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Photo Challenge: Not PEDESTRIAN


“‘What is this’, and ‘How is this done?’ are the first two questions to ask of any work of art. The second question immediately illuminates the first, but it often doesn’t get asked. Perhaps it sounds too technical. Perhaps it sounds pedestrian.” James Fenton

Photo Challenge: Not Pedestrian - WATER FOUNTAIN AT LINCOLN CENTER

Photo Challenge: Not Pedestrian – WATER FOUNTAIN AT LINCOLN CENTER

I need concrete with sharp corners
Green waves crashing onto rocks
Brisk air and salty stares

Wings on birds, cats with claws
Fast dogs and circus scares
I need clocks and border stops

Impenetrable architecture I dismantle my own
Socialized assembly, to need life without power plays
I need out of my way in |Excerpt from Pedestrian NeedPoem by Tailor Bell via poemhunter

This week’s photo challenge theme on – PEDESTRIAN – was a difficult one for me. I couldn’t quite find the right shots that would do the word justice. Plus, I didn’t want to show a bunch of photos with pedestrians on the street that would fulfill the other connotation of the word which also means “lacking inspiration or excitement; dull.” So, I decided to go with the opposite meaning.  I was in NYC last night, attending an event at the Ethical Society. After the event ended, I headed back to the garage for my car and stopped at Lincoln Center to capture some photos.  The water fountain at Lincoln Center puts on quite the moving show. It dances, twirls and spouts water high into the sky … nothing dull about that and it’s magnificent at night.  It was fascinating to stand and watch a seemingly ordinary fountain turn into an artistic water music show. Plus, there were pedestrians all around the place. Perfect. To add to the photo exercise, I’ve curated a couple of poems to add an additional creative twist to the photos.

The Fountain: A Conversation – Poem by William Wordsworth via
We talked with open heart, and tongue
Affectionate and true,
A pair of friends, though I was young,
And Matthew seventy-two.

We lay beneath a spreading oak,
Beside a mossy seat;
And from the turf a fountain broke,
And gurgled at our feet.

“Now, Matthew!” said I, “let us match
This water’s pleasant tune
With some old border-song, or catch
That suits a summer’s noon;

“Or of the church-clock and the chimes
Sing here beneath the shade,
That half-mad thing of witty rhymes
Which you last April made!”

In silence Matthew lay, and eyed
The spring beneath the tree;
And thus the dear old Man replied,
The grey-haired man of glee: Contd Below


“Design, refine and repeat, and keep learning all the way along. It sounds bland and pedestrian, but in fact, it’s the reverse.” Anouska Hempel

Photo Challenge: Not Pedestrian - WATER FOUNTAIN AT LINCOLN CENTER

Photo Challenge: Not Pedestrian – WATER FOUNTAIN AT LINCOLN CENTER

Video: Photo Challenge: Not Pedestrian – Dancing WATER FOUNTAIN AT LINCOLN CENTER

Outlaw Monday with Sunday laws
Appeal on Thursday for Friday’s brawl
Break early across the bow of the mine trawler

I need spiders in the web
And flowers for fun and seeds
In the midnight ground, never found again |Excerpt from Pedestrian NeedPoem by Tailor Bell


Do take a look at the video I shot above of the dancing water fountain. It was such a delightful and beautiful experience to watch; most especially at night when the center is lit up and the maddening crowds are nowhere to be seen.  The more I consider my interpretation of the chosen theme – Pedestrian – the more apropos this choice is. I mean, we call things “pedestrian” from a subjective perspective and so an ordinary run of the mill fountain might fit the bill. This one is a few notches above the norm and that places it squarely in the category of the exciting and inspiring.

“No check, no stay, this Streamlet fears;
How merrily it goes!
‘Twill murmur on a thousand years,
And flow as now it flows.

“And here, on this delightful day,
I cannot choose but think
How oft, a vigorous man, I lay
Beside this fountain’s brink.

