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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

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“Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

Green–The symbol of growth, renewal, and the rebirth of plant life (sometimes all life) on earth; an expression of fertility, freshness, youth as well as inexperience. It is the color of paper money. Some mixtures suggest envy, jealousy, guilt, disease, or terror. Green light is otherworldly because we experience almost no natural green light. via

Green = Rebirth = Life: For last week’s challenge on renewal, I added some information I found while researching the term. Some of it had to do with the color – Green. As I pointed out in that post, Green is one of the first signs of life in nature. It provides a canvas for the many shades of colors competing for our attention, and brings a sense of balance and lushness to an environment. Yet, green can also be the color of decay too. Gangrene of the limbs, rotted teeth and mold on food are the flip side of life giving green; they represent shades that can kill us.  Whether we like it or not, green will play a big role in our future. As the debate on climate change continues, we will learn new ways to go green while working to protect our environment and, ultimately, our planet.  Green also goes beyond nature, touching other aspects of life including money.

“For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” Martin Luther

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Green = Refresh = Varied: Even though I’m not big on wearing things green, I have some in my wardrobe. I tend to lean more to dark green shades; teal, hunter, forest, and any of the dark green variety. However, I must admit I own a snazzy fluorescent green jacket that would make a fashionista weep.  A few years ago, when I was experimenting with colored contact lenses, I was tempted to try out a pair in green but it didn’t work out so I settled on a warm caramel brown; it softened my face. When I went looking for more information on shades of green, in addition to the familiar names we all love, I found some of the funniest names out there. I’ve added the list to the last paragraph. Please indulge me and check it out.

“Nature is the true revelation of the Deity to man. The nearest green field is the inspired page from which you may read all that it is needful for you to know.” Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

InDeed Campaign for Nature by Embracing the World: Six Easy Commitments.

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” William Blake

Green = Renew= Love: I love gardening, and the color green is vital to any garden… It is a sign that our effort will soon bear fruit.  When we visit a fertile garden, we notice, rather quickly, that there are so many shades of green; from the lightest pastel to the darkest hue and there’s a reason for all that green. Why all that green?  Remember our biology (botany) class days? The green shade occurs in nature because of a complex chemical known as chlorophyll and its role  in the photosynthesis of plant life.  Nature’s imagination needs science to do its part. It needs us to do our part. If you’ve watered a plant to life, you’d understand the exhilaration that arises when the first shoot or bud or leaf pushes through. More below! Thank you.

“Annihilating all that’s made, To a green thought in a green shade.” Andrew Marvell

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green…

“An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight. The truly wise person is colorblind.” Albert Schweitzer

Green = Revamp= Express: As the holidays approach, let’s all think Green and conserve energy. Here is the full list of names from Wikipedia:  Are we missing any names? Asparagus, Dark green, Fern green, Forest green, Hooker’s green, Jungle green, Laurel green, Light green, Mantis, Moss green, Myrtle, Pale green, Pine green, Sap green, Tea green, Teal, Olive, X11 green, HTML/CSS lime, color wheel green, electric green, pigment green, psychological primary green, Munsell, Army green, Bottle green, Bright green, Brunswick green, Cal Poly Pomona green, Castleton green, Celadon, Dartmouth green, Emerald, Feldgrau, GO Transit green, Green-yellow, Harlequin, Hunter green, India green, Islamic green, Jade, Kelly green, Midnight green, MSU Green, Neon green, North Texas Green, Office Green, Pakistan green, Paris green, Persian green, Rifle green, Sacramento State green, Sea green, UP Forest Green. Do you know what all those shades look like? See Green and Shades of Green.

