

  • That’s cool. That’s totally cool!!! The clutch looks super stylish and I love its packaging!!!

  • Vogue is a magazine I have never read. Glad you are enjoying you subscription to the magazine. I have never been one for fashion, so it isn’t something I will be picking up anytime soon.

  • I didn’t even know these existed, and I didn’t know you have background in the retail industry. I used to write for a retail publication years ago, and it’s always fascinated me how much goes into planning every single item placed on the showroom floor.

  • So glad this subscription has paid off for you in such a great way! Sometimes you just need to indulge the little quiet parts of your personality – let them grow, and see how YOU blossom.

  • Vogue VIP subscription sounds like a perfect gift for people who love fashion! I really like that the subscription also includes a six-month gift subscription to share.

  • I love looking at fashion. I’m too practical to actually stick with it. This would make an excellent gift for a fashion friend I know

  • i didn’t know that Vogue VIP was a thing. I’m glad you enjoy it and get something out of it.

  • I love the variety that subscription boxes offer. VogueVIP looks like it has some good offerings.

  • I am sending this to my hubby as a hint to get it for me for Valentine’s Day. I love the gift they sent you too, it’s so pretty! I’m glad you like it! I hope I can get VIP soon.

  • You got me interested to avail of a Vogue VIP subscription. I love all the perks and freebies that go with signing up. I’m going to check this one out. BTW, I love that clutch bag!

  • I haven’t checked in with Vogue for a while but I’m so glad to see that they are moving in the direction of empowering women in business. Women want so much more now than just to look good, it’s all about building an empire and making an impact on society. The box would seriously make a great gift!!

  • My mom’s jaw will drop if she saw this. I’m going to bookmark this to her account’s web browser. She’s hooked into designer’s bag. She will like this.

  • I’ve been following vogue on youtube because I like how fashion is beyond class but more on creativity and expressing self. However, I find the brands luxurious and unattainable to the general public.

  • What a fantastic subscription box! I’m not a fashionista myself but I agree this would make a great V-Day gift for those who are.

  • I’m not all that much into fashion magazines, as they do not usually include fashion for plus size women, But I have a daughter-in-law who would really enjoy this subscription! Her birthday is coming up. I think that this might make a good gift for her.

  • Oh i love you Positive Motivation Tip! “Stay creative and explore all your interests… Style is forever.” this is really a motivation for me! Lets explore!

  • Subscriptions seem to be everything these days. That’s cool that Vogue is cashing in on it. And yeah, this post is quite different than your normal ones but that’s okay! It’s cool to see a different side of you!

  • I’ve only ever owned one copy of Vogue magazine and that was back when I was 16. My grandmother had just passed away, and my mother, in a bid to help cheer me up, bought a fashion magazine. I remember it was absolutely packed full of adverts and perfume samples, lol! I should maybe buy another magazine and see if it’s changed at all (I’m 40 now!).

  • We have so many subscription options these days and the Vogue VIP Subscription looks interesting too with so many nice goodies. The Monthly Facebook Live activity sounds amazing and this is really an affordable package to go with for an year!

  • I can’t believe that this is the first time I’ve heard of this from Vogue, what a great idea for a gift for someone, and it’s great that you feel you get your moneys worth!

  • If you want to be up to date in the world of fashion, vogue is a good subscription. They have the latest trends and designs.

  • I didn’t know they made something like this! I love to read Vogue and going to have to check this out. I love fashion.

  • That clutch is gorgeous! I didn’t even know Vogue had a VIP subscription so this is news to me. I might have to check this out.

  • Vogue is such an iconic magazine but I had no idea that there was such thing as a VIP subscription that is so cool!

  • I have not given Vogue much thought lately. I had grown tired of what I considered uber-busy pages with only bits of information here and there, never a true discussion of anything. I’m also not a fashionista. But I have always admired (and been intrigued by!) people who have that “je ne sais quoi” about them. I promise to give the magazine another chance this month! For you!

  • I find it interesting how many subscription boxes there are available now, I personally do not like them or want any, but I can definitely see the allure. (<– haha!)
    As a mom, I don't value magazines as much as I once did either, but it was a fun peek inside another box, thank you so much for the breakdown.

  • OMG Vogue has a VIP program? I def need to look into this, that little bag is adorable!

  • Aww that’s so sweet ! I used to have a subscription but I have an issue with keeping things and they took too much space ! I gotta look into this again ! I love clothes and fashion! 🙂

  • i love vogue. i always have my mom used to subscribe when i was young and i always loved just starring at the magazines. they were/are always so glam

  • That’s great you decided to do a fashion post. When I first started my blog it was about fashion only. 3 years later I decided to blog about everything that I like. The Vogue VIP Subscription is amazing! I really like the special issues and exclusive gifts offers. 🙂

  • I’ll look for Vogue at my next haircut as that’s the only time I devour magazines. Otherwise too busy & prefer getting my news online …

  • Vogue was one of my favorite magazines when I was younger. I love the idea of getting subscription boxes and gifting them. I have gotten several different kinds in the past, and I have been introduced to so many new products.

  • I was just thinking that reaching out to Vogue subscribers would be a good way for businesses to get the word out about their product to ‘influencers’. Win-win all around.

  • Vogue definitely is one of my favorite magazines! VIP subscription sounds like a great idea.

    xx, Kusum

  • The clutch looks simple yet sophisticated and chic. This will be a great opportunity for fashionistas to get exclusive items from Vogue.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  • I had no idea that Vogue had this type of subscription. But then again, I haven’t read a copy of vogue in years. Will have to start reading it again. The subscription sounds like a great deal.

  • “Stay creative and explore all interests….” Now THAT is a line I can live by. I’m not into fashion, like at all. But I’ll tell you what, my daughters would be in love with this magazine subscription.

  • I have wanted to try this out! I can’t wait to see what all you get over the year. I love that Claire V bag… it is one of my favorite designers.

  • I am into fashion and I think Vogue is the best fashion magazines of all time! I didn’t know there is Vogue subscription box, I definitely should check out if it is available in my country!

  • Wow! This is just perfect! VOGUE VIP come to my country pretty please 🙂 It’s fun to try new things, I am so jealous ha-ha 😀

  • I am so hopeless at fashion. I admire fashion and love beautiful clothing but I will never be a fashionista unfortunately. This subscription, however, looks like something that is a wonderful thing for those who have even a vague interest in fashion and those who are fashionistas should definitely be checking this out. The goodies your received were well worth the price you paid for the yearly price!

  • Cool, the contents of this subscription sounds like a good deal, worth more than the $200. Seems like you made a good buy, fashionista!

  • I love monthly subscriptions, it helps me to keep updated on what’s hot and not.

    Mhaan |

  • How fun! I haven’t read Vogue in a long time. I wouldn’t mind getting this. I always like to see what is in style even though I know I’ll never wear it.

  • Wow, this seems like a good subscription. I’m definitely going to look into it cause I’ve never heard of it. It seems like you got yourself a great deal.

  • Ha.. don’t think Vogue is my cup of tea but let me know if you get any special deals on Amateur Photographer magazine.

  • I didn’t realise that Vogue had a VIP subscription but it looks like a great deal. I wonder how many other magazines have a similar deal if any?

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