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Reflections: Notorious Neighbors?

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“I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?” Mother Teresa

Reflections: Notorious Neighbors?
Reflections: Notorious Neighbors?


So we have these critters in the front yard. A family of them appeared overnight and while they are cute, they are attracting some unwarranted attention and have dug a huge hole as their home. Does that make them notorious neighbors? It was Eric Hoffer who said, “It is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one’s neighbor.” I wonder… Your thoughts?

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Positive Motivation Tip: Who are your neighbors? Engage them…

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  • They are so cute! But I can see them causing some mischief. We have a lot of rabbits. Makes me scared to garden veggies and fruits.

  • Oy! But those little guys are cute. I think we should all try to be more neighborly, that doesn’t mean we have to be best of friends but cordial. It’s funny how different areas of one country can have different feelings when it comes to this. I’ve moved around quite a bit in my adult life and I’ve seen neighborly states and not as neighborly states.
    Respect, kindness, empathy, these are things we can use and achieve to be better neighbors.
    As for your new neighbors, I’m sure there is a way to kindly show them the door? I’m just not sure if I’d want these cuties in my yard with my dog or my kids. Wishing you the best with that situation.
    And I’ve had an alligator as a neighbor before! That was scary.

  • Awe they are so cute. It might be a pain to have them there but a great way for the kids to learn about them. You should put a live cam on them like the giraffe had lol.

  • I love the quote from Eric Hoffer. I think there is definitely truth in that. It is easier to feel sympathetic and concerned about faceless people rather than those you know and have already developed opinions about. However, I think that is the lesson meant to be learned. We have to learn to care about people even when there are things about them we don’t like.

  • Those are cute but annoying neighbors. We had a family of them in our yard and they dug a huge hole, tunnels, and ate all of my plants. I couldn’t bare to get rid of them and luckily it was time for us to move with the Military

  • I agree that it is much easier to think about humanity in the whole without having to think about individual people. It’s when we get down to the individual level that we can always find something wrong with a person. And we deal with personal feelings.

  • How cute are they?! I’ve no idea how to get them to move elsewhere though… perhaps you can share the living space? 🙂

  • Oh my gosh they are so so cute!!! But yes, digging holes would definitely make them notorious neighbours haha

  • Eric Hoffer was probably right but just look at them they are so cute haha! They must be a right nightmare digging up those holes but the cute ears totally make up for it:) x

  • Wow that is incredibly frustrating! I’d be so worried about them all the time and whether I’d run into them while outside. I’ll stick to running into my human neighbors. 😉

  • Ooooh, this is so cute! I don’t live in the countryside so i don’t get to have cute animals showing up at my door. They are so cute! xx corinne

  • The critters do look cute and they don’t look like they mean any harm. Maybe they really are just after a nice and cozy place to stay, and they see your front yard as a welcoming space. I hope they don’t cause too much nuisance. Maye you can be friends with them 🙂

    • Thank you Mable. My post is tongue in cheek. They are welcome to their home. They probably moved in years before we ever did and that might be a home they have turned over for 100 years… 🙂

  • I have never had critters as neighbours, I haven`t seen one yet, I am !
    animal and nature friendly though. Try to observe them and find out what kind of neighbours are they

    • They have lived in our yard for many years but this year, we cleared the area of tree branches and debris so, their hole is exposed and much bigger than I remember it. They are groundhogs and might have just delivered some babies. I look forward to seeing the babies crawl out. 🙂

  • those little critters can be a pain. we had them before and the holes in the yard were so annoying lol. I would take them over terrible human neighbors any day though

  • I can see how they would attract unwanted attention. At one point, I was very ill and that attracted a family of possums to our backyard because they wanted to eat. I can see what you mean!

  • So apropos, just met my new neighbors today. They seem nice and I look forward to spending time with them in the future. I think its important to have a relationship with your neighbors for safety and practical reasons.

  • Oh what is it?? A prairie dog? I live in an apartment so I’ve never dealt with a yard but the neighbors below have a puppy that barks all day long and when your working from home, it’s really frustrating!

    • They are groundhogs. I hear you. We had a dog trainer who lived in a home a block away and we could hear her dogs barking all day long. The neighbors called the cops and she eventually had to move…

  • Aww look at them so so cute! I wouldn’t be upset about finding these little fur babies in my back yard.
    A little concerned but I think ok with it

  • are these really in your yard? I would hate that! We have chipmunks who have ruined our front side walk with all their digging.

  • Oh my goodness! My kids would definitely love having these guys as pets, but I can see how they would be a nuisance.

  • aw those are so cute!! I don’t know what I would do if they were in my yard but I’d definitely be taking pictures haha I love animals

  • People tend to hide from their neighbors for the most part here in my condo. It’s not a bad neighborhood. In fact, it’s nice, but we just say hello and then head to our cars…the only time we see each other. I think people are just scared to get involved or let people in. In the big condos people are in and out so often, you don’t even know who really belongs. I don’t like it, but I do the same. It really is different than a traditional neighborhood. I knew my neighbors when I had a house. 🙂

  • We had a problem, but with deer. They were forever nibbling on our garden. That is until our neighbor told me of the spray she uses. Rotten eggs + some herbs. It smells to high heaven for a couple of hours after spraying it along the front of your yard. After that it’s dried and the deer pass by our house. Craziest thing .. but whatever works!

  • I think you should let them be your neighbor because they look adorable hahaha. I don’t know where else you would want them to go…

  • How cute they are! But notorious for sure – those holes are some serious business! LOL!

  • They are really adorable though! I think I disagree with the quote…I kinda hate humanity but love individuals.

  • These little creatures do look notorious. But as long as the aren’t causing too much havoc, I know I would try to live peacefully with them. They are probably less annoying than some human neighbors I had.