What are your thoughts? What photos did you share on GREEN to fit the challenge? Was it easy/hard to find photos that supported your perspective on the subject? Were you drawn to certain types of photos for the prompt? Do share? Thank you! 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

*Please bear with me as I continue to catch up on reading and commenting on your blogs… I’m halfway there. Thank you all for your patience! 🙂

My fellow bloggers were equally creative with their selections. I will list some when Zemanta offers them up! I added a few from WP Daily Post below. (I will update it and add more). We all appreciate trackbacks/ping-backs and Likes from fellow bloggers too! Check out how others interpreted the theme – GREEN – also below. ***

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: GREEN   Are you ready for another multi-photo challenge? I bet you are 🙂 This time I made it easy for you, with a color.  Green. For some of you, in the northern hemisphere, you may not be seeing green for a while. Let’s celebrate all things green! Share (many) pictures in a gallery which mean GREEN to you!

Positive Motivation Tip: Renew. Refresh. Resolve to grow … Keep a Green home. 😎

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos from my personal collection.

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet

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  1. 16/11/2012 3:31 pm


    • 18/11/2012 7:13 am

      TY Cindy for checking out my post… As you can tell, I’m a big fan of nature. 😉

  2. 16/11/2012 3:34 pm

    Green is beautiful the colour of life.

    • 18/11/2012 7:14 am

      It is indeed the color of many forms of life. TY 🙂

  3. 16/11/2012 3:35 pm

    Wow! What an incredibly interesting and comprehensive post. Fantastic.

    • 18/11/2012 7:16 am

      Thank you Sueann! I’m big on nature and sometimes take walks to just capture the many ways she thrives. Then I have some accidental green shots too. 😆

  4. 16/11/2012 3:41 pm

    Although our world looks blue from outer space it sure is green down here. Great post. Thanks.

    • 18/11/2012 7:17 am

      It sure is incredibly green and we need to conserve and protect what we have as deforestation continues in some parts of the world.TY! 😉

  5. 16/11/2012 3:53 pm

    Wow! Thank you for a refreshing “green” feast. Such captivating photos, rich colors, and interesting descriptions! I’m so glad you are sending these posts via email and staying in touch.

    • 18/11/2012 7:18 am

      TY Jinnia! What a wonderful surprise to see you here…It’s been awhile and I have to reactivate my blogger blog to stay connected. Will visit you to catch up shortly. 🙂

  6. 16/11/2012 3:56 pm

    Thanks for the pingback – still love the encouragement!

    • 18/11/2012 7:19 am

      TY for stopping by to comment. I enjoy visiting too. 😉

  7. 16/11/2012 4:03 pm

    So many amazing visions in green, :)This is such a wonderful post, Elizabeth. I love all of the quotes, but especially the Martin Luther.

    • 18/11/2012 7:22 am

      TY Adin! I’m a lover of nature and when I went looking, I found so much to add that I had to pare it down… This was uplifting for me.

  8. 16/11/2012 4:05 pm

    So much beautiful green. On my license, it says my eyes are green. They’re really hazel, I suppose, but what the heck! I LOVE green!

    • 18/11/2012 7:23 am

      Hazel sounds beautiful… I wonder how green came into the picture. Did you check tat box by mistake? 🙂 TY!

  9. 16/11/2012 4:45 pm

    I tried green contacts once too. Just wasn’t me, and when you look in the mirror you really do want to see a ‘familiar’ face! I was glad my ophthalmologist let me try a sample pair.
    Love your collages!

    • 18/11/2012 7:25 am

      TY Barbara! 😆 Same here; a friend looked terrific with her green eyes and I thought they would suit me too. Glad I was encouraged to go with what worked.

  10. 16/11/2012 5:03 pm

    What a wide selections for the green theme! They are all so beautiful. Thank you, Elizabeth!

    • 18/11/2012 7:26 am

      TY for your feedback Amy. Will be by to check out your contribution. 😉

  11. 16/11/2012 5:12 pm

    What a fantastic post!

    • 18/11/2012 7:26 am

      TY Julie! I hope you get to participate in this weekly exercise someday. It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

  12. 16/11/2012 5:34 pm

    How beautiful. You have many photos of the green.

