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Motivation Monday: PERMISSION


“Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission.” Arnold Bennett

Motivation Monday: PERMISSION - Give yourself a chance

Motivation Monday: PERMISSION – Give yourself a chance

Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Mahatma Gandhi
Build your self-esteem by recalling all the ways you have succeeded, and your brain will be filled with images of you making your achievements happen again and again. Give yourself permission to toot your own horn, and don’t wait for anyone to praise you. Jack Canfield

Do you need permission from others to live your life? Of course not! It’s a simple question but, if we dig deep, other questions arise because so many of us live our lives in the shadow of our true selves. What stops us from pursuing a career path we love or starting a new way of living? If we were sincere about the limitations we see as impositions on our lives, we’d soon come to understand that they are self imposed. What? Yes they are… Sure, there are endless reasons we give for why we haven’t done A or why we settled for B but, once the dust clears away, if we give ourselves permission to face facts, we’ll see how we collude to keep ourselves down. With time, it will become apparent that our obstacles were strengthened by our resolve to stay in bondage to our fears and excuses.

Why? Because we are waiting for permission to be and our mind has convinced us that we are powerless. Sometimes, the fear we feel is because we have, inadvertently, given our power over to others, and while the permission we expect might not be overt or a direct command from someone in authority, we’ve internalized a message that tells us we can’t accomplish our dreams. We’ve developed an internal gauge that turns off and on and stops us in our tracks. It shows up in our actions and words to sabotage our efforts and discourage our spirit. We must pay attention to that gauge or critical voice and learn to become its master.
Permission by Pamela Rae via
I asked my angels
some time ago
how can I find happiness
from within?–
and they replied
and told me–
“As soon as you give yourself permission
your inner joy will begin…”
From that moment on
I began to see,
to understand
what they were saying to me–
and now it seems second nature
to almost always be
full of joy, delight and peace
straight from within
I live with smiles
embracing my heart and soul
and wish so much
I could just pass along to all
this beauty within
that I have come to know…


“If there is someone in your life who is not serving you or making you better, give yourself permission to move on.” Niecy Nash

Motivation Monday: PERMISSION - Give yourself a chance

Motivation Monday: PERMISSION – Give yourself a chance

As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others. Marianne Williamson
I gave myself permission to feel and experience all of my emotions. In order to do that, I had to stop being afraid to feel. In order to do that, I taught myself to believe that no matter what I felt or what happened when I felt it, I would be okay. Iyanla Vanzant

Why must we get on with our lives? Making choices that uplift us, and motivate us to achieve our goals, require our commitment and willingness to set aside excuses. They demand our attention and permission/approval and will nudge us as promptings of the heart until we respond. If we step back from claiming our responsibility to become masters of our own destiny, we are abdicating our right to joy, delight and success. Our sense of personal freedom depends on our ability to reclaim ownership of our choices, hopes and dreams. No one can give that to us and… no one can take it from us unless we turn it over to the care and, perhaps, mismanagement of others.

But how is that even possible? If you’ve ever had a hard time making a decision that could open new doors for you, contemplate the source of your fear and why you think it has merit.  Take a moment to acknowledge the fearful voices rising and falling as you inhale and exhale. Then focus on the task at hand. What obstacles need to be addressed? Address them. If we want to live full and productive lives, we need to stop worrying about what other people might think or say and just go for it. Make the decision to act and release yourself from the stranglehold of imaginary generals waiving red or white flags at you.  We must slay the dragon of fear and step forward fully ready to embrace life. Make the choice and stand by it.


A Story: Give Yourself Permission to Slay the Dragon of Fear
There was once a huge dragon in China who went from village to village killing cattle and dogs and chicken and people indiscriminately. So the villagers called upon a wizard to help them in their distress.
The wizard said, “I cannot slay the dragon myself, for magician though I am, I am too afraid. But I shall find you the one who will.”
With that he transformed himself into a dragon and took up position on a bridge so everyone who did not know it was the wizard was afraid to pass.
One day, however, a traveler came up to the bridge, calmly climbed over the dragon, and walked on.
The wizard promptly took on human shape again and called to the person,
“Come back, my friend – I have been standing here for weeks waiting for you!” via Zen Stories/

The details for Motivation Mondays are below. Join in! The themes for December ’16 and January 2017 are:

12/05   –    01 World AIDS day,  02 Intnt’nl Abolition of Slavery Day, o7 Pearl Harbor/Remembrance, 08 Immaculate Conception,
12/12   –    10 Human Rights Day, 12 Green Day,  16 Day of Reconciliation,
12/19   –    18 Intnt’nl Migrants Day, 21 Winter Solstice, 24 Start of Hanukkah,  25  Christmas Day
12/26  –    26 Start of Kwanzaa Day, 31 End of Year!

