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Presidents’ Day: Facts. Fables. Nicknames & More Mega Blog Hops…

“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak and esteem to all.” President George Washington

Presidents’ Day: USA Presidential Seal … celebrate!

Presidents’ Day Origins: For anyone who wonders about the origin of this special federal holiday that celebrates/honors two of America’s greatest Presidents; George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the idea came in 1968, when the 90th Congress voted to shift three federal holidays, including George Washington’s Birthday to the 3rd Monday of February. There was resistance and objections raised but eventually in 1971 it became law. Interestingly, some refer to it as President’s Day though the more appropriate term is Presidents’ Day in honor of two not one President; both have birthdays in the same month. Of course, we know that one fallout of this holiday is the huge commercialization that occurs and the ads that invite all of us to shop, spend and enjoy new toys. :-)

Stories: There are many fables/stories attributed over the years to specific presidents. Two that stand out are “The 20 Year Jinx” & “The Fable of George Washington and the Cherry Tree.” The 20 year jinx, also known as  The Curse of Tippecanoe, was purported to be a curse placed on American presidents that every 20 years a president in office would die. While it seems that many did, the curse was believed to be broken when Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt while in office.

The Cherry Tree story connected to George Washington has, over the years, evolved into other versions, but had to do with the question of who chopped down a neighbor’s tree; a crime the young George admitted doing by responding he couldn’t lie – all to do with the value of speaking the truth… not telling a lie and an image created to show honesty as a character trait of the President. That story is believed to be a fable. :-)

Nicknames: Many of us grew up with nicknames; usually some form/adaptation of our original name or something funny connected to our behavior or other aspects of our personality. The presidents had nicknames too and some I read were quite interesting or read … funny: POTUS – an acronym for President Of The United States used by the Secret Service and United States Military; John Quincy Adams – Old Man Eloquent – his eloquent speeches; John Adams – Atlas of Independence (his size); James Monroe – Last of the Cocked Hats (popular in his day); Martin Van Buren – Machiavellian Belshazzar & Old Kinderhook his personality and home; Franklin Pierce – Handsome Frank – referring to his appearance; George W. Bush – Dubya, W, and GW (Gee Dubya) – his pronunciation of W; William Jefferson Clinton- Comeback Kid ( Teflon Bill for his time in office); Chester A. Arthur – The Dude President – his style of clothing. More Below

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Featured Blogger: Barb Taylor – Passionate about Pets & People…

“Give without expecting anything in return and it will come back to you a hundredfold” Anon

Featured Blogger: Barb with Pop & Pen... girls day out.

Barbara Taylor is one of those bloggers whose warm smile and kind heart reaches right through the screen to touch you. I met Barb this year through my interactions with lots of bloggers on the DailyPost Challenge organized via WordPress. The first time we connected, I was drawn to both her smile and blog name; Passionate About Pets. When I clicked through to her site, I was immediately drawn to her engaging post on The Dingo; a wild roaming dog. I had never heard of them and then in other posts, I learned more fascinating facts and even a sad story about losing pets, coping with loss, and the rescue of animals in the Queensland floods in Australia.

Barb is generous in connecting with people too and is involved in several social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook,Triond, Buksia, Helium , Linkedin, MyLot and on Flickr where you can connect with her. In this week’s interview, as part of an ongoing series, I am delighted to introduce Barb as our Featured “Get To Know” blogger of the week. Please welcome her and visit her blog too.

Where did you grow up and why do you blog?
I was born in a small village in Scotland, and at the age of 10 my mother re-married and took me away from everything and everyone I had ever known. Mum’s new husband was English and a soldier; so we traveled a lot. The first move was to England and I hated it; especially school, because everyone made jokes of my Scottish accent. I soon learned to lose it and speak with an English accent! At that age, no-one likes to be different … do they?

We weren’t there long before the Army moved us to Germany, then back to England, then Singapore, then back to England again. I went to school in all these places which was quite exciting, except for having to make new friends every time we moved.

Back in the UK, I finished college and got myself a job as a secretary and settled down – that is, until I met my husband! After dating for a while, he suggested we immigrate to Australia as they were crying out for English people to fill certain trades over there. We did! I was 19, he was 21. Boy, what an experience, but I got homesick and a few years later, we returned to the UK. We soon realized we had made a big mistake, but by that time we had a house, a thriving business, three kids and two dogs!

When the kids were older, we moved to Florida where we stayed for three years. We got ripped off, lost everything (long story) and returned to England penniless with our two teenage boys; our daughter had met someone and wouldn’t leave. She still lives there with her two children. We again immigrated to Australia with our two boys and have been here over 20 years now. We love it, but miss our daughter and two grand-kids back in Florida…

I love to write, therefore I blog. I’m not much of a talker and find it easier to express myself with the written word. I like to see things in black and white, written down. Writing is a release for me.

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Trust Yourself: The King Loves His Clothes…

“Don’t take anything personally. As you make a habit of not taking anything personally, you won’t need to place your trust in what others do or say. You will only need to trust yourself to make responsible choices.” Don Miguel Ruiz

Trust Yourself: A King displaying his finery....

Get Over Yourself: What You Think Is Not Always What You Get…
Recently, I was reminded about the powerful ways in which the mysteries of life present themselves. Sometimes we look at events and imagine all kinds of wounds; bows and arrows and aspersions cast at us by unknown or imagined forces; when quite frankly, these events have less to do with us and more to do with the main characters involved.

In an ancient town there lived a well regarded, yet very proud tailor whose fame was known far and wide. The tailor was quite talented but was known to not listen but to decide what was best for his clients. Most went along because of his skill and for those who didn’t like his approach; the door was always open for them to seek help elsewhere.

One day, he was invited to a neighboring king’s palace to take measurements of the king and members of his large family for an upcoming coronation. The tailor was proud about this opportunity for even though he was well known, the king had never asked for his services. He brought his assistants with him and was surprised to see the king’s austere quarters.

Nevertheless, he visualized an extravagant coronation with much pomp and pageantry. Soon the tailor had all 150 members of the King’s palace measured and assured the King he knew exactly what everyone should wear. “I see how you live and I know what would fit the occasion,” he insisted, even as the King made suggestions.

Off the tailor went and soon had selected fine fabrics for the upcoming event. He headed back to his shop to make the outfits. The tailor and his staff spent many nights creating an array of exquisite clothes; rich and colorful silks trimmed with the finest velvet, organza, suede and lace fabrics. Once finished, he gathered up the gowns and capes and headed back to the King’s abode.

As he approached the palace, he saw a group of people congregated outside the king’s palace, speaking in hushed tones… Being a curious man, the tailor inquired why they were gathered and looked so morose. “Ah, we just heard that the King hired an outsider to make him clothes and that he plans to execute the Palace Tailor after the coronation for embarrassing him in front of visiting dignitaries last week.” One person offered.

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