    • 18/11/2012 7:27 am

      TY Cocomino! It’s that gardening bug … it flows into other ares too You know what I mean. 😆

  13. 16/11/2012 6:06 pm

    awesome !! ~mkg

    • 18/11/2012 7:30 am

      TY Marilyn… Will check out yours soon. 😉 BTW, add your blog to your gravatar…It makes it easy for people to respond to you by clicking back to your blog. 🙂

  14. 16/11/2012 6:16 pm

    Green is one of my favourite colours (wonder if it’s because I have green eyes, like my mother?)
    It’s the sign of life all around us – nature in all it’s glory and it’s promise of re-birth and renewal.
    Great post and pictures, Eliz!

    • 18/11/2012 7:49 am

      Well said Barb! It is a universal sign of growth and renewal… TY! 🙂

  15. 16/11/2012 6:37 pm

    Wonderful collection and quotes on the meaning of green! Wow! I have no idea how you do separate galleries! Whenever I try it all my pictures end up as one gallery. Is there a special way to do it? Really wonderful effect of the different groups of galleries! 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 7:56 am

      The WP gallery is great and I like the way it blends the photos while retaining decent sizing. You are right about your observation though… When I need to use more than one collage in a post I use pixlr express. TY! 🙂

      • 18/11/2012 2:08 pm

        Hmmm….what is pixlr express? How do you add that to WordPress? I have never heard of it! 🙂

      • 18/11/2012 7:32 pm

        Okay, Pixlr helps you create collages. It’s easy to use; almost intuitive, and once you add your photos and create a collage, you save it in your picture file and then upload it to your blog. Same way you create the WP gallery of multi photos. 🙂

  16. 16/11/2012 7:27 pm

    Green is a very calming color. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    • 18/11/2012 7:52 am

      It is soothing isn’t it? Perhaps that is why I enjoy time in my kitchen; a very soft shade of green. TY! 😉

  17. 16/11/2012 7:40 pm

    This is a fabulous post. Well done – now I know all about green. Excellent for the challenge:)

    • 18/11/2012 7:57 am

      Thank you Dianne! it was fun and I got to revisit a subject dear to my heart… nature. 😉

  18. 16/11/2012 7:44 pm

    Wow you have so many photos! Great post, Eliz 🙂 Green is not actually one of my favorite colours but I do enjoy looking at nature just after monsoon season, the greenery is always fresh and beautiful.

    • 18/11/2012 7:59 am

      TY! I love nature and tend to take photos of it all the time… It is fresh and beautiful. I agree. 😉

  19. 16/11/2012 8:11 pm

    wonderful photos 🙂 green is such a tranquil and inspiring colour 🙂 full of nature and wonder 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 7:58 am

      It is inspiring and sure… that must be part of the attraction for me.;-)

  20. 16/11/2012 9:22 pm

    amazing! great job!

    • 18/11/2012 8:00 am

      How are you Z? TY for your visit! 🙂

      • 18/11/2012 8:18 am

        i am elated to report that i am 100% well again and happy to be catching up! thanks so much! Z

      • 18/11/2012 8:44 am

        Glad to hear you are feeling better. Will be by to catch up on your posts soon. Thank you for the update. Blessings! 🙂

  21. 16/11/2012 9:23 pm

    You always have such a nice display of pictures.

    • 18/11/2012 8:01 am

      TY Jackie! Hope all is well with you and yours. 🙂

  22. 16/11/2012 10:17 pm

    I like how you tried the green contacts…it is nice to have options these days! As always, your collection of photos are amazing…I am still trying to figure out how to set the collages so one collage does not feature the other saved images. Arrgh!
    Love the green tree frog!! 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 8:21 am

      TY Sunshine! This has been a fun exercise and I’m glad with the feedback here. It says something about how we all feel about our planet and nature and its beautiful lifeforms. For now, the WP collage creator, which is beautiful, makes a mono-collage of all our photos. For separate ones, I use pixlr or picasa. 🙂

      • 18/11/2012 4:29 pm

        Thanks, I guess I can stop fretting about doing something wrong on collage with WordPress…haha. 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 7:34 pm

      Yes, you did nothing wrong! 😉

  23. 16/11/2012 11:24 pm

    What a great and informative post you have contribute to the challenge. Bravo.