01/01   –   01 New Year’s Day, Hanukkah ends, 06 Epiphany, 06 Three Kings
01/08   –  08 Golden Globes Award,  11 Human Trafficking Awareness Day, 12 Full Moon
01/16   –  16  Martin Luther King Day, 18 Winnie the Pooh Day, 20 Inauguration Day
01/23 –   27 Commemoration Victims of the Holocaust, 28 Chinese New Year
01/29  –   29 Inspire your heart with art

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Weekly Photo Challenge: NAMES


“There are people and nations, Mother, that I would like to say to you by name. I entrust them to you in silence, I entrust them to you in the way that you know best.” Pope John Paul II

Weekly Photo Challenge: NAMES - Honoring others...

Weekly Photo Challenge: NAMES – Honoring others on side facade of Our Lady of Mount Carmel…

What’s in a name? As William Shakespeare aptly said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” I was pondering what photos to share for this week’s photo challenge and when nothing came to mind, I considered abandoning the assignment and closing the door on this one; NAMES – the first photo challenge of the year. Yet, something stopped me and I went back to my files and searched some more. As I scanned folder after folder, I wished I had taken photos of the clothing that had the seamstress’s name on it or the Amazon box of old that had the packer’s name on a slip of paper included, but, alas, no such luck. Then I opened a folder of pictures I took of a trip to Brooklyn and this picture danced before my eyes. I took a closer look and voila!

Where was this taken? About a year or so ago, I gave one of my kids a ride to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a book event. It was being held at The Shrine Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, a Catholic church on North 8th Street. On one side of the church facade was this huge sign with lots of names and some ads honoring friends and family and, perhaps, parishioners long gone. The sign caught my attention and I took several frames and saved them. I was raised Catholic so, the idea sat well with me and took me back to memories of my upbringing and the Catholic schools I attended. The church is home to several generations of Southern Italian immigrants who built it as a place to worship their favorite saints and bring the feel of traditional services in Italy into their new world in the USA. Every year in July, the Italian community in the area celebrate the annual Giglio Feast. Since 1958, the church has combined the Giglio Feast with the feast honoring Our Lady of Mount Carmel.


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“We can change the world if we change ourselves. We just need to get hold of the old patterns of thinking and dealing with things and start listening to our inner voices and trusting our own superpowers.” Nina Hagen



Can you fly? Come on, this is a serious question. I ask because I can fly. Yep, you read it here. I can fly, or at least, at the tender age of 4, I believed I could fly. I clambered up the balcony railings of the second floor of our home, called out to my mom who was tending her garden below, spread my arms wide and asked her if she’d like to watch me fly down into her garden. My poor mother was mortified; she yelled at my sister to pull me off the railings, shouted at me to step back, and threatened to wring my neck. My sister, who was just a year older than me, was petrified. Not knowing what to do, she screamed at me to get off the balcony railing and stop pretending to be some shitface heroine in a fake, flying cape. I ignored her.

With both hands, I held on to the railings  to steady myself. I was in a crouched position and ready for take off.  My mother was yelling with all her might determined to get me back in the house. I, on the other hand, was determined to prove to my mother that flying was easy. In my naiveté, I probably thought: Why argue with mere humans, limited by their own fears, when innately I know flying is a breeze? I mean, most people fly in their dreams anyway and with virtual reality an ubiquitous part of our technological advances, what’s not to love? You put those crazy goggles on and, without the help of any psychedelic potions, you are off and floating into the ether. So, who was going to stop this day dreaming child who believed in fairies, angels and the occasional unicorn in a plaid vest? I took a deep breath, spread my wings arms boldly and floated into the air…



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