“My eyes are dim with childish tears,
My heart is idly stirred,
For the same sound is in my ears
Which in those days I heard.

“Thus fares it still in our decay:
And yet the wiser mind
Mourns less for what age takes away
Than what it leaves behind.

“The blackbird amid leafy trees,
The lark above the hill,
Let loose their carols when they please
Are quiet when they will.

“With Nature never do ‘they’ wage
A foolish strife; they see
A happy youth, and their old age
Is beautiful and free:

“But we are pressed by heavy laws;
And often, glad no more,
We wear a face of joy, because
We have been glad of yore. Contd Below


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Motivation Mondays: SAILING


“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.” George William Curtis

Motivation Mondays: Sailing Through Turbulent Seas

Motivation Mondays: Sailing Through Turbulent Seas

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
My goal in sailing isn’t to be brilliant or flashy in individual races, just to be consistent over the long run. Dennis Conner
Aside from what it teaches you, there is simply the indescribable degree of peace that can be achieved on a sailing vessel at sea. I guess a combination of hard work and the seemingly infinite expanse of the sea – the profound solitude – that does it for me. Billy Campbell

Motivation Mondays: Sailing Through Turbulent Seas When you think of SAILING, what comes to mind? I think of the calm, lilting rides, the storms that come into our lives, and how we weather the storms or handle them. Do we sail close to the wind, become unmoored or do we clear the decks or use a different tack to get us back into plain sailing? Sailing is just a metaphor for life’s unpredictable journey. Given the terrible events that have occurred around the world this year, both man-made and mother nature’s work, we couldn’t possibly think of plain and smooth sailing as the theme but, we can and must aim for ways to get there amid the chaos and catastrophe. Initially, I had a different title for the post, it was Smooth Sailing, then Set Your Sails and finally, I settled on plain and simple – SAILING. Why? Because throughout our lifetime, we experience the shifting winds of storms, calm oceans and turbulence that nudge us to steady our sails, stay strong, even turn direction but, never give up hope. We set our sails in many moods and experiences so, starting with the basic script made more sense.

Turn Within and lift Others Up: With all the turbulence in our world today, we need to not forget that we have tools to help us stay calm in turbulence, tools to help us wash ourselves in the calming waves that come after a fierce storm, and that the cleansing breeze and expansive ocean are reminders that we must use our vast resources to help those affected by the rough and turbulent storms. As I reflect on the start of fall and the crashing waves and destructive events around us, I turn within to that place of calm and compassion and send out wishes for healing to our world. To the families of victims of the Las Vegas tragedy…. my heartfelt condolences sent.

Oh Sea – Poem by Ernestine Northover via
Oh Sea, why do you deliberately pound the rocks along the bay,
Sending showers of white foam up, in a cascade of spray,
Can you not cease your travels, churning incessantly,
Surging back and forth, always longing to be free.

Oh Sea, why do you keep hold of such impatience, in your hands,
Forever turning restless, racing for the sands,
Then teetering up the shingle, and rushing back again,
Shifting shells and pebbles, and layers of sandy grain.

Oh Sea, why draw it all towards you, like some almighty tongue,
Devouring it in mouthfuls, then spewing it among
The coves, caves and crevices, which are found along the cliffs,
Dispersing all the creatures, living in the rifts.

Oh Sea, you are gigantic, so powerful and so wild,
And yet at times you’re gentle, just like a little child,
You command our admiration, your vastness is immense,
But you are so unpredictable, your energy intense. Cont’d below



“He who lets the sea lull him into a sense of security is in very grave danger.” Hammond Innes

Motivation Mondays: Sailing Through Turbulent Seas

Motivation Mondays: Sailing Through Turbulent Seas

What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it, all the rest are not only useless, but disastrous. Thomas Merton
The effect of sailing is produced by a judicious arrangement of the sails to the direction of the wind. William Falconer