  24. 17/11/2012 12:26 am

    An incredible post Eizabeth and I love the Thich Nhat Hanh, the real miracle is to walk on earth.

    • 18/11/2012 8:22 am

      TY and every time I read that quote, my heart pauses to take in the power of his message. 🙂

  25. 17/11/2012 1:23 am

    Some stunning photos there Eliz! Had no idea there was an “India Green’!! 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 8:23 am

      TY Madhu ! And some of the other names were a surprise to me too… I was impressed… Fifty Shades of Green! 😉

  26. 17/11/2012 2:03 am

    Beautiful, thank you for another great visual vacation and some good reading, love Thich Nhat Hanh too, such a thinker with graphic talents, someone should hire you! 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 8:24 am

      I enjoyed this challenge… TY Aurora for your visit. From your mouth to God’s ears. Someone should hire me. 🙂

  27. 17/11/2012 2:18 am

    wonderful photos..Eliz, love them all

    • 18/11/2012 8:25 am

      TY Monda! Some I repeated twice or so, but I tried to add as many meaningful shots as possible. 🙂

  28. 17/11/2012 3:28 am

    This post have a wonderful green touch… 😉

    • 18/11/2012 8:26 am

      TY dear one… That was my intention and I’m glad you said I achieved it. 😉

  29. 17/11/2012 3:35 am

    Marvelous collections, Elizabeth, the time and attention you spend on your posts is amazing. Thank you so much.

    • 18/11/2012 8:27 am

      TY Marion! I wish I had more time to do same for my not so daily posts… 🙂

  30. 17/11/2012 4:30 am

    You have a wonderful encyclopedia of green – thanks for the ping back!

    • 18/11/2012 8:28 am

      TY too for stopping by to say hello and leave a comment… Much appreciated. 🙂

  31. 17/11/2012 6:03 am

    so sweet: the squirrel and the hedgehog! honeymooners?

    • 18/11/2012 8:30 am

      You are funny… Where did you see a hedgehog? Did I miss something in my own shots? 🙂

      • 19/11/2012 3:35 am

        ah now I see, it was not a hedgehog-partner on the left side of the squirrel – it was the squirrel’s own fury tail… – our cat sometimes thinks, her tail is someone else and tries to play with him …

  32. 17/11/2012 6:13 am

    Fantastic – It is like to read a book – wow your information and the photos are amazing — Thanks for sharing dear…

    • 18/11/2012 8:31 am

      TY Mariane! I enjoy the photo challenge because it gives me another venue to explore new things… I loved this one. 😉

  33. 17/11/2012 7:29 am

    Love this!

  34. 17/11/2012 8:16 am

    Hi. Following your blog has given me inspiration. Your posts have painted a smile across my face. That’s why I nominated you for an award
    I believe joining is optional; just wanna congratulate you on the fantastic job and urge you to keep bloggin’ ^^

    • 18/11/2012 8:33 am

      You are so kind Kz! Thank you for thinking of my blog. I love your blog too and I will stop by to thank you on yours. Merci! 😉

      • 18/11/2012 12:23 pm

        you’re so welcome. your blog is truly inspirational and you deserve it 🙂

      • 18/11/2012 12:37 pm

        The sentiments are mutual! TY! 🙂

  35. 17/11/2012 8:46 am

    Hi Eliz,
    The photos are beautiful.
    Color plays such an integral part in our lives. Color affects our moods. I’m also an interior decorator, so I know the color green is also soothing and provides sereneness. It’s perfect for bedrooms and for rooms you want to relax in.
    I wear a lot of green too.
    Awesome post! 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 8:36 am

      Thanks for the additional information… I painted my kitchen a very pale green and I enjoy it when I’m in there. 🙂

  36. 17/11/2012 8:50 am

    Mom doesn’t wear a whole lot of green either, but I do. It really brings out the black and white and brown and spots and multi-colored nails on me. I love the picture of the tree frog. He’s the cutest and the greenest.

