August 21

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day

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“If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.” Cavett Robert

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day - A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day – A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day - A good day of shooting flora on the aqueduct as I took a long walk
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day – A good day of shooting flora on the aqueduct and in town as I took a long walk.

You have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger. The bad days make you realize what a good day is. If you never had any bad days, you would never have that sense of accomplishment! Aly Raisman

Every day is a good day and today was a particularly great day! When I saw the theme for our photo challenge, I immediately thought about my walks on the Croton Aqueduct and all the beautiful flora and fauna I see along the way. My journey takes me through three villages and, now and again, I stop to look at the store windows and container plants ensconced on a balcony in front of me. It is a relaxing, therapeutic walk and many a creative post has simmered as I strolled through nature and the three little villages on the Hudson. I also decided to explore a wonderful new photo display feature – Mesh – that Automattic has created for us and I hope you will scroll through and look at the pictures I added to the mix.


“Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not.” Marty Robbins

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day - A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day – A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day - A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day – A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk

On a good day I think I’m handsome, on an average day I’m average. I’m a man’s man so I don’t necessarily know how cute we’re supposed to be. Cee Lo Green

Every time I spend in nature feels like a healing balm slathered all over my body in a Spa. I love the quiet on the trail; the gentle breeze that caresses me as I walk; the occasional exchange with a familiar friendly face; and the ever-changing landscape, as new flowers spring up, and a deer, squirrel, dog, stray cat or even a raccoon stops to stare. It is a journey to the self and a great way to regroup and prepare for the day ahead. The dappled sun shinning through the tree tops always reminds me of the beauty and power of light … and for that, I am grateful for every single good day!


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“I believe, I believe every day is a good day when you paint.” Bob Ross

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day - A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day – A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day - A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day – A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day - A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk
Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day – A good day of photography on the aqueduct as I took a long walk

I hope you enjoyed the journey with me. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or add a memory of your walks in nature. By the way, the picture of the deer was taken from my kitchen window. I live in the suburbs, in an area that has protected land for wildlife. Every day I see a deer, wild turkey, birds, squirrels, cats and a host of other small animals passing by my kitchen window. It is this that makes me sad when I see large swats of land cleared of trees, and concrete jungles created in their place. May we always find ways to preserve nature and all that contributes to helping us have Good Days! Have a great weekend!

My fellow bloggers were equally creative with their selections. Check out how others interpreted the theme – Today Was A Good Day  – below.

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge:  Today Was A Good Day –  For this week’s photo challenge, select and share a series of photographs. You can piece together what you consider an ideal day, recount a memorable day, tell a (visual) story, or show us some of your favorite things. In a Mesh gallery, show us what makes you happy. Share your ideal day, recount a memorable day in the past, or share your favorite things. Display your photos any way you wish: a Mesh gallery, a normal gallery, or a series of images, one after another in your post.

Positive Motivation Tip: Every day is a good day and we can make it a great day… the choice is ours to make.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos copyrighted and from my Personal Collection.

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
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  • What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place to explore. I love to see everything in bloom this time of year. And I love the quote about how missing a day would really turn around your perspective.

  • Oh! Such beauties from Mother Nature…wonderful clicks… 🙂 You made my day a good one with these photos… 🙂

  • Great galleries. Very good interpretation of the challenge, I really enjoyed looking at your post. By far one of the better entries I’ve looked at so far.

  • Beautiful flowers will always help to improve my mood. it’s a distraction from real life sometimes.

  • Today was a good day – I just love this! Before I go to bed every night it’s one of the things that pop in my head. No matter how it went (how hectic, complicated, messy), it will always be a good day in the end. What a nice reminder to reflect on. There is always something to be grateful for. Have a great weekend!

  • Today was a good day for me, too. I spent time with my babies and that is always a good day 🙂

  • Refreshing views. These reminds me of home. The verdant fields, the colorful flowers, the long straight road – dusty yet beautiful road leading to home. How I miss the place. If only I can go home right now.

  • There are a few nature parks nearby I just don’t visit often enough. I’m hoping my daughter will take some trips out there with me.

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful as always! The photos are always nice on your blog! Thanks for this weekly movitation.

  • You’re so lucky the flowers are still in bloom. Most of ours have wilted in the late Summer sun.

  • Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for this inspiring post. I was upset last night because no one (not anyone!) in my family would be able to go with me to the hospital for a minor surgery (lumpectomy). It may have been a bad day for me, but I would be looking forward to better days once this lump on my back is removed.

    • I wish you a speedy recovery Eileen. I have had some health concerns too and that is why I’m just moderating the over 1000 comments I received on my blog posts. Take good care of yourself my friend. We love our family members even when they piss us off. Ha! That is life <3

  • Fab to see your beautiful pics , excellent presentation. Only seen on phone so far but still look wonderful 🙂 Deer – do they ever wander onto the house? We have squirrels to watch sometimes and sometimes see a fox 🙂

  • Its not fair to have just a regular point and shooter when you are up against with a DSLR. Even with the new breakthroughs found in smartphones where its camera eccentric doesn’t fare well against it. But regardless you can always tell and no hardware can beat a person with a good eye!

    • True… However, all my photos are taken with a variety of camera choices including my smartphone. Sometimes my DSLR takes lousy photos and sometimes my Smartphone takes awesome photos. it all depends… on lighting conditions, subject matter, etc, etc.. TY! 🙂

  • Oh, I hate to see trees being cut, too. These are beautiful images you’ve shared with us today. I especially like the flower photos.

