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Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE

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“The purpose – where I start – is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it’s reuse.” Issey Miyake

Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE - Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE – Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE - Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE – Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle

I learned in America a long time ago, the three R’s, the principle of three R’s – reuse, reduce, recycle. And as I say those words, there are so many things individually we can do to reduce – we don’t need to consume as much as we are consuming. Reduce. And by reusing, we can reuse a lot of things we just throw into the dumpsite. And reduce the production. The more we reuse, the more we can reduce. Wangari Maathai

Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE – Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle. For today’s challenge, I had an easier time of taking photos of ideal examples. Perhaps it is because I am a child of war and a survivor that I value my things. Honestly, I always look for ways to reuse containers when they are empty. The center photo in my collage is a Churchill’s Confectionery English toffee Telephone Kiosk Money Box; it’s a metal container that could be used as a small change holder … and much more!  If you look at the metal lid/top that comes with the container, there is a slot to drop coins into it. It’s a charming tin that could be used as a way to teach kids how to save money.

In addition to its original, recommended use, I have re-purposed the telephone kiosk money box in a number of  other ways. I use one for extra kitchen utensils, another is used for stationary items, and it makes an attractive fresh flower holder for my Alstroemeria floras. I simply used the empty tomato sauce glass jar and a small zip-lock bag to create a rust-free and leak-free receptacle for the flowers. The square glass jar fits  in the red container perfectly.. Viola! What about the rest? Check in again soon for more details. (Updated below)

More Below!

“Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse.” J. R. D. Tata

Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE - Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE – Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE - Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE – Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE - Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle
Weekly Photo Challenge: REPURPOSE – Ways we reuse, reduce, recycle

We need to send hundreds of millions of dollars down to our public high schools, vocational colleges, and community colleges to begin training people in the green-collar work of the future – things like solar-panel installation, retrofitting buildings that are leaking energy, wastewater reclamation, organic food, materials reuse and recycling. Van Jones

What about the other containers in the photos? The glass jar on the left is an all purpose jar that people typically use for sugar and flour.  I decided to use it for one of our many yogi tea bags. The tea comes in cardboard boxes, and I figured the teabags would take up less kitchen space if I re-purposed the packaging. The second glass jar once held tomato sauce and is used for a few things in the kitchen.  On the right is a Bento box with 4 square containers that would be perfect for lunch food items. Now that the kids are grown, they don’t need as many food items in a lunch box so, I re-purposed the Bento box as a teabag, hot chocolate mix, and coffee sachet holder.

The re-purposed Bento tea-box fits nicely in a corner near my electric kettle and mixer …   the best part is that even if  you could fly to the UK for a great opportunity, you won’t have to dig through a ton of tea boxes for a quick cuppa. We are a tea drinking household and have so many tea varieties in the pantry. This re-purposed idea has saved us a lot of time and we can add new items to the box when we wish.  This was a fun exercise because I love to reuse/re-purpose items around the house. It keeps our creative minds alert and saves us a few dollars on making new purchases. What about you? What do you enjoy re-purposing in your household?

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Weekly Photo Challenge Post: – RePurpose  – For this challenge, show us something you’ve put to new use. Maybe it’s an old hammock that now forms the climbing wall for your clematis. Perhaps it’s as simple as the matchbook that supports the short leg of your chair. It could be the shedding hair you comb from your dog that will warm the birds’ nests around you. All out of clever? Look to your family, friends, and neighbors — what canny bit of DIY recycling ingenuity has recently impressed you?
Up for a bit of extra credit? See if you can capture an image that not only represents “Re-purpose,” but also bucks “Conventional Wisdom” — this week’s Discover Challenge.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Positive Motivation Tip: We can always find ways to re-purpose old things. Take a moment to reflect and create new ways of reusing old things

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All other Photos from my personal collection.

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  • Not much goes into our black rubbish bin, most goes in the green recycling one and I like to think I’m quite green but can’t yet think of anything repurposed!

  • I love repurposing things around the house. I often use my old tea tins to hold my pens, pencils, etc. That quote by JRD Tata is great – love it!

  • I love your creativity! If I were to look at these things in your house, I wouldn’t think you were doing it to repurpose an item. I would just think you had a unique, eclectic taste. I am pretty horrible at repurposing items in a way that LOOKS good. I do it anyway, because I am also someone who has difficulty throwing items away. But it doesn’t add that sense of style.

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle are three magic words. The world can be transformed into a happier and better place if we all believe in and practice these principles.

  • I absolutely positively love that telephone canister. I love the way it’s repurposed.

  • oh yes I love this post and am a firm believer in throwing nothing away that can be reused it’s so satisfying to when you can make something of no use into a great nifty new tool

  • Great ideas with that tin can/container! Also, your photos are really nice!

  • I’m a big fan of repurposing things. So much so that my MIL thinks I’m a horder…

  • Recycling in the way that it’s done in North America where I now live, was not practiced in my childhood. Things are changing though as worldwide we are becoming more cognizant of our impact on the environment.

  • I absolutely love to re purpose items in my home. I have always thought why buy something else when I have something right here that will work

  • I will definitely be copying some of these reuses if you don’t mind… In the busyness of life, I tend to forget and toss a lot of stuff that you repurposed in your pictures above that would have had a perfect use for many things thank you for the recyclable ideas!

  • I love re-purposing in our household. We have several of those Churchill’s English toffee metal containers and my daughter loves to use them to organize her craft supplies.

  • I try to repurpose as many things in my life as I can. I love to get crafty and make something out of something else that may have lost it’s purpose.

  • “Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse.” Great quote, very inspirational!

  • Wow those repurposed items look really great and the way they are used are innovative and clever too!
    I like to repurpose beautiful product boxes that I receive as gifts or purchase, and use them to store items.

  • Totally love and can relate to this post. I honestly feel like people should discuss this topic more often. I love the three R’s (reuse,reduce,recycle) and we should definitely practice this. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  • I love the idea of reusing things. It can be fun to repurpose, or take something old, that has been thrown out, throw a little paint on it and use it again.

  • I try to reuse when possibly in my home. I have even discussed with my kids the 3 R’s. I like this photo challenge and more people sharing their reuse may encourage others. It’s almost easier to find ways to reuse as you go along.

  • What a cool repurpose! I never thought to put a plastic baggies in tins like this. Thanks for sharing

  • What a great suggestion on re-purpose! I am a huge advocate on this and constantly shop my house! Great tips!

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