    Love and licks,

    • 18/11/2012 8:38 am

      Isn’t he adorable! I had forgotten about him until I went searching for green things… He glows in all his glorious green. Did you see the green snake in the shot above him? TY! 🙂

  37. 17/11/2012 9:13 am

    this is more beautiful than to be able to express with any words

    • 18/11/2012 8:39 am

      Oh Yassmin! TY so much for your feedback… I had fun with this one and I look forward to seeing yours and other fellow bloggers submissions. 🙂

  38. 17/11/2012 10:24 am

    GREAT photography! Love the composition.

    • 18/11/2012 8:39 am

      TY for your feedback… This was a lot of fun. 😉

  39. 17/11/2012 10:55 am

    Lovely GREEN posting! I love nature shots, but you have probably already figured that out! 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 8:41 am

      Yes, you do Fergie! 🙂 I always look forward to visiting your blog because I know you’d have some spectacular shot set in nature. TY! 🙂

  40. 17/11/2012 11:00 am

    What beautiful green tableau. So restful, so soothing.
    Lovely, Elizabeth!

    • 18/11/2012 8:42 am

      Glad you found it restful Marcia! It was very relaxing for me too… Almost like a meditation in motion. TY! 🙂

  41. 17/11/2012 11:07 am


  42. 17/11/2012 11:25 am

    You get the trophy for the biggest collection of green today! 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 8:48 am

      Oh you are funny! I bet there are others with plenty big servings for the challenge… TY for the kind comment and laughter. 😆

  43. 17/11/2012 11:31 am

    Loved your entry! as usual!… 😉 wooow you have a LOT of green pictures!!!! mine were hard to find! ha!

  44. Madelaine permalink
    17/11/2012 3:44 pm

    So many beautiful greens……………..

    • 18/11/2012 8:50 am

      TY Madelaine! Sort of like nature right? 🙂

  45. 17/11/2012 5:26 pm

    Great gallery of greens! Beautiful Eliz! Specially the first gallery is a vivid shade of green.

    • 18/11/2012 8:51 am

      TY Deepa dear one.! This was a lot of fun… It is an important color on the spectrum. 🙂

  46. 17/11/2012 6:40 pm

    You did a good job of following instructions. My computer doesn’t understand instructions. Thank you for sti=opping by my blog.

    • 18/11/2012 8:52 am

      😆 You need to give your computer some time out… TY for your kind feedback.

  47. 17/11/2012 8:53 pm

    Wow…impressive and very green…

    • 18/11/2012 8:54 am

      TY dear… I have a green crush, I suppose. 😆 Hope all is well with you and yours?

  48. 17/11/2012 9:53 pm

    not being able to walk for almost a year made me how fortunate i was and am ow with gods grace

    • 18/11/2012 8:55 am

      Hope you are doing better now…? TY for taking the time to stop by and comment… much appreciated! 🙂

  49. 18/11/2012 1:18 am

    Impressive collection I struggled to get 3 together.

    • 18/11/2012 10:01 am

      TY for your feedback! Hope it went well even with three that’s fine too. 🙂

  50. 18/11/2012 1:20 am

    so many greens! thanks for sharing.

    • 18/11/2012 10:02 am

      TY too for stopping by… glad we reconnected. 😉

  51. 18/11/2012 3:03 am

    Loved the photos, Elizabeth. Really stunning.

    • 18/11/2012 10:03 am

      TY Robyn and glad to see you here. It was a lot of fun because I do take a lot of nature shots with a few other things tossed into the mix. 😉

  52. Goz permalink
    18/11/2012 4:40 am

    Lovely collages. Lovely.

    • 18/11/2012 10:04 am

      TY, TY Goz! Glad you enjoyed this one… Lucky you to always be surrounded by green life. 🙂

  53. 18/11/2012 6:15 am

    Green is life. Lovely post, Elizabeth

    • 18/11/2012 10:05 am

      Yes it is… TY! How are you doing Ce? Sending prayers and hugs your way.

