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Life Storms: Dreaming of Rainfall & A Blog Hop in March

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“The world goes up and the world goes down, the sunshine follows the rain; and yesterday’s sneer and yesterday’s frown can never come over again.” Charles Kingsley

Life Storms: Dreaming of Rain... and more

I have wonderful memories of cavorting in the rain as a child. Whenever the sky turned gray, and the trees seemed to stir in anticipation, my friends and I would gather under the awning of our home and wait for the first pittar-patter sounds of the rain to fall. And then, like eager little bees heading for nectar in a flower, we’d run into the downpour; laughing and dancing as the rain thundered down on our little heads. We got sopping wet, alright, but who cared? We were having fun in the rain and our daily fears and cares were washed away in that swift deluge of cold rainwater

I don’t know when the carefree ways we enjoyed the falling rain disappeared… Do you? All I remember is waking up one day and avoiding the rain. Was it adulthood and all the storms that come with being a responsible adult that drove my love for dancing in the rain away? What I do know is that, even in the village, the adults avoided the rain. It was good for the crops, it showered us with blessings and an abundance of fish and food stuff, and even as I recall, when a good man died in the village, we knew the gods shed a tear because it would rain.

So why do we, as adults, no longer sing and dance in the rain? If it’s good for a joyful Hollywood movie, it must be good for us; a way to break our rigid patterns and do something refreshingly childlike for a change. Perhaps, like in the movies, for once we can be guileless and free; we’ll connect with that creative impulse that children often have. We’ll be childlike not childish… Who knows what we’ll find? Like Tyler Perry said, “Don’t let your dreams lose their color.” Would you like to join me and dance in the rain? Just one more time…. and then we can go sit under the warmth of the blazing sun. 🙂 What does the rain mean to you? And the sun?

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“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of the outer ocean on a beach.” Henry Beston

Life Storms: Dreaming of rain ... and afterwards comes the sun

It’s been raining all day… That must be what prompted this wistful walk down memory lane. I was dreaming of rain and the way it feeds and cleanses the earth and then I woke up to the sounds of rainfall; loud and insistent… Not so strange. What about the sun? I find that, quite often, when we talk of the rain, we also counter it by saying the sun will come soon. As if the rain is something bad; a terrible affliction… In the storms we experience in life, we have some moments of rain and sadness, and then moments of cleansing rains and sunshine… Both serve an important purpose; to move us along our path to our final destination… wherever that may be.

The sun brings light and warmth and colorful things; even favorite food like having an ice cream cone outside. I love the sun and I admit that sunny days cheer me up considerably, but the rain has merit. The rain has its gifts too. It nurtures our plants, clears the air, elevates the water table and, hopefully, provides nourishment in areas of drought.

As it continues to rain here, reminding us of global warming and the changing weather patterns, I pray that the shift will bring some good to the earth. Then, I sit and remember why I enjoy the rain, just like William did in the poem below. The sun is a good thing but so is the rain. Come, lets go dance in both. 🙂

The Rain by William Henry Davies
I hear leaves drinking rain;
I hear rich leaves on top
Giving the poor beneath
Drop after drop;
‘Tis a sweet noise to hear
These green leaves drinking near.

And when the Sun comes out,
After this Rain shall stop,
A wondrous Light will fill
Each dark, round drop;
I hope the Sun shines bright;
‘Twill be a lovely sight.

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Positive Motivation Tip: Take a chance and dance in the rain again… It will refresh and unburden our souls.

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Photo of Rainshaft FoggDam by Bidgee via Wikipedia & Photo of Sun heat by Yohkohimage via Wikipedia & The Rain poem via Famouspoetsandpoems

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29 Comments leave one →
  1. 07/03/2011 2:24 am

    Rainfall is one of the basic experiences of every human being. A metaphor for katharsis, washing rites, washing sins away, starting new, a reset button 🙂

    • 08/03/2011 3:00 am

      Yes, all that cleansing can be a good thing… Maybe that is what kids pick up and adults forget, no? 🙂
      TY! Frizztext 🙂

  2. 07/03/2011 8:48 am

    It’s funny – I don’t every remember being allowed to dance in the rain – it’s as though we were expected to melt if we got soaked by the rainwater 😮 I like the part of Charles Kingsley’s quote that talks about “yesterday’s sneer” – I thought that is exactly what some days are like!

    • 08/03/2011 3:02 am

      Hi Donna,
      Never danced in the rain? Girl, we need to before this lifetime is spent … but not when there is thunder and lightning! 🙂 Loved the Kingsley quote too.
      Thank you,

  3. 07/03/2011 8:55 am

    I love a good summer rain. When it’s warm outside and everything is so dry and harsh from the sun, and those precious little beads of water come to wash away all the dirt and feed the earth that is so thirsty. That is the kind of rain to run and dance in, to feel splash on your face and clothes. The kind of rain that cleanses. And when you breathe in, you are smelling the sweet perfume of nature.

    • 08/03/2011 3:06 am

      Oh that is so wonderful… Yes, I love the smell of fresh earth after a heavy rain falls on parched earth. It is such a wonderful smell, coupled with the perfume of flowers and the rest of nature. Summer rain is wonderful; cherished actually! TY! 🙂
      Thank you,

  4. 07/03/2011 10:44 am

    Beautiful post. I love listening to the rain and, if it’s warm enough, stepping under it’s cooling drops.

