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RIP Pandit Ravi Shankar: Legendary Sitar Maestro…

“Pop changes week to week, month to month. But great music is like literature.” Pandit Ravi Shankar

RIP Pandit Ravi Shankar: Legendary Sitar Maestro...

RIP Pandit Ravi Shankar: Legendary Sitar Maestro…

Pandit Ravi ShankarRaga Asa Bhairav

Pandit Ravi Shankar & Anoushka ShankarRaga Anandi Kalyan

Pandit Ravi Shankar was a gifted musician and composer whose expertise on the sitar, and powerful, evocative music, brought him international recognition and well deserved accolades. He was often called the “Godfather of World Music ” as he cut across cultural boundaries to share his music globally. His genre was classical Indian music with a contemporary feel and his performances were long, inspiring musical feats that could make the spirit soar as if in deep meditation. In fact, I was exposed to his music during my ashram living years and that was the first way I got to learn about, and fall in love, with his body of work. I found his music both captivating and meditative and would listen to his performances and interviews on my CDs and TV/Radio for hours.

Over the years, Ravi Shankar traveled around the world performing his special brand of music which, as time went by, included performances with his daughter Anoushka, a talented musician in her own right. The equally talented Norah Jones is his daughter. If you’ve never heard his music, I invite you to devote some time to sit back, listen, and let the sounds wash over your body and soothe your soul. His music came into my life at an important phase in my growth and I remain grateful for the exposure.  I’ve included a few more of my favorite musical pieces from his best work; Raga Parameshwari and Mishra Bhairav, below. More below!

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RIP Zig Ziglar: King of Motivation…

“Of all the attitudes we can acquire, surely the Attitude of Gratitude is the most important and by far most life changing. ” Zig Ziglar

RIP Zig Ziglar: King of Motivation… via Wikipedia

“What you GET by achieving your goals is not near as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar
“The foundational stones for a balanced success are Honesty, Character, Integrity, Faith, Love and Loyalty.” Zig Ziglar
“When you THROW DIRT at people, you’re not doing a thing but LOSING GROUND.” Zig Ziglar
“Where you start is not nearly as important as where you finish.” Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar was a giant in the motivational speaking field who inspired millions of devoted fans around the world with his wisdom, wit and generous spirit.  Even if you’d never heard of this inspirational motivational speaker/leader, you’d have come across his quotes on this blog and elsewhere. His hugely popular quotes are found all over the internet and I, like many others, used them for emphasis and to give clarity to a point of view. When I heard Zig had passed away, I was saddened by the loss of an inspiring teacher/speaker, motivator, author, wordsmith, and visionary. As far as motivational speakers go, he was best of the best…

Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” Zig Ziglar

RIP Zig Ziglar: King of Motivation… via facebook.com/ZigZiglar

“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now” Zig Ziglar
“You were Designed for accomplishment , engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” Zig Ziglar
“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.” Zig Ziglar
“When you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. When you do the right things in the right way you have nothing to lose because you have nothing to fear.” Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar, a World War II veteran, grew up in Yazoo City, Mississippi, and worked as a salesman for a number of companies before devoting his energies to motivation and performance training work. Even though he started his motivational career in his 40s, he traveled, spoke, taught and published over 30 hugely successful, motivational books in the span of 40 years. I loved his warmth and kind smile and how,  when he spoke, everyone in a room felt he spoke directly to them and their struggles… I will miss that. I have put together some of my favorite Zig quotes and I encourage all to read his books (See listed books below). More below

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Dana Air Tragedy: RIP Ijeoma Onyiuke – 153 Passengers & Crew…

“Death is the veil which those who live call life: They sleep, and it is lifted.” Percy Bysshe Shelley

Dana Air Tragedy: RIP Ijeoma Onyiuke – 153 Passengers & Crew…

Dana Air Tragedy: RIP Ijeoma Onyiuke – 153 Passengers & Crew… Photo Credit: Emmanuel Arewa/AFP/Getty Images

On Sunday, June 3rd, at 3.45pm, a Dana Air flight crashed into a church, Mountain of Fire, and a two-storey building in Lagos, Nigeria, killing all 146 passengers and 7 crew members aboard. My dearest sister-in-law’s sister, Ijeoma Terri Onyiuke, was on board that ill-fated flight and our hearts are broken as we shed tears for a vibrant life cut short, and for the lives of many others who perished in that tragic event. Flight 9J-992, a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 was on route from Nigeria‘s capital, Abuja, to Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos when, as reported, it developed engine problems. There were also casualties on the ground and those numbers still need to be fully verified. President Goodluck Jonathan declared a 3 day mourning period in Nigeria, and the gruesome task of identifying and claiming the bodies of loved ones will soon begin. For now, Dana Air’s license has been suspended and an investigation is under way, but our pain, grief, and tears will linger for years to come…

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

Dana Air Tragedy: RIP Ijeoma Onyiuke – 153 Passengers & Crew… Dearest Ijeoma  Rest In Peace..

Introit for the Requiem Mass and Kyrie

Introit for the Requiem Mass and Kyrie

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, Grant them eternal rest, O Lord,
et lux perpetua luceat eis. and let perpetual light shine upon them.
Te decet hymnus Deus, in Sion, A hymn becomes you, O God, in Zion,
et tibi reddetur votum in Ierusalem. and to you shall a vow be repaid in Jerusalem.
Exaudi orationem meam; Hear my prayer;
ad te omnis caro veniet. to you shall all flesh come.
Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
et lux perpetua luceat eis. and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Kyrie eleison

Kyrie eleison; Lord have mercy;
Christe eleison; Christ have mercy;
Kyrie eleison Lord have mercy.

Ijeoma was a brilliant and talented marketing executive with over 15 years experience in the field. Up until her death, she was Head of Marketing at Hewlett Packard West Africa. Ijeoma graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, with a BA (Hons), in English Language & Literature, and from Cranfield University, UK, with an MSc, in Marketing Management. She was returning from a weekend event in Abuja, and the shocking news was confirmed when the passenger list/manifest was released. On a personal level, she was poised, very stylish, a skillful conversationalist, lots of fun, and a good soul. She was a woman of faith and loved God. Ijeoma was also a voracious reader who loved romance novels, Movies; especially Nollywood, Polo shirts (she had them in every color); platform shoes and cocktail rings. Above all, Ijeoma was a loving sister and a dear friend to many. I still can’t fathom that she is gone…  She will be terribly missed by all of us. On his visit to the accident site, Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan wept. He promised to launch an investigation to ensure that it won’t happen again. “We will make sure this will not repeat itself in this country…”  We call on the government to conduct a thorough and rigorous investigation. My condolences to all affected by this tragic event. More below!

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