  • Those flowers are beautiful! I especially love the fact that most of them are purple LOL

  • Your pictures are gorgeous! Makes me want to go out and walk in a beautiful garden. So lovely!

  • lovely choice of photos! i could spent the entire day walking with those scenery! and there’s a cute deer too! reminds me of bambi!

  • That is an awesome quote from Cavett Robert to start with. And as you always do, these are some wonderful pictures that are unique & beautiful. Every day is a good day as long as you keep yourself in a positive state of mindset. Thanks for inspiring.

  • As always I love your photos. I follow you on instagram and you always take amazing shots. I would love to be a part of the photo challenge. I’m looking into getting a different lens for my camera as you told me on instagram “it’s all about the lens you use” Your photos are inspiring and I cant wait to be apart of a challenge like this. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. I also loved the quotes you put throughout your post.

  • These photos are so pretty! My weekly photos would be of my kids since I have a newborn at home and we don’t go anywhere fun yet!! haha! <3 Christine

  • Really beautiful photos, I need to take more pictures of our surroundings! I always seem to be taking pictures of people! x

  • Good for you, you’re having a good day! 😀 I should say me too. LOL. Nice views you got there. It looks like you are enjoying the view outside. Nature always looks peaceful. 🙂

  • I like photos of flowers, of nature, of sunshine. For me, that constitutes a good day – a relaxing one that can be best enjoyed with nature. Add to that the birds chirping in the background, symbolizing their freedom, where they can fly freely and not be harmed.

  • The place looks very calm and great for picnics 🙂 Again, great photos from you. Weekly photo challenge seems like a great idea although I don’t have a great camera.

  • Some beautiful photos, and I love the quotes – so uplifting and positive

  • Nature views are love! I always look forward to days when I’m being sent elsewhere for work because I know that my workplace would mean being greeted by trees, being embraced by beautiful landscapes, and if I get lucky, there’ll be mountainscapes too … normal city days then become great as well.

  • Agree! A day can be good and better depending on how you make it! The area you live is so beautiful. Witnessing the beauty of wildlife… don’t be sad, but celebrate that they are still around

  • These are all indeed gorgeous photos. I love walking in the woods and do it a lot to just take in the beauty of nature. It makes my day to see nature at it’s best. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh wow these are all very lovely photos! Makes me want to get outdoors and enjoy nature!

  • There is always something good that happens even when you feel it had been a bad day. It is just up to us to look for it at the end of the day and be thankful to the Lord for that blessing, however small it may seem. – Fred

  • i always treat each day as another day of blessing from God and i feel blessed everyday to wake up and witness His wonderful creations…

  • You always pick great quotes to go along with your posts. I am an optimist, so I tend to think that every day is a good day.

  • I love to walk among nature weekly. It’s so great to get out and breathe fresh air, beautiful pictures.

  • Today is a good day, indeed. Somehow makes me think of the movie ground hog day – when a day repeats itself and you basically lose a day everyday. Indeed, think about losing a day.

  • Today was a good day for me as I got just enough work done and caught a Sunday afternoon snooze on my couch. 🙂

  • I LOVE the flowers among the rest especially the white and pink petals. They look gorgeous.

  • I just visited our Botanical Gardens a few days ago and these pics are just as gorgeous – I love being out in nature especially since I live in such a city as NYC

  • I love spending time with nature. It’s so peaceful and it makes you admire its raw beauty and simplicity

  • Awesome flower photos. I like that.. Good day, guess, even a bad day is a prelude to a very good day. Its all on how you approach each situations coming your way.

  • What beautiful pictures! I miss that kind of greenery around me. Thank you for sharing your walk with us.

  • Oh how lucky you are to have a deer outside your kitchen window. Such a wonderful and heartwarming experience. I love your photos.

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  • Beautiful photos. That little fawn is so sweet and I love all the foliage. Great Photo Challenge.

  • Awww, the baby deer. So sweet. Great photos — flowers are my favorite subject. Or maybe food? Or my dog? Nope…. it’s flowers. 🙂

  • Today is a good day! My reports are in, my deliverables have all been completed. I am home, had a good dinner, and looking forward to a good night’s rest. Yes, today IS a GOOD DAY!

  • Gorgeous photos! My grandfather used to say “Every day that you are above ground is a good day”!

  • As far as I’m concerned, every single day is a good day that we are here. Being alive daily is such a blessing.

  • While it doesn’t happen every night, I like when I go to bed and think to myself “today was a good day.” Now you’ve made me reconsider this… *every* day is a good day.

  • These are such beautiful pictures! everyday is really a great day when you look at beauty in this manner.

  • They say that when you’re feeling stressed, go out and spend five minutes appreciating the nature. Looking at the greens and a few whiffs of fresh air will make you feel relaxed right away. No wonder you feel like it’s a healing balm slathered all over your body.

  • The photos are beautiful. I am ready for some cooler temperatures. It’s been dry here since June too so some rain would be awesome.

  • Your posts are some of the most inspiring on all the blogs I read! I love that you took me along with you on your nature walk and seeing the little deer made my day! I too enjoy nature immensely and one can NOT think there is not beauty in this world when we get back to nature! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts!

  • I love this post. Some days I have a hard time remembering to pave my own way and start fresh. Thank you for motivating me to make today great!

  • This is a great motivational post about staying positive and making sure every day is a good day. I love how you enjoy the beauty in the simple things of live. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when I’m having a not-so-great day!

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