What Can We do in Times of Stormy Turbulence? It is imperative to focus on holding it together by aligning ourselves with others who strengthen and encourage us through hard times. Instead of feeding off any form of hysteria, this is a good time to focus on staying calm and connecting with positive and proactive folks who want to offer help to those hurting. It is often easier to sit and allow fear and feelings of doom and despair to overtake us but, we can’t be of help to the suffering until we strengthen ourselves within and reach out a helping hand, a kind word, information where it is needed, and good will and compassion to all others in pain.  As I look around me and contemplate the natural and unnatural disasters that the world has seen this year, I feel within my spirit that we must not avert our eyes and leave it to others to take up the mantle. We can help in even the smallest way through our concern, contributions and compassion.

In turbulent times, start with a spirit of gratitude and a motivated spirit to turn your sails around. Instead of whining about the usual things that we think we need, let’s stop and think about the hurricane and earthquake survivors and their needs. It is enervating to keep complaining about our  wants when there are folks out there who have desperate needs that are not being met. How can we help? What can we do differently? Again, we can start with a spirit of gratitude and a motivated spirit to turn our sails around and sail in the direction of grace and goodwill towards others.

Poem Cont’d above
Oh Sea, you are the great expanse, of the oceans of the world,
We treat you with respect, when your anger is unfurled,
Your boundless depths are fathomless, holding secrets still,
Your waters are so mercurial, subject to your will.

Oh Sea, It is a pleasure when your tides flow, to and fro,
To sit and watch the sunsets, over waters all aglow,
To know your restless feelings, to accept your endless task,
And yet to try and understand, what you keep behind your mask

Oh Sea, who owns the tranquil blues and greens, and violets too,
That in your watery world to us, gives such a wondrous view,
We know your unleashed mighty force, the course you have to take,
The storms, the squalls, the hurricanes, these terrors make us quake.

Oh Sea, we know of other words like tranquil, calm and still,
Times when you are peaceful, with no need to thrill,
Contrasts are your constant plan, your order of the day,
And admiring you, we would not have you, any other way.


The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for SEPT/OCT 2017 are:


09/04 –   03 National Boyfriend Day, Labor Day, 05 International Day of Charity,
09/10 –   Grandparents Day, 11 Patriot Day/Sept 11, 15 National POW/MIA Recognition Day,
09/17 –   Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, 20 Navaratri, 21 Rosh Hashana, 22 September equinox
07/24 –   Gold Star Mother’s Day
09/30 –  Yom Kippur


10/01 – World Communion Sunday, Int’l. Coffee Day, Nigeria Indep. Day, World Vegetarian Day, 02 Child Health Day,
04 Feast of St Francis of Assisi, World Animal Day,  05 First Day of Sukkot, 06 World Smile Day
10/08 – 09 Leif Erikson Day, Columbus Day,  Indigenous People’s Day/Native Americans’ Day, 10 World Mental Health,
11 Int’l. Day of the Girl, Come Out Day, Sukkot ends, 12 World Sight Day, 13 Friday the 13th
10/15 – 16 Bosses Day, World Food Day, 19 Diwali, Spirit Day
10/22 – World Mission Sunday, 23 Mole Day, 24 United Nations Day, 28 St Simon/St Jude, Nat’l Chocolate day
10/29 – Nat’l. Cat Day, 31 Halloween


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Photo Challenge: View From Windows


“Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it.” Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The View From My Windows

The View From My Windows

The View From My Windows

The View From My Windows

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. Dale Carnegie

For this week’s photo challenge on – WINDOWS – I decided to share photos I took from different locations through different types of windows. They were shot from either a car window, a building, a train or a plane, and the plural is indicative of the range and variety of settings. I hope you like them. Come back for more and enjoy the poems.

View From My Window by Jack Horne via
I survey the wintry-looking landscape
rain lashes the window pane
and the garden is soaked

The bare trees, rose thorns and holly bushes
seem to look sad as they stand
upon the soggy lawn

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