    But my preference is for sunny days and rainy nights . . . listening to the rain outside from the cozy comfort of my bed.

    I’ve got the perfect post for this week’s blog hop . . . I better hop to it.

    • 07/03/2011 7:24 pm

      Eliz ~ I’ve just added you to my Blog Roll. Please let me know if you want me to make any changes.

      • 08/03/2011 3:10 am

        Thank you for adding me to your blog-roll. It looks great. I have added yours to my updated Team We love WP blog-roll page … Merci! 🙂
        Thank you,

      • 08/03/2011 9:19 am

        Here’s to mutual support, cooperation, and reciprocity.

    • 08/03/2011 3:08 am

      I look forward to your addition to the blog hop!
      Sunny days and rainy nights work for me too… We are in the throes of cold days and rainy nights and it makes everything damp… That is our global warming experience here!
      Come to think of it, my memories form childhood were replete with summer time rain… 🙂
      Thank you,

  5. 07/03/2011 11:38 am

    I love sitting on the porch at the shore during a rain storm! The air smells as if it has been purified. There’s nothing like it.

    • 08/03/2011 3:46 am

      Ah… the bliss of a day on the porch after the rains have fallen. You know, I love the way the leaves shine after a rainfall… sparkling everywhere 🙂
      Thank you!

  6. 07/03/2011 12:17 pm

    Barbara is right! There is NOTHING like the smell of the air after a good rain…I think it’s the ionization or some scientific word like that. 🙂 But the word doesn’t matter…it is the fragrance that envelopes us and brings back memories of childhood when we had time (and less distractions) and were able to “dance in the rain”.

    I think that skipping is another art we totally lose as we grow up…children skip all the time…when was the last time you did? 🙂
    Thank you Eliz…I will do my best to post something today so I can take part in your blog hop!

    • 08/03/2011 3:49 am

      Hi Viv, How are you? The fragrance and the cooling no cold showers after hours spent in hot weather — divine. Yes! Skipping, wow… I haven’t done that for ages either! Now, the old knee might not like it but… skip we must. Lol! 🙂
      Thank you!

  7. 07/03/2011 6:02 pm

    (heh, I like that you link to Wikipedia entry for rainwater.. lol)

    You’re right.. it’s a nice reminiscent moment of when you were younger, and had no cares or worries… and yet, it’s strange that NOT playing in the rain signifies the opposite…

    • 08/03/2011 3:52 am

      Honestly, I have no idea why I wrote rainwater … but it’s staying and, actually, it links to the page on rain in Wikipedia. lol! 🙂
      I was think about it too and thought how strange…. how did we collectively agree to stop doing something? Interesting eh?
      Thank you!

  8. 07/03/2011 6:47 pm

    As a child, I can remember all of the neighborhood kids playing in the rain. Today, we don’t get just showers, we get storms. Guess, that is another sign of change of times.
    I love dancing in the rain, it’s the rainbow after the storm that signifies the beauty. Listening to the rain drops is very soothing. Just as our lives, we can find joy in the mist of our storms, if we look to the sky-and all of God’s beauty.
    Good post-very inspirational !

    • 08/03/2011 3:54 am

      So, so true Penny! As I read your comment, I was thinking of acid rain, rainstorms, tsunamis, you name it; with the shift in our global climate… sad really and that is why we must hold onto the poignant memories… 🙂
      The rainbows were special too and the sound… Bliss 🙂
      Thank you!

  9. Bree permalink
    07/03/2011 8:16 pm

    I love sleeping to the sound of rainfall. I don’t remember playing in it.
    Something to do with thunder and lightening and wet hair! Lol!
    I love watching kids play in it though and now I’m tempted. 🙂
    Beautiful post and I like rainwater! 😉

    • 08/03/2011 3:57 am

      I love the sound of falling rain ; it has such a soothing rhythm to it that I’m tempted to say that it is healing … it is. 🙂
      I don’t play in the rain either and I don’t think my kids do so anymore… It is something to ponder though. 🙂
      Thank you!

  10. 08/03/2011 6:27 pm

    Back in the days !!! when I was growing up, we used to get lots of showers-(with no storms). We would play in the rain-! our favorite game was wading in all the water puddles. I guess I’m older then most here !! 🙂
    As rain today, usually brings storms !! I like the freshness and the smell after a rain! as you said-brings a freshness on the earth.

    • 10/03/2011 6:06 am

      So true… As I was thinking about it, I started to say, you know, maybe all these extreme weather patterns have dampened our enthusiasm for the joys of splashing in puddles and running around in the rain. I will wait for a warm rain and try to go out and feel the sensation again… 🙂
      Thanks Penny!

  11. 09/03/2011 7:57 pm

    The smell of rain when it first hits the pavement always brings back fond memories of my childhood. I can remember playing in the rain with my little swirly thing that turns in the breeze (can’t think of how to describe that thing!)
    I am adding you to my blog roll, come by and visit me sometime!

    • 10/03/2011 6:08 am

      Hi Kimmie,
      Thank you for stopping by. I’ve visited your lovely blog and left a comment too. I have very fond memories too of the rain and till this day, I just love rain-wear… rain-boots, coats and colorful umbrellas 🙂
      I will happily subscribe to your blog too…
      Thanks again!


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