  54. 18/11/2012 8:23 am

    lively and colorful 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 10:06 am

      TY so much for stopping by Joshi! Looking forward to seeing what you added to your blog. 🙂

  55. 18/11/2012 9:10 am

    Fantastic collages. I find the color green to be very calming. At least that’s how I felt after I looked at all your collages–calm and relaxed. Nice quotes.

    • 18/11/2012 10:07 am

      TY Terri! It was a meditative exercise for me and I found it quite relaxing putting it all together… Glad you had a similar feel for the post. 🙂

  56. 18/11/2012 12:06 pm

    I enjoyed it hope you’d like my gallery

    • 18/11/2012 12:09 pm

      This is simply my gallbladder removed, out of work over four weeks…now I am back in college for degree in Biz Management two full time gigs plus this challenge,,,, just like you…Love ya Eliz,, since day one!!! ♥ Jackie

      • 18/11/2012 12:11 pm

        Geez Jackie! Sending you healing light and love… had no idea. Be blessed! 😉

      • 18/11/2012 12:13 pm

        Thanks Eliz, Been busy and I appreciate your friendship and all those comments on my blogs, you have been sent by God as one of my dear Angels… ♥ Jackie

        ╔Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨♥ •.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ My blogging friends.♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•
        ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗♪♫•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.•♪♫♪•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥
        ║╚╣║║║║╩╣ ♥♫•´¯`•.♥.♫ May all your dreams come true… ♫
        ╚═╩═╩═╩Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ•.¸¸….•´¯`•♥•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ Peace ♫ Love ♫ Joy ¨

    • 18/11/2012 12:10 pm

      I bet I will! I’m making the rounds now… TY for your patience Yassmin. 🙂

    • 23/11/2012 4:51 pm

      I hope I checked in as the week ran away with me galloping along trying to catchup. If not, I will check in. TY! 🙂

  57. 18/11/2012 12:38 pm

    A lot of green photos here! Thanks for the pingback 🙂

    • 18/11/2012 1:37 pm

      Thank you for stopping in… appreciated. Still making the rounds! 🙂

  58. 18/11/2012 2:01 pm

    So many beautiful photos, Elizabeth. Perfect for the theme!

  59. 18/11/2012 3:08 pm

    thanks for your care:)

  60. 18/11/2012 6:02 pm

    I like how you also seem to have an added theme for each group, like the group of animals, and the top group with it’s use of shapes and geometry.

    • 19/11/2012 12:08 am

      TY for your feedback Peter! This was fun. 😉

  61. 19/11/2012 3:08 am

    This sure is a green post.
    Green makes our surroundings so serene 🙂

    • 23/11/2012 4:52 pm

      TY Amira! I do love nature and so this one was an opportunity to share something I love… Now for the inspired post I realize I take all the nature pictures and I’m not in them! Phew! 😉

  62. 19/11/2012 6:13 am

    Lovely Green.
    I wish we still have these 3/4 green environment of the world. I wish we still can breath clean and fresh air from these green nature.

    • 19/11/2012 6:27 am

      Thank you and it is my hope too that we all get in board in protecting our planet… 🙂

  63. 19/11/2012 8:18 am

    Beautiful collages! Thank you for the refreshing greens 🙂

    • 19/11/2012 8:30 am

      TY Allyson! Will stop by to see what’s new with you too. Merci! 😉

  64. 19/11/2012 8:49 am

    Green is such a vibrant colour! It is life and growth indeed 🙂 It’s the coming of a new world, of ecology… Beautiful photos for the challenge!

    • 23/11/2012 4:53 pm

      Exactly! And I love it for all those reasons and more. TY! 🙂

  65. 19/11/2012 2:01 pm

    Absolutely Green wow,clever my friend and I love it 🙂

  66. 21/11/2012 6:58 pm

    What an extraordinary celebration of green . . . life . . . imagination! You never fail to provide a quote that speaks to me in the moment. Wonderful stuff 🙂

    • 23/11/2012 4:55 pm

      TY so much! I enjoy these challenges and since I only do them once or twice a week, I put a lot into each one. TY! 🙂


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