  • this made me laugh! I would probable try and befriend them but I can see my husband frawning upon that!

  • As cute as they are, I would not want them any where near my yard. My grandson plays in there a lot and I don’t want any untoward incidents.

  • Haha! These neighbor of your are so cute! So how are they as your neighbor? Are they good?

  • I would rather have these cuties as neighbors than to have people who are inconsiderate and insensitive! Lol. I think they’re adorable and it would be nice to see them peeking from their tiny home whenever you walk by. So cute!

  • I guess it truly depends. They’re so adorable though!!! I’m so conflicted! Haha! 😀

  • We have notorious stray cats! I could get mad at the few times they poo on the lawn but they keep the more unsightly notorious neighbors like rats away so no complaints from me :).
    XO, MJ

  • I don’t have groundhogs as neighbors, we have raccoons,possums and rabbits. The raccoons did terrorize our garbage which could lead to terrible diseases. We have the pails that sometimes It is impossible for me to open 🙂 No more raccoons around they went somewhere else. I do feed the rabbits, they are always on the front lawn.

  • I would not want to have them in my backyard. OMG, they may be the cutest thing but they are also going to be a major problem when start chewing on my plants.

  • They’re so cute, but I sure wouldn’t want them as a neighbor! Great to know that you can get them to move!

  • Those guys are so cute! But, yeah… I wouldn’t want them digging up my yard either, lol.

  • I love their personalities! Ground Hogs have some very interesting habits and food tastes.

  • Quotes from Mother Theresa are always very striking in a good way. They’re simple and yet powerful. We really should all attempt to get to know our neighbors. We can learn so much from people from just getting to know each other.

  • These guys are so cute! We have started finding some holes as well in our home in the mountains. It’s hard to decide what to do (lol)

  • They look sweet, but uh. NO. They´re notorious neighbors in my opinion. Reminds me of moles that dig up all over a neatly manicured backyard lawn. Argh!

    PS: Answer to the Mother Theresa quote – “Yes, I know all my neighbors” 🙂

  • Aww groundhogs are so cute. I remember when we lived in California, they were considered pests. We don’t get them out here in Phoenix. But they do have them at the zoo of all places!

  • We don’t have them in my area. I live in a mid rise building so all I can hear our my neighbors music banging the walls of my unit. Haha.

  • These creatures are so cute. Sucks that they are digging holes around your home.

  • Oh those guys are so adorable! I would love to have them as neighbours. It’s important to befriend your neighbours.

  • Anyone or anything-regardless of how cute they are- that destroys public property is a notorious neighbor. I believe so anyhow x

  • We have a groundhog living in our backyard right now. I would love for him to move somewhere else….LOL!

  • We have them in our yard, they destroy our plants! I think they cute, but I don’t want them around….

  • Haha, we have them, too! but, I don’t mind a bit. My daughter calls them “yard beavers”.

  • They are very cute, we have a lot of deer where I live. I love to be able to see the wildlife roaming freely around the neighborhood.

  • Oh boy! We found a big huge critter in our yard a few weeks ago. We walked out to our front porch and a HUGE opossum came out of nowhere!

  • Here in Singapore we live in a high rise apartments so never dealt with these things but first thought will be a bit scared.

  • They can be notorious if they will mob your area. Cuteness can have other faces. You may want to call your Pest Control hotline so they can move them to a better place.

  • TBH, my family would love it so long as they weren’t tearing up thousands in landscaping. I’m Creek Indian and outside person though.

  • Down here in the south we get armadillos. Weird right? They just come into our yard and make themselves at home. Creepy little critters.

  • We had these at our old house! They were notorious! Very annoying! Dug many holes!

  • How cute! We don’t have these but we do have some bunnies that like to hop through the yard sometimes.

  • As long as they are not getting in the way or causing any disturbance I think they should be fine.

  • I’m sure they’re better than most neighbors, LOL. I think this is really nice, it’s good to have neighbors this cute so long as they don’t cause any trouble! I would never consider them notorious unless you’re talking about how notoriously cute they are.

  • 🙂 notorious indeed. Our notorious neighbour is a cat that cries when everyone is trying to sleep. The cat only visit at night then cry till morning and leave.

  • I think we get extra critical with our neighbors because of their proximity. It’s good to be on friendly terms with them as they would be a source of support and safety too.

  • I would say cockroaches? They’re not that many but I never liked their presence.

  • We have a few raccoons that have settled in nearby and make an appearance every other evening. There are a few critters I don’t mind, our cute little chipmunks and all the squirrels. But I don’t like the possums and the raccoons. I’ve never seen any groundhogs 🙂

  • Hope they take it easy on your yard. And thanks for the reminder, we’ve just moved to a new neighborhood and really need to get out and meet our neighbors (the not so furry ones, lol!) It’s nice to know the people around you, especially when you have children.

  • We have really terrible next door neighbors with aggressive dogs. We’ve been trying to find some compromise with them but it is most definitely a challenge. 🙁

  • They look adorable buy what are they called? No idea as we don’t have that creature here in Asia

  • They look so cute. Never seen them here in Singapore. We have lot of dragonflies and crickets.

  • so cute, to have this experience , i will give anything to have this experience just for once.

  • i thought your neighbor was a robber upn reading the title, never thought it will be talking about animals.. haha this is a good to know info about them.

  • I’m very blessed to have wonderful neighbors who are friends. Sadly they’re thinking of moving after more than twenty years here.

  • Kinda makes me happy to live in a flat – don’t need to deal with these! Oh dear!
    Katja xxx

  • Awww… they are actually pretty cute! But in Singapore, we don’t get them as we all live in Highrise buildings~ 🙁

  • We moved last year and know all our new neighbors pretty well! But, no groundhogs 🙂

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